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They're Hiding Some Landmines # 954 (Ep 954)
In this episode I address the war brewing within the radical far-left which will, undoubtedly, cannibalize their movement. I also address the tools Trump has to fight back against the court’s awful immigration decisions. I also address the most important piece of information about to drop in the Russia-gate scandal.  News Picks:Breaking: A key congressman says more criminal referrals to come in the Russia-gate case. Will Mueller testify in front of Congress? Schiff and Nadler are disgraced conspiracy theorists not worthy of their seats in Congress. This older piece by Andy McCarthy describes the content of the devastating text messages between the Spygate colluders.  This piece by Margot Cleveland indicates the depths of the spying operation on Team Trump. Was Joseph Mifsud working as a US intelligence asset? Socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio steps in it regarding reparations. Government run healthcare is a disaster. Read this story about rationing in the United Kingdom. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
60 min
The Big Shakeup # 953 (Ep 953)
In this episode I address the big shakeup this weekend in the Trump administration. I also address the breaking news about the trouble ahead for Democrats and the Russia-gate conspirators from both John Solomon and Devin Nunes.  News Picks:President Trump should tell the Democrats to pound sand on seeing his tax returns. The Ukrainians have evidence damning to Democrats, yet no one in the Justice Department appears to want it. Is justice finally coming for the Spygate conspirators? The media is lying to you, again. President Trump did not call immigrants “animals.” This is another media myth.  Liberal lunatics are demanding a boycott of former Trump administration officials. This is what single-payer healthcare really looks like. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
55 min
How Many Times Have They Tried This? # 952 (Ep ...
In this episode I address stunning new information about the repeated efforts by the Obama administration to target their political opponents using weaponized intelligence assets.  News Picks:Here is the definitive list of all of shady Adam Schiff’s collusion lies. The scandal surrounding the targeting of Lt. General Mike Flynn is getting uglier.  Andy McCarthy’s terrific piece describes the folly of the Mueller probe.  The real collusion and obstruction story is the one involving Joe Biden and his son Hunter. A huge victory for conservatives in the critical state of Wisconsin. The border crisis is exploding. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved. 
60 min
Another Disgraceful Attack on Trump with a Medi...
In this episode I address the disgusting attacks in The NY Times by “unnamed” officials in an attempt to keep the witch hunt against Trump alive. I also debunk the liberal “Medicare for all” plan using stunning new numbers. Finally, I address the real story behind the security breach at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. News Picks: Discredited hack Adam Schiff is still promoting collusion conspiracy theories. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hit with another FEC complaint for subsidy scheme.  More unethical leaks from Mueller’s witch-hunters.  This John Solomon piece from late 2017 is worth revisiting. It covers the real collusion scandal between the Clintons and key Russians. There was a security incident at Mar-A-Lago with a Chinese national. Britain’s version of “Medicare for all” is a disaster. Is a gas tax hike coming? Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved. 
58 min
There Should Be No Mercy For The Bad Guys # 950...
In this episode I address the grotesque hypocrisy of the liberals running for President in 2020. I also address troubling new revelations about George Soros money influencing the anti-Trump agenda. Finally, I address the real reason Obamacare will fail and the troubling allegations against Joe Biden.  News Picks:Preorder a copy of my new book about the dark secrets of the Mueller witch-hunt here. Victor Davis Hanson’s tremendous piece about turning the tables on the anti-Trump conspirators. Another great piece by Chuck Ross pointing out the involvement of George Soros in the scheme to attack Trump. Here’s the list of the limousine liberals running for president in 2020. Unbelievable video of a CNN “journalist” calling for speech suppression. Jim Comey is terrified of an investigation into his behavior during the Trump probe. Big government Democrats are folding again on government spending.  Weak Republicans continue to fold on Obamacare. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
60 min
This is the Real Joe Biden Scandal # 949 (Ep 949)
In this episode I address the exploding scandal surrounding Joe Biden and foreign collusion with Ukraine. Joe Biden must answer key questions I lay out in the show today. I also address another Hollywood actor’s attempt to enter the political fray. Finally, I address the worsening collapse of New York due to its liberal policies.   News Picks: The Ukraine story I’ve been warning you about finally blows up.   This Jeff Carlson piece addresses the many connections of Victor Pinchuk.   The FISA court must be reformed. Now is the time.   Captain America actor turns far-left.   Radical leftist congresswoman is now under investigation.   Pro-Life film doubles box office expectations despite social media censorship.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
57 min
Blowing this Hoax Wide Open # 948 (Ep 948)
In this episode I address some fascinating new information about the Mueller witch-hunt, along with the strong likelihood that Mueller knew he was investigating a hoax.  News Picks:Flashback! Here are the biggest dossier lies told by the media. It was the dossier, not Papadopoulos that started the Trump team Spygate investigation.  President Trump’s poll numbers are moving up.  AOC screws up, again. This time mangling basic history. President Trump is working on a transformative healthcare proposal. AG Bill Barr says the White House will not review the Mueller report first. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.  
60 min
Is this Really About Obama Meddling in Foreign ...
In this episode I address President Trump’s incredible speech last night and why the media continues to get everything wrong about Trump. I also address the explosive new revelations in the Nellie Ohr testimony about foreign collusion and Obama administration interference in foreign elections.  News Picks:Here it is: My new book about the collusion hoax, and the Mueller coverup, is available for preorder here: The emergency at the border is becoming a catastrophe. President Trump’s approval jumps a remarkable 5 points after the Mueller report. Nellie Ohr’s testimony is now public. Here are some of the important takeaways. Nellie Ohr finally admits she wanted Hillary Clinton to win. Here’s a transcript of Nellie Ohr’s testimony to Congress. Pay particular attention to page 20 where she discusses the “movie script” scenario. Here are some of the craziest proposals in the Green New Deal which our of touch academics disingenuously defend. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.  
60 min
Explosive New Revelations Surface About Brennan...
In this episode I address the explosive new revelations about John Brennan’s role in the plot to take down the Trump team. I also address the key question we should all be asking: “When did Bob Mueller find out he was investigating a hoax?” News Picks:Great News: My new book “Exonerated: The Failed Takedown of President Donald Trump by the Swamp” is available now for preorder here.  Breaking: President Trump says he will declassify the FISA documents. Eric Swalwell doesn’t believe in justice for all.  How long has Bob Mueller known that the collusion story was a hoax? This piece by Andy McCarthy is terrific. Jim Comey is panicking now that his role in the hoax is being exposed. Here are some of the discredited hacks that peddled the collusion hoax. John Brennan’s role in the scheme to take down Trump is becoming clear. This Margot Cleveland piece, referenced in the podcast today, shows how the dossier played a key role in opening the FBI’s case. Democrats love the wealth taxes but Europeans are running from them.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
63 min
Insane Video of a Democrat Doubling Down on Cra...
In this episode I address troubling new video of a prominent Democrat doubling down on crazy. I also address the emerging collusion scandal between the Democrats, the media, and Ukraine. Finally, I address CNN’s history of fake news and the disgraceful Jussie Smollett case.  News Picks: The Ukraine collusion scandal is heating up.   Here’s a list of fake news stories put out by the now disgraced CNN.   Chicago Police demand an investigation into the Jussie Smollett case.   President Trump takes action on the EMP threat.   Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets humiliated in the US Senate.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
60 min
Exonerated: Part 2 # 944 (Ep 944)
In this episode I address the complete, total evisceration of the entire collusion hoax and the complete vindication of the President of the United States. This is part two of a two part show.  News Picks:Devastating new FBI texts reveal that the Obama White House was involved in the Russiagate scandal.  This Rowan Scarborough piece debunks the dossier point by point. Jim Clapper has already implicated Barack Obama in the Russiagate scandal. Here’s the clip.  Lindsey Graham rips into a reporter for an absurdly biased question.  Desperate CNN reporters are still camped outside of Mueller’s office.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved. 
55 min
Exonerated: Part 1 # 943 (Ep 943)
In this episode I address the complete, total evisceration of the entire collusion hoax and the complete vindication of the President of the United States. This is part one of a two part show.  News Picks:The counterstrike must begin now! Now that the collusion hoax has been completely, and totally discredited, we can get to the real scandal. Ten anti-Trump bombshells that were really fake news.  Obama knew the whole time.  Team Trump now turns to 2020 and will make the fake news media pay for its lies. We should ignore David Gergen and double down on calling out the Spygate schemers.  Zero percent of economists agree with AOC’s idea to fund the Green New Deal. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
63 min
The Most Disturbing Video I’ve Seen in Awhile #...
In this episode I address one of the most troubling videos I’ve seen in a long time regarding out-of-touch government bureaucracy. I also discuss the Democrats’ new strategy of attack now that the Mueller report appears ready to drop. Finally I discuss the New Zealand gun confiscation and the dossier’s absurd claims.  News Picks:The media loves to lie to you about Trump but they’re extreme lying about his Charlottesville comments are a new low. This video of government bureaucrats entirely ignoring a citizen at a public meeting is deeply troubling. Does President Trump deserve credit for defeating ISIS? Yes. There’s more evidence for Sasquatch than for some of the stuff CNN puts on the air. 41% of New Yorkers says they’ll be forced to leave the city because it’s too expensive. New Zealand takes a misguided, and dramatic step and bans some firearms. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
56 min
This is the Real Scandal # 941 (Ep 941)
In this episode I address the real collusion scandal in the 2016 election. It involves political players from both parties and Ukraine. I also address the media’s efforts to silence criticism of McCain associate David Kramer’s role in the distribution of the dirty dossier. Finally, I address competing election models which predict a Trump landslide and a tough re-election.  News Picks: John Solomon drops a bombshell regarding foreign collusion between the Clinton team and the Ukrainians. This McCain associate played a key role in advancing the dossier story. Daniel Greenfield’s new piece perfectly describes the implosion on the Left. Michael Barone’s piece lays out how the old political rules are new again.  Rod Rosenstein is staying on at DOJ “a little longer than expected.”  Pentagon identifies billions of funding for the new border wall. Why did Beto literally eat dirt after his loss to Ted Cruz? Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
The Official Story Cannot Be True # 940 (Ep 940)
In this episode I address the explosive new revelations in the Peter Strzok testimony that indicate that the FBI’s official story cannot be true. I also address a significant problem with the Green New Deal that will impact your home value. Finally, I address the growing influence of Chinese-Americans in GOP politics and the controversy surround a new pro-life movie.  News Picks:Records show that Michael Cohen was under investigation long before we believed. The Mueller probe is obviously a witch-hunt. And the public is catching on. Devin Nunes files a massive lawsuit against this social media company. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s public approval is taking a big hit. Chinese-Americans could be a solid pocket of support in the fight against socialism.  How would you feel about a electric transmission line on your backyard? The Green New Deal advocates have no answer for this.  Margot Cleveland’s new piece is explosive.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
56 min
The Definitive Guide to Muellers Witch Hunt # 9...
In this episode I address the deeply disturbing connections between Bob Mueller and the political hacks who tried to pull this scheme off. I address it because public support for Mueller’s witch-hunt is completely collapsing. I also discuss the liberal myths that middle wages are stagnant and that Australian gun control worked.  News Picks:Public confidence in the Mueller probe collapses. Low income and middle class wages are rising, which debunks another silly liberal myth. Did gun control really work in Australia? The Democrat’s obsession with political correctness is going to eat them alive. Watch Nancy Pelosi struggle to define Beto’s accomplishments. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.  
58 min
The Whole Case was a Sham # 938 (Ep 938)
In this episode I address the stunning admissions by a former UK spy, now made public, that throw water on the entire scheme to take down Trump. I also address the desperate media attempts to salvage what’s left of the Mueller probe. I address the Beto fundraising phenomenon. Finally, I discuss a new immigration smuggling scheme which will destroy our borders.  News Picks: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez screws it up again.  Christopher Steele used unverified Internet rumors to support the dossier?  This ESPN story covers the back story of the relationship between the FBI and Christopher Steele. Clueless liberals are still clinging to the myth that the Papadopoulos / Downer meeting initiated the FBI investigation. It’s not true. In one of the worst incidents of media bias I’ve seen in a while, Reuters held a negative story about Beto O’Rourke until after his Senate race. The new immigration smuggling scheme that should concern everyone. The Remington lawsuit is another step in the wrong direction.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
58 min
This Isn’t Justice, It’s an Embarrassment # 93...
In this episode I address the latest revelations that the FBI may be in possession of damaging information indicating that the Trump team was innocent and that it was being framed. I discuss the abomination of “justice” that’s slowly being revealed in the Clinton probe versus the Trump probe. Finally, I address how media bias works and how false stories are spread around.  News Picks:This is ridiculous, Nancy Pelosi supports lowering the voting age to 16. Peter Strzok didn’t consider Hillary a target during the email investigation?  Chuck Ross’s incredible new piece in the Daily Caller exposes the role of this McCain staffer in the promotion of the dossier. The real scandal is the FBI and the DOJ misleading the FISA courts. Here’s John Solomon’s latest piece.  Wait, what? The DOJ struck a deal blocking FBI access to Clinton Foundation emails.   This hate group, that has ruthlessly targeted conservatives, has some big problems to deal with.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
61 min
Nunes Drops a Bombshell # 936 (Ep 936)
In this episode I address the stunning comments by GOP congressman Devin Nunes regarding the plot to take down the Trump team. I also address the suspicious connections between Hillary’s opposition researchers and the CIA. I address the Media Matters attack on Tucker Carlson and how the head of Media Matters has his own bigotry issues. Finally, I address AOC’s latest trouble with the facts.  News Picks:Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets destroyed, again, at a hearing.  More damaging reveals from an FBI insider about the Trump witch hunt.  CNN’s Chris Cuomo destroys his own “collusion” argument and doesn’t even know it. The head of Media Matters, the group attacking Tucker Carlson, has a troubling past. For the umpteenth time, Republicans did NOT fund the dossier. Finland’s government is collapsing under the cost of universal healthcare.  Nellie Ohr confirms her work for the CIA.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
57 min
How Conspiracies Really Work # 935 (Ep 935)
In this episode I address the stunning revelations in the recently revealed Lisa Page testimony. I also address the college fraud scandal and how the prosecution of it by the FBI differs from the abhorrent techniques they used on Trump. Finally, I address recent comments by AOC indicating her lack of knowledge about economics.  News Picks: Liberal New York is stalking former residents to collect taxes. Rep. Rashida Tlaib disingenuously claims “Islamophobia” is to blame for criticism of anti-Semite Rep. Ilhan Omar. Lisa Page’s testimony to Congress was leaked back in January. Lisa Page confirms that the DOJ gave Hillary a pass.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez humiliated herself again on Capitol Hill. The college admissions scandal involved the photoshopping of faces onto athlete’s bodies. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved. 
59 min
Never, Ever, Bow Before the Liberal Rage Mob # ...
In this episode I address Tucker Carlson’s response to the liberal rage mob’s attacks on his show. I also address the suspicious texts involving “scrubbing” of FBI Sources after the Trump election.  News Picks: 11 key takeaways from the devastating Bruce Ohr testimony.  This John Solomon piece from last year references suspicious texts about “scrubbing” informants.  This Epoch Times piece proves that the FBI never terminated Steele as a source. President Trump to ask for 8.6 billion in wall funding for 2020 budget. New figures prove Trump right, there is a crisis at the border.  Tucker Carlson refuses to bow down to the rage mob. Venezuelans are using sewage water during the blackout.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
54 min
Of Course It Was a Setup # 933 (Ep 933)
In this episode I address the deeply troubling connections between the Democrats’ latest Russiagate target, the Clintons, and Barack Obama. I also discuss the inevitable Democrat implosion as they rush to the far left.  News Picks:Voting for illegal immigrants is the next step for the radical Democrats. CNN gets served with a massive lawsuit. Dark money is funding the anti-Trump conspiracy theory network. Trump reveals his proposed 2020 federal budget. Erik Prince acknowledges that he attended the Trump Tower meeting. So what! Paul Manafort has connections to Ukraine, but he was not a Russian agent. Joe Biden’s shady family connections are coming back to haunt him. Security expert is concerned about flying on April 6th because of GPS issues.  The University of Wisconsin sticks it to the social justice warriors. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
61 min
Mueller is Getting Desperate # 932 (Ep 932)
In this episode I address the devastating blow to Bob Mueller yesterday by federal judge T.S. Ellis. I also address Mueller’s desperate efforts to save the DOJ and FBI through his targeting of Manafort. Finally I address Trump’s remaking of the federal bench and the latest job numbers.  News Picks:Unbelievable! Michael Cohen met with Adam Schiff multiple times before his testimony. Conservative New Yorkers are looking to separate from liberal New York City. Lindsey Graham is looking into serious FISA abuse allegations. 20,000 jobs were added to the US economy in February. Judicial Watch unearths devastating emails between Bruce Ohr and Chris Steele.  President Trump continues to remake the federal judiciary. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
54 min
Is Joe Biden Dirty? # 931 (Ep 931)
In this episode I address the troubling connections between Joe Biden, John Kerry, their family members, and foreign governments and companies. I also address the recent comments by disgraced former CIA Director John Brennan regarding the Mueller probe. Finally, I address the growing trade deficit and why you shouldn’t panic over it.  News Picks:The weak Democrats are refusing to debate on Fox News.  Is Joe Biden dirty?  The trade deficit grew last year, but this is not a bad thing. Shady Adam Schiff appoints a known anti-Trump conspiracy theorist to investigate the President. Disgraced former CIA Director John Brennan speaks out about the witch-hunt. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.  
50 min
The Democrats Are Moving the Goal Posts Again #...
In this episode I address the outrageous shift in tactics in the continued witch-hunt against Trump, and why these tactics will never work. I also address the reasons socialism and big government spending will never work. News Picks:Great news, new Attorney General William Barr will NOT recuse himself from the Russia probe.  The Democrats are all-in on police-state tyranny. Christian baker Jack Phillips is 2 and 0 against the state of Colorado. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wonders why we can’t just print our way out of debt.  Tax refunds are up in 2019 as another silly liberal talking point collapses.  The absolutely brilliant Thomas Sowell returns. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez denies breaking FEC laws. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
58 min