Space the Floor NBA Podcast

NBA-heads Connor Flannery and Conor Geelan discuss everything new on the hardwood, from the latest trades and signings to the hottest takes and biggest stars. Space the Floor should leave both casual and hardcore NBA fans alike with a greater knowledge of the league - and two extra opinions in mind.

Western Conference Power Rankings
Ep. 38 - Connor and Conor rank the Western Conference NBA teams by their regular season win predictions.
57 min
Eastern Conference Power Rankings
Ep. 37 - Connor and Conor share their personal power rankings lists for the Eastern Conference teams heading into the 2019-2020 season.
47 min
Why the Rockets Will Not Win with Russell Westb...
Bonus Ep. - In this short solo episode, Connor Flannery breaks down Russell Westbrook's fit in the Rockets system without Conor Geelan.
9 min
NBA Finals Recap
Ep. 36 - The Raptors are the 2019 NBA Champions! Connor and Conor revisit their series predictions and discuss the memorable moments from each of the games.
65 min
NBA Finals Predictions and Conference Finals Recap
Ep. 35 - The NBA Finals are just one day away! In this episode, we predict the outcome of each game, focus in on Draymond Green and Kevin Durant, and recap the incredible conference finals comeback by the Toronto Raptors
46 min
NBA Draft Lottery and the Conference Finals
Ep. 34 - As we catch up on the last two weeks of basketball, we discuss whether the NBA Draft Lottery be abolished, whether the Warriors are harder to guard without Kevin Durant, and if Kawhi Leonard is good enough to dig the Raptors out of the 2-0 hole they're in.
38 min
Recapping Games 1-3 of the 2nd Round
Ep. 33 - Roughly half way through the 2nd Round of the 2019 NBA Playoffs, we recap the most exciting moments and key points from what we have seen so far.
38 min
2nd Round Playoffs Preview
Ep. 32 - As all of the 1st round series come to a close, we recap those matchups and discuss what is to come in the 2nd round.
42 min
First Round Playoff Predictions and Lakers' Fro...
Ep. 31 - Before the first round playoff series start later today, Connor and Conor make their predictions on who will win each series, how many games it will take, and what some of the X-factors will be. Also in this episode, we break down Magic Johnson's decision to quit and both Luke Walton and David Joerger being fired.
36 min
Is LeBron Still the Best Player in the World, a...
Ep. 30 - At some point, a new player will have to take LeBron's place as the best basketball player in the wold. We discuss when that will happen and who will be the one to succeed the King. We also begin to think about the potential moves for the Knicks this offseason in free agency and the draft.
30 min
Jimmer's NBA Return, Nurkic's Injury, and the B...
Ep. 29 - Why Jimmer Fredette's NBA return will fail, what Jusuf Nurkic's injury means for the Trailblazers, and the truth about the Big Baller Brand scandal.
23 min
Kyrie Irving vs. Russell Westbrook: Who's Better?
Ep. 28 - Connor and Conor disagree on who's the second best point guard in the NBA, so they make the arguments for both Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook. Later, they make similar arguments for Khris Middleton and Jimmy Butler.
33 min
Who Are the NBA's Real Championship Contenders?
Ep. 27 - As the playoffs approach, we discuss who will be the real contenders for the NBA championship, and who will flop on the big stage.
41 min
Why the Lakers and Celtics Are Disappointing
Ep. 26 - We argue why the Lakers and Celtics are struggling to meet expectations and whether the one-and-done rule is justified.
41 min
Who Will Win the NBA MVP?
Ep. 25 - Connor and Conor argue over who deserves the 2019 NBA MVP Award: Giannis Antetokounmpo or James Harden.
41 min
Winners and Losers of the NBA Trade Deadline
Ep. 24 - Connor and Conor argue which NBA teams were the biggest winners and losers of the blockbuster trades at this season's deadline
36 min
Kristaps Porzingis and Anthony Davis Blockbusters?
Ep. 23 - Connor and Conor recap the blockbuster trade that sent Kristaps Porzingis to Dallas and the potential for a similar move involving Anthony Davis.
37 min
Trade Deadline and Injury Updates
Ep. 22 - Connor and Conor talk about which teams will be buying and selling at the upcoming trade deadline and Victor Oladipo's injury.
41 min
Trades That Could Happen This Season
Ep. 21 - Connor and Conor break down NBA trades that could happen before this season's deadline and debate the Westbrook-Embiid situation.
43 min
NBA All-Star Voting
Ep. 20 - Connor and Conor react to the second returns of the NBA All-Star voting and give ballots of their own.
40 min
First Episode of 2019
Ep. 19 - Connor and Conor tackle the lakers without LeBron, the Warriors struggles, Harden's recent streak, the Thunder's success, Kawhi's return to San Antonio, and Luka's new nickname.
37 min
Tight Playoff Race Updates
Ep. 18 - Connor and Conor break down the current playoff picture, especially the highly competitive Western Conference, and how could change before the end of the season.
35 min
Trevor Ariza Trade and Bulls Disaster
Ep. 17 - Connor and Conor break down both the failed and successful trades for Trevor Ariza and the Bulls in disaray.
35 min
The Top 10 Players Under 25 Years Old
Ep. 16 - Connor and Conor debate and discuss their rankings of the best player in the NBA under 25 years of age.
33 min
Award Race Updates and the Kyle Korver Trade
Ep.15 - Connor and Conor talk about the leading candidates for the major awards this season and the recent trade that included Kyle Korver.
31 min