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Covering all the investment and retirement planning advice you need, the Watching Your Wealth podcast keeps you on top of your future. Join Veronica Dagher and other experts as they offer financial tips for building and keeping your wealth.

Financial Steps to Take Before Getting Divorced
Raymond James' Shelly Church discusses what you should learn about your marriage before getting a divorce and the financial steps you need to take to ensure it goes smoothly.
8 min
Why Families Keep Money Secrets
Carolyn Mazzenga, Partner in Charge, Long Island Office, Marcum LLP, discusses the common money secrets families keep from each other and offers tips on how to better communicate about wealth.
9 min
Why the Wealthy Are Eyeing Alternative Investments
Looking for a new way to invest? Pagnato Karp's Paul Pagnato breaks down some recession resilient real estate options currently being eyed by wealthy investors.
7 min
How Joy-Based Spending Can Lower Credit Card Bills
TIAA's Cindy Wilson explains why it's so hard to cut back on expenses and lays out how joy-based spending can ensure the majority of our money goes to fueling our dreams and goals.
10 min
Owning a Sports Team: What You Need to Know
Ever fantasize about what it would be like to own a professional sports team? EisnerAmper's Michael Breit talks what it takes and how to get there.
11 min
Holiday Decorating Tips (That Are Pet-Friendly)
Higgins Design Studio's Heather Higgins talks how to create a warm and festive retreat for the holidays -- while keeping your pets in mind.
7 min
The Keys to Success From Keith Reinhard
Keith Reinhard, co-founder of the Omnicom Group, joins Veronica Dagher to discuss his path from struggling copywriter to one of the most influential figures in advertising history.
12 min
What Does Dow 20000 Mean For Investors?
As the market continues to rise to new levels, the Wall Street Journal's Anne Tergesen joins Veronica Dagher to break down the many questions on shareholders' minds, and what the Dow Jones Industrial Average at 20000 ultimately means for investors.
6 min
Your Guide to Luxury Car Buying for the Holidays
Kelley Blue Book's Jack Nerad joins Veronica Dagher with expert tips on how to purchase a luxury car and the best buys in store this holiday season.
9 min
How to Be a Philanthropist This Holiday Season
Lee Miller, Managing Director for Glenmede, discusses what it means to truly be a philanthropist and what you need to know about giving this holiday season.
9 min
Money Tips for Veterans
Join Veronica Dagher for a conversation about veterans and money with Douglas McCormick. He's a former active duty Army officer and the author of Family Inc.: Using Business Principles to Maximize Your Family's Wealth.
7 min
Why You Need a Letter of Wishes
What's so important about a letter of wishes? How does it work with a will? Joanne Johnson is the head of JP Morgan Private Bank Wealth Advisory Group and she joins us with the details.
7 min
How to Be More Strategic With Charitable Giving
Ellen Israelson, Vice President of Philanthropic Services and CMO for the Jewish Communal Fund, discusses how to map out the best strategy for charitable giving with advice on the best ways to do our research and how to prioritize our values.
11 min
Year-End Tax Tips for Wealthy Millennials
With year end fast approaching, Brittney Saks, Personal Financial Services Leader for PwC, talks how millennials can get the most bang for their buck and save on their 2016 taxes.
8 min
How to Close the Gender Pay Gap
The Wall Street Journal's Joann Lublin joins Veronica Dagher to discuss her new book, Earning It, examining the common threads making up the gender pay gap, and what women can do to overcome them.
7 min
Why Parents Are Delaying Their Kids' Trust Funds
Mary Deatherage of Morgan Stanley's Private Wealth Management joins Veronica Dagher to discuss why parents are starting to delay the first release of inheritance money to their kids and the new structuring taking shape for the millennial generation.
9 min
How to Be Your Favorite Charity's Favorite Donor
Chris Addy of the Philanthropy Practice at The Bridgespan Group joins Veronica Dagher to discuss what you should consider before joining a non profit, and how to become your charity's favored donor.
9 min
What Trump's Victory Means for Financial Advisors
The Wall Street Journal's Daisy Maxey joins Veronica Dagher to discuss how financial advisors are handling their shocked clients in the wake of Donald Trump's presidential victory.
6 min
What Trump's Victory Means for Investors
David Donabedian, Chief Investment Officer at Atlantic Trust, joins Veronica Dagher to break down how Donald Trump's election could impact investors and how long we can expect the resulting market volatility to last.
9 min
How Not to Become a Bag Lady
Bernstein Global Wealth Management's Lisa Stone joins Veronica Dagher to discuss the fear woman face about losing wealth or becoming poor in their older years and the important steps they can take to avoid financial uncertainty later in life.
10 min
How Having Confidence Can Boost Your Bottom Line
Karol Ward, psychotherapist and confidence expert, joins Veronica Dagher to discuss how exuding confidence and visibility can translate into having more wealth.
9 min
Election 2016: The Candidates on Paid Family Leave
Michelle Chapin, attorney with Paley Rothman, joins Veronica Dagher to talk the current state of Paid Family Leave and where the presidential candidates stand should they be elected.
8 min
Travel Safety Tips for the Wealthy
Global Security Group's David Katz is a security expert who's provided services to CEOs, celebrities and corporate executives. He joins Veronica Dagher to discuss the important steps the wealthy should consider taking before travelling.
12 min
Best (and Worst) Cities for Building Wealth's Claes Bell joins Veronica Dagher to discuss a new study ranking the best metro areas for building wealth and making money.
7 min
Why Investors Are Favoring a Passive Approach
As more investors look for non-traditional investment opportunities, the Wall Street Journal's Lisa Beilfuss joins Veronica Dagher to discuss what it means to be a passive investor and why it's becoming a popular strategy on Wall Street.
4 min
What You Need to Consider Before Investing in Gold
3EDGE Asset Management's Stephen Cucchiaro joins Veronica Dagher to discuss why investors are so passionate about gold and what you need to know if you're thinking about joining them.
9 min
Tips for the Wealthy Woman Travelling Alone
Nota Bene co-founder Elaine Lassman joins Veronica Dagher with important tips for the wealthy single woman travelling alone.
9 min
What Do Women Want From Their Financial Advisors?
United Capital's Joe Duran joins Veronica Dagher to discuss what women really want from their financial advisors and why the majority of wealth is now in their hands.
12 min
5 Financial Steps to Take Before Year End
From funding retirement plans to charitable giving, Edelman Financial Services' Ric Edelman discusses the financial steps you should consider before the end of the year.
7 min
Election 2016: The Candidates and Student Debt
Cappex's Mark Kantrowitz joins Veronica Dagher to discuss where each candidate stands on student debt in the 2016 election, and what it means for you.
8 min
The Trump and Clinton Estate Tax Plans Explained
Veronica Dagher is joined by McDermott Will & Emery's Carlyn McCaffrey to discuss the estate and gift tax plans of a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton presidency -- and what it means for planning your estate.
9 min
Social Security and the Election: What's at Stake?
Watching Your Wealth's Election Special: The next four years could bring growth, shrinkage or potentially no change at all to Social Security. Ed Slott & Co's Jeff Levine talks what its future holds under a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton presidency.
9 min
What the Trump and Clinton Tax Plans Mean For You
Watching Your Wealth's Election Special: Veronica Dagher is joined by Wilmington Trust's Carol Kroch to breakdown the deductions, brackets, tax breaks and increases that could be seen in the income tax plans of a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton presidency.
9 min
What to Do When She Makes More
Mary Deatherage, managing director at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management, talks the financial issues and shifting dynamics couples face when a wife makes or inherits more than her husband.
6 min
Estate Planning Tips for Blended Families
Northern Trust's Hugh Magill discusses the generational trends on the rise and how they impact estate planning for stepchildren and blended families.
11 min
Investing in Restaurant? Here's What to Consider
Thinking of investing in restaurant? David Steele, founder of One Wealth Advisors and the Ne Timeas Restaurant Group, talks the important steps you should consider before taking the plunge.
10 min
Networking 101: Building a Relationship Portfolio
Optima Careers president Marianne Ruggiero joins Veronica Dagher to discuss how to navigate the professional networking scene and remain relevant after introductions are made.
10 min
What Happens to Your Vacation Home When You Die
Who inherits the summer cottage can be a touchy subject. Watching Your Wealth's Veronica Dagher talks with Lee Miller of Glenmede Trust, who says family members need to have an honest discussion on how a vacation home passes from one generation to the next.
9 min
New College Financial Aid Rules
Matt Sommer, VP of Janus Capital Group, tells the Wall Street Journal's Veronica Dagher about new rules affecting college financial aid.
10 min
What Wise Widows Know About Wealth Management
Dr. Karen Caplan Altfest of Altfest Personal Wealth Management is a leading expert on financial planning for recent widows. She joins Veronica Dagher with tips for managing wealth after losing a spouse.
8 min
What Are the Rich Investing In?
The rich are selling stocks. What are they buying? Celebrity money manager Todd Morgan, CEO of Bel Air Investment Advisors, joins Veronica Dagher to discuss what the rich are investing in and take our quiz.
11 min
How Much Should You Give to Charity?
Kim Laughton, president of Schwab Charitable, joins Veronica Dagher with the key considerations for wealthy donors when deciding how much to give to charity.
9 min
How to Understand Mutual Fund Fees
The Wall Street Journal's Daisy Maxey joins Veronica Dagher with a crash course in mutual fund fees, and how to better understand what they mean.
7 min
Are Millennials Ready For Their Financial Futures?
Northwestern Mutual's Chantel Bonneau discusses new findings on how millennials think about and manage money, and whether or not they're feeling optimistic about their financial futures.
5 min
How Should Olympians Handle Their Sudden Wealth?
Merrill Lynch's Kent Pearce, whose former clients include star Olympians, discusses the sudden challenges Olympic athletes face as they come to terms with new found wealth and big endorsement deals.
9 min
Should We Believe Online Retirement Calculators?
The Numbers columnist for The Wall Street Journal, Jo Craven McGinty discusses whether or not you should take those online retirement calculators to heart.
5 min
Being Stay-At-Home Parent Vs. Staying in Workforce
Equity Concepts' Canon Hickman walks us through the one of the most personal and emotional decision working folks often face -- quitting their jobs to be full-time parents.
8 min
How to Build a Proper Wine Cellar With Curt Dahl
Curtis Dahl, of Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars, manages wine cellars for wealthy clients and celebrities. He joins Veronica Dagher with everything you need to know about creating the perfect wine cellar.
10 min
How Millennials Can Retire as Millionaires
Amy Knight, senior vice president at Stephens Inc., discusses how creating a budget within the right means can help recent college grads become millionaires by the time they retire.
8 min
What You Need For Your Foundation's Grant Making
Have a small foundation? Exponent Philanthropy's Henry Berman explains why you may want to consider an investment policy statement for its grant making.
10 min
What Do the Ultra-Wealthy Want When They Travel?
Nota Bene Global Travel's Anthony Lassman joins Veronica Dagher with an inside look on luxurious travel, and why the wealthy want less brand loyalty and more experiences.
8 min
How to Get the Next Generation Into Philanthropy
Foundation Source's Page Snow talks to Veronica Dagher about how to teach kids about philanthropy. Plus, how to protect your parent from a financial scam.
8 min
Investopedia's David Siegel on How to Lease Luxury
While owning always has its benefits, sometimes it makes more sense to lease. Investopedia's David Siegel discusses the best ways to lease luxury.
7 min
The Top Tips for Entrepreneurs
Summit Trail Advisors' Peter Lee joins Veronica Dagher for a lesson in how to become an entrepreneur -- the smart way.
9 min
How Retirees Can Give Back ... While Kicking Back
Bank of America Merrill Lynch's Cyndi Hutchins discusses a new trend among retirees in which baby boomers are volunteering when they're on vacation.
5 min
What You Need for Your Foundation's Grant Making
Have a small foundation? You might want to consider an investment policy statement for grant making. Exponent Philanthropy's Henry Berman breaks it down.
10 min
Your Road Map to Reinvesting Your RMD
Retirement expert Ed Slott lays out the best game plan to reinvest the required minimum distribution from our IRAs. Plus, one thing to consider before purchasing a second home.
8 min
How Wall Street (Really) Invests
Spencer Jakab, deputy editor of the Wall Street Journal's Heard on the Street, discusses the bad habits of ineffective investors, and his new book, "Heads I Win, Tails I Win" -- a deep dive into exactly how investing really works.
14 min
The Mutual Fund Mistakes You Need to Avoid
The Wall Street Journal's Daisy Maxey discusses the most common mistakes mutual fund investors make and what you can to do avoid them.
8 min
Downsizing? Create a New Start in a Fresh Space
Heather Higgins of Higgins Design Studio discusses how to downsize your home -- without feeling bad about it.
7 min
Travelling with the Whole Family? Here's How
Misty Belles of luxury travel network, Virtuoso, discusses the growing trend of multi-generational travel and the best ways to vacation with the whole family.
8 min
Lose Money in the Stock Market? Don't Panic.
Psychologist and behavioral finance expert, Dr. Daniel Crosby of Brinker Capital, explains how to avoid getting too emotional when the stock market plunges. Then, what to do if you're the victim of a financial scam.
6 min
Do You Have What it Takes to Be Wealthy?
Chris Heilmann, managing director of Bank of America, zeroes in on the the top traits among the wealthy, and explains what it takes to get there.
9 min
Cheddar's Jon Steinberg Talks Wealthy Millennials
Jon Steinberg, former president of BuzzFeed, discusses how the next generation relates to wealth and why his new media company, Cheddar, is the perfect fit for business-minded millennials.
11 min
How to Teach Your Kids About Their Trust Fund
Watching Your Wealth's Veronica Dagher talks with Lisa Osofsky, a financial advisor who counsels wealthy families on how to talk to children about their trusts.
8 min
How To Invest In Wine
Watching Your Wealth's Veronica Dagher talks with Tracy Byrnes, former Fox Business Network anchor, and founder of Wine on the Street, which helps people learn and talk about wine.
8 min
Millennials: Here's Your Guide to Social Security
Watching Your Wealth's Veronica Dagher talks with Mary Beth Franklin, contributing editor at Investment News, about five things Millennials need to know about Social Security.
9 min
Tips on Impact Investing and Philanthropy
Acumen's Jacqueline Novogratz walks Veronica Dagher through impact investing and explains why why its one of the biggest trends in philanthropy these days.
10 min
Should You Take a Lump Sum Buyout or a Pension?
Exencial Wealth Advisors' Neil Krishnaswamy discusses the pros and cons of receiving a pension versus a lump sum buyout. Plus, why you should think twice before cosigning a student loan.
8 min
The Top Investing Mistakes Families Are Making
Global Financial Private Capital's Mike Sorrentino discusses the most common investing mistakes families are making and how to avoid them.
8 min
Need to Promote Your Small Business? Here's How
Jennefer Witter, author of the "Little Book of Big PR," joins Veronica Dagher for a discussion about the best ways to promote small business and develop your brand.
8 min
Sallie Krawcheck Talks Closing the Gender Pay Gap
Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and co-founder of Ellevest, discusses how women can take a more active role in their finances and close the gender pay gap.
13 min
Want to Retire in a Year? Here's How
Wall Street Journal reporter Anne Tergesen lays out all the tips you should consider if you're thinking of retiring within a year. Plus, what you need to know about how to protect your parents from financial fraud.
6 min
Advice for Millennial Philanthropists
SEI Private Wealth Management's Michael Farrell shares a lesson in philanthropy and discusses how millennials can stay on the right track to giving back by following t
7 min
What Wealthy Women Need to Know About Divorce
Francis Financial's Stacy Francis discusses how wealthy women can better look at their entire financial picture and discusses the mistakes women need to avoid during a divorce.
12 min
Getting Married? Consider These Financial Tips
John Voltaggio, managing director of Wealth Management at Northern Trust, discusses the financial talks couples should consider before tying the knot.
8 min
What Prince's Death Teaches About Estate Planning
When Prince died without a will, it raised a lot of questions about his estate. Meltzer Lippe's Avi Kestenbaum discusses why people put off estate planning and what the death of Prince can teach us about how to prepare for the future.
8 min
The 'Y.O.Y.O.' Economy: When 'You're on Your Own'
Sometimes, it's easy to feel like you're on your own in the financial world. Financial expert Ed Slott reveals what you need to know about the "Y.O.Y.O." economy, and the steps you can take to survive in it.
9 min
The Talk: How to Speak to Your Heirs About Money
Abbot Downing's Arne Boudewyn talks about the best time begin to a conversation with heirs about money, and how to go about discussing the delicate subject of wealth and inheritance.
10 min
The Top Concerns Among the Ultra Wealthy
Wealth-X president David Friedman reveals the various succession and inheritance issues that wealthy people are concerned about. Plus, one important tip to consider before taking out a PLUS Loan.
11 min
Own a Family Business? Time to Plan Your Estate
Many business owners don't factor estate planning into their overall game plan. Adrienne Penta, executive director of the Center for Women & Wealth at Brown Brothers Harriman, offers tips on how to get started. Plus, an important tip for filing a tax extension.
8 min
Jean Case on Why The Wealthy Should Give Back
Jean Case, philanthropist and CEO of the Case Foundation, talks the importance of the wealthy giving back, working with Melinda and Bill Gates through "The Giving Pledge," and the best lessons she's learned about philanthropy.
10 min
How Labor Dept's New Rules Impact Your Retirement
The Wall Street Journal's Anne Tergesen discusses how new retirement rules from the Labor Department will impact the way you save for retirement, and whether it will ultimately safe investors money.
4 min
WealthTrack's Consuelo Mack's Top Investing Tips
WealthTrack's Consuelo Mack talks investing, how to make Uncle Sam work for you, and the best financial advice she's ever heard. Plus, one retirement mistake millennials should be careful of making.
11 min
Your Guide to Retiring Abroad
Thinking of retiring abroad? Investopedia's CEO David Siegel breaks down everything you need to consider before your retirement overseas.
8 min
How to Make Your Home Feel More Tranquil
Heather Higgins, princpal and founder of Higgins Design Studio, discusses how to create a sense of stress-free tranquility in your home. Plus, one last minute tax tip to consider before filing.
7 min
How to Pick the Perfect Financial Adviser
MarketCounsel's Brian Hamburger breaks down the questions you need to ask before hiring a financial adviser and how to hone in on how they fit your monetary needs.
9 min
What the Wealthy Need to Know About Roth IRAs
The wealthy often make too much money to qualify to use a Roth IRA, but some may benefit from the "back-door method." Dan Yu, managing principal of EisnerAmper Wealth Advisors, breaks it down.
6 min
The Financial Challenges Facing Pro-Athletes
While feeling bad for pro-athletes may be challenging, it's nothing compared to the financial challenges many sports professionals are dealing with. Wealth adviser at Cornerstone Financial Partners, Charles Robinson, talks the financial games pro-athletes are forced to play.
8 min
How to Protect Your Money From Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's disease poses a major risk to finances as people age. Lee Miller, managing director at Glenmede, discusses the steps we can take to protect our money now, should the disease become a reality later in life.
7 min
Cohabitating Couples: How to Avoid Legal Disputes
Joslin Davis of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers discusses the legal disputes between couples who cohabitate, and what you can do to avoid them. Plus, how to protect yourself when filing your taxes online.
9 min
Silicon Valley: How the Newly Rich Look at Wealth
Aspiriant's Lorraine Fox discusses how a newly minted generation of wealthy folks in Silicon Valley manage their money -- and how they differ from those who made it big during the dot com bubble.
9 min
Debunking Millennial Myths About Investing
Fredrik Axsater of State Street Global Advisors debunks the top myths about millennials and investing. Plus, the important question you need to ask before hiring a financial adviser.
7 min
The Top Financial Trends Among the Wealthy
Financial adviser Winnie Sun, co-founder of Sun Group Wealth Partners, lays out some of the top financial trends among the wealthy -- and reveals why some folks aren't feeling so wealthy these days.
9 min
Clearing Up Common Myths About College Savings
Michael Conrath, executive director at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, dispels the common myths wealthy folks have about 529 college savings plans, and lays out the best options for investing in a college education.
10 min
Your Three Year Game Plan for Retirement
WSJ's Anne Tergesen maps out your game plan with the steps you need to take if you want to retire in three years. Plus, a tax scam to look out for this season.
7 min
How to Resolve Money Conflicts With Your Spouse
Fighting with your spouse about money? Michael Liersch of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management discusses the money issues couples argue about the most and how to communicate towards a resolution. Plus, some tips on what to do with your bonus this year.
8 min
How to Cheer Up When the Market Goes Down
Duncan Rolph, managing partner at Miracle Mile Advisors, talks the concept of loss aversion and how it can play a role in how we psychologically cope with losing money.
9 min
Love and Finances: When Couples Keep Money Secrets
Just in time for Valentine's Day, psychotherapist Karol Ward returns with tips on how to talk freely about finances with your significant other. Plus, a look at how and why couples keep money secrets from each other.
7 min
The Prenup: How to Bring Up a Delicate Subject
Private wealth manager Jeff Ladouceur of SEI talks with Veronica Dagher about how engaged couples should bring up the subject of a prenup. Also, what to do if your spouse is spending too much.
6 min