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He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.

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Sunday Special with Donald Trump Jr., Julie Kel...
Great Interviews from the radio show from the past couple of weeks PLUS an epic rant from Dan
49 min
The Bongino Brief - Nobody Else Thinks This Is ...
16 min
The King of New York? (Ep. 2257)
Trump's Rally in the South Bronx was PACKED. In this episode I discuss Trump's rally, a shocking revelation with Hunter Biden and Ukraine, more Joe Biden bloopers, and a James Comey's "best" compilation.
55 min
Live With Patrick Bet-David (Ep. 2256)
Dan Bongino Live From Valuetainment Studios with Patrick Bet-David! In this episode we discuss: The Mar-a-Lago raid, the 2024 election, and the BS NY trial.
67 min
The FBI screws over America, AGAIN (Ep. 2255)
The government and the FBI just made a dangerous move against Trump and Liberty. IN this episode I discuss the FBI's "use of deadly force" clearance.
57 min
The NY Case Against Trump Keeps On Giving (Ep. ...
This case is the gift to conservatives that keeps on giving. In this episode, I cover the latest from the Trump persecution.
56 min
The Dem's Secret Plot To Dump Biden (Ep. 2253)
Is there a secret plot to dump Biden at the convention? In this episode, I analyze the possibilities and implications.
57 min
The Bongino Brief - Finally...The GOP Is Listen...
17 min
Absolute CHAOS On The House Floor (Ep. 2252)
The division between Democrats and Republicans is widening. In this episode, I review the chaos that erupted on the House floor.
58 min
Has The REAL Debate Already Happened? (Ep. 2251)
It looks like there will be presidential debates after all. In this episode, I review whether the debate has already happened.
57 min
EVERYTHING Biden Touches He Destroys (Ep. 2250)
This president is a disaster. In this episode, I show proof of Joe Biden's many failures.
58 min
Trump’s Most Important Decision (Ep. 2249)
This is what it’s all coming down to. In this episode, I address the most important decision Trump has to make in this election.
58 min
A Terrifying Scene For The Democrats (Ep. 2248)
The ongoing movement away from the left continues. In this episode, I review how Donald Trump is giving the democrats reason to worry about the 2024 election.
55 min
Sunday Special with Lara Trump, Dinesh D'Souza,...
Great Interviews from the radio show from the past couple of weeks PLUS an epic rant from Dan
62 min
The Bongino Brief - The World Is Laughing at Am...
16 min
The Real Story Behind The Stormy Trial (Ep. 2247)
It's not what happened, but what didn't happen at the Stormy trial that tells the real story. In this episode, I cover the facts and testimonies from the ongoing witch-hunt trial against Trump.
57 min
Are They Getting Ready To Dump Biden? (Ep. 2246)
Everyone knows this guy cannot win an election. In this episode, I look at why I think they are getting ready to replace Joe Biden.
57 min
The Stormy Clown Show Flops HUGE in NY (Ep. 2245)
The witch hunt continues. In this episode, I cover the trial against Trump and the failure of Stormy Daniels' testimony.
58 min
Is The FBI Watching MAGA Voters? (Ep. 2244)
Have our intelligence agencies been compromised? In this episode, I discuss evidence that the FBI might be watching MAGA voters.
57 min
SPECIAL: Best Of The Dan Bongino Show - 05/06/2024
Our Daily live show returns Tuesday, 05/07. In this special episode, we recap the year so far with the team's hand-picked best segments and interviews from the show.
58 min
The Bongino Brief - It's Time To Clean House
18 min
Is Soros Behind The Chaos? Again? (Ep. 2243)
The Campus protesters are well trained and funded. In this episode, I uncover the hidden forces behind the chaos in America.
46 min
The Professionals Behind The Protests (Ep. 2242)
No, these aren't just college students organizing the protests. In this episode, I take a look at the people behind the protests that are rocking American campuses.
56 min
Chaos Erupts As Biden Sits On His Ass (Ep. 2241)
Unrest on the campus of UCLA shakes the US. In this episode, I review the continuing chaos on American universities and Biden's lack of response.
57 min
Campus Nazis Run Wild As Biden Cowers (Ep 2240)
The madness is heating up across the country. In this episode, I address the growing support for terrorism in America's universities and Biden's unwillingness to do anything about it.
57 min