Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast

Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast started off as a classroom based educational show about fly fishing. Each episode will cover a different aspect of fly fishing from entomology, hydrology, ichthyology, rods, reels, gear, fly tying, cold weather layering, fishing around Washington D.C. and more. The podcast quality gets better as Producer Jason of Freestone Media joins the team. Please visit Rob's website for more information and to book your guided trip. Snowhite is Rob's real last name.

S01E15 Cellular Respiration and Fly Fishing
How breathing oxygen and eating food influence your fly fishing
28 min
S01E12 Types of Water and Reading Water
A brief talk on different types of water and where, when, and why to fish them.
36 min
S01E11 Electroshocking For Snakeheads
A brief summary of the life history of snakeheads from a day out sampling the Potomac
15 min
S01E10 That's One Nice Piece Of Bass
A brief reading of a paper I wrote in college. The paper is about Striped Bass
16 min
S01E09 Fish Orders and Families
A brief talk on fish orders and families and how they relate to fly fishing.
30 min
S01E08 Fish Anatomy and Physiology
A brief talk on fish history, diversity, anatomy, form, and function and how it relates to fly fishing.
53 min
S01E07 Rods, Reels, Lines, and Leaders
A brief introduction on fly fishing terminology for rods, reels, lines, and leaders
27 min
S01E05 Tying: So You Want To Tie Flies
A brief talk about fly tying and how tying flies is like cooking
37 min
S01 Bonus: Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders Spring 201...
Here is the audio from the Tidal Potomac Fly Rodder's Spring 2010 meeting. Please visit the group's website for more information:
100 min
S01E04 Fly Fishing and The Propoerties Of Water
A brief talk about the properties of water and how they relate to fly fishing
25 min
S01E03 Flies: From Adams to Zebra Midge
A brief discussion on flies. Please visit this podcast at
40 min
S01E02 Entomology: Fly Fishing and Bugs
A brief lesson on insects and how your knowledge of insects will benefit your fly fishing experience. Please visit this podcast at
48 min
S01E01 Introduction
Welcome to the first in a series on fly fishing educational podcasts. This is an introduction of me and the show. Please visit this podcast at
2 min