Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast

Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast started off as a classroom based educational show about fly fishing. Each episode will cover a different aspect of fly fishing from entomology, hydrology, ichthyology, rods, reels, gear, fly tying, cold weather layering, fishing around Washington D.C. and more. The podcast quality gets better as Producer Jason of Freestone Media joins the team. Please visit Rob's website for more information and to book your guided trip.

Grant Alvis | Hydrilla Gorillas
Sight Casting Snakehead to Redfish
92 min
Misty Dhillon's Himalayas & The Powers Of Travel
Stories From A Himalayan White Water Rafting & Fishing Guide
109 min
Kelly Murray-Stoker | The Caddisfly Collective
I got my caddis out in Georgia (oh, yeah, sedge)
64 min
John Bilotta | Two-Handed Rods And Permit From ...
John Bilotta | Two-Handed Rods And Permit From The Dock
80 min
Andy Mill | Florida Keys Fly Fishing Tournaments
Andy Mill | Florida Keys Fly Fishing Tournaments
94 min
Iridescence In Nature Part 2 - Fly Tying
Iridescence In Nature Part 2 - Fly Tying
49 min
Bill Skilton & The Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Mus...
Bill Skilton & The Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum
102 min
308 | Iridescence In Nature Part 1
Iridescence In Nature Part 1
94 min
307 | 2021 Mid Atlantic Brood X Cicadas
Rob's Account Of The 2021 Brood X Emergence
50 min
306 | A Day On The Farm
Trout Fishing Rose River Farm In Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains
28 min
305 | Casey Rolig of BUFF
Multi Functional Headwear & Beef Jerky
72 min
304 | Tom Rowland's Life In Fishing
Tom Rowland's Life In Fishing
83 min
303 | Mid-Atlantic Stripers With Evan Dintaman
Fly Fishing For Mid-Atlantic Striped Bass From New Jersey to Virginia
83 min
302 | Living In A Van Down By The River
Catching The Official State Fish In The Lower 48
67 min
301 | Reflections After A Decade Of Guiding
20 min
300 | PA Fly Fish With Dave Kile
The Community Around Fly Fishing Pennsylvania
75 min
299 | Muskie - A Life History
Everything You Need To Know About Muskie Except How To Catch Them
78 min
298 |Phil Monahan's Writing & Fishing Career
Is That Tom Hanks With A Fly Rod?
76 min
297 | Lindsay Agness
Altruistic Angler
73 min
296 | Russia With Justin Miller | Kola Peninsul...
Kola Peninsula & Kamchatka
73 min
295 | Gangler's North Seal River Lodge
Huge Fish In The Great White North
61 min
294 | Very Big Fish With Chris Campo
Monster Fish In The Nations Capital
77 min
293 | Less Is More With Justin Schiavone
How To Simplify Your Trout Fly Fishing
93 min
292 | That Episode Of 'The Crown' With Dominic ...
The Continuing Bastardization Of Fly fishing On Television
47 min
291 | Spring Creeks & Trout In Penn's Woods
Rob's Day Off In Pennsylvania
46 min
290 | Iceland With Kristján Páll Rafnsson
Fire and Ice and Trout, and Salmon, and Char
78 min
290 | End Of Year Gear Guide | Rob's Favorite T...
Rob's Favorite Things 2020
55 min
289 | Joseph Evans' IdaFly
Hooksets Are Free
81 min
288 | Redfish | A Life History
Everything You Need To Know About Redfish Except How To Catch Them
64 min
287 | Mark Hopley's Fly Fishing 97 Podcast
Podcasting and Stillwater Fishing In Canada
94 min
286 | The NYMPH Podcast With Art Noglak
Nymphing Without Borders
104 min
285 | Matt Smythe Describes Alaska
A Special Place That Needs Protection
66 min
283 | Grayling | A Life History
Everything You Need To Know About Grayling Except How To Catch Them
56 min
282 | Luke & Dan's Gap Year Fishing Across America
Catching State Fish In Every State
53 min
281 | THE Terrestrial Podcast with Art Noglak
96 min
280 | Svend Diesel
Fly Tying & Social Media
80 min
279 | Ryan Gouldsbarry of Risen Fly
Best Bang For Your Buck
72 min
278 | For The Angler Picking Up A Fly Rod For T...
What to expect the first time your guide hands you a rod.
52 min
277 | THE Bass Fly Podcast With Art Noglak
Art Talks Bass Flies And How To Use Them
98 min
276 | Fly Fishing Wrightsville Beach, North Car...
Where to find fish on this small island
35 min
275 | Road Trip To Ohio
Chasing Carp & Smallies On Independence Day
27 min
274 | Coastal North Carolina With Allen Cain
Fly Fishing Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
93 min
273 | Fishing Against Tides & Weather
Rob Stresses Out About Tides And Wind
41 min
272 | Crazy Snakehead Weekend(s)
Rob Encounters Stranded Fish And Things Get Crazy
60 min
271 | THE Streamer Episode With Art Noglak
Are Modern Streamers Rube Goldberg Machines For Catching Trout?
127 min
270 | Stephen Sautner
Writer, traveler, bomb crater dodging angler
89 min
269 | Brett McCrae - Wild Fish Doing Wild Things
Wild Fish Doing Wild Things
82 min
268 | Langdon Cook | Fly Fishing & Foraging Sea...
Fly Fishing & Forging In Seattle
81 min
267 | Author Mark Kurlansky's New Salmon Book
Salmon: A Fish, the Earth, and the History of Their Common Fate
77 min
266 | THE Dry Fly Episode With Art Noglak
Art Noglak is the manager of and the President of . He is currently stuck at home with his wife, Bunny. In this episode Rob and Art discuss quarantine life and fishing dry flies. They will cover everything from selectivity of trout to dry fly myths,...
143 min
265 | Small Stream Quarantine With Producer Jason
Fly Fishing Pennsylvania's Small Trout Streams
44 min
264 | The Moon & Tides
Rob breaks down how The Moon effects tides in this part one episode of how tides effect fishing. You will learn about the Moon, types of moons, and types of tides. Rob breaks down how weather and geography effect tides. Different tidal zones will be...
45 min
263 | Francis Goes To The Amazon
Scott Key (Rob calls him 'Francis') searches out wild fish in his free time. Native and wild fish are more preferable. In early 2020 Francis went to the heart of the Brazilian Amazon in search of peacock bass. This week we learn how easy it is to the...
71 min
262 | Favorite Fly Tying Materials For Shad Fli...
What To Use When Tying Shad Flies
42 min
261 | Paul Dixon - Montauk to Mangroves
Rob met in December 1999 when he started a seasonal job at Grand Slam Outfitters at The Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida In 1999. Twenty years later they catch up to discuss Paul's life in New York and Florida, his development of flats fishing...
71 min
260 | Ryan Hudson Calls Out BroStaff Brand Amba...
OPINION: Fly Fishing “Brand Ambassadors” + Social Media – What Might They Be Doing to Your Fishery?
73 min
259 | Eduardo Garcia | Chef, Angler, Survivor
The Bionic Chef
62 min
258 | Josh Mills Is The Man From Spokane
Fly Tying | Wild Steelhead | Dozen For Dorian & Down Under
77 min
257 | Justin Schiavone's Colorado Trout
Casting and Blasting Along the South Platte
67 min
256 | Maine Fishing Adventures With Kevin McKay
Living Off The Grid And Catching Big Fish In The Pine Tree State
87 min
255 | Erie, Pennsylvania Christmas Steelhead
First Time Fishing Erie, Pa Tributaries
33 min
254 | Matt Supinski
Brown Trout | Atlantic Salmon | Steelhead | Salmon
73 min
253 | Pete Kutzer - Orvis Casting & Travel
Casting Instruction, Travel, And Tall Guy Problems
86 min
252 | Salmon River New York Steelhead 2019
Rob's Annual SRNY Steelhead Trip. Brought To You By Hatch Outdoors
77 min
251 | Producer Jason & Thomas Perkins
SRNY Beer Tie | Get To Know The Steelhead Fishing Crew
53 min
250 | Abbie Schuster's Martha's Vineyard
All About The Vineyard With Abbie Schuster
70 min
249 | Stronghold Part 2 With Guido Rahr
One Man's Quest To Save The World's Wild Salmon
71 min
248 | Stronghold Part 1 With Author Tucker Mal...
71 min
247 | Redfish Roadie with Heather & Jen
Heather Hodson & Jen Ripple's Southern MiniVan Road Trip
70 min
246 | The Search For Coho Mojo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Rob's Trip to SRNY to target lake run coho salmon
35 min
245 | How & What Fish See
Fish Vision
57 min
244 | Protecting America's Salmon Forest With K...
Saving The Tongass Forest Again
72 min
243 | Mac Hodell | Rob's Fly Fishing Mentor
Solving Problems To Catch Trout
75 min
242 | Demystifying Two-Fly Rigs
Types of multi-fly rigs, when to use, how to fish, and so much more.
60 min
241 | Kesley Gallagher Is The SteelieChick
Los Angeles Corbina to Florida Tarpon
79 min
240 | Zane Lamprey
Travel, Hangover Cures, Fly Fishing
46 min
239 | Glen Blackwood's Great Lakes Fly Fishing ...
Michigan's Trout | Grouse | Woodcock
81 min
238 | Brooks Robinson - Cortland Line Company
The aka "Cortland" is a small business with a big name. Cortland has been located in Cortland, NY  since 1915. Brooks Robinson from Cortland's Public Relations joins us this week to discuss all things fly lines, use and abuse of lines by product...
69 min
237 | Fishing Structure
Find Structure - Find Fish
68 min
236 | Chef Tom Colicchio
Chef, TV Show Judge, Fly Angler
98 min
235 | Bass Fly Tying Materials
Brought To You By Traeger
60 min
234 | Joe Jackson aka Sgt. Bass Fisher
is a United States Army Veteran. Joe discovered fly fishing and fly tying through Project Healing Waters after a near tragic event. Sgt. Bass Fisher has become a master of fly tying utilizing deer hair to carve everything from hummingbirds to a...
86 min
233 | Kiki Galvin | Guide & Volunteer
Kiki Galvin has been named as one of six women who are revolutionizing the world of fly fishing by . Kiki is a fly fishing guide, volunteer, mentor, and friend to many anglers. Her free time is spent volunteering for numerous fly fishing...
80 min
232 | Dan Davala Discusses Fly Fishing, Paula D...
Dan Davala dropped in to the FFC Headquarters for a little Pappy Van Winkle tasting and podcasting by the fire pit. Dan Davala is an Orvis Fly Fishing Travel Specialist. He is the former the Fishing Manager at Orvis Arlington, Virginia and is the...
116 min
231 | London & The London Fly Fishing Fair
2019 London Fly Fishing Fair
74 min
230 | Fly Fishing The Cotswolds With Andy Grey ...
Trout and Grayling In The English Countryside
50 min
229 | Fly Fishing The Cotswolds With Andy Grey ...
Trout and Grayling In The English Countryside
91 min
228 | Tim Rosenau Talks Faith, Family, And Fly ...
Tim Roenau is the guitar player for TobyMac.
77 min
227| Muskie Obsession With Ellis King
River Tactical Flies
74 min
226 | Joe Mahler - Fly Fishing Educator
Joe joins Rob live from his car after a morning of casting instruction. Joe is a fly fishing instructor in southern Florida and chases a myriad of freshwater, saltwater, and non-native species when he isn't illustrating the art of fly fishing. He has...
60 min
225 | Fish Slime | Everything You Thought You K...
Rob set out to answer some questions about the detrimental effects of handling fish out of water. He didn't exactly find the answers he was looking for but found all sorts of other interesting information about fish 'slime'. You won't find information...
44 min
224 | Geeking Out On Bugs With Peter Stitcher |...
Rob met Peter Stitcher at the Virginia Fly Fishing Show in January 2019. Rob and Peter are both bug geeks with backgrounds in biology. They decided to set up a podcast to geek out on bugs, discuss Peter's humanitarian work, his fishing show, bucket...
74 min
223 | Alice Owsley | Fly Fishing West Yellowstone
Rob and Alice sat down at The Fly Fishing Show in Edison to record Alice's story. Alice grew up in the Midwest and was educated on the East Coast before she moved out West. Alice shares her story with ways to avoid mountain lions, how to cater trips...
61 min
222 | Wanda Taylor - Chasing Marlin On The Fly
Rob sat down with Wanda Taylor at the 2019 Fly Fishing Show in Edison NJ to listen to and share her story. Wanda Taylor has been a professional guide, fly casting instructor, and author for decades. In this episode we learn about fly fishing for...
52 min
221 | Edison Fly Fishing Show 2019
Vignettes. Live from , NJ. Rob interviews several attendees at the show from nonprofits to entrepreneurs, fly tiers, students, and travelers. Produced by
59 min
220 | Tight Line Nymphs 101 With Joe Bragg
West Virginia's Joe Bragg joins Rob on this episode to break down just exactly what is a tight line nymph. When Joe isn't putting out fires he is tying flies or fishing them. They discuss all things pepperoni rolls, how to avoid friction and drag when...
65 min
219 | 2019 Virginia Fly Fishing And Wine Festival
Rob interviews friends old and new during the Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival. Snow is in the forecast and no one seems to know how much is going to fall. Rob took a few breaks from tying and talking fishing to walk around and ask a few...
66 min
218 | The Mayfly Project
Mentoring Foster Children Through Fly Fishing
54 min
217 | Fly Fishing Guide Life In Montana With Jo...
Montana Lifestyle & Fly Fishing
83 min
216 | Christmas Island With Jonathan Kiley Of F...
Episode 216 Jonathan Kiley () recently returned from a trip to Christmas Island. Rob got called Jonathan almost as soon as he returned home. In this adrenaline filled episode we learn all about fly fishing for bonefish, trigger fish, and giant...
48 min