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Why Is This Republican Attacking Trump # 976 (E...
In this episode I address the incredibly suspicious texts between FBI personnel who appear to be attempting to insert a spy into the Trump White House. I also address the unbelievable attack on Don Trump Jr. by a sell out Republican Senator. Finally, I address liberal myths about the midterm elections and voter ID.    News Picks:PA principal will no longer say “God Bless America” after the Pledge of Allegiance.  Stunning new information shows that the government knew the Steele information was political. Democrats continue to lie about “voter suppression” in an effort to divide America. The facts tell a different story. Bob Mueller’s sorry excuse for airing his bogus “obstruction” charges in his report don’t hold water. The Trump administration goes to war with national injunctions. So-called “journalists” once mocked contempt of Congress charges when they were brought against Obama’s Attorney General.  Fake news media folks are frauds when it comes to contempt of Congress charges.  Victor Davis Hanson’s piece destroys the left’s hypocrisy on AG Barr.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
We Were Sold Out Yesterday # 975 (Ep 975)
In this episode I address the FBI Director selling us out yesterday at a critical time. I also discuss an explosive new piece by an FBI whistleblower which should have James Comey very worried. Finally, I address The NY Times latest attack on President Trump and I debunk more liberal lies about the economy.  News Picks: Pathetic: The FBI Director says “spying” is not the term he’d use.  Bernie Sanders’ campaign is struggling in national polls. FBI whistleblower says Jim Comey may be in big trouble. Here’s troubling new evidence that the State Department and the FBI knew about the political origins of the dossier. This John Solomon piece from last year regarding “scrubbing the lists” sheds some light on CIA involvement in Spygate. The NY Times attacks President Trump again by releasing his personal financial information. Liberals were wrong about the Trump tax cuts, again.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
58 min
The Big Coverup # 974 (Ep 974)
In this episode I address recently surfaced FBI emails and texts which expose the depths of the attacks on the Trump team. I also show some disturbing videos which address the scheme. I discuss and debunk the liberal’s silly economic messaging and, finally, I address the China trade war.  News Picks: Devin Nunes demands information from the FBI and the intelligence community about Joseph Mifsud. Hillary Clinton hilariously claims that the presidential election was “stolen” from her. The FBI suspected the CIA was behind the media leaks in the Spygate case. How many spies did the Obama Administration use against the Trump team? Poor Americans are benefiting most from the strong Trump economy.  Democrats are all in on confiscating your firearms. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
This is the Next Information Bombshell To Drop ...
In this episode I address the next shoe to drop in the biggest political scandal of our time. I also address the petty liberal response to the robust Trump economy. Finally, I discuss the disastrous Bernie Sanders healthcare plan.  News Picks: “This was entrapment!” Here’s coverage of my news appearance where I address the Spygate scandal. Our latest “Debunk This” entry debunks liberal myths about “Climate Change.” Part One: Part Two: ICE to begin rapid DNA tests at the border. The latest liberal conspiracy theory states that businesses conspired to crash the economy under President Obama.  President Trump is not letting the Chinese off easy on trade. New York liberals are attacking the Second Amendment, again. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
Even The NY Times Admits Spying Occurred # 972 ...
In this episode I address the latest story from The NY Times which blows the lid off of the Obama administration’s use of spies to target the Trump team. I interview George Papadopoulos to get answers about this scandal. I also address the booming economic numbers.  News Picks: Our latest two-part piece destroys any arguments in favor of “Medicare for All.”  Part 1 Part 2 The NY Times finally writes a story exposing the Obama administration’s spying scandal. Chuck Ross’s latest piece digs deep into the explosive Spygate revelations. The real collusion story is emerging, the one between the Democrats and Ukraine. George Papadopoulos’ Book “Deep State Target: How I Got Caught in the Crosshairs of the Plot to Bring Down President Trump”available here. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
57 min
Bombshell Revelations Emerge # 971 (Ep 971)
In this episode I address the explosive Bill Barr hearing on Capitol Hill and a critical revelation that emerged from it. I also address the latest bombshell revelation about what the DC swamp is really hiding in the Russia probe.  News Picks:Desperate Jim Comey pens an op-ed saying Trump “eats your soul in small bites.”  Attorney General Bill Barr tells Congress to pound sand when they change the rules on him. John Solomon’s new piece slams the credibility of key players in the Russian probe.  The Mueller witch hunt was never about collusion, it was always about obstruction. The Trump economy continues to motor along. Check out the latest productivity numbers. 5 takeaways from the Bill Barr hearings. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
57 min
Mueller Wont Give Up On His Witch Hunt # 970 (E...
In this episode I address the outrageous attack by Mueller’s disgraced team of witch hunters. I also address the scheme Mueller is engaging in to discredit the Attorney General. Finally I address Hollywood’s disturbing support of Venezuelan socialism.  News Picks:  What Mueller did last night was a complete disgrace. Here’s AG Barr’s opening statement. Bob Mueller’s letter is another disturbing scam by a disgraced team of witch hunters. Here’s a compilation of all the stories the media got wrong about collusion, and where the Mueller team sat on their hands.  4 critical takeaways from the “Medicare for all” hearing on the Hill yesterday. Eric Swalwell‘s proposed legislation would’ve hurt Hillary’s efforts to collude with foreigners. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
58 min
Don’t be “That Guy” # 969 (Ep 969)
In this episode I address the troubling comments by a key Obama national security figure about the Obama administration’s involvement in Russia-gate. I also address the exploding crisis in Venezuela and the ridiculous anti-Trump comments by this key media figure.  News Picks:There’s an uprising going on in Venezuela. Watch Obama hack Ben Rhodes squirm in this interview with PJ Media’s Nick Ballasy.  Was the White House “running this” with regard to the Russia probe? Why do these FBI texts refer to White House meetings if the former Obama White House insists they didn’t know about the Russia probe?  Liberal New York Democrats are ruthlessly attacking firearms owner’s Rights.  The border crisis is out of control. Children are being “rented” to fabricate family units. ISIS terror leader reappears after 5 years. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
Why is the Media Ignoring This? # 968 (Ep 968)
In this episode I address this stunning video of Obama which is being largely ignored by the mainstream media. I also address the coming financial crisis if we don’t reform entitlements. Finally, I address CNN’s Chris Cuomo getting destroyed on his own show by the former Attorney General.  News Picks: Oscar Stewart acted with heroism during the Synagogue attack. Our latest edition of “This Month in AOC Gaffes.”  President Trump plans to declassify the Russia probe documents and much more.  Here’s video of former President Obama claiming our elections can’t be interfered with. Kamala Harris wants to eliminate workplace freedoms.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
57 min
A Spy Story Full of Idiots # 967 (Ep 967)
In this episode I address the stunning new revelation about the Obama administration’s role in the attack on the Trump team. I also address the latest economic growth numbers and what it means for you.  News Picks:Mexico must step up to stop this illegal immigration crisis. Astonishing new FBI texts show agents discussed recruiting White House sources to spy for the FBI.  Explosive new revelations about the Obama administration’s role in the real foreign collusion scandal. Biden’s senior political advisor says “we don’t need white men leading the party.”  Disturbing video surfaces of Bernie Sanders emerges where he says he was “very excited” for Castro’s revolution.  The US economy defied expectations in the 1st quarter and continues to hum along. We must do something to stop the debt crisis looming in our future. This older Jeff Carlson piece addresses the role of Mike Rodgers in the Russia-gate scandal. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
58 min
The Real Joe Biden Story isnt Pretty # 966 (Ep ...
In this episode I address the Joe Biden campaign announcement for President and the many scandals he’ll have to deal with. I also address the key question being left out of the debate about Spygate scandal.  News Picks:Joe Biden jumps in the Presidential race. Disgraced former FBI Director Jim Comey donated thousands to this Democrat presidential candidate.  Bernie Sanders’ insane new plan would allow 183,000 convicted murderers to vote from prison.  Unsurprisingly, it looks like the “Trump tapes” rumor was nonsense the entire time. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.     
59 min
Is She Serious? # 965 (Ep 965)
In this episode I address the troubling new revelations about Obama’s role in the Hillary email scandal. I also address the ridiculous comments by Hillary Clinton at a recent event. Finally, I address the quickest u-turn in political history and the bizarre decision by Maryland’s Republican Governor to attack Donald Trump.  News Picks:Crooked Hillary says Trump should’ve been indicted. Liberal NJ Governor proposes a 2000% increase on gun permits and licenses to carry.  A new AP history text book claims Trump is a racist and questions his mental stability.  Former FBI official claims Hillary’s emails were found in the Obama White House. Social Security is going broke. Here’s what it means for you.  RINO Maryland Governor Larry Hogan says he might challenge President Trump in the Republican Primary. Here are the two April, 2017 articles showing the UK was involved in spying on the Trump team.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved. 
57 min
The Democrats Hit a New Low Yesterday # 964 (Ep...
In this episode I address the astonishing comments by the liberal candidates running for President at a CNN townhall last night. I also cover a major revelation by Senator Lindsey Graham on the Sean Hannity show. Finally I address a bizarre decision by the Dallas Attorney General which will ruin the city.  News Picks:This is disgraceful. Bernie Sanders wants the Boston Bombing terrorist to be able to vote. Here are four key dossier points debunked in the Mueller Report. The disastrous Washington Post focuses on “far right anger” in wake of Sri Lanka attack on Christians.  Victor David Hanson’s piece address collusion’s biggest fraudsters. The citizenship question on the census heads to the Supreme Court.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
Yes, You Built That # 963 (Ep 963)
In this episode I address the real reasons behind the Trump revolution, and why media elites still can’t process what’s going on. I also address the troubling revelation this weekend by a prominent reporter about John Brennan’s role in the spying scandal. Finally, I address the failings of the Mueller Report.  News Picks:President Trump tweeted out my appearance on Watter’s World this weekend, here’s the clip. Watch Jay Sekulow destroy Brian Williams in this video clip about the Mueller Report.  Joe DiGenova absolutely shreds liberal Krystal Ball over her offensive comments about the Attorney General.  Adam Schiff humiliated himself again on the Sunday talk shows.  Here’s another meeting with a Russian connected to the Hillary team that’s being ignored. John Brennan’s role in the spying scandal is surfacing, and it’s not pretty. Did the Russians use the Obama administration as a tool in a “discoverable influence operation”? The Dallas District Attorney takes a major step backwards in law enforcement.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.   
55 min
Vindication # 962 (Ep 962)
In this episode I address the vindication of Donald Trump and the ridiculous Mueller report, which goes out of its way to harm Donald Trump.  News Picks:The Mueller report has been released.  Devin Nunes slams the Mueller report for ignoring the real scandal.  The Trump team warns the Obama era DOJ that Justice will be served.  The Trump legal team responds saying this is a total victory for the President.  Are US intelligence agencies dominated by liberals? Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.   
57 min
No Collusion. No Obstruction. # 961 (Ep 961)
In this episode I address the latest information from the morning release of the Mueller report. News Picks:Here are ten post-Mueller probe questions that could turn the table on the Russian “collusion” hoax.  The media is humiliating themselves again on the “collusion” case. The DOJ is going to allow some lawmakers to see the Mueller report without redactions. Watch Beto stumble trying to defend his charity giving. Devin Nunes is looking at these three potential setups of the Trump team. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
53 min
The Mueller Report Cheat Sheet # 960 (Ep 960)
In this episode I address the astonishing hypocrisy of Bernie Sanders and his unworkable ideas. I also address the pending release of the Mueller report and what to look for in the report.  News Picks:Liberals are lying about the Trump tax cuts and many Americans are buying the lies. Here are the numbers on who is really paying taxes in America.  The Mueller report will be used as ammunition by anti-Trump conspiracy theorists. Paul Sperry sums up the Mueller strategy. This Andy McCarthy piece is so good President Trump tweeted about it. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.  
59 min
The Curious Case of Julian Assange # 959 (Ep 959)
In this episode I address the puzzling connection between the Julian Assange arrest and players in the Russia-gate scandal. I also address some the more bizarre moments from the Bernie Sanders townhall on Fox yesterday. News Picks:Outrage after CBS shows an image with the words assassinate and Trump.  The Julian Assange affidavit has been unsealed.  The 2020 Trump presidential campaign is destroying the Democrats in fundraising. More profound hypocrisy from socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
63 min
Critical Unanswered Questions # 958 (Ep 958)
In this episode I address the critical revelations by a GOP congressman this weekend about the status of investigations into media and liberal misdeeds. I also address some key questions still unanswered which will blow the lid off of this scandal. Finally, I address the upsides and the downsides to Trump’s new immigration proposal and the key decision Trump could make to ensure his re-election.  News Picks:Three big things the collusion hoaxers got wrong. Congressman Mark Meadows says justice is coming. Is President Trump preparing congress for major budget cuts? The Democrats aren’t “lifting a finger” to help the President on immigration. Democrats are panicking as Devin Nunes closes in on the Spygate scandal. Paul Sperry’s piece addresses some of tricks the Mueller team used to confuse the public.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
61 min
Incredible Must See Video # 957 (Ep 957)
In this episode I address the latest revelations by a key GOP congressman about the biggest scandal of our time. I also address a shocking provision of Bernie Sanders’ healthcare plan which will ensure that you wait in long lines for care. Finally, I discuss a Trump immigration proposal causing a meltdown on the Left.  News Picks:Breaking: Devin Nunes sends criminal referrals to the Attorney General. Clueless Jim Comey embarrasses himself again. The arrest of Julian Assange could create a big problem for the collusion hoaxers. NY Democrats block a bill expanding tuition benefits for Gold Star Families after approving tuition benefits for illegal immigrants.  Why are the Democrats objecting to illegal immigrants being moved to sanctuary cities? Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved. 
58 min
The Game is Over # 956 (Ep 956)
In this episode I address the stunning revelations by Attorney General Bill Barr yesterday about government spying. I also destroy the liberal talking points about “Medicare for all.”  News Picks:Maxine Waters gets humiliated while questioning bank executives about student loans. Of course the Obama administration spied on the Trump team. Don’t listen to the media nonsense. The spy sent to report on the Trump team courted at least 3 Trump officials.  New poll: Americans love the Trump economy. Here’s a list of the huge tax hikes in Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for all” plan. This 2011 piece debunks the myth that government-run healthcare will be more efficient.   This Washington Examiner piece destroys Bernie Sanders “Medicare for all” plan.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
The Attorney General Lets it Rip # 955 (Ep 955)
In this episode I address the stunning new revelations from the Capitol Hill testimony of Attorney General Barr. I explain the critical takeaways and provide context for what’s to come next.  News Picks:Radical leftist Ilhan Omar describes 9-11 as “some people did something.”  Here’s the biggest bombshell from yesterday’s Bill Barr hearing on Capitol Hill.  Breaking: The Inspector General is investigating the spy used to gather intelligence on the Trump team. New evidence emerges of a “cover up” in the Hillary email scandal.  Attorney General Barr has assembled a “team” to investigate the corrupt FBI probe into the Trump team.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.  
58 min
They're Hiding Some Landmines # 954 (Ep 954)
In this episode I address the war brewing within the radical far-left which will, undoubtedly, cannibalize their movement. I also address the tools Trump has to fight back against the court’s awful immigration decisions. I also address the most important piece of information about to drop in the Russia-gate scandal.  News Picks:Breaking: A key congressman says more criminal referrals to come in the Russia-gate case. Will Mueller testify in front of Congress? Schiff and Nadler are disgraced conspiracy theorists not worthy of their seats in Congress. This older piece by Andy McCarthy describes the content of the devastating text messages between the Spygate colluders.  This piece by Margot Cleveland indicates the depths of the spying operation on Team Trump. Was Joseph Mifsud working as a US intelligence asset? Socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio steps in it regarding reparations. Government run healthcare is a disaster. Read this story about rationing in the United Kingdom. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
60 min
The Big Shakeup # 953 (Ep 953)
In this episode I address the big shakeup this weekend in the Trump administration. I also address the breaking news about the trouble ahead for Democrats and the Russia-gate conspirators from both John Solomon and Devin Nunes.  News Picks:President Trump should tell the Democrats to pound sand on seeing his tax returns. The Ukrainians have evidence damning to Democrats, yet no one in the Justice Department appears to want it. Is justice finally coming for the Spygate conspirators? The media is lying to you, again. President Trump did not call immigrants “animals.” This is another media myth.  Liberal lunatics are demanding a boycott of former Trump administration officials. This is what single-payer healthcare really looks like. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
55 min
How Many Times Have They Tried This? # 952 (Ep ...
In this episode I address stunning new information about the repeated efforts by the Obama administration to target their political opponents using weaponized intelligence assets.  News Picks:Here is the definitive list of all of shady Adam Schiff’s collusion lies. The scandal surrounding the targeting of Lt. General Mike Flynn is getting uglier.  Andy McCarthy’s terrific piece describes the folly of the Mueller probe.  The real collusion and obstruction story is the one involving Joe Biden and his son Hunter. A huge victory for conservatives in the critical state of Wisconsin. The border crisis is exploding. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved. 
60 min