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The Real Truth Behind The NY Times’ Nonsense (E...
In this episode, I address The NY Times‘ ridiculous story about the investigation into the Spygate scandal and what they get entirely backwards. I also address the lasting damage being done to the Democrats by their impeachment hoax.   News Picks:Donald Trump Jr. unleashes on the Left in our wide-ranging interview.    Are the Democrats’ leaking about the IG report because they’re nervous about its conclusions?    John Durham is investigating suspicious activity in the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessments.   Remember this article about suspicious activity in the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessments?   Remember when George Papadopoulos said he was asked to wear a wire for a Joseph Mifsud meeting.   A strong article on the issues surrounding Mifsud.   John Solomon’s article covers the FBI vetting of informants.   Vulnerable Democrats are taking heavy heat over impeachment.   Elizabeth Warren was confronted by black voters upset with her anti-school choice platform.   Elizabeth Warren got caught lying, again!   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
62 min
Interview 2 - Donald Trump Jr. (Ep 1118)
In this episode, I interview Donald Trump Jr. about his new book “Triggered” available here:   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
32 min
Liberals are Trying to Scare You Away From Ment...
In this episode, I address the liberal’s use of scare tactics to intimidate you and to prevent you from learning the truth about the role of liberal mega-donor George Soros in the Ukraine scandal. I also address the wall the Democrats are running into in their impeachment hoax.  News Picks:Impeachment update: EVERYONE denies a quid pro quo.   The GOP, despite the sham impeachment hoax, continues to dominate in fundraising.   Fiona Hill wrote an op-ed in 2015 in direct contradiction to her testimony yesterday.    Fiona Hill got an early copy of the dossier.    5 times the media acknowledged Ukrainian election meddling until it hurt their impeachment dreams.    This article alleges that Christopher Steele provided information to a longtime Clinton crony.    Whoa. An FBI line lawyer is under investigation for allegations he altered documents used to spy on Carter Page.   The FBI has some serious explaining to do with regard to its vetting of confidential informants.   Another shady deal involving Joe Biden’s son.   This article from earlier in the year documents the role of George Soros’ operation in the Ukraine scandal.    Another excellent Solomon article on Soros.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
61 min
This Entire Impeachment Hoax is Based on Lies (...
In this episode, I address the Democrats’, and their media allies, hysterical response to yesterday morning’s impeachment farce, and how the story flipped on them in the afternoon. I also address some of the more ridiculous moments from yesterday’s Democrat debate.   News Picks:President Trump is right about Ukrainian election interference.   It’s game over for the hapless Democrats after Sondland’s testimony.   Key moments from yesterday’s shambolic impeachment fiasco.    It’s a lie. The “whistleblower” does not have a legal right to anonymity.   The most important quote from yesterday’s shambolic impeachment hearing.    The Ukraine timeline the Democrats, and their media allies, don’t want you to see.    Ukraine is broadening it’s investigation into the company Hunter Biden worked for.   While the hapless Democrats focus their attention on the sham impeachment, Trump flipped the 11th Circuit Court.   Debunking the myth that Obama deported more illegal immigrants Trump.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
57 min
The Impeachment Farce Falls Flat, Again (Ep 1115)
In this episode I address the latest disastrous day for the Democrats in the hoax impeachment on Capitol Hill. I also address the Democrats push for government run healthcare and the many problems it will cause for you.  News Picks:Did Lt. Colonel Vindman leak information to the “whistleblower”?    The impeachment backlash continues as the GOP raises a massive amount of money.   Big takeaways from yesterday’s impeachment fiasco.   Nancy Pelosi makes a stunning admission.   The media posts an embarrassingly incorrect story and is forced to backtrack.   The national debt is exploding, and we’re all going to pay soon.   FedEx calls out The NY Times for fake news.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
57 min
The Democrats’ Impeachment Fiasco Implodes (Ep ...
In this episode, I address the fireworks on Capitol Hill as the Democrats’ own impeachment witnesses make the case that Trump is being falsely accused. I also address the hard evidence that the media is engaged in a scandalous coverup.  News Picks:The continued media attacks on John Solomon are indicative of their fear of his reporting. John nails the media with this article.   A shocking statement by Nancy Pelosi regarding impeachment.   The “Trump standard” for the corrupt media explained.    The impeachment charade is going to destroy the Democrats.    Chick-Fil-A sells out to the liberal mob.   White House official sues Politico for conspiring with Sleazy Adam Schiff to leak false impeachment inquiry information.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.  
60 min
Fireworks Explode at the Hoax Impeachment Heari...
In this episode, I address the catastrophic meltdown of the Democrats’ hoax impeachment hearings. I also address the stunning connections between the Democrats’ Spygate hoax and the impeachment hoax. Finally, I debunk an ideological position taken by these 2020 candidates.  News Picks:Listen to my powerful interview with President Trump.   Obama fired the Bush-era ambassadors and the media didn’t mind.   GOP congressman says the Democrats are racing to beat the damaging IG report.    Impeachment is failing. President Trump’s approval rating jumps to 50%.   President Trump said, in my interview with him, that everyone knows who the “whistleblower” is.    15 essential questions for Marie Yovanovitch.   This older Epoch Times article sums up the troubling role of this Ukrainian in the Spygate scandal.   75% of the AOC “squad” has been investigated for campaign finance issues.    The latest Secret Service study on school shootings is worth your time.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
56 min
Interview 1: President Donald J. Trump (Ep 1112)
In this episode, I interview President Donald J. Trump. We cover the impeachment, the economy, election 2020, and more.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
32 min
The Impeachment Scandal’s Strange Connections (...
In this episode, I address the ongoing soft coup against Trump through the faux impeachment and its strange ties to the explosive Spygate scandal.   News Picks:Yes. This is a soft coup. Here’s why.    Fox News’ Martha MacCallum destroys radical leftist Eric Swalwell.    John Solomon’s latest article is a damning portrayal of the media coverup of the Spygate scandal.    This older article is clear evidence of what the Democrats are really hiding in Ukraine.   Great news - while the hapless Democrats conduct their faux impeachment, the GOP were busy flipping this Circuit Court.    Hysterical. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign merchandise bashing billionaires is being sold by a company managed by a billionaire.    The Mayor of Baltimore has the worst excuse yet for his city’s high murder rate.   This week in AOC lies.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.    
45 min
A Total Disaster for the Hapless Democrats (Ep...
In this episode, I address the disastrous impeachment fiasco on Capitol Hill and the destructive fallout for the Democrats.  News Picks:Sleazy Adam Schiff ridiculously claims he doesn’t know the identity of the “whistleblower.”   Ambassador Taylor says he was with Ukrainian President Zelensky on July 26th and he “was happy” with the Trump call.    The Democrats’ star witness completely face-plants on the impeachment question.    Hysterical! Collusion hoaxer, and Hillary Clinton super-fan, Andrew Weissmann is giving legal advice on MSNBC.    Democrat insiders are acknowledging that yesterday was a complete disaster for them.   John Solomon’s latest article addresses the real Ukrainian scandal.   A new proposal is in the works regarding immigration.     Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
60 min
This Impeachment Farce is a National Disgrace (...
In this episode, I address the beginning of the impeachment farce and the reasons it’s about to explode in the faces of the Democrats. I also address why the impeachment farce is hiding an explosive Spygate development.  News Picks:Five reasons a Senate trial of the President could blow up in their faces.    Was this a money-making venture for the fake whistleblower?   Is there another tax cut in the offing?   Contrary to the liberal narrative, “hate crimes” are down.   Is Google collecting your healthcare data?   Here’s a table of tax revenue by year, it’s clear that the Reagan tax cuts led to more tax revenue.   Is deflation bad for the economy?    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
61 min
Shady Schiff’s Show Trial is Collapsing (Ep 1108)
In this episode, I address the stunning display of left wing bias by the media in their coverage of the fake whistleblower. I also discuss the reasons the Democrats’ star “witness” against Trump is actually a liability. Finally, I address a critical immigration story and I make an important announcement about the show.  News Picks:What?? The son of a member of a domestic terror group was elected as San Francisco’s new District Attorney?    The Democrats have a serious Col. Vindman problem.    The Democrats’ Soviet-style impeachment gets uglier. This is a national disgrace.    Key impeachment witness undercuts Democrats’ collusion hoax.    Fox News host accuses Drudge of being anti-Trump.    A devastating critique of socialism from a Venezuelan insider.   Why is Mexico pressuring our Supreme Court to uphold DACA?    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
62 min
The Purge Begins (Ep 1107)
In this episode, I address the stunning developments over the weekend regarding an effort by tech giants to suppress conservative content. I also address the latest sleazy tactic by Adam Schiff to destroy any effort by the President to defend himself. I address the latest ridiculous AOC talking point, which has been picked up by the Democrat candidates for POTUS. Finally, I have two big upcoming announcements.  News Picks:The Pravda Tech-Overlords are busy censoring conversations about the whistleblower.    This liberal “fact-checking” site was caught lying, again.    The alleged “whistleblower’s” lawyer admits his real motive.    Adam Schiff continues his Soviet-style inquisition by refusing the GOP’s request to defend the President.   Stunning testimony about Christopher Steele’s credibility has surfaced.    The Trump economy is experiencing a middle-class boom, despite liberal lies about it.    No, we’re not ALL working two jobs to pay the rent. This is a dopey liberal talking point. Here’s the truth.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
54 min
Fireworks Erupt on this Liberal Show (Ep 1106)
In this episode, I address the explosive segment on liberal show “The View” where the liberal panelists lie to their audience to attack Don Trump Jr. I also address troubling new information about the “whistleblower” scandal and their scheme to take down Trump. Finally, I address an outrageous tweet by Bernie Sanders.   News Picks:Unbelievable! New York actually fines Trump 2 million dollars for helping veteran’s charity.    Another John Solomon bombshell in the Hunter Biden Burisma case.   Ukraine Ambassador exposed as emails of communications with Democrats leak.   Don Trump Jr. & Joy Behar get into a scrap on The View.   That time Joy Behar wore brownface and described herself as an African woman.   The View host lies on national television about the transcript.   GOP senators call for the suspicious Burisma documents to be released.   Middle class incomes are soaring under Trump. The data doesn’t lie.    The View host falsely suggests Don Trump Jr. tweeting the name of the fake whistleblower is a crime.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
56 min
The Epstein Fiasco Gets Even Uglier (Ep 1105)
In this episode, I address the explosive new revelations about the efforts to punish the real whistleblower who outed the Jeffrey Epstein/ABC scandal while I also address the continued efforts to attack the fake “whistleblower” who is responsible for the false claims against the Trump administration. Finally, I debunk some 2020 election myths about gun control and the “shrinking” middle-class.  News Picks:The “whistleblower’s” attorney has some explaining to do.   I thought Vindman said he didn’t know the “whistleblower”?   Another transcript is released from the fake impeachment proceedings.    A key Sleazy Schiff impeachment witness admits he never even spoke to Trump about the Ukraine military aid.   Support for impeachment is falling as the Ukraine “quid pro quo” hoax is exposed.    John Solomon’s latest article address the complete failure of the FBI to vet sources in the Spygate case and others.   Is it time to revisit those Bill Clinton rape allegations?   No, the American middle-class is not disappearing.   New Zealand’s gun confiscation law is looking like a complete disaster.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
56 min
What Really Happened Yesterday (Ep 1104)
In this episode, I clear the media hysteria and I address the real takeaways from last night’s elections. I also address astonishing new information in the government’s witch hunt against Mike Flynn. Finally, I address the media spiking the Epstein story and the Democrats’ lies about the Gordon Sondland testimony.  News Picks:Don’t believe the hype about yesterday’s elections. It was, all things considered, a decent night for the GOP.   Election results were mixed last night.   The Democrats are lying about this Trump administration’s testimony in “whistleblower-gate.”   The media protected Epstein while trying to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.    The numbers on how many Democrats are showing up at Trump rallies are stunning.    John Solomon’s latest article is big trouble for Joe Biden.   A stinging indictment of the FBI’s handling of the Mike Flynn case.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
56 min
Did You Pay to Have the Trump Team Spied on (Ep...
In this episode, I address the stunning information I believe is about to be revealed in the IG Spygate report. I also address an explosive Fox News panel fight which is a microcosm of the Ukraine, Biden, “whistleblower,” story. Finally, I address some terrific poll numbers for President Trump in these key states and what it means for the 2020 election.  News Picks: Troubling new revelations emerge about Joe Biden’s son.   More stunning information about the role of Spygate player Stefan Halper   Was the US government paying a spy to report on the Trump team?   Troubling story out of Mexico where US citizens were murdered by drug cartels.   The latest swing state polls are great news for President Trump.    Are working-class voters preparing to send the President on to a second term?   The fake “whistleblower” is running away from answering these questions.   Debunking the myth of the “concealed carry killers.”   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
59 min
The Real Story Behind the Fake Whistleblower (E...
In this episode, I address stunning new details about the “whistleblower” plot to take down President Trump. I discuss the identities of key players and their troubling connections to Spygate players. I also address the radical policies proposed this weekend by these two leading Democrat candidates.  News Picks:Why did these Trump administration officials leave the White House to go work for Adam Schiff?   Check out the work history of this key “whistleblower-gate” player.   This story is a national disgrace. God bless our law enforcement.   Black unemployment hits a new low under Trump.   Suddenly coincidences involving the “whistleblower” are everywhere.   Elizabeth Warren’s 52 trillion dollar disaster.   Elizabeth Warren is planning to crush your finances with her government takeover of the healthcare system.    The threats to Donald Trump and his family are through the roof.    Pete Buttigieg proposes the craziest immigration plan yet.    Debunking the “97% or scientists agree” nonsense argument about climate change.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
56 min
Pelosi and Schiff Keep Digging Themselves Deepe...
In this episode, I address the Democrats’ collapsing case for impeachment as yet another key witness blows up in the Democrats’ faces. I also address the explosive case of the spies working inside the White House. Finally, I discuss deeply troubling video from these two leading Democrats along with the latest economic numbers. News Picks:Pelosi does an embarrassing about-face on impeachment.   There’s a revolt against the farce impeachment brewing.    The latest witness in the fake “whistleblower” scandal blows up in the Democrats’ face.    Debunking major myths about the Ukraine scandal involving Biden and the Democrats.   The N.Y. Times blows it, again!   The tax bill you’ll pay for Elizabeth Warren’s government takeover of the healthcare system is mind-boggling.   As predicted, liberals are now using twitter to squeeze Facebook on political ads.   The October job numbers are out, and they’re very good.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
58 min
Was “Charlie” Spying on the Trump White House? ...
In this episode, I address the explosive new ties between the alleged “whistleblower” and key players in the plot to take down, and spy on, the Trump administration. I also address the latest in NY Times media bias.  News Picks:Is John Durham getting ready to unleash on Obama era officials?   The alleged “whistleblower” has some serious questions to answer.    Is the whistleblower tied to Alexandra Chalupa?   New poll shows the Democrats are in big trouble with their impeachment garbage.    Taxes aren’t the problem, spending is!   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.  
56 min
The Democrat's Impeachment Story Collapses (Ep ...
In this episode I address the liberal media’s hypocritical attacks on Trump after the testimony of this military officer on the phony Ukraine scandal. I also address some explosive developments in the Nancy Pelosi faux impeachment. Finally, I discuss the disastrous Medicare for all plan and the real reasons behind the California wildfires.  News Picks:Text released of House resolution formalizing impeachment.    Vindman testimony alleges White House left details out of transcript.   This Fox News article addresses the “whistleblower’s” memo where he claims transcripts are “word for word.”    October jobs numbers surpassed expectations.   The liberal media somehow finds problems with the death of ISIS leader.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
57 min
Pelosi And Schiff Make a Catastrophic Mistake (...
In this episode, I address the catastrophic decision by Nancy Pelosi to move forward with her fraudulent impeachment and the real reasons she’s doing so. I also address the media freak out over the killing of al-Baghdadi and the reason they can’t give Trump a win.  News Picks:Breaking: Nancy Pelosi is authorizing a vote on her fake impeachment.   Here are the real reasons the media are freaking out over Trump’s Baghdadi mission.    How the FBI trapped Mike Flynn.   How media lunatics found fault with the killing of our number one enemy.   The Washington Post is a disgrace to journalism.   Trillion dollar deficits are going to destroy our country if we don’t change course quickly.   We raised record tax revenue and we are still running massive deficits.   Confiscating the wealth of all billionaires wouldn’t even pay for 3 years of government run healthcare.    Here are all of the options to pay for government run “Medicare for all.” They options aren’t pretty.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.     .
54 min
Like a Dog! (Ep 1097)
In this episode, I address the daring Special Forces raid killing terror leader al-Baghdadi and that outrageous liberal, and media, response to this story. I also discuss the compete failure by failed FBI Director Jim Comey to level with America about his role in Spygate.  News Picks:President Trump explains why he kept the details of the ISIS operation from Pelosi.    Lt. General Mike Flynn’s lawyer makes a stunning claim in a court filing.   Former Obama administration photographer starts a photo conspiracy theory and then quickly retracts.    AOC would be banned by Facebook using her own standards.    First Look: Construction begins on brand new border wall.    A great article that dismantles the bogus “climate-change consensus” 97% liberal talking point.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
57 min
Why is John Brennan Melting Down? (Ep 1096)
In this episode, I address the astounding new information surfacing about John Brennan and Barack Obama’s role in the biggest political spying scandal in American history.  News Picks: Breaking: The Spygate investigation is now a criminal probe. This is huge.   This older article by Lee Smith is a must read about the Spygate scandal.   Impeachment hearing witness has a longtime relationship with a think tank with ties to Spygate players.    More evidence that the “Steele Dossier” was compiled by Fusion GPS and Simpson.   This April, 2019 Chuck Ross article explains the ties between Fusion GPS, George Soros, and the Obama Administration.    The Hillary Clinton campaign was given a defensive briefing while, suspiciously, the Trump campaign wasn’t.   Bernie and Elizabeth Warren want a “wealth tax.” Here’s why most countries repealed theirs.   Air Canada humiliates itself and caters to the Social Justice Warrior crowd.   The Republican Study Committee has a plan for an 11 trillion dollar tax cut.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.  
53 min
The Deep Staters Are Turning on Each Other (Ep ...
In this episode, I address the anti-Trump collaborators turning on each other to cover their tracks as Barr and Durham close in. I also address Trump’s latest moves in Syria along with a 2020 election update you won’t find elsewhere.   News Picks:Republicans storm the fake impeachment hearing on Capitol Hill.    The GOP has had enough of the nonsense.   This older article shows the efforts of Obama loyalist Jim Clapper to distance himself from the Papadapoulos/Mifsud scandal.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
54 min