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Don’t Dare Back Away From This Fight # 1032 (Ep...
In this episode I address President Trump’s tweet about Baltimore and cities run into the ground by Democrats. I also address a weekend interview by this key Republican Congressman which has the Democrats and the media up in arms.   News Picks:Here is the former Mayor of Baltimore agreeing with President Trump.  Here’s Bernie Sanders agreeing with Trump and commenting on the horrible conditions in Baltimore.  Video of my appearance on Fox and Friends this morning discussing the unacceptable conditions in Baltimore. Democrats and the media are in a panic because this conservative lawmaker may take over a key intelligence position.  A big win for the Trump administration in the Supreme Court. Andy McCarthy destroys the Mueller team’s fake arguments. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
57 min
The Liberal Losses Are Piling Up # 1031 (Ep 1031)
In this episode I address a confrontation on Capitol Hill which every conservative needs to see regarding deplatforming.I also address more devastating fall out from the disastrous Mueller hearing. Finally, we expose Bernie Sanders for more fraudulent nonsense. News Picks:The top 5 questions Mueller refused to answer. The conspiracy theory Democrats vow to continue the witch-hunts after the disastrous Mueller hearing. Mueller really blew it this week. Here’s a devastating critique. Watch GOP Congressman Sean Duffy slam this bank CEO for refusing business to detention centers.  The Georgia hate hoax is blowing up in the face of the Democrat who started it. The liberal language police are at it again.  Former MSNBC host criticizes the network for promotion conspiracy theories.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.  
60 min
The Democrats Are In Tears # 1030 (Ep 1030)
In this episode I address the abomination on Capitol Hill known as the Mueller hearing. I also address John Solomon’s explosive new report on this key Spygate player. News Picks:Here are the top 5 questions Mueller refused to answer. Mueller issues a massive correction to his messy testimony. One of New York’s biggest papers agrees, the Mueller fiasco was a huge waste of time.  Conflicted and confused, Mueller’s hearing was a total disaster. The NYPD arrests the imbeciles accused of attacking the police with buckets. The Mueller report footnotes are devastating to his team’s credibility. Please read this piece about the myth of the “Clinton Surplus.” Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
58 min
A Fiasco on Capitol Hill # 1029 (Ep 1029)
In this episode I break down the highlights of the disastrous Mueller hearing. News Picks:The Joseph Mifsud story explodes. Must read piece about the flimsy Mueller report and their use of ridiculous footnotes.  Another liberal myth debunked! Mueller asked for clarification.  This Democrat congresswoman’s tweet entirely exposed her as a hypocrite. The Democrats are upset that Mueller won’t speak outside of the report. Major fact-check on AOC.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
55 min
Who is “Charli”? # 1028 (Ep 1028)
In this episode I address the explosive spying scandal that’s currently unraveling within the FBI. I cover the troubling new allegations that Jim Comey and the FBI may have been running an illicit spying operation inside the White House. Finally, I address the deeply troubling video of the NYPD under assault.   News Picks:Anarchy in New York City erupts. John Solomon’s latest piece adds fuel to the fire. Mueller must have known in July, 2017 that his collusion case was dead. Here’s a quick list of liberal/media hate crime hoaxes. Democrats should prepare to be disappointed by Mueller’s testimony. President Trump instituted a new deportation policy which should make a dramatic difference. The government is about to blow up or budget. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
Another Liberal Hoax Exposed # 1027 (Ep 1027)
In this episode I address the latest liberal media hoax to completely collapse upon further inspection. I also address stunning new revelations of government misconduct in the Mike Flynn case. Finally I address video of college students claiming “racism” until they find out the statements were made by Obama.  News Picks:Must Watch: Students cry racism over immigration quote until they realize Obama said it. Paul Sperry’s stunning new piece provides evidence that Jim Comey was running an illicit spying operation on President Trump. Judge smacks down the Mueller team, again. No Surprise: Poll shows the top 14 governors are all Republicans.  Delusional Democrats will not let the discredited Mueller Report go. Wealthy New Yorkers are fleeing the state due to the taxes. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
55 min
The Media Panic & Coverup Continues # 1026 (Ep ...
In this episode I address the exploding Ilhan Omar scandal and the media’s desperate efforts to cover it up. I also address stunning hypocrisy by the Bernie Sanders’ campaign and more lies from Kamala Harris. Finally, I address some big conservative cultural victories.  News Picks:Netflix sees a historic dip in subscribers after denouncing Georgia’s pro-life bill. Astonishing recap of the exploding Ilhan Omar scandal. Rush Limbaugh’s Betsy Ross shirts sell like mad, and the media is ignoring it. Leftists at Berkeley ban gender words from the city code. How large and out of control is the American government?  Democrats in the House vote to increase the minimum wage. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
52 min
Why Are The Media Ignoring this Bombshell? # 10...
In this episode I address the explosive scandal surrounding this radical opponent of President Trump. I provide troubling evidence of serious fraud. I also address the math problems with the Democrats’ outrageous healthcare plan. Finally, I address the “free” college myth and what it really means for you.  News Picks:Democrats quietly admit that the President is winning the fight against “the squad.” “Medicare for all” would bankrupt the country. This piece explains lays out the troubling details. Bernie Sanders admits his healthcare plan would destroy our budget.  Breaking: New poll shows Trump approval up 4 points this week.  Liberal lunatics are freaking out over this actor's shirt. This is a deeply disturbing story about this radical leftist. Jim Acosta blows it again.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
This Video on Big Tech Should Frighten Everyone...
In this episode I address the frightening ability of big tech to manipulate election outcomes. I also cover the disintegrating immigration debate and the Democrats changing positions. Finally, I address the hidden scheme behind the “government option” for healthcare.  News Picks: John Solomon’s new piece decimates the dirty dossier. Barack Obama once supported the same immigration asylum position as President Trump. Nancy Pelosi violates House rules in a desperate effort to attack Trump. Unbelievable! Sanctuary State California released illegal aliens charged with murder and rape.   Population shifts are setting up a huge 2020 election fight.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
The Worst Press Conference Ever # 1023 (Ep 1023)
In this episode I address the disastrous, Trump-bashing press conference by “the squad” and the real reasons they’re doing what they’re doing. I use some troubling video and audio to show the far-left for what it is. I also address Joe Biden’s huge political blunder and the re-emerging Obamacare Debate.  News Picks:Shock poll reveals how unpopular these radical Democrats are. This NY paper is demanding that feckless NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio be removed from office. The ANTIFA terrorist responsible for the terror attach this weekend had AOC’s concentration camp language in his manifesto. Blue collar workers are turning on the Democrats.  Some GOP operatives are revolting against this new fundraising tool.  These statistics on defensive firearm usage debunk liberal talking points. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
63 min
The Immigration Crisis Explodes # 1022 (Ep 1022)
In this episode I address the exploding immigration crisis. We show some incredible video and audio of Democrats getting destroyed on Capitol Hill while trying to gaslight the public. I also debunk the latest liberal talking point about the Trump economy. Finally, I address the latest troubling revelations in the case against Mike Flynn.  News Picks:Former ICE Director Tom Homan slams liberal lawmakers on Capitol Hill.  Astonishing. ICE DNA tests reveal that nearly a third of “families” at this border area are not related. Great piece debunking the myth that Obama added more jobs per month than Trump did. This UK official thought Christopher Steele was “absolutely legit.” This creates big problems for the left. An older piece which is worth your time. It describes the role of Bob Mueller’s old chief of staff in the Flynn takedown. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
60 min
The Libs Finally Reveal Their Real Plan # 1021 ...
In this episode I address the stunning comments by this prominent liberal about their real plans for the economy. I also address what happened at the White House social media summit yesterday. I address President Trump’s latest move on the census citizenship question and some insane comments by a liberal television personality.  News Picks:We are going bankrupt. Federal spending hits another record. President Trump makes a big announcement on the census/citizenship question. Liberal Joy Behar compares immigration raids to “Nazi Germany.”  President Trump is transforming the liberal 9th Circuit Court. Are the Dems turning on AOC? AOC’s Chief of Staff finally tells the truth about his real goals.  Tucker Carlson and I take on the Mueller Report “comic book.” Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
55 min
The Democrats Are Tearing Themselves Apart # 10...
In this episode I address the exploding civil war erupting inside the Democrat Party as they turn on each other. I discuss new questions for Bill Clinton and his statements about the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.  I also address a stunning new piece addressing the scheme by John Brennan to try to take down the Trump team. Finally I address the panic over the trade deficit and why you shouldn’t be overly concerned.  News Picks:Was the whole Spygate scandal a coverup of a dirty intelligence operation? AOC quotes a Nazi sympathizer in a tweet. Breaking: ICE raids to begin on Sunday. There are numerous problems with Bill Clinton’s statement about Jeffrey Epstein. House Democrats delete tweet after realizing they used an Obama era photo of migrant kids in cages.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
57 min
More Deep State Shenanigans # 1019 (Ep 1019)
In this episode I address the explosive new court documents about the Mike Flynn case which show the troubling anti-Trump team efforts to target Flynn. I also discuss the latest propaganda effort from The NY Times. Also, I address the liberal panic attack over the gold standard.  News Picks:  New poll data shows that the majority of Hispanics approve of the citizenship question. Ilhan Omar caught lying, again. The Mike Flynn case is getting ugly. New Zealand’s gun control law is failing miserably. Mitch McConnell fires back at critics over slave owning ancestors. School choice works. An entire 8th grade class in a Bronx charter school aces the regents test. The Trump team and the GOP senate plough ahead on approving judges for the 9th Circuit. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
57 min
Fiery Debate Video # 1018 (Ep 1018)
In this episode I address the fiery debate on Fox last night with a liberal activist over the Starbucks incident with the police. I also cover the cryptic Bill Clinton statement in response to the Jeffrey Epstein charges. I debunk the latest liberal talking points on the economy.  News Picks:Bill Clinton issues a statement on the explosive Jeffrey Epstein scandal.  Jeffrey Epstein’s Attorney issues a statement about his Clinton ties.  How the liberal media is trying to turn the Epstein scandal into a Trump scandal. Liberal lunatics are threatening to boycott Home Depot over this. Another minimum wage study confirms conservative warnings. Yes, there is a soccer pay gap. The women are making more. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
55 min
The Epstein Case Explodes # 1017 (Ep 1017)
In this episode I address the inside story behind the Jeffrey Epstein/Bill Clinton sex scandal. I also discuss the panic breaking out in the intelligence community over the investigation into Spygate. I address the excellent job numbers and some additional reasons for economic optimism. Finally I address the latest liberal effort to “change the rules.”  News Picks:  Nancy Pelosi’s daughter sounds the alarm regarding the Jeffrey Epstein case. The job numbers for June were terrific. College was becoming cheaper until politicians like Bernie Sanders ruined it.  The FBI is going to blame the CIA for Spygate and the CIA is already looking to blame the “consultants.” Radical, far-left congresswoman doubles down on outrageous “concentration camps” analogy. Ed Henry’s emotional appearance on Fox regarding his sister’s health troubles. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
56 min
Tell the Left to Shove it, New Rules # 1016 (Ep...
In this episode I address the ridiculous Nike flag/sneaker ban and the outrageous liberal hypocrisy. I also address another outrageous liberal effort to promote an anti-Trump conspiracy theory. I discuss a liberal online poll that blew up spectacularly in their faces.  News Picks:Old photos from the Obama inauguration show how ridiculous the Nike flag-shoe ban is. John Solomon’s latest piece shows, again, that the Mueller team was hiding evidence of the Trump team’s innocence. This may be the most embarrassing online poll ever conducted by a liberal. The latest liberal outrage - husbands who love their wives. Obama’s DHS Chief admits that Obama built cages for migrant children. Watch: Me and Congressman Devin Nunes debunk allegations about Joseph Mifsud. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
Liberal Anti-Americanism is on the Rise # 1015 ...
In this episode I address the astonishing bias displayed by the media in covering the Trump administration’s handling of the border crisis. I also address the deceptive wordsmithing used by the Mueller team to spin their fairytale. Finally, I address Nike’s terrible business decision and the stunning rebuke of liberalism in a liberal state with a liberal governor.  News Picks:Arizona Governor strikes back at Nike after their strike at patriotism. Report: AOC screamed at Border Agents in a threatening manner. Media hacks keep using Obama era immigration facility photos in an effort to sting Trump. More evidence that the Mueller report is one big scam. Liberals fret the rise of the “wife guy.” Liberalism fails even in liberal states. Look at what’s happening in New Jersey. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
57 min
Liberals Can’t Get Their Stories Straight # 101...
In this episode I address the astonishing amount of misinformation being put out by liberals, and their media pals, about the border crisis. I also address the continued misinformation campaign about the Trump economy by confused liberals. Finally, I address the media’s efforts to cover this glaring omission in the Mueller probe.   News Picks: We are now living through the longest economic recovery in American history. The worst economic recovery in American history belongs to Barack Obama. This is sick. The NY Times publishes a piece which will put Border Agents in danger. ANTIFA is made up of mostly privileged white dudes. This thread exposes Mueller’s shenanigans. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
52 min
We’re Under Attack, Again # 1013 (Ep 1013)
In this episode I address the disturbing, violent attack by ANTIFA on a reporter this weekend in Portland. I also discuss the Washington Post’s pathetic effort to spin, and get ahead of, another damaging story. Finally, I address the behind the scenes of the North Korea trip and more liberal flip flops.   News Picks:The new White House Press Secretary brawls with the North Koreans.  Devin Nunes warns there’s “something odd” about Bob Mueller’s upcoming testimony.  Here’s a flashback to every liberal who denied a crisis at the border.  Senator Ted Cruz is calling for action against the lawless Portland Mayor. Deranged liberal writer thinks a reporter deserved to be violently attacked for reporting on ANTIFA. This 2016 study throughly debunks the myth that emergency room costs are going down as the government provides “free healthcare.” President Trump is proposing a bold new move on taxes which would boost the economy. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved. . 
58 min
Outrageous Video from Last Night’s Disaster # 1...
In this episode I address the winners and losers from the disastrous Democrat debate. I also address a bold new attack by a prominent social media company on open speech. Finally, I discuss the Supreme Court’s latest decision and why we lost John Roberts.  News Picks:Explosive new documents reveal the Obama Administration’s efforts to undermine Trump days before his inauguration.  President Trump’s team destroys the Dems for their poor debate performance.  Twitter unveils a system for downgrading tweets. Be careful. Conservatives blast Chief Justice John Roberts. Socialist New York City Mayor De Blasio does the unthinkable in Miami.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
57 min
What a Mess! # 1011 (Ep 1011)
In this episode I break down the top takeaways from the Democrat debate. I also address troubling new revelations about this key Obama administration official’s role in Spygate. Finally, I address another big tech company suppressing conservative content.  News Picks:Another bombshell Spygate piece from John Solomon. A landmine was laid for Elizabeth Warren last night. Winners and losers from last night’s Dem debate. Trump hilariously mocks NBC for their technical meltdown during the debate. Now Reddit is censoring Trump supporters. Nice job liberals, you even ruined the World Cup. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
56 min
Here’s How to Fight Back # 1010 (Ep 1010)
In this episode I address the breaking news about Bob Mueller’s witch-hunt. I also address another attack directed at a member of the Trump family. Finally, I discuss the unbelievable liberal hypocrisy about the border.  News Picks:Breaking: Mueller to testify on Capitol Hill on July 17th. Fascinating study points out that liberal elitists are the real cause of the political divide in America. The big problem with student loan forgiveness which no liberal dares talk about. There’s no conspiracy behind the conditions in immigration facilities, despite the absurd liberal rhetoric.  Our national debt situation is entirely out of control. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
Breaking: The Silencing of Conservatives Contin...
In this episode I show a disturbing video addressing the troubling  efforts by big tech to silence conservatives on their platforms. I also address the most disturbing CNN interview I’ve seen in a long time. Finally, I address a major break in the case against Michael Flynn which may point to an even larger scandal.  News Picks:Update: Google is suppressing video of its employee talking about how they manipulate the system against conservatives. Google is not your friend.  Another dishonest liberal gets busted promoting propaganda about immigration. Liberals freak out over immigration photos only to realize they were taken during the Obama administration.  People are fleeing liberal states to escape the burden of big government. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
57 min
Explosive New Hidden Camera Video Emerges # 100...
In this episode I address the explosive new Project Veritas video about big tech tyranny. I also discuss the best one minute video about the dangers of socialism that I’ve ever seen. I discuss a troubling connection with a key Russian figure and the collusion hoax. Finally, I discuss this liberal congresswoman’s big trouble ahead.  News Picks:Explosive new revelations about big tech’s efforts to hurt the Trump team.  Cut the nonsense and fix the border crisis! Are we headed for a recession? One of Christopher Steele’s alleged sources for the debunked dossier is being investigated for this attack. The most outrageous story of the day. A homeowner is being prosecuted for defending his own home. Ilhan Omar defends AOC’s grotesque comments. Ilhan Omar has some serious explaining to do about her marriage situation. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
57 min