Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast

The Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast is about fly fishing education and lifestyle. Hosted by Rob Snowhite, a renowned urban fly fishing guide and fly tyer in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. This podcast is a laid back, non-technical approach to fly fishing for the novice and expert angler. Rob’s sense of humor and background in biology combined with his encyclopedic knowledge of nature and fishing makes this show unique. And yes, Snowhite is Rob's real last name.

229 | Fly Fishing The Cotswolds With Andy Grey ...
Trout and Grayling In The English Countryside
91 min
228 | Tim Rosenau Talks Faith, Family, And Fly ...
Tim Roenau is the guitar player for TobyMac.
77 min
227| Muskie Obsession With Ellis King
River Tactical Flies
74 min
226 | Joe Mahler - Fly Fishing Educator
Joe joins Rob live from his car after a morning of casting instruction. Joe is a fly fishing instructor in southern Florida and chases a myriad of freshwater, saltwater, and non-native species when he isn't illustrating the art of fly fishing. He has...
60 min
225 | Fish Slime | Everything You Thought You K...
Rob set out to answer some questions about the detrimental effects of handling fish out of water. He didn't exactly find the answers he was looking for but found all sorts of other interesting information about fish 'slime'. You won't find information...
44 min
224 | Geeking Out On Bugs With Peter Stitcher |...
Rob met Peter Stitcher at the Virginia Fly Fishing Show in January 2019. Rob and Peter are both bug geeks with backgrounds in biology. They decided to set up a podcast to geek out on bugs, discuss Peter's humanitarian work, his fishing show, bucket...
74 min
223 | Alice Owsley | Fly Fishing West Yellowstone
Rob and Alice sat down at The Fly Fishing Show in Edison to record Alice's story. Alice grew up in the Midwest and was educated on the East Coast before she moved out West. Alice shares her story with ways to avoid mountain lions, how to cater trips...
61 min
222 | Wanda Taylor - Chasing Marlin On The Fly
Rob sat down with Wanda Taylor at the 2019 Fly Fishing Show in Edison NJ to listen to and share her story. Wanda Taylor has been a professional guide, fly casting instructor, and author for decades. In this episode we learn about fly fishing for...
52 min
221 | Edison Fly Fishing Show 2019
Vignettes. Live from , NJ. Rob interviews several attendees at the show from nonprofits to entrepreneurs, fly tiers, students, and travelers. Produced by
59 min
220 | Tight Line Nymphs 101 With Joe Bragg
West Virginia's Joe Bragg joins Rob on this episode to break down just exactly what is a tight line nymph. When Joe isn't putting out fires he is tying flies or fishing them. They discuss all things pepperoni rolls, how to avoid friction and drag when...
65 min
219 | 2019 Virginia Fly Fishing And Wine Festival
Rob interviews friends old and new during the Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival. Snow is in the forecast and no one seems to know how much is going to fall. Rob took a few breaks from tying and talking fishing to walk around and ask a few...
66 min
218 | The Mayfly Project
Mentoring Foster Children Through Fly Fishing
54 min
217 | Fly Fishing Guide Life In Montana With Jo...
Montana Lifestyle & Fly Fishing
83 min
216 | Christmas Island With Jonathan Kiley Of F...
Episode 216 Jonathan Kiley () recently returned from a trip to Christmas Island. Rob got called Jonathan almost as soon as he returned home. In this adrenaline filled episode we learn all about fly fishing for bonefish, trigger fish, and giant...
48 min
215 | Greg Liu | Salmon River NY Steelhead Guide
Tinder Boots
56 min
214 | Salmon River New York Steelhead 2018
Fly Fishing For Steelhead
94 min
213 | John Montana Carp
Rob interviews John Montana Carp. They discuss the development of the Hybrid Carp Fly, how to choose the best fly for your local carp, how to stealthily approach these wary fish, sight casting to sturgeon, and lots more. Produced by Freestone Media...
67 min
212 | Pumpkin Spice Fishing | Fall Turnover In ...
Episode 212. Rob talks about the changing season after a rainy summer. The sights and smells of autumn, tactics for targeting different species, preparing for fall steelhed, and more. Produced by Freestone Media.
20 min
211 | Sam Looper Visits Fairfax
Sam Looper is talented fly tier using multiple techniques to create world class flies for big fish. He was in town recently and dropped in for dinner and to tie some flies. We recorded live during his tying session. In this episode you will learn some...
98 min
210 | Fly Fishing Cape Cod Part 2
The second in a two-part series on fly fishing Cape Cod. Rob begins to understand how the physical geography of the Cape dictates water temperatures, winds, currents, and where the fish feed. A visit to the Goose Humomck, amazing potato salad, and a...
56 min
209 | Fly Fishing Cape Cod Part 1
Rob's family visited Cape Cod, Massachusetts this summer for his mother in law's 7oth birthday. This is part one of a two part travelogue documenting Rob's first time fishing the Cape and in doing he discovers there is a major learning curve to...
46 min
208 | Fly Fishing Cape Cod 101 With Anthony Lom...
Rob wanted to learn more about fly fishing up on Cape Cod where his family is vacationing this summer. Rob interviews Anthony Lombardo of Bear's Den Fly Fishing Co. In this episode we learn about the Cape's location, what to bring, seasonality of...
63 min
207 | Urban Fishing In The Buckeye State Over J...
The Snowhite's annual visit to Columbus, Ohio for the Independence Day week festivities. A road trip full of new fishing spots, bulgogi tacos, rain, craft beer discoveries, and a major lack of bourbon choices and new pants. Produced by Freestone Media
29 min
206 | Fly Fishing Virginia's Salt Marsh To Moun...
Rob interviews Capt. Chris Siess about his passion for all things fly fishing, tying, and traveling. In a single day Chris can take clients out for redfish, smallmouth bass, and brook char. Chris chooses his super power to make him a better angler and...
77 min
205 | Drew Chicone - Fly Tier, Author, & Much M...
74 min
204 | How Fish Hear + Fly Fishing Muddy Water
Episode 204. The DC Metro area has had a LOT of rain this year. Fishing has not been easy with constant floods. In this episode Rob breaks down the science behind how fish hear and how to adjust your fishing techniques to pursue fish in muddy water.
41 min
203 | Tony Friedrich | The Magnuson-Stevens Fi...
Episode 203. Rob interviews Tony Friedrich. You may know Tony as the founder of Lefty Kreh's Tie Fest. Tony discusses the health of the east coast fishery with regards to The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. We learn about the...
63 min
202 | Alex Binsted - Fishing Washington DC's Fl...
" The best fishing hole in America: Ten minutes from the White House "
61 min
201 | The 2018 Potomac River Shad Run Report
Rob discusses the lackluster 2018 shad run on the Potomac River. The peak of the run didn't materialize as is should have due to several environmental factors. There were a few days of amazing fishing but not the type of fishing experienced most...
28 min
200 | Author Langdon Cook - Pacific Salmon
Upstream: Searching for Wild Salmon, from River to Table
87 min
199 | Washington, D.C.'s Department of Energy &...
Rob interviews members of about Washington D.C.'s waters and the fish that swim through them with a focus on shad. DOEE is the leading authority on energy and environmental issues affecting the District of Columbia. Using a combination of...
70 min
198 | Spring Break Sights & Eats In Philadelphia
The Snowhite's spent a few days in Philadelphia over spring break. Rob’s wife had a list of bucket list restaurants to try. The best sandwich Rob ate might surprise you. This is not a fishing podcast. Favorite places to eat were Goldie, El Compadre,...
55 min
197 | Fly Fishing The Potomac River For Shad
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Shad And More
62 min
196 | How Clients Can Prepare For A Guided Fly ...
Rob starts off with an interview about a in Alberta, Canada. The second part of the podcast are some suggestions for clients on how to prep for a guided trip. All talking points are from real events.  Please consider donating to the Project...
38 min
195 | The Fly Fishing Show | Lancaster, PA 2018
In this episode Rob interviews exhibitors and fly tiers. Please look them up on social media. This is the last of the show season for Rob as the shad run is about to start. Shad were a hot topic at this year's show. Many thanks to the listeners that...
41 min
194 | Packing For A Variety Of Trips
Rob has his own system for packing gear. Listen as he describes how he packs differently for road trips with and with out the family, plane trips, and a variety of excursions. The propane heater is not kept on over night in the car.
55 min
193 | Brook Trout and Quarry and a Culture Of F...
Fly fishing is more than just catching fish. In this episode Rob and Matthew Lourdeau discuss all things brook trout and what inspires Matthew to write his blog . Rob's Skype is acting funny so audio is not as solid as expected. Produced by
68 min
192 | The Fly Fishing Show | Edison NJ 2018
The Largest Fly Fishing Show In The World.
83 min
S02E67 Save Our Wild Salmon With Joseph Bogaard
Rob interviews Joseph Bogaard of (SOS). They discuss damn removal, salmonid and orca conservation, and much more. SOS is a coalition of northwest and national conservation organizations, recreational and commercial fishing associations, clean energy...
73 min
S01E109 2018 Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival
Live from the 2018 Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival. Rob interviews vendors and talks about his experience at the show. Saturday was very busy with lots of listeners stopping by the booth. Many thanks to Andrew and Zach for helping out. Rob's...
39 min
S02E66 Southwest Florida With Debbie Hanson | F...
Debbie Hanson aka SheFishes2 is a fly fishing guide, educator, and blogger in Southwest Florida. Rob has a lifelong interest in fishing southern Florida and Debbie is the perfect podcast guest to talk about Southwest Florida's biodiversity, getting...
94 min
S01E108 | Behind The Scenes Of A Fly Fishing Gu...
Part 1. Rob interviews Wian van Blommestein of Ayoba-Yo about his locally made Biltong. Part 2. Rob explains what goes on behind the scenes as a fly fishing guide - prepping gear, monitoring weather, and lots more. Client's only see the tip of the...
57 min
S01E107 Quest For Steelhead Mojo | Salmon River...
Rob returns to SRNY for fall steelhead fishing. The past two Novembers have not been productive. Heavy rains the week before raised the water levels by thousands of cubic feet per second. Will the water levels effect the fishing? The biggest salmon...
77 min
S02E65 Beau Beasley | Upcoming 2018 Virginia Fl...
Rob and Beau met up in Gainesville, Va to discuss the 2018 . Beau covers what to expect at January's show. He discusses location, time, vendors, instructors, show layout and much more. Be sure to stop by Rob's booth and let him know you listen. Stock...
50 min
S02E64 | Chris Wood - Trout Unlimited
"What are you gonna do to protect trout boy?"
43 min
S01E106 | Carp Cast | Everything You Need To K...
Rob covers everything about the common carp (Cyprinus carpio) that he thinks you need to know to be a better carp angler. This is not a podcast on how to fish for carp. Rob researched carp myths, rumors, urban legends, and more to make this the most...
61 min
S01E105 | Introduction To Fly Fishing Great Lak...
Steelhead Alley 101
51 min
S01E104 | Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders 2017 Bluegi...
Rob records his techniques, methods, and thoughts on how to win the 2017 Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders Bluegill Tournament. Some live interviews on the water are followed up with the weigh in at a very confusing local bar. Produced By
42 min
S02E63 | Fly South | Nashville's Premier Fly F...
Season 2 Episode 63
59 min
S01E103 | Nashville's Culture & Cuisine
The Snowhite's spent the end of their summer in Nashville, Tn. They visit lots of local eateries, a hula hoop factory, nature preserves, and some fly shops. Rob samples Hot Chicken, BBQ, and biscuits and talks about his experiences. There was a lot of...
95 min
S02E62 Fly Skinz | Innovative Materials for Ta...
Rob is a big fan of the products AND flies coming out of the Fly Skinz lab. The best way for Rob to learn more about Jonathan Kiley's creative mind was to invite him on the podcast. For more information, please visit and follow on social...
63 min
S02E61 Andrew Reichardt | National Capital Chap...
Rob and Andrew Reichardt met up on a recent summer evening to discuss Andrew's role as the President of National Capital Chapter of Trout Unlimited (NCC-TU). Andrew discusses his goals for NCC-TU, not stocking trout in local waters, and his chapter...
95 min
S02E60 The Search For Solitude While Fly Fishin...
Richard Franklin and Rob sat down during a recent Saturday afternoon at the Jersey Shore. Richard reflects on his pursuit of solitude while fly fishing the great western streams of the US. They talk about modern polarization of optics, high end fly...
75 min
S01E102 Rob's Fly Tying Office | Tools & Materi...
Rob discusses his collection of fly tying materials, the patterns created with the materials, where he procures them, how they are 'organized', the quality and consistency he looks for, and much more. The coyote mask is in the garage as Rob's wife...
85 min
S02E59 Fly Fishing For Golden Mahseer In The Hi...
Misty and I sat down on the back patio of Whitlow's on Wilson for a conversation about fly fishing for golden mahseer in the Jungle Book aka the Himalayan Outback. For more information Produced by Jason Reif  |...
44 min
S02E58 Happy Oysters | A Day Spent At Sapidus F...
The Snowhite family spent a recent Sunday at Sapidus Farms on the Northern Neck of Virginia. We learned all about happy oysters. Mike showed us the entire process from microscopic oysters in tanks to eating size out in the Wicomico River. Worth a...
59 min
S01E101 Fly Fishing Central Ohio | July 4th Hol...
The annual trip to Columbus, Ohio for the July 4 festivities. I went on the prowl for urban carp, smallmouth bass, and more. There was loads of collusion with the Russians. Produced by Jason Reif. Sponsored by Ayoba-Yo
63 min
S02E57 Fishing Is Life | Pennsylvania's Letort ...
Misha and I sat down last week to discuss his passion for fishing, what make the Letort such an amazing fishery, Peruvian chicken, a trip to New Zealand and much more. This podcast is brought to you by . Produced by Jason Reif
102 min
S01E100 2017 Shadness Madness | Reflections On ...
My reflections and observations on this year's shad run. The run started early and was interrupted by several rain events. This is my favorite time of the year to be a fly fishing guide. Produced by FreeStone Media (the guy on the left in the pic).
51 min
S01E99 Project Healing Waters 11th Annual 2 Fly...
Thoughts and observations from a fly fishing guide at this amazing fundraiser.
41 min
S01E98 Gastronomic Travels In Montreal
The Snowhite family spent a week in Montreal. We sampled all kinds of amazing foods from fresh baguettes to candies, wines, cheeses, pate, and more. Would you get a free haircut in a parking lot? .05% fish talk in this episode. Produced by FreeStone...
112 min
S02E56 Richard Franklin | Trout Bum
I met up with Richard Franklin at the Key Bridge Marriott in Arlington, Va to hear his story. Richard has been a trout bum for years and is a wealth of information. Seriously, you will want to listen to this with no distractions. Produced by FreeStone...
125 min
S01E97 Chasing Steelhead At 40
Last week I packed my switch rod, warm clothes, a few dozen flies, and a bottle of bourbon and headed north to pursue the elusive steelhead. I wanted to catch a steelhead for my 40th birthday. Produced by FreeStone Media.
73 min
S01E96 4th Annual Fly Tying Marathon | Nationa...
Interviews from the fly tiers. The Quantico and Fort Belvoir Programs of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing hosted their 4th Annual Fly Tying Marathon in the main gallery of the National Museum of the Marine Corps on Saturday March 18, 2017 from...
51 min
S01E95 Gear For Shad Fishing | Fly Fishing For ...
Fly Fishing For Shad WithRob Snowhite
61 min
S02E55 George Daniel
Is he the MacGyver of fishing?
54 min
S02E54 Author Paul Greenberg | No Pebble Mine
34 min
S01E95 Somerset Fly Fishing Show 2017
Some interviews and observations from The Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, NJ 2017. Produced by FreeStone Media. Sponsored by Ayoba-Yo.
166 min
S01E94 Lance Egan - Fly Fishing Utah, Competati...
Lance tells us about competitive fly fishing, fly design (Rainbow Warrior), and the lack of traffic in Utah. I hope you enjoy Lance's stories. Produced by FreeStone Media. Sponsored by Ayoba-Yo.
71 min
S02E53 Chagrin River Outfitters | Fly Fishing N...
Information for steelhead fishing North East Ohio
58 min
S01E93 Last Chance For A Steelhead in 2016
Fly fishing for Ohio steelhead | Steelhead Alley
64 min
S02E52 Dirty Bill's Guide Service - Salmon Rive...
Dirty Bill and I had plenty of time to chat a few weeks back on the Salmon River as the fish weren't biting. Here is a bit of a conversation we recorded. Produced by Freestone Media
27 min
S01E92 The 2016 Salmon River New York Steelhea...
Brought To You By Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics
76 min
S01E91 My Fly Fishing Bucketlist
I have been compiling this list of places to fish and species to catch since I was four years old. Forgot to mention topwater flies for bass over lilypads.   Produced by Jason Reif.
83 min
S02E51 Choosing The Right Gear For Steelhead Fi...
I sit down with Art Noglak, fishing manager at Orvis Tysons to discuss the gear you need to safely and successfully fish for steelhead. We go over how to choose gear on a budget vs splurging for the expensive stuff. Giving this one a clean rating as...
121 min
S01E90 Trout Unlimited Talk On Fly Fishing For ...
I was invited to give a talk at on September 21, 2016. Here is the audio.
61 min
S02E50 Utah Get Me Two - Neighbor Max's Summer ...
Max fishes in Utah, Wisconsin, and Iceland
106 min
S01E89 End Of Summer In Colorado
End of 2016 summer trip to Colorado. Fishing with friends, lots of fishing, huge fish on tiny flies, craft beer, family fun. Follow Justin on IG @j_schiavone Don't stand in one spot and nymph all day!!! It doesn't matter what streamer you fish for...
147 min
S01E88 Road Trip To Michigan
My StealthCraft ATB needed some TLC and some modifications to the trailer. I drove up to Baldwin Michigan to the StealthCraft Boats HQ, met some PHWFF folks, and stopped in at The Fly Shop @ BBT.   This podcast is brought to you by   Please...
67 min
S02E49 Capt. Joe Demalderis | Delaware River 101
Joe Demalderis (Capt. Joe D) checks in from the Golden Arches. We discuss all things Delaware River. I've been waiting to get Joe on for some time. Enjoy.   Please visit Joe at @CaptJoeD on Twitter, look for him on Facebook, and on the...
60 min
S01E87 Road Trip: Big Apple --> Buckeye State
Sugar Butter Flour
69 min
S02E48 David McKenna of Douglas Outdoors & His ...
This podcast is brought to you by Douglas Outdoors   David McKenna has a passion for flats fishing, and steelhead fishing, and Jersey Shore fishing, and freshwater, etc. You get it. He is a fishy dude (you should see the flies he ties). He...
57 min
S01E86 One Liners & Common Phrases Said While G...
A compiled list of common one liners, phrases, and sayings I use on a regular basis. This podcast is brought to you by Ayoba-Yo. A Northern Virginia small business making authentic South African Biltong, Droëwors, and Boerewors.
57 min
S01E85 Project Healing Waters 10th Annual 2-Fly...
Sitting Down With WWII Veteran Lefty Kreh
60 min
S01E85 Project Healing Waters 10th Annual 2-Fly...
Keynote Speakers From Saturday Dinner
57 min
S01E85 Project Healing Waters 10th Annual 2-Fly...
103 min
S01E84 Life History Of The Smallmouth Bass
These are my consolidated notes on the smallmouth bass that I feel are pertinent to the angler. This is science, not opinion.  Lots of info here, which turns into a why you should not purposely target male smallies while they are spawning...
60 min
S0183 2016 Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival
Inside the 2016 Fly Fishing & Wine Festival. There is a 27 minute audio of me tying flies with instruction (Reaper and Gutless Frog). You may want to skip that thus I'm giving you a heads up if you listen and want to skip ahead. Its 27 min...
130 min
S01E82 Beer, Biscuits, & Bushwacking Schmunglel...
Kudos to Jason for putting this together. This was recorded on a DAT with no USB port so I used my new DAT to transfer over an AUX cable. enjoy this crazy road trip.
54 min
S02E47 Meredith McCord - Casting To Orange Floa...
From creating pottery and catching world record fish on the fly, global travel, being an Able Women and so much more. We have a lot going on in this podcast. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Meredith McCord. Part 1. We'll do a follow for...
80 min
S01E81 The Lancaster Fly Fishing Show
The Fly Fishing and Bologna Show in Lancaster
91 min
S02E46 Dr. Adams | Bonefish Tarpon Trust Initia...
We discuss current initiatives taking place at BTT
90 min
S01E80 Choosing The Right Fly For Shad
Shad fishing. The least technical, most rewarding fishing you can find.
36 min
S01E79 The Fly Fishing Show | Somerset NJ 2016
Inside the 2016 Fly Fishing Show from Somerset, Nj Its all about the Jersey Salad.
132 min
S02E45 Smoking Fish & Other Ways To Prepare FIsh
Jason Isaacs Tells Us His Favorite Methods To Prepare Fish
53 min
S02E44 Pat Cohen Is Super Fly
Fly Tying Innnovation With Pat Cohen
100 min
S02E43 Justin Schiavone Moved To Colorado
Justin Adapts To Altitude And Small Flies
78 min
S01E78 Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Expo
Three hours of western North Carolina fly fishing education
178 min
S02E42 Catching Up With Reba Brinkman
We catch up on Reba's adventures with a fly rod.
96 min
S01E77 A Novice Angler Walks Into A Fly Shop....
Back To Basics. Where to start if you have never fly fished but want to.
59 min