Farm Traveler

Farm Traveler is a podcast for people who want to connect with their food. Thanks to direct-to-consumer businesses, agritourism, and social media, it's now easier than ever to connect to our food and not only learn how it's made but also to support farmers and farming practices we identify with. Join host Trevor Williams and learn about how food goes from the farm to your table and the countless innovations being made in the agriculture industry.

AG 101: Carbon Farming
How can farmers capture carbon?
12 min
58: Microgreens and Corner Stores
Our guest today is Mike Jackson, the founder of Kentucky Greens in Louisville, Kentucky.
30 min
57: Supplying San Francisco with Organic Produce
Earl Herrick is the founder of Earl's Organic Produce, a California based produce distributor located in San Francisco.
42 min
What I've learned about podcasting.
A lot...but there is still much to learn!
10 min
56: The Booze Traveler Talks Hemp
The host of Booze Traveler is our guest today (trying to contain excitement), Jack Maxwell!
32 min
COVID-19's Impact on the Beef Industry
On the Monday Show, I talk with Ryan Goodman, aka the Beef Runner, about COVID-19's impact on the Beef Industry.
15 min
55: The Farm Babe talks organic, food labeling,...
In our interview today, Michelle will talk to us about how her path lead her from Los Angeles to farming in Iowa and becoming one of the most popular agriculture influencers out there.
43 min
The Three Amigos talk Farm Traveler
We three best friends talk about what we've learned from the podcast and what we would like to learn about in the future of Farm Traveler!
21 min
54: YouTube's most famous farmer - Millennial F...
Zach, also known as the Millennial Farmer, will explain how he got started farming and how he is using social media to showcase what goes on at the farm.
26 min
Behind the scenes of this podcast is one great ...
8 min
53. Growing Both Organic and Conventional Crops
Can a farmer grow both conventional and organic crops? Yes, yes they can.
28 min
How YOU Can Help Farmers During COVID-19
14 min
52: Tennessee Agriculture Law
Our guest today is Matthew McClanahan, an Ag Lawyer, Advocate, and rancher from the great state of Tennessee. Matthew will tell us about his background growing up on the farm, practicing Ag Law, and advocating for agriculture with the American Farm Bureau
46 min
51: Addressing Mental Health in Agriculture
Are farmers like the rest of us and have mental health problems every now and then? You betcha, and sometimes much more often.
31 min
50: Land-Grant Colleges and Florida Ag with UF'...
In our interview today, Dr. Payne will highlight his career as head of the University of Florida's IFAS, the many land-grant colleges he has worked at, and his time spent at Ducks Unlimited. Dr. Payne will also touch base on how land-grant colleges have helped improve farming across the country and how the Florida agriculture industry manages to be one of the most diverse in the country.
43 min
49: Former National FFA Advisor Dr. Larry Case
Dr. Larry Case served as the National FFA Advisor from 1984 to 2010.
34 min
48: The Grateful Farm Wife - Kylie Epperson
Row cropping isn't easy. Neither is pork production. Motherhood surely isn't a walk in the park either. Now imagine doing all three!
24 min
47: Drone Technology in Agriculture
Our guests today are David Plummer and Michael Ferguson from Illinois based Aerial Influence. David and Michael will both explain how drone technology has changed in recent years, the many uses of drones in the agriculture industry, and what regulations drone pilots must follow.
34 min
46: Going Once, Going Twice, SOLD to BigIron Au...
Let's talk auctions! Get ready for the auctioneer voice!
37 min
BONUS: Fireside Chats with Paul
12 min
45: Beef and Ellen Degeneres?
Amanda Radke is an Agriculture Speaker, Beef Blogger, pretty much a jack of all trades. Amanda has a background in Ag Communications, writing for BEEF Magazine, and working with beef cattle.
30 min
44: Saltwater Tomatoes in Saudi Arabia
Ryan Lefers is the co-founder of Red Sea Farms located in Saudi Arabia. Ryan will explain the process of growing plants in saltwater and what the farmer/consumer relationship is like in Saudi Arabia.
23 min
43: Making Row Crops More Sustainable with the ...
Hosted by Zach Johnson and Mitchell Hora, Field Work talks about successes, failures, and tips and tricks the row crop sector face.
43 min
42: Inspector by day, Podcaster by Night - Nate...
Our guest today is a quality assurance representative in the potato industry by day and a podcaster by night. His name is Nate and his podcast is called Everyone Has a Story.
40 min
41: How and Why Farmers Need "Off-Farm Income" ...
Our guest today is Matt Brechwald. Some of you might know him as the man behind podcasts like Off Farm Income and the new podcast, Microphone Money.
37 min
40: Getting Fit for the New Year with Emily Shaw
Emily has created a platform on motivating people to get fit and as she puts it, "Help women build confidence, feel strong & eat the foods they love."
26 min
39: Food Bullying and How to Avoid Buying B.S. ...
Did you know there is something like 200,000 misleading marketing labels at grocery stores?
51 min
38: The Science and Art of Butchery with Jake L...
Our guest today is Jake Levin. Jake travels to farms, chefs, and homesteaders and processes whole animals. Jake also does workshops to showcase his process and most recently released his book, Smokehouse Handbook.
55 min
37: Advocating for Agriculture with David Hafner
David Hafner is a farmer and rancher from Martin County, Florida. David is passionate about agriculture and advocating for agriculture in the sunshine state.
34 min
36: Butterball - A Thanksgiving Special
Today we have the pleasure of interviewing two people that work at Butterball, Rebecca Welch, the senior brand manager, as well as Wellie Jackson, a Butterball contract grower.
26 min
35: Former Director of Millennial Engagement at...
Vance Crowe has served as the Director of Millennial Engagement for Monsanto, a Communications Strategist for the World Bank Group, U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer, Communications Coordinator at NPR, and much more!
50 min
34: Bridging the Gap Between Farm and Fork - An...
Casey Kinler will explain the mission of Animal Ag Alliance, tips they give to livestock farmers, information on their Primed and Prepared Summit, and more.
35 min
33: Supplying Seeds to Small Scale Farms - John...
Blake will explain the importance of building relationships with customers, what Johnny's Selected Seeds has to offer, and much more!
33 min
32: Ranching, Farming, and Family - Ranch Wives...
JaTanna and Natalie are the brains behind Ranch Wives Beef Company.  They also have some of the hardest jobs out there, working on a ranch and being mothers.  JaTanna and Natalie will talk to us today about their life ranching in Nebraska...
31 min
31: Genetic Engineering and the Matoke Banana t...
Dr. Folta is a professor in the Horticultural Sciences Department and spends his spare time advocating for genetic engineering and bridging the gap between science and consumers.
53 min
30: Local produce delivered straight to your do...
Shuan Lee is the President and Co-Founder of Farmhouse Delivery in Austin, Texas.  Farmhouse Delivery is a food delivery service that offers a wide range produce, meats, and meal kits to their customers.  Farmhouse currently focuses their...
23 min
29: Dairy farming, Tillamook, and fighting inte...
Our guest today is Derrick Josi, but you might know him best as tdf_honest_farming on Facebook and Instagram.  Derrick is a fourth generation dairy farmer in Tillamook County, Oregon.  Derrick is super active on social media showcasing the...
29 min
28: Interviewing an Astro-Botanist and other co...
Tim Hammerich is host of the popular podcast, The Future of Agriculture.  In our interview today, Tim will tell us about his guests, his Ag background and more! 
31 min
AG 101: Hydroponics
What is hydroponics and is it the future?!
8 min
27: The Future of Urban Agriculture Across the ...
Agritecture offers consulting services for entrepreneurs, companies, and cities, including feasibility studies, and more!
35 min
26: The job of a Horticulture Extension Agent w...
Today's guest is another old friend, Daniel Leonard.  Daniel is an Extension Agent with the University of Florida.
38 min
BONUS Episode: Life as a Hollywood filmmaker wi...
Today is a bonus episode with my good friend and Hollywood director, Ben Hall.   Ben Hall is a writer, director, producer, (and countless other job titles) in Hollywood, California.  Ben has worked with film legends like Own Wilson,...
43 min
25: Teaching small scale vegetable production i...
Jared is the creator of Vegetable Academy in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
29 min
24: The Florida Timber Industry with Will Leonard
Today our guest on the podcast is an old friend, Will Leonard.  Will is a forester in North West Florida and will talk to us about what all his job encompasses, how timber is harvested and much more.  Will is also going to touch base on the...
61 min
23: The day in the life of a High School Ag Tea...
Our guest today is a friend from my time at University of Florida - Jenna Blankenbaker is a high school agriscience teacher here in Florida.  Jenna will talk to use about the day in the life of an Ag teacher, what it's like teaching a diverse...
38 min
AG 101: The Food Supply Chain
Have you ever wondered how the carrots you bought the other day traveled from the farm to your table?  Or maybe you’ve wondered how that juicy steak made its way from a ranch in Texas to the table at your favorite steak house?  Well today ...
10 min
22: Custom built vertical farms in the UK
Hello and welcome to the Farm Traveler Podcast.  With the trend of urban agriculture on the rise to help create more sustainably and locally grown produce, one company based in the United Kingdom is leaving their mark on the industry.  V-F...
18 min
21: Life and Ranching in Wyoming with Kacy Atki...
Our guest today knows a thing or two about cattle ranching in Wyoming and all that that entails.  Kacy Atkinson is a rancher, speaker, and agriculture advocate that will talk to us about her experience ranching in secluded Wyoming and what farm...
28 min
20: A Milk Vending Machine in the UK with Vine ...
Vending machines are cool, right?  You can get almost whatever kind of drink or snack you want.  Well, ever hear about a milk vending machine?!  Today our guests today are Charlotte and James from Vine Farm Dairy and have a unique mil...
30 min
19: The Basics of Hydroponics with Michael Newt...
Hope you're as excited as I am!  Today we are going to talk about all things hydroponics!  Michael Newton owns a hydroponics store in Panama City Beach, FL.  Michael will talk to us about the basics of hydroponics, how it's exploding ...
22 min
18: First Generation Cattle Ranchers with Morav...
Paul and Kendra Moravec are first generation beef cattle ranchers in Grand Bay, Alabama.  They will talk to us about their beef cattle operation, animal health, and how they are using social media to help the farmer/consumer relationship.
26 min
17: Large Scale Farming, Working with H2A Visa'...
Our guest today is part of a third generation farm in Northern Indiana.  Kassi Tom Rowland is from Tom Farms and will talk to us about their farm, the history behind it, how they deal with employment with H2A Visa's, and much more!
28 min
16: Feminism/Sexism in Ag, California Wildfires...
Today's guest is going to cover a ton of topics.  Megan Brown is a 6th generation cattle farmer in Northern California who also raises heritage pork.  Megan and the family farm also went through the Cherokee and Campfire Wildfires back in ...
22 min
15: Growing the most important part of beer, Hops!
Let's talk about beer.  Or rather one of the most important components of beer, hops!  Today our guests are a pair of cousins who started their own hop farm in Illinois.  Anthony Welty and Brian Dallam of Live Wire Hops will tell us a...
35 min
14: Joe Lamp'l - Home Gardening and "Growing a...
Our guest today is a man that knows a thing or two about gardening.  Joe Lamp'l is the creator of and the creator, producer, and host of the TV show, "Growing a Greener World".  Today, Joe will give us some of his best advi...
37 min
13: Turning a backyard into a farm.
Josh Sattin is a farmer from North Carolina that turned his backyard into a small farming operation.  Today Josh will tell us why he got into farming, what he has learned in his two seasons, and how he goes about selling his produce.
30 min
12:, Ag children's books and cookbo...
Luella Fischer Gregory is a farm mom, wife, director of, and has authored agriculture focused children's books as well as cook books.  Today, Luella will talk to use about her Ag background and how she started writing books to help ...
19 min
11: Bringing together Ag entrepreneurs to innov...
A podcast on another podcast?!  What is this?!  Today our guests are Tim and Tyler Nuss, creators and hosts of The Modern Acre Podcast.  Tim and Tyler will talk to us about what it's been like to bring together farmers and Ag entrepre...
27 min
10: The Environmental Stewardship of Farmers - ...
Cacee Hilliard is the CARES coordinator with Florida Farm Bureau.  In our episode today, Cacee will explain what the CARES program is, how it go started, and how farmers can be eligible to be recognized as part of the program designed to give h...
27 min
9: Dairy farming, "Ask a farmer not Google", an...
Our guest today is Katie Dotterer-Pyle, a Maryland Dairy Farmer.  Katie will tell us about her dairy operation, issues she and other dairy farmers face, and much more!Instagram-
20 min
8: Maryland Agriculture, Environmental Regulati...
Today on the Farm Traveler Podcast, Paul Goeringer, a Maryland Extension Agent, will walk us through Maryland Agriculture, Legal issues facing farms, as well as environmental regulations farmers must follow.  Paul will also talk to us about wha...
21 min
7: Vegetable Farming in Florida and trying to g...
Today our guest is Austin Accursio.  Austin is a vegetable farmer in Homestead, FL.  Austin is going to tell us about what all goes into growing vegetables, his experience with growing organic, and some issues he as seen in the Ag industry...
24 min
6: Texas Agriculture and the Booming Olive Indu...
Today's guest is Stephen Janak, a Texas A&M Extension Program Specialist in Colorado County.  Stephen will tell us about his experience with the Texas Ag industry as well as the booming Olive industry in the Lone Star state.
20 min
5: Honey Production in Florida and Benefits of ...
Ever wonder if honey can actually spoil or what exactly goes into honey production?  Today our guest is Joseph Register of Register Bee Farm in Freeport, FL.  Today, Joseph will talk us through the honey production process, how and why bee...
17 min
4: Teaching the Next Generation of Ag Teachers ...
If you’ve ever had an Ag class, you can probably recall how much fun it was and all the fantastic knowledge you gained in that class.  Or maybe you never took an Ag class but remember seeing those Ag students out working with plants or animals,...
23 min
3: Peanut Production and Starting a Beef Cattle...
Every wondered how peanuts go from the shell to the creamy peanut butter in your PB&J?  Our guest today, Emmanuel Bankston, works in the peanut industry in Alabama.  Emmanuel will talk to us about his start in the agriculture industry,...
22 min
2: Fighting Misconceptions, Benefits of Agrotou...
If you’ve ever wondered what some major misconceptions consumers have of agriculture, or rural Ag community struggles, our guest today works with the University of Florida to find out just that.  Our guest is Ashley McLeod Morin who is the comm...
23 min
1: Dairy Farming, Cheese Production, and Robot ...
Our first guest is Mary Lyndal Harrison the marketing director for Sweetwater Valley Farms in Philadelphia, TN.  Sweetwater Valley Farms is a dairy farm that makes their own cheese and uses robotic milking techniques.  Today, Mary will wal...
17 min
Intro for the Farm Traveler Podcast
The intro episode to the Farm Traveler Podcast.  We've got two goals for this podcast: 1: Inform consumers on how their food is made.  2: Provide a resources for farmers to share their stories.If you or someone you know w...
4 min