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Food is a common language that we all share and it doesn't just magically appear in a grocery store. Join host Trevor Williams and learn about how food goes from the farm to your table. Learn about farming, ranching, direct-to-consumer businesses, tourism on farms (agritourism), and countless ag businesses and ag-tech start-ups that are shaping the agriculture industry.

135: What Can't Bees Do!? - Bee Vectoring Techn...
These bees are on a mission!
37 min
134: Army Ranger to Wagyu - KC Cattle Company
To bring in the new year, the first episode of 2022 is a great one.
34 min
133: The Final Episode of 2022 - An Update on F...
16 min
132: Celebrating Alberta's Farms and Restaurant...
Canada, a neighbor to the North is home to countless amazing farmers, ranchers, and restaurants.
57 min
131: Growing Flowers and Pumpkins - Sweet Thist...
Sarah Shoffner is with Sweet Thistle Farms, a cut flower and pumpkin farm in the Central Valley in California
40 min
130: Is the Food Supply Chain Broken? - SIMPLi
Can we fix our food supply chain? Yes, we can!
50 min
129: A TikToking and YouTubing Texas Farmer - F...
Have you ever heard of something called "Milo"? I sure haven't.
39 min
128: How Ranchers Are Thinking Outside the Box ...
How Ranchers Are Thinking Outside the Box - Herd Quitter Podcast
62 min
127: Update on the Future of Farm Traveler
Might need some shades, cause our future is BRIGHT here at Farm Traveler!!!
19 min
126: Moomers Ice Cream - POTUS Approved!
The BEST ice cream in all of Michigan.
41 min
125: What Makes Angus Beef so Special? - Diana ...
Diana knows all things Angus Beef, why the brand was started, what makes Angus beef so good, and how our meat supply chain was impacted due to Covid
55 min
124: Canadian Chickens, Vaccines, and Free-Rang...
Peter Dyck is a self-described Chicken farmer, tractor driver, Ag fanboy.
49 min
123: Can Regenerative Farming Feed the World? -...
Our guest today is Evan Marks from The Ecology Center in California.
38 min
122: Killing Weeds with Lasers!? - Carbon Robotics
35 min
121: Quality Specialty Vegetables - Babe Farms
Quality Specialty Vegetables - Babe Farms
40 min
120: Aerofarms - Vertical Farming, Elevated Flavor
Aerofarms - Vertical Farming, Elevated Flavor
42 min
119: What makes Florida Beef so special?
Beef. Florida Beef. It's what's for dinner.
39 min
118: Launching the Farm Traveler Market Bundle ...
Honey is here!
19 min
117: Ag Aviation Adventures
32 min
116: How are farmers conserving water?
35 min
115: Are banks holding farmers back? - Mary Jo ...
56 min
114: A healthier world through better fruits an...
Only 10% of Americans eat the recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables. Pairwise wants to change that.
38 min
113: What are Microgreens? - Legacy Greens
Daniel & Jordan Miranda are the brains behind Legacy Greens, a Tallahassee-based Microgreens farm.
51 min
112: Film School to Beekeeping - Jay Williams
My guest today is Jay Williams from Williams Honey Farm in Tennessee.
53 min
111: Does Less Waste Mean Cheaper Food? - Waste...
Did you know that almost 1/3 of all food made for human consumption goes to waste?
43 min
110: Cow/Calf Veterinarian and Fairlife - Dr. M...
Dr. Marissa Hake is the Director of Animal Welfare and Sustainable Farming and Fairlife and is a former calf veterinarian.
38 min
109: (Re-Air) Making Onions Popular on TikTok -...
Shay Myers, a 3rd generation farmer, is our guest today on Farm Traveler. Maybe you've seen Shay on Instagram or even on TikTok as her creates quick but super educational videos on farming, specifically on onion production.
24 min
108: How can farmers achieve financial success?...
Covington is Senior Director of Institutional Lending at AgAmerica.
33 min
107: How to be Successful at Farmers Markets
My guest today is Megan Harris from Harris Family Farm in North Carolina.
47 min
106: Vertical Farming and Serving Communities -...
This is one very meaningful episode.
50 min
105: How do we reduce food waste? - Jess Vieira
Reducing food waste is something you can do today!
46 min
104: What makes pork so special? Featuring "Po...
Also how pork fits into the bigger picture of the Ag industry.
66 min
103: The Witty Farmer
Farmer, rancher, model, designer!
77 min
102: The Forward Farming Podcast and Wisconsin Ag
All things Wisconsin
34 min
101: Helping Businesses Turn a Profit
Tera Johnson is helping businesses grow.
63 min
100: We Made it to Episode 100!
Next stop, 1000!
18 min
99: Farmer and Podcaster - Katelyn Duban
Episode 100 is almost here!
40 min
98: Ag Tech in Silicon Valley - TeleSense
Ag Tech startups are booming in the Valley!
42 min
97: Southern Craft Creamery
Southern Craft Creamery is a Marianna, FL creamery and dairy farm.
41 min
96: Let's Talk Hemp and CBD
50 min
95: Saltwater Fishing with Tom Rowland
We are talking the basics of saltwater fishing with pro angler, Tom Rowland.
54 min
94: What is an "Agrihood?"
The future of neighborhoods!
34 min
93: Investing with FarmTogether
Farmland investment made simple.
35 min
92: What Makes This Hawaiian Chocolate Special?
Volcanic soil is just one reason this chocolate is so good.
34 min
91: North Florida Beef - Boyd Fresh Farms
Fresh beef from here in Florida!
36 min
90: Honest, Sustainable Meat - The Honest Bison
Bison straight to your door!
67 min
89: Michelle Martin - Jack of All Trades
Farmer, Magazine Editor, "Farmer Who", TV Host, and a LOT more!
25 min
88: Farm Financial Planning from the Expert
Michelle Patten is a agribusiness consultant.
31 min
Farm Traveler Season 3 is HERE!
And Happy 2021!
8 min
87: The Final Episode...of 2020!
More to come in 2021!
15 min
86: Starting an Orchard AND a YouTube Channel
Farmer Dre is a jack of all trades!
26 min
85: Pesticides 101
A deep dive into pesticides and how farmers use them safely!
50 min
84: The Most Popular Farming Game - Farming Sim...
Farming Simulator has a massive e-Sports following.
39 min
83: How Artificial Intelligence is Improving Ag...
Silicon Valley meets Agriculture.
44 min
82: Improving the Farmland Renting Process with...
Renting farmland is great to new farmers or growing operations.
34 min
81: The Diversity of Southern Cuisine
And yeah, even more than fried catfish, too.
57 min
80: Behind the Scenes of a Family Orchard
Apples, Peaches, Pears, Oh MY!
34 min
79: Investing in Farmland with AcreTrader
Farmland can be super profitable for not just the farmers!
27 min
78: Milk, Cheese, and Showing Dairy Cattle
Also learning about the many misconceptions about dairy production.
35 min
My Friend, the National Champion: DJ Wayne.
Max is one of the reasons I joined FFA, back in the day!
23 min
77: Seed Salesman and Seminole Indian Reenactor
Tons of Florida Agriculture facts in this episode!
38 min
76: Working a 4th Generation Family Farm
Continuing the family tradition.
31 min
75: Advocating for Science (Rebroadcast with Dr...
Dr. Folta is an EXPERT communicator when it comes to science and agriculture.
53 min
74: What Makes A2 Milk Different Than Regular Milk
A2 milk, a new dairy milk taking shelves by storm.
26 min
73: What Makes Coffee "Fair Trade"?
Coffee, coffee, coffee!
29 min
What I've Learned From Season 2
My've been warned!
13 min
72: Showcasing the Humanity Behind Farming
Dillon Hancoop is the host of the Real People, Real Food podcast, aimed at discovering real stories of the people behind our food.
48 min
71: The Future of Buying Meat and Learning abou...
Also, we will talk about WAGYU beef!
46 min
70: Colorado Aquaponics and Supporting Student'...
Helping students with STEM skills as well as building positive mental health.
28 min
69: Why Do Cranberries Grow In a Pond?
And yes, their cranberries are with OceanSpray!
37 min
68: Onions Don't Grow On Trees?!
Shay Myers, a 3rd generation farmer, is our guest today on Farm Traveler. Maybe you've seen Shay on Instagram or even on TikTok as her creates quick but super educational videos on farming, specifically on onion production.
24 min
67: Why a Second-Generation Family Farm Switche...
In our interview today, Rogelio Ponce Jr joins us and explains the history of Sun Valley Farms, how his dad started and helped grow the business, their production methods, and much more!
44 min
Ben Hall's Latest Film, Night Into Day
16 min
66: One to Grow On Podcast - Educating Consumer...
Hallie and Chris Casey are the two hosts behind the One to Grow On Podcast where the two learn about agriculture from different perspectives.
30 min
65: Regenerative Ranching in Australia
This is a fascinating interview as we learn more about Australia agriculture, what regenerative cattle ranching looks like, and how farm tours help educate consumers.
30 min
64: How a Small Scale Farm Adapts to COVID-19 a...
Sustainable and regenerative farming practices in work in North Carolina.
23 min
4th of July AG Facts
Allie was curious about Ag facts for the 4th!
9 min
63: Lessons Learned Podcasting with Jason Medows
Former guest and podcaster Jason Medows and I talk podcasting.
43 min
62: Florida's Berry Best Berries
Did you like the dad joke? Berry best berries?
28 min
61: Crop Dusters and World Explorers
I'm still fascinated with airplanes and when I found out today's guests combine both aviation AND agriculture, I just had to have them on
31 min
My Top 5 DREAM guests.
Kimbal Musk is happening!!!
10 min
60: Are GMOs safe to eat? Science says: YES!
GMO Answers is a fantastic website that thoroughly explains the science and research behind GMOs.
37 min
Processing deer, raising ostriches, and caviar ...
This might be the best episode title yet.
12 min
59: Gene-editing to make plants tastier and hea...
Imagine one day eating Doritos, Cheetos, or your favorite chips or candy bar and being guilt-free from sugar, fat, and the other not so healthy aspects of junk food. Thanks to gene editing and food science, that future might not be too far off.
18 min
AG 101: Carbon Farming
How can farmers capture carbon?
12 min
58: Microgreens and Corner Stores
Our guest today is Mike Jackson, the founder of Kentucky Greens in Louisville, Kentucky.
30 min
57: Supplying San Francisco with Organic Produce
Earl Herrick is the founder of Earl's Organic Produce, a California based produce distributor located in San Francisco.
42 min
What I've learned about podcasting.
A lot...but there is still much to learn!
10 min
56: The Booze Traveler Talks Hemp
The host of Booze Traveler is our guest today (trying to contain excitement), Jack Maxwell!
32 min
COVID-19's Impact on the Beef Industry
On the Monday Show, I talk with Ryan Goodman, aka the Beef Runner, about COVID-19's impact on the Beef Industry.
15 min
55: The Farm Babe talks organic, food labeling,...
In our interview today, Michelle will talk to us about how her path lead her from Los Angeles to farming in Iowa and becoming one of the most popular agriculture influencers out there.
43 min
The Three Amigos talk Farm Traveler
We three best friends talk about what we've learned from the podcast and what we would like to learn about in the future of Farm Traveler!
21 min
54: YouTube's most famous farmer - Millennial F...
Zach, also known as the Millennial Farmer, will explain how he got started farming and how he is using social media to showcase what goes on at the farm.
26 min
Behind the scenes of this podcast is one great ...
8 min
53. Growing Both Organic and Conventional Crops
Can a farmer grow both conventional and organic crops? Yes, yes they can.
28 min
How YOU Can Help Farmers During COVID-19
14 min
52: Tennessee Agriculture Law
Our guest today is Matthew McClanahan, an Ag Lawyer, Advocate, and rancher from the great state of Tennessee. Matthew will tell us about his background growing up on the farm, practicing Ag Law, and advocating for agriculture with the American Farm Bureau
46 min
51: Addressing Mental Health in Agriculture
Are farmers like the rest of us and have mental health problems every now and then? You betcha, and sometimes much more often.
31 min
50: Land-Grant Colleges and Florida Ag with UF'...
In our interview today, Dr. Payne will highlight his career as head of the University of Florida's IFAS, the many land-grant colleges he has worked at, and his time spent at Ducks Unlimited. Dr. Payne will also touch base on how land-grant colleges have helped improve farming across the country and how the Florida agriculture industry manages to be one of the most diverse in the country.
43 min
49: Former National FFA Advisor Dr. Larry Case
Dr. Larry Case served as the National FFA Advisor from 1984 to 2010.
34 min