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The Questions That Must be Asked # 995 (Ep 995)
In this episode I address the surprise development that a key Spygate figure plans to provide testimony to investigators. I also address the latest absurdities from AOC. Finally, I debunk the latest liberal nonsense about minimum wage.   News Picks:Here are the key questions that need to be asked of Spygate conspirator Christopher Steele. AOC continues to make embarrassingly silly statements. The Mueller report uses creative editing to paint a false narrative. We must never forget Tiananmen Square.  Minimum wage hikes are economically disastrous. The latest research confirms this.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
61 min
This Should’ve Been All Over The News Yesterday...
In this episode I address the deeply troubling charges against a key Mueller informant that should’ve been all over the news. I also debunk the left’s latest nonsense about the national debt and taxes.  News Picks:Mexico claims to be holding back 250k migrants after President Trump’s tariff threat.  One of Bob Mueller’s informants has been arrested on child pornography charges. President Trump’s former lawyer says more troubling news about Mueller’s tactics may come to light. Newly unearthed emails show the Clinton team got special treatment from the FBI. Bette Midler gets roasted for promoting a fake Trump quote.  Paul Manafort is being send to Rikers Island. This is ridiculous. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
58 min
Caught Red-Handed # 993 (Ep 993)
In this episode I address the stunning piece of information Bob Mueller hid from us in his report. I discuss the latest Democrat presidential candidate to disingenuously cry “racism.” I also address the real reason liberals want to keep the citizenship question off of the census. Finally, I discuss the question every media rep should be asking Joe Biden.  News Picks:Law enforcement and the media changed their standards for Trump.  Devin Nunes says the Mueller Report is a fraud, and cites this troubling example.  President Trump refuses to back down to the London Mayor. The Mueller investigation was always about impeachment. Why is the DOJ refusing to produce this Mike Flynn transcript? There is no evidence that the weather is increasingly threatening to human life.  What was the death toll from Fukushima compared to Chernobyl? Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
58 min
The Backlash Will be Unprecedented # 992 (Ep 992)
In this episode I address the Democrats’ impeachment threat and how we should respond. It could result in the biggest protest marches in recent history. I also address the hidden messages in Bill Barr’s recent interview. I discuss Hollywood’s latest attempt to attack conservatives.   News Picks:CNN host forced to apologize after being accused of mocking a rape survivor.  The producer of the HBO series “Chernobyl” hates Trump and he doesn’t want your business. Debunking AOC’s 12-year climate catastrophe claim.  Former State Department official says he warned Hillary Clinton twice about the use of personal email.  If the tyrannical Democrats decide to impeach President Trump we could be looking at the biggest protests in recent history. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
The Democrats are Walking Into a Trap # 991 (Ep...
In this episode I address the trap being set for the Democrats after yesterday’s Mueller press conference. I also address the latest media fake news story about Trump. Finally, I discuss the left’s attacks on a philanthropist.  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO HELP COMPLETE THE AUDIENCE SURVEY! News Picks: Yet another blow to the credibility of the FBI and Christopher Steele. Andy McCarthy’s latest piece about the impeachment trap.  Mueller appears to be lying about this key component of his investigation. Mueller may have handed Trump re-election. Chick-Fil-A is under attack again.  New Mexico governor asks for federal help on border after pulling troops from the border. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
Mueller Speaks # 990 (Ep 990)
In this episode I address the surprise public statement by Special Counsel Bob Mueller. I also address the ridiculous opinion piece penned by Jim Comey in the Washington Post. I also address the attack on a successful businessman for his philanthropy. Please help us complete an audience survey. News Picks: Jim Comey’s new op-ed piece is a master-class in disinformation. NFL star slams liberal Alyssa Milano. Jim Comey is lying again. He called Mifsud a “Russian agent,” without evidence, in an op-ed yesterday. New Mexico governor asks for federal help on border after pulling troops from the border. Andy McCarthy’s excellent new piece highlights John Brennan’s big problem. The author of another anti-Trump book gets caught in a big lie.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
56 min
The Swamp Fights Back # 989 (Ep 989)
In this episode I address the real reason Trump gave the Attorney General declassification authority. I also address continued efforts by the left to silence conservative dissent. I discuss the complete failure of Obamacare to meet its own measures of success. Finally, I recognize the accomplishments of Bill Buckner.  News Picks:No, that “drunk” Pelosi video wasn’t “doctored.” Bill Barr’s coming declassification has the liberal media in full meltdown mode. Didn’t liberals tell us that ER usage would go down under Obamacare? Liberals love using language wars in the debate over abortion. Here’s what the CIA is really hiding? Here are the facts on arming school teachers. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
Sacrifice # 988 (Ep 988)
In this episode I address the desperate attempts by the media to get in the way of Trump’s declassification order. I also address the explosive comments by a GOP congresswoman this weekend. Finally, I address a personal story relevant to Memorial Day.  News Picks: Liz Cheney calls out the Spygate conspirators. Media lunatic tweets out a fake Trump quote and gets caught. Swamp rats are fuming at Trump’s declassification order. The FAA fights back against alleged religious discrimination against Chic Fil A at these two airports. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
53 min
It’s Go Time! # 987 (Ep 987)
In this episode I address Trump's order to declassify key Spygate documents. I also address the outrageous failure of the clueless media to cover the most disturbing connection of all in the entire anti-Trump drama and I discuss the latest poll on socialism, which should frighten everyone. News Picks: Release the Kraken! The documents will be declassified. This 2016 Washington Examiner piece clearly describes the troubling relationships the Clintons have with suspicious Russians. Astonishingly, 40% of Americans support “socialism.” Key GOP congressman says information is coming that will “curl your hair.”  FBI lawyer admitted that the FISA warrant was processed in an “unusual way.” New York passes a ridiculous law targeted specifically at President Trump.  Nevada joins the national popular vote compact.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
73 min
These Two Are Going To Eat Each Other Alive # 9...
In this episode I address the growing battle between Comey and Brennan and the real reason behind it. I also address Kamala Harris getting caught in another liberal trap.   News Picks:Nevada is the latest state to try to upend the Electoral College. Brennan unhinged again! We need to see the secret George Papadopoulos transcripts.  After announcing a fight against the “wage gap” data shows Kamala Harris has a “wage gap” problem herself.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
The Real Reason for the Latest Attack on Trump ...
In this episode I address the outrageous comments by an alleged Republican member of Congress, and his possible motivations for doing so. I also discuss Mueller’s refusal to testify on Capitol Hill and the reasons why. Finally, I address healthcare problems and solutions.   News Picks:Mueller is afraid to testify on Capitol Hill, he doesn’t want to be asked the hard questions. The Freedom Caucus condemns Amash. John Solomon’s latest piece decimates another key detail of the FBI’s bogus case against Trump. Either Comey, or Brennan, are lying about the dossier.  Andy McCarthy’s latest piece shreds the credibility of the “verified” dossier. Is Justin Amash going to challenge President Trump in 2020? Are suburban voters returning to the Trump 2020 camp? Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
62 min
One of them is lying # 984 (Ep 984)
In this episode I address the deeply troubling connection many of us may have missed. I also address the latest revelations that expose either Jim Comey, or Loretta Lynch, as liars. Finally I debunk liberal lies about healthcare solutions.  News Picks:Either Jim Comey or Loretta Lynch is lying as Lynch’s recently released testimony indicates. President Trump loses court case over his financial records. Devin Nunes says the FBI is hiding key documents about Russiagate figure Joseph Mifsud.  After this confused Republican congressman calls for Trump’s impeachment he immediately picks up a primary challenger. Margot Cleveland’s latest piece asks the question, “was the Trump presidency spied on”? Key Republican Congressman says declassification is right around the corner. Trey Gowdy says there are bombshell tapes providing evidence of George Papadopoulos’s innocence. This radical left-winger is hinting at a “bloody revolution.”  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
60 min
It's Time To Clean House in the GOP # 983 (Ep 983)
In this episode I address the outrageous comments by a Republican congressman about Trump and impeachment. I also address astonishing connections between Hillary Clinton and a Russian spy. Finally, I debunk absurd liberal lies about the Alabama abortion law.  News Picks: The UK finally opens up about their role in the spying operation on the Trump team. Justin Amash should leave the Republican Party immediately after calling for the impeachment of Trump. Democrats are saying that men shouldn’t write abortion laws. But what about this glaring contradiction?  AG Bill Barr speaks out about the origins of the Russia probe. Hillary has a Skolkovo problem.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
62 min
Outed! Here’s the Real Russia Scandal. # 982 (E...
In this episode I expose the Spygate scandal as you’ve never heard before. I discuss never-heard-before information that will blow the case wide open, and will shock even the most hardened viewers.  News Picks:Our latest piece blows the doors off of the real collusion scandal. This 2018 piece from Sara Carter has some fascinating information in it regarding a key Russian player.  This 2018 piece by Byron York is telling, in light of the new information we have.  Chuck Ross outed Richard Dearlove in this 2018 piece. More suspicious connections in this 2018 “American Thinker” piece. This troubling piece by Surkov shows the depravity of the Russians who colluded with the anti-Trump conspirators.  President Trump slams the Spygate conspirators and threatens jail time.  Mueller releases new information about Mike Flynn. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
66 min
Is This What They’re Hiding? # 981 (Ep 981)
In this episode I address classified information, deemed so sensitive, that even the people looking into the Spygate scandal haven’t seen it. I also address the latest scam by the Democrats to weasel their way out of the scandal.  News Picks:Rudy Giuliani unloads on Jim Comey.  Devin Nunes reveals what the “insurance policy” was. This November, 2016 article proves that investigation into the Trump team was leaked before the election. Wait, what? Mueller put Andy Weissmann in charge of hiring the Special Counsel team? Lindsey Graham introduces a new immigration plan.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
They’re Turning on Each Other # 980 (Ep 980)
In this episode I address the explosive appearance by Devin Nunes last night on Fox News. I also address the swamp rats beginning to turn on each other.   News Picks:Devin Nunes has another explosive appearance on Fox News last night. The FBI knew Christopher Steele was a garbage source. John Solomon has some new revelations.  MSNBC anchor, shockingly, rips into Democrat congresswoman for suggesting the Treasury Secretary should be arrested. Here’s the latest desperation ploy by the hapless Democrats to attack Trump. George Papadopoulos sheds light on the Spygate entrapment scheme.  Top FBI is panicking about the investigation into Spygate. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
56 min
They Can’t Keep Track of Their Own Lies # 979 (...
In this episode I address the revealing comments last night by former congressman Trey Gowdy on Hannity. I also address the appointment of John Durham to investigate Spygate. Finally, I address the China tariffs and the positive effects of the Trump tax cuts.  News Picks:AG Bill Barr has appointed a US Attorney to investigate the origins of the Spygate case. Jim Comey’s pal, and former FBI lawyer, Jim Baker is getting anxious now that the truth is coming out. Trey Gowdy lets loose last night on Hannity. Marco Rubio calls for an investigation into John Kerry and potential Logan Act violations. Government spending is entirely out of control. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
61 min
Its Over # 978 (Ep 978)
In this episode I address astonishing new information which will forever bury the credibility of the Russia-gate conspirators. I also discuss new information about the scheme to entrap George Papadopoulos.  News Picks:The FBI discovered an Islamic jihad compound in Alabama.  Lindsey Graham explodes on the Democrats in this cable news appearance. Here’s video of Joe Biden calling for a forty foot high border fence.  This “raw intelligence” nonsense line has got to stop.  Jerry Nadler is a fraud. Here’s the proof.  Harvard cowers and bows down to the social justice warriors. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
61 min
The Rats Are Scurrying # 977 (Ep 977)
In this episode I address the liberal media’s latest panic attack over devastating new information about this prominent Democrat. I also discuss Jim Comey’s disturbing appearance on CNN yesterday. Finally, I address the latest revelations about the FBI’s spying operation and an interesting piece on inflation.  News Picks:Former AG Jeff Sessions stands by Bill Barr’s spying statements. The FBI claims they “lost” notes from the Clinton email investigation. The FBI’s story is falling apart.  The Democrats in Congress look absolutely ridiculous with their contempt of Congress stunt. Either Christopher Steele lies to the FBI or the Russians played the FBI.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
64 min
Why Is This Republican Attacking Trump # 976 (E...
In this episode I address the incredibly suspicious texts between FBI personnel who appear to be attempting to insert a spy into the Trump White House. I also address the unbelievable attack on Don Trump Jr. by a sell out Republican Senator. Finally, I address liberal myths about the midterm elections and voter ID.    News Picks:PA principal will no longer say “God Bless America” after the Pledge of Allegiance.  Stunning new information shows that the government knew the Steele information was political. Democrats continue to lie about “voter suppression” in an effort to divide America. The facts tell a different story. Bob Mueller’s sorry excuse for airing his bogus “obstruction” charges in his report don’t hold water. The Trump administration goes to war with national injunctions. So-called “journalists” once mocked contempt of Congress charges when they were brought against Obama’s Attorney General.  Fake news media folks are frauds when it comes to contempt of Congress charges.  Victor Davis Hanson’s piece destroys the left’s hypocrisy on AG Barr.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
We Were Sold Out Yesterday # 975 (Ep 975)
In this episode I address the FBI Director selling us out yesterday at a critical time. I also discuss an explosive new piece by an FBI whistleblower which should have James Comey very worried. Finally, I address The NY Times latest attack on President Trump and I debunk more liberal lies about the economy.  News Picks: Pathetic: The FBI Director says “spying” is not the term he’d use.  Bernie Sanders’ campaign is struggling in national polls. FBI whistleblower says Jim Comey may be in big trouble. Here’s troubling new evidence that the State Department and the FBI knew about the political origins of the dossier. This John Solomon piece from last year regarding “scrubbing the lists” sheds some light on CIA involvement in Spygate. The NY Times attacks President Trump again by releasing his personal financial information. Liberals were wrong about the Trump tax cuts, again.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
58 min
The Big Coverup # 974 (Ep 974)
In this episode I address recently surfaced FBI emails and texts which expose the depths of the attacks on the Trump team. I also show some disturbing videos which address the scheme. I discuss and debunk the liberal’s silly economic messaging and, finally, I address the China trade war.  News Picks: Devin Nunes demands information from the FBI and the intelligence community about Joseph Mifsud. Hillary Clinton hilariously claims that the presidential election was “stolen” from her. The FBI suspected the CIA was behind the media leaks in the Spygate case. How many spies did the Obama Administration use against the Trump team? Poor Americans are benefiting most from the strong Trump economy.  Democrats are all in on confiscating your firearms. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
This is the Next Information Bombshell To Drop ...
In this episode I address the next shoe to drop in the biggest political scandal of our time. I also address the petty liberal response to the robust Trump economy. Finally, I discuss the disastrous Bernie Sanders healthcare plan.  News Picks: “This was entrapment!” Here’s coverage of my news appearance where I address the Spygate scandal. Our latest “Debunk This” entry debunks liberal myths about “Climate Change.” Part One: Part Two: ICE to begin rapid DNA tests at the border. The latest liberal conspiracy theory states that businesses conspired to crash the economy under President Obama.  President Trump is not letting the Chinese off easy on trade. New York liberals are attacking the Second Amendment, again. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
Even The NY Times Admits Spying Occurred # 972 ...
In this episode I address the latest story from The NY Times which blows the lid off of the Obama administration’s use of spies to target the Trump team. I interview George Papadopoulos to get answers about this scandal. I also address the booming economic numbers.  News Picks: Our latest two-part piece destroys any arguments in favor of “Medicare for All.”  Part 1 Part 2 The NY Times finally writes a story exposing the Obama administration’s spying scandal. Chuck Ross’s latest piece digs deep into the explosive Spygate revelations. The real collusion story is emerging, the one between the Democrats and Ukraine. George Papadopoulos’ Book “Deep State Target: How I Got Caught in the Crosshairs of the Plot to Bring Down President Trump”available here. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
57 min
Bombshell Revelations Emerge # 971 (Ep 971)
In this episode I address the explosive Bill Barr hearing on Capitol Hill and a critical revelation that emerged from it. I also address the latest bombshell revelation about what the DC swamp is really hiding in the Russia probe.  News Picks:Desperate Jim Comey pens an op-ed saying Trump “eats your soul in small bites.”  Attorney General Bill Barr tells Congress to pound sand when they change the rules on him. John Solomon’s new piece slams the credibility of key players in the Russian probe.  The Mueller witch hunt was never about collusion, it was always about obstruction. The Trump economy continues to motor along. Check out the latest productivity numbers. 5 takeaways from the Bill Barr hearings. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
57 min