WSJ Watching Your Wealth

Covering all the investment and retirement planning advice you need, the Watching Your Wealth podcast keeps you on top of your future. Join Veronica Dagher and other experts as they offer financial tips for building and keeping your wealth.

Why Money and Celebrities Frequently Don't Mix
Veronica Dagher talks with financial expert Jeff Fishman, who advises celebrities on how to manage their money and avoid financial calamity.
10 min
How to Become a Successful Investor
JoLynn Free, senior vice president at Stephens Private Wealth Management, reveals the keys to becoming successful as an investor. Plus, one important reason you need to ignore the stock market volatility.
5 min
Do You Have Enough Money to Retire?
Capital Management Group's Tom Mingone maps out whether you have enough money to finance a long retirement, and breaks down the steps you need to take to get there.
9 min
Want to Retire in Five Years? Here's How
WSJ's Anne Tergesen helps map out your retirement game plan and talks the necessary steps you need to take to get it done in five years.
8 min
Financial Aid: What Wealthy Students Should Know
Mark Kantrowitz, financial-aid expert and publisher at reveals what wealthy students should know about applying for financial aid, and how to qualify for need-based assistance.
10 min
Financial Therapy: Wealthy Families and Addiction
Arden O'Connor, CEO of the O'Connor Professional Group, explains why some wealthy families struggle with addiction issues, and outlines the financial steps folks can take to seek help. Then, a look at the growing field of financial therapy.
8 min
The Financial Challenges Facing Millennials
Shannon Schuyler, Corporate Responsibility Leader at PwC, talks about the money struggles that millennials are facing, and how a new generation must take on the financial world.
8 min
The Top Retirement Mistakes People Make
Ken Weber of Weber Asset Management talks the most common retirement missteps people make, and what you can do to make your money last longer. Plus, why you should apply for financial aid for your child even if you're wealthy.
11 min
What is Your Financial Adviser Not Telling You?
Not all financial advisers are created equal. Financial Finesse's Liz Davidson reveals what your adviser may not be telling you, and the important questions you should be asking.
9 min
Retirement Planning Tips for Singles
Single people need to rely on themselves to save for retirement. John Voltaggio, managing director at Northern Trust, outlines the planning tips all single folks should know about.
10 min
Learning How You Can Trust Your Financial Advisor
WSJ columnist Norb Vonnegut discusses ways to determine whether your financial adviser can be trusted.
11 min
How to Keep Your New Year's Financial Resolutions
Veronica Dagher is joined by Lauren Brouhard of Retirement Solutions at Fidelity Investments, who breaks down how to make and keep your New Year's financial resolutions. Plus, an important tip for reducing your debt in 2016.
8 min
How To Speak to Your Parents About the Estate Plan
Meltzer Lippe's Avi Kestenbaum has everything you need to know about how to talk with your parents about their estate plan.
8 min
How To Instill Gratitude in Our Kids This Holiday
It's the season of plenty for many wealthy families. Nathan Dungan, founder of Share Save Spend, explains how we can instill gratitude in our children.
9 min
How to Invest in Your Child's Business
Does your child have their own business? Spence Whitman, Managing Director at Stephens Private Client Group, reveals the best ways for parents to invest. Plus, the one important question you should ask your financial advisor.
9 min
How to Ask for a Raise; Joining a Non Profit Board
Career coach Brad Agry explains everything you need to know about how to ask for a raise. Then, what to consider before you join a non-profit board.
7 min
This Holiday Season's Top Luxury Gifting Trends
Veronica Dagher is joined by Camilla Papale, luxury branding and marketing consultant, who talks all about the top luxury gifting trends among the wealthy this holiday season.
9 min
The Top Financial Blunders of the Wealthy
Olivier Cornet, managing director at JSF Financial, reveals some of the most common financial blunders the wealthy make with their money -- and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.
9 min
The Best Move for Your Mutual Fund Distributions
Mutual fund distributions may be bigger than usual this year. T. Rowe Price's senior financial planner, Stuart Ritter, has the advice all investors should know about. Plus, the one mistake to avoid with donor advised funds.
7 min
Charitable Giving Tips; Talking Money with Family
Wilmington Trust's Carol Kroch discusses the mistakes the wealthy need to avoid when giving to charity. Plus, how to talk money with your family during the holidays.
7 min
Just in Case: Preparing Financially for a Layoff
Worried about losing your job? Financial expert Kimberly Foss has all tips you need to know about how you can prepare financially.
10 min
How to Avoid Overspending This Holiday Season
Veronica Dagher is joined by psychotherapist Karol Ward for a look at why we tend to spend so much money during the holidays and how you can kick the habit this season. Plus, the financial move you should make before the end of the year.
9 min
Should You Ever Invest in a Friend's Business?
Veronica Dagher sits down with business lawyer Nina Kaufman, who explains why you should think twice before investing in your family member's or friend's business.
8 min
Financial Lingo Tips; Talking Money With Your Kids
WSJ's Jason Zweig sorts out all those confusing financial terms and breaks down what they really mean. Then, Fidelity's Chris McDermott explains how to talk money with your adult children -- without the nerves.
18 min