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Farm Traveler is a podcast for people who care about their food and the farmers who grow it. Thanks to direct-to-consumer businesses, agritourism, and social media, supporting local farmers and local food has never been easier. Here on the Farm Traveler podcast, we want to connect you with farms offering direct-to-consumer products you can order from home, agritourism sites you can visit with your family, and exciting new technology changing how our food is grown. Listen as host Trevor Williams interviews farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, and other experts in the agriculture industry, and be sure to check out for more!

126: Moomers Ice Cream - POTUS Approved!
The BEST ice cream in all of Michigan.
41 min
125: What Makes Angus Beef so Special? - Diana ...
Diana knows all things Angus Beef, why the brand was started, what makes Angus beef so good, and how our meat supply chain was impacted due to Covid
55 min
124: Canadian Chickens, Vaccines, and Free-Rang...
Peter Dyck is a self-described Chicken farmer, tractor driver, Ag fanboy.
49 min
123: Can Regenerative Farming Feed the World? -...
Our guest today is Evan Marks from The Ecology Center in California.
38 min
122: Killing Weeds with Lasers!? - Carbon Robotics
35 min
121: Quality Specialty Vegetables - Babe Farms
Quality Specialty Vegetables - Babe Farms
40 min
120: Aerofarms - Vertical Farming, Elevated Flavor
Aerofarms - Vertical Farming, Elevated Flavor
42 min
119: What makes Florida Beef so special?
Beef. Florida Beef. It's what's for dinner.
39 min
118: Launching the Farm Traveler Market Bundle ...
Honey is here!
19 min
117: Ag Aviation Adventures
32 min
116: How are farmers conserving water?
35 min
115: Are banks holding farmers back? - Mary Jo ...
56 min
114: A healthier world through better fruits an...
Only 10% of Americans eat the recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables. Pairwise wants to change that.
38 min
113: What are Microgreens? - Legacy Greens
Daniel & Jordan Miranda are the brains behind Legacy Greens, a Tallahassee-based Microgreens farm.
51 min
112: Film School to Beekeeping - Jay Williams
My guest today is Jay Williams from Williams Honey Farm in Tennessee.
53 min
111: Does Less Waste Mean Cheaper Food? - Waste...
Did you know that almost 1/3 of all food made for human consumption goes to waste?
43 min
110: Cow/Calf Veterinarian and Fairlife - Dr. M...
Dr. Marissa Hake is the Director of Animal Welfare and Sustainable Farming and Fairlife and is a former calf veterinarian.
38 min
109: (Re-Air) Making Onions Popular on TikTok -...
Shay Myers, a 3rd generation farmer, is our guest today on Farm Traveler. Maybe you've seen Shay on Instagram or even on TikTok as her creates quick but super educational videos on farming, specifically on onion production.
24 min
108: How can farmers achieve financial success?...
Covington is Senior Director of Institutional Lending at AgAmerica.
33 min
107: How to be Successful at Farmers Markets
My guest today is Megan Harris from Harris Family Farm in North Carolina.
47 min
106: Vertical Farming and Serving Communities -...
This is one very meaningful episode.
50 min
105: How do we reduce food waste? - Jess Vieira
Reducing food waste is something you can do today!
46 min
104: What makes pork so special? Featuring "Po...
Also how pork fits into the bigger picture of the Ag industry.
66 min
103: The Witty Farmer
Farmer, rancher, model, designer!
77 min
102: The Forward Farming Podcast and Wisconsin Ag
All things Wisconsin
34 min