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The Deep State Plotters Had a Backup Plan & Tha...
In this episode, I address the complete collapse of the deep-state plot to take down the Trump administration and the bizarre backup plan the plotters hatched to save their hoax narrative. I also discuss the fake liberal hype over Bill Taylor’s testimony about the hoax Ukraine “scandal.”  News Picks: Rowan Scarborough’s article on Joseph Mifsud is a damning takedown of the “Russian asset” conspiracy theory.   Solid coverage of Bill Taylor’s testimony, which the left is freaking out about.    Another phony grifter is going to release a book attacking the Trump administration.   Democrats are leaking the testimony that damages Trump while hiding the testimony that exonerates him.   The NY Times shifts from denying the existence of the deep-state to celebrating it.    This March, 2019 article is interesting and addresses the FBI asking Papadopoulos to wear a wire on Mifsud.    Shaquille O’Neal stands up against China.   Elizabeth Warren’s new plan is straight-up economic tyranny.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
58 min
Explosive New Details About The Deep State Cove...
In this episode, I address the explosive new details emerging about the deep-state coverup of the Spygate scandal. John Brennan and these politicians are panicking.  News Picks: President Trump says “you will see things that you don’t believe” in the FISA report.   John Brennan is getting nervous because he’s about to interviewed regarding the Spygate case.    Joseph Mifsud is the key to the entire Spygate case.   This July article address the suspicious delay in the IG report after the Steele interview.   Crazed left-wing website calls donors to the Trump campaign “racist” and shows their addresses.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
56 min
Liberals Have Given Up On America (Ep 1092)
In this episode, I address the media panic breaking out over the ongoing investigation into the Spygate scandal. The NY Times wrote a piece recently which highlights the deep-state panic. I also decimate the latest liberal talking points about your healthcare.  News Picks: An interesting perspective on the current situation between the Syrians, the Kurds, and the Turks that’s worth a quick read.    Here’s why the Democrats are refusing to tell the truth about raising your taxes.    Politics is getting really ugly. Voting may not save us anymore.   The rise of young, black conservatives.    Crazed liberal confronts Rand Paul in California, and it’s all on tape.    Crazy California politicians screwed it up again with this new law.   California is losing their grip on economic reality.   More on the bogus liberal study suggesting income inequality is getting worse.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.  
57 min
CNN Melts Down After Trump Says This (Ep 1091)
In this episode, I address the explosive comments by President Trump at a press conference and the corresponding media freak-out. I also address the latest liberal healthcare scam and how it will deeply impact your healthcare future. Finally I address an infamous Al Sharpton interview where he completely face-palms on economics.  News Picks: Why are liberal media activists ignoring the Democrats’ electoral wipeout in Louisiana?   The government collects record income taxes and is still running a massive deficit.   Don’t fall for the healthcare “public option” scam.   Now we know who found those infamous phones used by this key player in the Spygate scandal.   This older article documents the infamous “the White House is running this” FBI text.   This older article documents the infamous “potus wants to know everything we’re doing” text.   This older article or documents the infamous “one voice” communication with the FBI.   This older article documents the infamous “in consultation with the White House” testimony from Brennan.   Video: IL white trustee tells her white board members to shut up, and that they don’t get an opinion.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.      
60 min
Big Cracks Emerge in the Latest Hoax (Ep 1090)
In this episode, I address the devastating testimony on the Hill which dismantled the latest liberal anti-Trump hoax. I also address the fallout from the Democrats’ disastrous CNN debate. Finally, I address explosive new revelations in the witch-hunt against Michael Flynn.  News Picks:This reliable election model is really good news for the Trump campaign team.   Republicans finally take action against sleazy Adam Schiff.   Sleazy Adam Schiff’s Ukraine conspiracy theory continues to fall apart.   The DOJ obtained cell phones of this key player in the Spygate probe.    This key witness in the fake Ukraine scandal is telling the story the Democrats want.    Is Michael Bloomberg about to jump on the presidential race?   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
57 min
Another Debate Disaster for the Democrats (Ep 1...
In this episode, I address the total disaster for the Democrats last night during the CNN debate.  News Picks:Nancy Pelosi blinks, she will NOT hold a vote on impeachment.    Cowardly CNN gives Biden a pass on his family’s shady Ukraine dealings.   Elizabeth Warren is lying to you about tax hikes.   Elizabeth Warren is lying about how much the wealthy pay in taxes.   Liberals are lying. The wealthy pay the overwhelming majority of taxes.   Bernie and AOC keep blaming capitalism for problems caused by the government.   The NY Times is wrong. The rich pay more in taxes than liberals are claiming.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.  
57 min
They Can’t Hide This Forever (Ep 1088)
In this episode, I address the exploding “whistleblower” scandal and indications that he/she may be involved in a massive coverup. I also address the deeply troubling comments by LeBron James about the ongoing struggle for liberty in Hong Kong.  News Picks:Judicial Watch has evidence that I, along with other conservatives, were being monitored by government officials.   The hapless AOC blames capitalism for problems the government is causing.   Conservative lawmaker ejected from the “impeachment” inquiry by lawmakers.    Incredible! Fusion GPS to release its own book explaining their work on the dossier.    This older Washington Examiner article has some devastating information about the relationship between the Clintons and this key Ukrainian.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
56 min
Adam Schiff Gets Busted Again (Ep 1087)
In this episode, I address the total collapse of the false “whistleblower” narrative along with some devastating new information about the impeachment fairytale.  News Picks:The impeachment boomerang continues. Trump approval is moving up, not down.   Master Sergeant died 10 years after being shot in the head searching for deserter Bergdahl.    Bogus study claims billionaires are paying less tax than the poor under Trump.    Shady Adam Schiff is now backing away from his “quid pro quo” claims.   Adam Schiff desperately tries to save himself from the mess he created.   Elizabeth Warren, and her media allies, are lying about her being fired for being pregnant.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved. . 
56 min
The List of Suspects is Short (Ep 1086)
In this episode, I address the unraveling case of the “whistleblower” and some serious questions we should all be asking about their motives.  News Picks: Joe Biden’s team throws Barack Obama under the bus.    Andrew McCabe is panicking. Check out his latest comments.   This Politico article from March describes the battle that broke out at the NSC and it may help explain the current whistleblower scenario.   Why was Adam Schiff hiring people who worked for the NSC at the White House?   California is banning what?   You’re not going to believe the latest AOC nonsense.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
56 min
Are the Deep State Players Keeping a List? (Ep ...
In this episode, I address the troubling new allegations surfacing about government officials using government resources to “monitor” journalists covering the Ukraine scandal. I also address the imploding impeachment nonsense and the latest revelations about pay to play and Joe Biden.  News Picks:The Ukrainian President confirms, again, that there was no blackmail.    Whoa. Was this key player in the Ukraine scandal monitoring journalists?   Unbelievable. The Atlanta Braves remove the foam Tomahawk and cave to political correctness.   The CEO of Dick's Sporting Goods made one of the dumbest business decisions in modern American history.    The Democrats are panicking over the DOJ investigation into Spygate.   Here’s the hard truth about who is going to get soaked by liberal tax plans.   Did the FBI find over 300k concerning emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer?   Conservatives are civil everyday, it’s liberals who can’t control themselves.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
56 min
Trump Was Setup (Ep 1084)
In this episode, I address the explosive new evidence emerging indicating that President Trump may have been setup with this latest impeachment farce.  News Picks:The Democrats consider “extreme measures” to hide their fake whistleblower’s identity.   Trump tells the impeachment crazed Democrats to pound sand.   This was a setup!    No, this isn’t an impeachment, it’s a farce.   Liberals came for Ellen Degeneres, conservatives did not come for George W. Bush.    This liberal mayor picked the wrong fight with Trump.   Is the government still using this database to spy?   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
60 min
Trump Counterattacks as Schiff Collapses (Ep 1083)
In this episode, I address the explosive move by the Trump administration to fight back against the impeachment scam. I also address the latest Elizabeth Warren scandal and how it will deeply impact the 2020 race, and the economy.  News Picks:What was this Adam Schiff staffer doing overseas?   The Bidens could be forced to testify in an impeachment trial.    The White House is daring Nancy Pelosi to take an impeachment vote.   The Ukrainian President confirms, AGAIN, that he wasn’t pressured by President Trump.    We all have more details about the Ukrainian call than the “whistleblower” did.   More than 2.5 million households drop off of food stamps under Trump.    The NBA’s shameful hypocrisy over China.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
60 min
The Adam Schiff Hoax Completely Collapses (Ep 1...
In this episode, I address the suspicious emergence of another deep-state operative pretending to be a “whistleblower.” I dismantle the entire hoax from start to finish in this comprehensive episode.  News Picks:Liberal fact-checker catches Shifty Adam Schiff in two big lies.   The FBI’s newest crime report has bad news for gun control advocates.    Another deep-state activist posing as a “whistleblower” comes forward.    Bombshell audio & email evidence shows the DNC colluded with Ukraine to boost Hillary by harming Trump.    Sworn testimony directly refutes the latest anti-Trump hoax.    This latest witch-hunt is another grotesque abuse of power.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
58 min
Is this a Real Impeachment? (Ep 1081)
In this episode, I address the rapid implosion of the latest Adam Schiff, & Nancy Pelosi-driven hoax. Their entire case is collapsing around them. I also address a bogus poll being promoted by the left-wing media.  News Picks: This is not an impeachment inquiry. Another Democrat hoax involving Ukraine call falls apart. Maxine Waters is at it again. After calling for public confrontations she now says she worried about being confronted. Is Joe Biden’s Ukraine scandal really an Obama scandal?  Local charity event to honor a slain police officer is cancelled because Trump supporters planned to attend.  Liberal Media types are celebrating this poll on impeachment yet, there’s one big problem.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved
51 min
Schiff Gets Caught Red Handed (Ep 1080)
In this episode, I address the explosive revelations that Democrat Adam Schiff had advanced knowledge of the “whistleblower” political hit on Donald Trump. I also readdress this critical question regarding the FBI’s spying operation on Trump, “who is Charlie?” News Picks:Impeachment hysteria is blowing up in the Democrats’ faces as Trump raises record revenue.   As suspected, the latest attack on Trump looks like a pre-planned political hit.   Looks like the Inspector General didn’t even see the transcript of Trump's call before determining it to be “urgent.”    Did the Inspector General change the reporting form in order to nail Trump?   Why the wealth tax will only bring in a fraction what supporters are claiming.   The FBI is using Facebook to reach out to Russians in the US with intelligence.    Copyright Dan Bongino All rights reserved.
57 min
The Democrats are all-in on Misinformation (Ep ...
In this episode, I address the many false media narratives about the “whistleblower” & the impeachment proceedings. I also discuss some stunning new tax statistics which should concern all of us.  News Picks: Another “Whistleblower-Gate” media narrative debunked. Zelensky has never met Guiliani. Bill Maher shreds “cancel culture” and attacks liberals and says 'I didn't think it would get this bad on the left' Americans spend more on taxes than on food, clothing, and healthcare combined. This picture of Joe Biden is worth a thousand words. Unbelievable! A Fairfax County police officer was suspended after cooperating with ICE over an illegal alien.  San Francisco backs down in their outrageous war against the NRA.  One book signing left. Don’t miss it! Friday, October 4 at 4pm BARNES & NOBLE THE VILLAGES 1055 Old Camp Road , The Villages, FL 32162 Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
60 min
Panic is Breaking Out at The NY Times (Ep 1078)
In this episode, I address the latest liberal media “bombshell” designed to scare the Trump team from uncovering the truth. I also address a Trump team insider who appears to be sabotaging the presidency. Finally, I address the stunning hypocrisy by this leading Democrat candidate in 2020.  News Picks:The latest NY Times “bombshell” is another dud.   Who is the IC Inspector General, and what was his involvement in Spygate?    The Democrats are panicking as their deep-state operation against Trump unravels.   The Democrats will use this model again if we don’t get to the bottom of what happened.   Another NY Times story debunked.   New York City is criminalizing the term “illegal alien.”    Here’s a photo of Joe Biden with Hunter's business partner who he said he didn’t deal with?   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.      
60 min
This is a Dogfight Now (Ep 1077)
In this episode, I address the exploding impeachment garbage brewing on Capitol Hill, in conjunction with the liberal media. I expose the troubling secrets their hiding in what’s obviously a pre-planned attack on the President.  News Picks: Did they change the intelligence community rules to target Trump? Explosive new information indicates the rules were gutted so the “whistleblower” could lodge a complaint.  Now, the tyrannical Democrats are demanding more phone call transcripts from the President. When will it end?  These three article show what the real foreign collusion scandal is: The UK: Russia: Ukraine: President Trump must protect the presidency. Joe Biden team panics and demands Rudy Guiliani be taken off the air.  Another myth debunked regarding the “lockdown” of the Trump/Ukraine transcript.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.  
53 min
Schiff & The Dems Implode Again (Ep 1076)
In this episode, I address the explosive hearing on Capitol Hill yesterday where the hapless Democrats completely humiliated themselves. I also address John Solomon’s revealing new piece which blows up Joe Biden’s nonsense.  News Picks: John Solomon’s latest blockbuster piece exposes Biden’s lies. More information on the deep-state leaker the media refers to as the “whistleblower.” Sleazy Adam Schiff literally made up quotes at the DNI hearing yesterday. Is this what the Democrats are really afraid of regarding Ukraine and Pinchuk?  Census shows the highest level of foreign-born US residents in over a half a century.  Is “The Donald” being silenced by Reddit? This liberal newspaper is facing tremendous backlash for attacking a man raising money for charity.  The latest impeachment push by the deranged Democrats is already backfiring. Look at these poll numbers. Here’s a copy of the letter the phony Democrats sent to Ukraine demanding an investigation into Trump.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
62 min
Deciphering the Latest Fake Scandal (Ep 1075)
Summary: In this episode, I address the exploding “whistleblower” scandal and how it’s destined to destroy Joe Biden’s candidacy and the credibility of our broken media.  News Picks: Here’s the released “whistleblower” complaint. Hypocrites! Here’s what the Democrats thought about impeachment in 1998. The Ukrainian President annihilated the liberal media’s anti-Trump narrative. The attorney for the “whistleblower” was a Chuck Schumer & Hillary Clinton staffer.  An older article that nicely sums up the Clinton/Obama/Ukraine/Pinchuk connections. An article from last year which exposed the Clinton’s relationship to Victor Pinchuk. The latest impeachment push by the deranged Democrats is already backfiring. Look at these poll numbers. Here’s a copy of the letter the phony Democrats sent to Ukraine demanding an investigation into Trump. Thank you for your incredible support. You can purchase my new book, Exonerated: The Failed Takedown of President Donald Trump by the Swamp, here.  Please read some key takeaways from the book. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
62 min
The Democrats New Witch-Hunt (Ep 1074)
In this episode, I address the latest Democrat meltdown and their ridiculous impeachment push. I also discuss a troubling development in the liberal effort to confiscate firearms. Finally, I address the push to eliminate the Electoral College and why it matters.  News Picks: Did Rod Rosenstein really want to wear a wire to target the President? Joe Biden is clearly lying about his conversations with his son.  A terrific article explaining why the Electoral College is necessary. Knife control has arrived. Unreal. This article shows that there’s no evidence the “Assault Weapons Ban” worked. Socialist Bernie Sanders wants a government list of wealthy Americans. Here’s what you’ll discover in my new book “Exonerated.” You can purchase my new book here.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
46 min
The Media Desperately Wants This Story to go Aw...
In this episode, I address the real scandal that the Democrats, and the media are desperate to suppress in light of the “whistleblower-gate” fake news. I also discuss a troubling connection between these key players in these recent scandals. I address the latest anti-Second Amendment hysteria and an incredible speech, in support of Trump, by this foreign leader. News Picks: Here’s what you’ll discover in my new book “Exonerated.”  You can purchase my new book here.   Let’s get real. The real Ukraine scandal involves the Democrats. More troubling details about the Biden/Ukraine corruption case. Stunning new information surfaces about Rod Rosenstein’s role in Spygate. Rudy Giuliani wrecks Joe Biden for his shady family deals.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
48 min
Another Hoax Blows Up In Their Faces (Ep 1072)
In this episode, I address the “whistleblower” hoax blowing up in the faces of the liberal anti-Trump lunatics and what their real intentions were. I also address the latest, strong, economic data and how the Democrats are trying to spin it. Finally, I address the liberal’s lack of principles on “climate change.”  News Picks: If you would like to pick up an autographed copy of my new book “Exonerated” you can take part in this online book signing event. Info here. The book is also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle and Audible. GOP Reps defend Trump against nonsense charges in the “whistleblower-gate” hoax.  The intelligence leaker, whom the media is referring to a “whistleblower,” didn’t even hear the conversation in question. Yes, the middle-class is shrinking BUT, it’s due to people becoming wealthier. Democrats lecture Americans about eating too much meat while cooking 10,500 steaks.  Here’s a brief clip from my appearance on “Life Liberty & Levin” yesterday where I discuss my new book “Exonerated.”  Backwards California is at it again with another outrageous decision. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
54 min
The Best CNN Takedown Video I’ve Seen (Ep 1071)
In this episode, I address what appears to be a coordinated media/liberal hit on the Trump team in an effort to scare them away from investigating massive Obama administration corruption. I also address the hysterical NBC face-plant on their climate change confessions. Finally, I address the socialism debate and a gun story that’s being mischaracterized by the media. My new book: Exonerated: The Failed Takedown of President Donald Trump by the Swamp, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle and Audible. News Picks: Be very careful with the latest anti-Trump “scoop” about the foreign government “promise.”  Another liberal-run city is being overrun by street crime. Ex-Swedish Prime Minister warned Bernie Sanders about the economic dangers of socialism. Don’t believe the media hype around the Colt AR-15 story. The NRA says the leaked memo is a non-starter. Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
60 min
Yet Another Deep State Leak (Ep 1070)
In this episode, I address the latest anti-Trump leak from inside the deep-state and what it really means. I also address Elizabeth Warren’s “gotcha moment” on late night TV. I address the decades of failed “climate change” predictions by liberal outlets and the latest Trump re-election news.   News Picks:There are few ideas dumber than “toxic masculinity.”    The latest Washington Post “scoop” is likely another disingenuous attack on the President. Wait at least 24 hours.   Here’s a list of all of the apocalyptic “climate change” predictions gone wrong.   Elizabeth Warren dodges this question about her insane healthcare plan.    Elizabeth Warren exaggerates the numbers on medical bankruptcies.   Is the media telling the truth about Elizabeth Warren’s crowds?   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
58 min