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Covering all the investment and retirement planning advice you need, the Watching Your Wealth podcast keeps you on top of your future. Join Veronica Dagher and other experts as they offer financial tips for building and keeping your wealth.

Introducing WSJ's Secrets of Wealthy Women
Please join The Wall Street Journal's Veronica Dagher on her new podcast called Secrets of Wealthy Women. Money-savvy guests reveal insights for generating wealth and creating financial stability.
1 min
How Sports Teaches Kids About Wealth
Drew Horter, president and founder of Horter Investment Management, discusses how sports can teach kids about money, and breaks down the parallels between playing sports and the business of finance.
6 min
How to Manage the Cost of Aging
Carolyn McClanahan, founder of Life Planning Partners, talks the common financial mistakes we make in planning for the future and breaks down how we can become more proactive in managing our money as we age.
8 min
Your Personal Finance Questions Answered
Altfest Personal Wealth Management's Paul Palazzo joins Veronica Dagher to offer expert advice to listeners' personal finance questions.
10 min
Wealth and Health: Making the Connection
Psychotherapist and confidence coach Karol Ward talks why self-esteem and money go hand in hand, and how to find the right connection between health and wealth.
8 min
Small Towns With Big Millionaires
Kiplinger's Dan Burrows talks what it means to be a millionaire in the United states, with a look at the common threads among small towns with big millionaire populations.
5 min
Investing in the Movie Business
JSF Financial's Mordechai Fishman breaks down everything you need to know about investing in the movies, as well as the risk factors to consider before entering the entertainment business.
8 min
Preserving Sag Harbor From 'Mega-Mansions'
As developers move in to build new mega-mansions in Sag Harbor, the Wall Street Journal's Leslie Brody discusses how residents are pushing to preserve their sense of community in the popular New York summer spot.
6 min
Your Student Loan Questions Answered's Mark Kantrowitz answers listener questions about student loans and offers key insight in financially planning for the future.
8 min
Hedge Fund Managers Face Big Tax Bills
Hedge-fund managers have accumulated offshore gains without paying federal and state taxes for years. Now Uncle Sam wants to get paid. The Wall Street Journal's Greg Zuckerman has the details.
7 min
Wine Mega-Trends and How to Spot Them
The Wall Street Journal's Lettie Teague breaks down today's most popular wines, and explains how to spot the difference between current wine-fads and lasting trends.
8 min
Money Wars: When Siblings Fight
Ameriprise's Marcy Keckler discusses the most common financial disputes that arise among siblings, and breaks down the best ways families can communicate to overcome them.
9 min
Financial Steps to Take When Your Child Turns 18
Fiduciary Trust's Jody King breaks down the financial steps to take when your child turns 18, with a look at the key issues that come into play when they become an adult.
7 min
Women in Finance: How to Attract Female Investo...
Kathleen Dunlap, CEO of Girls Who Invest, talks how more firms are looking to attract young female investors, and breaks down the biggest challenges in getting them interested in financial careers.
7 min
How Cyber Bad Guys Target the Wealthy
With cyber-crime on the rise, the wealthy remain a prime target for hackers. K2 Intelligence's Jordan Arnold breaks down the key things to consider when trying to stay safe.
9 min
Millennials: How to Break Free From Your Parents
Univest Wealth Management's David Geibel breaks down key tips for millennials who want to break free from their parents, with a look at the most common misconceptions about living at home, and how to set a manageable time frame for moving out.
10 min
Big Ticket Purchases to Make This Summer
Courtney Jespersen, retail expert and personal finance writer at NerdWallet, offers key shopping tips and breaks down the best big ticket purchases this summer.
8 min
Improve Investment Outlook ... With Some Color
The Wall Street Journal's Jason Zweig talks how it's the little things that can ultimately improve your investment outlook -- in a more colorful and optimistic way.
8 min
How Women Entrepreneurs Can Take on Funding Gap
Adrienne Penta, co-founder of the Center for Women & Wealth at Brown Brothers Harriman, talks about the funding gap that exists for women in business, and what female entrepreneurs can do to bring in more money for their companies.
12 min
Investing in Craft Beer: What You Need to Know
The Brewers Association's Bart Watson talks about the rapid growth the craft brewery market is seeing, and breaks down everything you need to know if you're thinking about investing in craft beer.
8 min
Hottest Cities for Investing in Real Estate
Roofstock's Gary Beasley breaks down the top cities people are currently investing in, and what you need to consider if you're thinking of buying real estate in a popular new area.
10 min
Life Insurance: Is There Ever Too Much?
Northern Trust's John Voltaggio discusses the variations on the types of life insurance people use, and the best way to determine which one best suits your needs.
9 min
Your Child's Wedding: How to Avoid Financial Pa...
RBC Wealth Management's Darla Kashian discusses how to talk to your kids about financing their wedding, from setting a budget to executing a financial plan.
12 min
How to Take Control of Your Financial Destiny
Morningstar's Sarah Newcomb discusses why some wealthy people feel financially vulnerable, and explains how to feel more in control with better "financial health."
11 min
What LGBT Couples Should Know About Estate Plan...
Tax and estate lawyer Wendy Hartmann breaks down what LGBT couples need to know about estate planning, including the determining factors of needing an estate plan, and how execute that plan financially.
10 min
How Caregivers Can Prevent Elder Financial Abus...
Allianz Life President and CEO Walter White discusses how as America ages, elder fraud is becoming far more common. Plus, what caregivers can do to prevent financial abuse.
8 min
New Trends in Luxury Travel
Town & Country's Klara Glowczewska talks the newest trends in luxury travel this summer, as well as key tips to consider when traveling abroad.
11 min
How Women Define Wealth
Spectrem's George Walper discusses how wealthy women define being rich and what financial and personal security ultimately mean to them.
11 min
Brad Stewart on the Luxury Sharing Economy
Watching Your Wealth host Veronica Dagher talks with Brad Stewart, CEO of XOJet, about how we have evolved from strict ownership to a sharing economy - including yachts and jets.
8 min
Teaching Your Kids Your Family History
Teaching your family history to your children ties in closely to wealth, says Michael Cole of Ascent Private Capital Management. He tells Watching Your Wealth's Veronica Dagher that family history is where our values come from.
10 min
Opening Your Own Private Museum
Veronica Dagher, host of Watching Your Wealth, talks with Laura Doyle of Chubb about opening your own private art museum.
6 min
What Wealthy Families Can Learn From Working Cl...
Jonathan Mordoch, co-author of "The Financial Diaries: How American Families Cope in a World of Uncertainty," discusses what wealthy families can learn from families of lesser means.
11 min
A New Way to Make Socially Responsible Investme...
The Wall Street Journal's Anne Tergesen discusses emerging concepts and specializations within the evolving new trends of socially responsible investments.
7 min
Why Your Financial Adviser May Be Moving to a N...
The Wall Street Journal's Michael Wursthorn discusses why financial advisers tend to switch firms, and offers tips on what clients can do should their adviser change jobs.
10 min
Financial Tips for Blended Families
Fairfield Financial Advisors' Jane King offers expert financial tips for blended families, including when to begin talking about money with your partner, and whether or not to consider a prenuptial agreement.
9 min
Succession Tips for a Family Business
As the successor to his own family business, Marc Stefanski, CEO of Third Federal, breaks down key succession tips for a family business, and how to best hand off the reins to the next generation.
10 min
Investing Legend Jack Bogle's Retirement Advice
Vanguard founder and investing legend Jack Bogle gives expert advice for folks looking to retire soon. Plus, key investing tips for millennials and insight on how to stay the course despite constant market uncertainty.
12 min
How to Host a Bourbon Tasting Party
Adam Johnson, Director at the Kentucky Bourbon Trail at Kentucky Distillers' Association, talks all things bourbon, including how to host a quality tasting party.
6 min
What You Need to Know About Hiring a Private Ju...
Adam Lipsic, Partner at Hersh Mannis, discusses the main reasons people use private judges and breaks down everything you need to know about hiring one.
6 min
What Millennials Need to Know About Supporting ...
As more millennials in their thirties start helping their parents with money, JoycePayne Partners' Michael Joyce talks about what to consider and how it makes the most sense financially.
8 min
Top Risks and Opportunities Facing Today's Inve...
Natixis Global Asset Management's Marina Gross breaks down the main risks and opportunities investors are facing in the market's current climate.
11 min
Sorry, Stock Pickers. You're Bound to Under-Per...
Even though active mangers often say otherwise, the Wall Street Journal's Jason Zweig explains how history proves that stock pickers will under-perform market averages.
11 min
How Much is Too Much to Give to Your Kids?
Waldron Private Wealth's Matt Helfrich answers the age old question of how much is enough money to give to your children, and talks the importance of having a financial plan in place that is easy to execute.
7 min
What You Need to Know About Buying a Horse
On the heels of this year's Kentucky Derby, Matt Helfrich, president of Waldron Private Wealth, discusses the overall costs involved in owning a horse, and offers key vetting tips.
9 min
How Much Do You Really Pay Your Financial Advis...
The Wall Street Journal's Michael Wursthorn talks about why figuring out how to pay your financial adviser can be so confusing, and breaks down exactly how much your adviser should ultimately get.
10 min
Lonely at the Top? How to Cope With Success
Psychotherapist and leadership coach Don Nelson talks about the hurdles that crop up in the face of success and how to handle the feelings that accompany that success.
12 min
529 College Savings Plans Withdrawal Tips's Brian Boswell breaks down all things 529 savings plans including what to consider first if you're thinking about one, and key tips on how to financially manage your withdrawals.
9 min
Are Your Adult Children Using You For Your Money?
McManus & Associates' John McManus discusses the red flags your children may be taking advantage of you financially and how to better communicate with them about money.
11 min
Five Steps to Feel More Financially Confident
Francis Financial's Stacy Francis breaks down why women (and men) tend to feel anxious about their finances, and key steps we can take to feel more financially confident.
10 min
Money Advice for Future NFL Stars
With the 2017 NFL Draft in tow, Drew Hawkins, Head of Morgan Stanley's Global Sports & Entertainment practice, offers key money advice for future NFL stars, and breaks down the best financial strategy to follow after receiving a multi-million dollar NFL deal.
10 min
Former NY Jet Bart Scott's Financial Tips to NF...
Amid the highly anticipated 2017 NFL Draft, former New York Jet Bart Scott offers financial tips to NFL draft prospects.
11 min
How to Join a Nonprofit Board
Exponent Philanthropy's Henry Berman discusses how to go about joining a nonprofit board, including the right questions to ask and how to best prepare for possible challenges. Plus, key advice for organizations that want to get more millennials on their board.
12 min
Why Losses Can Be Good For Your Portfolio
CIO of Parametric Paul Bouchey discusses why losses can actually be a good thing for your portfolio and how to take advantage of them for your benefit.
7 min
How to Minimize Conflict in Family Business
Northern Trust's Claudia Sangster talks the biggest sources of conflict in a family business, and how to best minimize the unintended consequences of working with loved ones.
10 min
Why Seniors are Struggling with Student Loan De...
Ascensus College Savings' Peg Creonte discusses why parents and grandparents should think twice about co-signing for a student loan, and why a 529 may be a solid option to utilize.
12 min
Got Credit Card Debt? Here's How to Help Manage...
TD Bank's Julie Pukas discusses how families of all wealth levels struggle with credit card debt, and how to strategize the best plan to start paying it off.
11 min
How To Efficiently Pay Your College Expenses
Fox College Funding's Deborah Fox breaks down the components to an effective college funding plan and how to pay for your expenses as efficiently as possible.
10 min
Financial Steps Women Need to Take After Divorce
Stacy Francis, president and CEO of Francis Financial, talks the first financial steps women need to take after a divorce, and how to plan out exactly what to ask for in the future.
9 min
Everything You Need to Know About Investing in ...
The Wall Street Journal's Paul Vigna breaks down all things bitcoin with a primer on the new digital currency and what you should know if you're thinking about investing.
18 min
What Trump Taxes Could Mean For You
With Donald Trump claiming he wants to lower the top income tax rate, financial expert Ed Slott talks the potential changes in store, and what they could mean for you and your taxes.
11 min
How Apps Can Help You Save More for Retirement
The Wall Street Journal's Anne Tergesen talks about how employing apps to budget money and save more are on the rise and breaks down which ones can help you best save for retirement.
10 min
How to Make Your Child a Money Genius
Beth Kobliner, author of "Make Your Kid A Money Genius (Even If You're Not)" discusses how parents can best start a conversation about money with their children, and breaks down the most productive ways to inform them about finances.
12 min
How to Reduce Your Risk of Being Audited
This tax season, CBIZ's Bill Smith breaks down the precautions you need to take to reduce your chances of being audited.
11 min
Key Tax Tips for Your Student Loans
College Ave Student Loans' Joe DePaulo breaks down everything you need to know about student loans and taxes, including key tips on deducting the interest paid on loans when filing.
8 min
What Does it Really Cost to Raise a Child?
NerdWallet's Amy Danise discusses how much it typically costs to raise a newborn baby and breaks down some financial tips for new and expecting parents.
8 min
How Coping With Illness Impacts Financial Plann...
Advise Finance's Rose Swanger breaks down everything you need to know about how to plan financially when you've been diagnosed with a serious illness.
10 min
Should Children Inherit Assets Jointly or Separ...
Meltzer Lippe's Avi Kestenbaum discuses how to best go about managing your children's inheritance, and whether they should receive assets jointly or separately.
12 min
Buying an Investment Property? Here's What to C...
MMD Realty's Michelle Farber Ross talks how to identity exactly what you're looking for in an investment property and how you can best organize your finances to attain one.
9 min
How to Manage Your Digital Estate Plan
American College of Financial Services' Jamie Hopkins discusses the concept of digital assets and how you can best digitally manage your estate.
10 min
Paul Palazzo Answers Your Personal Finance Ques...
Altfest Personal Wealth Management's Paul Palazzo joins Veronica Dagher to offer expert advice to listeners' personal finance questions.
19 min
What to Do If You're Married to a Big Spender
With money one of the major stressors in relationships, Wealth Enhancement Group's Kevin Meehan discusses how to best communicate to a partner who may be spending too much.
11 min
How to Handle a Large Inheritance
Miracle Mile Advisors' Duncan Rolph discusses how to handle an unexpected large inheritance -- and how to make sure it lasts.
9 min
How to Plan for Retirement When You're Self-Emp...
The Wall Street Journal's Anne Tergesen discusses the challenges people who are self-employed face when planning for retirement, and the benefits and options available to them.
8 min
How to Protect Yourself Against Tax I.D. Theft
The Wall Street Journal's Tax Report columnist, Laura Saunders explains how tax identity theft happens, and what you need to know about how to protect yourself.
7 min
How to Make Your Home Feel More Cozy
As an emerging Danish concept gains popularity in the U.S., Heather Higgins of Higgins Design Studio discusses how to bring happiness into the home through coziness and comfort.
7 min
How to Avoid Borrowing Too Much in Student Loans's Mark Kantrowitz discusses why we don't have a student debt problem so much as a college completion problem, and how to avoid borrowing too much when it comes to student loans.
8 min
Why It's Time to Speak Up When it Comes to Your...
Speak Up World's Jennifer Wilkov discusses why it's so difficult for people to speak up about finances and talks about the steps you can take to feel better about communicating about money.
10 min
How to Build Your Network
Career coach Win Sheffield explains why smart networking is one of the keys to increasing wealth, with a look at the best ways to build relationships and which common mistakes to avoid.
9 min
LearnVest's Alexa von Tobel Talks Money and Mil...
Alexa von Tobel, founder and CEO of, explains why 68 percent of Americans in relationships say that finances cause more tension with their partner than their sex life does, and offers key advice on how to best communicate about money.
10 min
How the Wealthy Make More Money
Sun Group Wealth Partners' Winnie Sun talks about how the wealthy use diversification to build on their wealth, and how to go about doing so through your investments.
10 min
What to Do If You Feel Burdened By Student Debt's Mark Kantrowitz discusses the concept of feeling burdened by student debt and what you can do if a short term financial difficulty prevents you from paying back student loans.
12 min
Why Wealthy Are Different When it Comes to Divorce
Divorce lawyer and author Jacqueline Newman talks why this time of year is known as "Divorce Season," and why the wealthy often have different issues to contend with than others.
7 min
Should You Treat Your Kids Equally or Equitably?
TIGER 21's founder Michael Sonnenfeldt talks the differences between treating your children equally and equitably -- and how to carefully manage these practices to avoid potential ramifications.
10 min
When Do You Need a Prenup?
JSF Financial's Jeff Fishman joins Veronica Dagher to discuss what's typically covered in a standard prenup, and when the right time may be to consider one.
10 min
How to Get Conflict-Free Retirement Advice
The Wall Street Journal's Anne Tergesen discusses how to get conflict-free retirement advice, with tips on how to make sure you get the best fiduciary advice if the government doesn't help.
7 min
Broadcasting Legend Brent Musburger Bets on Sports
Sportscasting legend Brent Musburger discusses the secrets to his success in the business of broadcasting, and why he's betting on his Vegas Stats & Information Network, a new streaming platform dedicated to sports gambling.
18 min
Selling a Small Business? Avoid These Mistakes
Business lawyer and founder of Business Exponential Nina Kaufman talks the most common mistakes owners make when selling their small business, and what you can do to avoid them.
8 min
Safety Advice From an FBI Kidnapping Negotiator
Chris Voss, Founder and CEO of the Black Swan, talks about his past work as a kidnapping negotiator for the FBI and offers safety advice for wealthy travelers who are often overseas.
13 min
What the Super Bowl Predictor Means for Investors
The Wall Street Journal's Bill Power explains the Super Bowl Predictor and what it means for your investments.
6 min
Flying to the Super Bowl ... In a Private Jet
Flexjet's Megan Wolf talks what it's like taking a private jet to the Super Bowl, how private jet travel can be an overall economic indicator, and what demand is like this year.
9 min
Signs Your Spouse May Be Looking to Divorce
Michelle Smith, CEO of Source Financial Advisors, talks about the signs that may indicate your spouse is looking for a divorce, and how to use your instincts to navigate through the potential red flags.
9 min
How to Know If You're a Financial Enabler
Kimberly Foss, president and founder of Empyrion Wealth Management, discusses the issue of financially supporting a loved one repeatedly, and how to break the vicious cycle of financial enabling.
10 min
What Shifts in Brokerage Industry Mean For You
The Wall Street Journal's Michael Wursthorn talks the latest shifts going on the brokerage industry, and what they mean for your bottom line.
8 min
How to Make Up Your Own (Investing) Mind
The Wall Street Journal's Jason Zweig discusses new research which shows how the confidence of others can influence our decisions, and how to avoid acting on the assertions of our peers when investing. Plus, a look at what Dow 20000 means in the long run for investors.
12 min
Home-Buying in 2017? Here's Where to Begin
Looking to buy a home? Ray Rodriguez, Regional Mortgage Sales Manager at TD Bank, provides key tips to consumers gearing up for home-buying in 2017.
11 min
How to Get Motivated to Save for Retirement
The Wall Street Journal's Anne Tergesen talks about why it's so easy to put off saving for retirement, and explains how prioritizing expenses can help with getting motivated.
8 min
Multi-State Taxpayer? How to Avoid Getting Audited
Jonathan Mariner, former MLB CFO and founder of TaxDay, talks about why it's so attractive for some states to go after mulit-state taxpayers and outlines what you can do to avoid getting audited.
14 min
Your Guide to Seasonal Real Estate Discounts
Atlas Real Estate Group's Ryan Boykin talks how economics play into season real estate discounts and offers tips on how to take advantage of them.
12 min
How To Succeed at Your Financial Resolutions
Yvette Butler, President of Capital One Investing, discusses the most common financial resolutions people make every year, and offers key advice on how to stick to them.
7 min
How to Transition Into the Gig Economy
Bone Fide Wealth's Douglas Boneparth explains why working various jobs has become so appealing to millennials and how to best transition into the gig economy from a full time job.
9 min