Space the Floor NBA Podcast

NBA-heads Connor Flannery and Conor Geelan discuss everything new on the hardwood, from the latest trades and signings to the hottest takes and biggest stars. Space the Floor should leave both casual and hardcore NBA fans alike with a greater knowledge of the league - and two extra opinions in mind.

Miles Lester on the Houston Cougars' Season and...
Ep. 112 - In this episode, special guest and 94 Feet Hoops partner Miles Lester tells Connor about his experience this season filling many different roles with the Houston Cougars Men's Basketball team. From playing on the scout team to working in the video room, Miles has gotten incredible first hand experience with what makes the college team in the country go.
33 min
NBA Trade Deadline Recap
Ep. 111 — It's 24 hours since the NBA trade deadline, but Connor and Conor still have a lot to process. From Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving both being traded out of Brooklyn to second-round picks being passed around so fast that Twitter can't keep up, it was a great week to be an NBA fan.
53 min
Isaiah Mucius on the G League, Family, and Insp...
Ep. 110 - Isaiah Mucius shares some of the highlights of his young career on the Capital City Go Go of the NBA League with Connor Flannery and Blake Buchanan in a wholesome conversation about inspiration and family.
28 min
Ian DuBose on Playing Overseas and Life Balance
Ep. 109 - Ian DuBose is currently playing basketball professionally in Denmark, and in this episode Connor and Conor explore what he has learned so far in his career, plus what he hopes is next.
38 min
Top 2022-2023 Storyline for Every NBA Team
Ep. 108 - With the 2022-2023 NBA Season Opener tomorrow, Connor and Conor give their favorite rapid fire storylines for every team.
62 min
Dallas Walton on Playing in Romania, Through In...
Ep. 107 - Dallas Walton is playing professional basketball overseas in Romania, but Connor and Conor want to know what has his basketball career looked like up to this point, and what are his passions off the court?
43 min
Olivier Sarr on France, Food, the Outdoors, and...
Ep. 106 - Olivier Sarr just signed an exhibit 10 contract with the Portland Trailblazers, but Connor and Conor want to know he got here, why he plays, and how he spends his time off the court.
45 min
Jay Huff on Durham, Faith, Art, and Basketball
Ep. 105 - Jay Huff is a 2019 NCAA champion with the University of Virginia Cavaliers, and he's currently on an exhibit 10 contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. In this episode he shares not only his experiences throughout his basketball career, but also the role of Christianity in his life, his favorite memories from growing up in Durham, and his wife Lindsay's artwork.
60 min
A 94 Feet Hoops Podcast
Ep. 104 - In this revival of Space the Floor NBA Podcast, Connor and Conor make the big announcement that they will be joining the 94 Feet Hoops team. This basketball content brand will open new doors that make STF content better than ever.
30 min
We Love the NBA Trade Deadline
Ep. 103 - The 2022 NBA trade deadline was an eventful one, and recapping all the blockbuster moves sent Connor and Conor down a rabbit hole of team-building philosophies that neither of them expected.
62 min
2022 NBA All-Star Draft
Ep. 102 - With the All-Star starters and reserves both being officially announced, Connor and Conor face off in a draft to see who can create the winning the roster.
68 min
Omicron Doesn't Stop Trade Rumors
Ep. 101 - It feels like half of the league is in health and safety protocols and games are being postponed daily, but that doesn't stop Connor and Conor from talking trade rumors involving Ben Simmons, De'Aaron Fox, and Domantas Sabonis.
51 min
Episode 100: Business As Usual
Ep. 100 - The milestone reached this episode is unique, but it's otherwise business as usual. Connor and Conor catch up on some of the most interesting teams nearly a quarter of the way into the season with some humorous tangents and exchanges interspersed throughout.
58 min
The NBA Season Has Already Been Surprising
Ep. 99 - From the worst shooting start to a season in almost 20 years to the Miami Heat sitting at the top of seemingly every advanced statistic category, the 2021-2022 NBA season has been full of surprises through the couple of weeks.
56 min
Our Predictions for the 2021-2022 NBA Season
Ep. 98 - From MVP picks to breakout players to end of season standings to Conference champions, Connor and Conor give their most important predictions for the 2021-2022 NBA season.
53 min
Next Season Goals for Every NBA Team
Ep. 97 - Connor and Conor set goals for every team in the NBA, ranging from trade this star to win that round, as the 2021-2022 season approaches.
63 min
Every Major Move From the First 24 Hours of Fre...
Ep. 96 - We're just about 24 hours into the NBA's 2021 free agency period. Despite this class not being the most loaded we have seen, there have been plenty of exciting moves that are worthy of a break down.
53 min
NBA Offseason Preview
Ep. 95 - One trade has already gone down, and the NBA Draft is tomorrow night. The 2021 NBA Offseason is just getting started, so Connor and Conor weigh in on all the latest rumors and give some predictions for how the rest of the summer will play out.
66 min
The NBA Finals Is Tied After 4 Games
Ep. 94 - Suns' and Bucks' stars alike have shined, come up short, and even done a mix of the two, but the NBA Finals are tied through 4 games. Connor and Conor give predictions for the rest of the series, analyze what has worked so far, and talk about what adjustments need to be made moving forward.
45 min
Are Ben Simmons and Zion Williamson Going to Be...
Ep. 93 - Following the Philadelphia 76ers' disappointing 2nd round loss to the Atlanta Hawks and rumors that the family of the Pelicans's young star are unhappy with situation in New Orleans, Connor and Conor discuss the likelihood of Ben Simmons and Zion Williamson trades in the near future.
41 min
Interview with Author Jake Fischer on Tanking i...
Ep. 92 - NBA author Jake Fischer joins Connor and Conor to talk about his new book—"Built to Lose: How the NBA's Tanking Era Has Changed the League Forever"— and how tanking became the go-to way for small market teams to build a championship contender.
40 min
2nd Round Playoffs Predictions
Ep. 91 - The 2nd round of the NBA Playoffs is underway, so Connor and Conor analyze each of the 8 remaining teams and give predictions for every series.
36 min
Being a Knicks Fan Right Now
Ep. 90 - After the New York Knicks' thrilling victory in Game 2 over Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks, Connor and Conor celebrated outside MSG with thousands of fellow fans. What was it like for Connor Flannery to watch the first Knicks Playoffs game since 2013 live at MSG? What was it like for Conor Geelan to lead Taj Gibson chants? How did the co-hosts accidentally go viral? What are the keys to the rest of the series?
26 min
Round 1 Playoffs Predictions
Ep. 89 - The NBA Playoffs start in just a few days, so Connor and Conor give their predictions for the winners of every first round series and in how many games.
53 min
2021 Award Show
Ep. 88 - The 2020-2021 NBA season is coming to an end, so it's time for the annual Space the Floor NBA Podcast Award Show where Connor and Conor list their picks for all of the league's regular season awards.
62 min