Space the Floor NBA Podcast

NBA-heads Connor Flannery and Conor Geelan discuss everything new on the hardwood, from the latest trades and signings to the hottest takes and biggest stars. Space the Floor should leave both casual and hardcore NBA fans alike with a greater knowledge of the league - and two extra opinions in mind.

All-Decade Teams and Awards
Ep. 62 - Reacting to Bleacher Report's all-decade award list and creating our own all-decade teams.
67 min
Reacting to "The Last Dance" Episodes 9 + 10
Ep. 61 - After the final two episodes of "The Last Dance," Connor and Conor recap the last week's content and reflect on the docuseries as a whole.
53 min
Reacting to "The Last Dance" Episodes 7 + 8
Ep. 60 - Episodes 7 + 8 of "The Last Dance" covered Michael Jordan's first retirement, brief stint in professional baseball, the death of his father, and his image as a "nice guy." Connor and Conor are here to recap it all.
49 min
Reacting to "The Last Dance" Episodes 5 + 6
Ep. 59 - Episodes 5 + 6 of "The Last Dance" gave Connor and Conor lots to talk about, including the Dream Team, a gambling addiction, dealing with fame, Kobe Bryant, and Charles Barkley.
58 min
Reacting to "The Last Dance" Episodes 3 + 4
Ep. 58 - Covering the "Bad Boys" Pistons, Phil Jackson, and Dennis Rodman, Episodes 3 + 4 of "The Last Dance" gave Connor and Conor lots to recap.
44 min
Reacting to "The Last Dance" Episodes 1 + 2
Ep. 57 - Coming from a generation that wasn't alive for Jordan's "Last Dance," Connor and Conor react to his documentary with a unique point of view.
47 min
Can the NBA G League Be Profitable?
Ep. 56 - With 5 star prospects Jalen Green and Isaiah Todd committing to play in the NBA G League instead of the NCAA next season, Conor makes the case to Connor that the NBA can make huge profits off of its G League.
32 min
The End of the GarPax Era for the Chicago Bulls
Ep. 55 - With John Paxson and Gar Forman being pushed out of their positions as executives for the Chicago Bulls, Connor and Conor review the most important decisions of their era and look forward to the future of the franchise.
75 min
Building the Perfect Team of Role Players Aroun...
Ep. 54 - Connor and Conor choose 4 role players that would be a perfect starting lineup around some of their favorite NBA stars.
68 min
Grading NBA Teams' Seasons and the Hiatus
Ep. 53 - In the midst of the NBA's hiatus, Connor and Conor grade NBA teams' seasons on an A-F scale.
74 min
Start, Bench, Cut Game and Nets fired Kenny Atk...
Ep. 52 - Given three players of similar positions and talent, Connor and Conor have to decide which they would start, bench, and cut. Additionally, they give input on the Nets' decision to fire head coach Kennny Atkinson.
54 min
Is Jayson Tatum Really This Good?
Ep. 51 - The Bucks have already cliched a Playoffs berth, Jayson Tatum is on a tear in his past 10 games, the Jazz are losing momentum, and the 76ers might have to make big roster changes this offseason. Connor and Conor have plenty to discuss in this episode.
69 min
Reacting to the 2020 NBA Trade Deadline
Ep. 50 - After a thrilling finish to this year's NBA trade season, Connor and Conor give input on all of the biggest moves.
85 min
NBA All-Star Draft: Team LeBron vs. Team Giannis
Ep. 49 - After a brief testimony to what Kobe meant, Connor and Conor draft NBA All-Star squads as if they were the team captains.
53 min
Who should be the 2020 NBA All-Star Reserves?
Ep. 48 - The 2020 NBA All-Star Starters have already been announced, but Connor and Conor argue which players deserve to come off the bench in the game during this episode.
54 min
New Years' Resolutions for Every NBA Team
Bonus Ep. - In this short solo episode, Connor Flannery gives all 30 NBA teams goals and advice for 2020..
15 min
Should the Knicks Have Fired David Fizdale?
Ep. 47 - Knicks fans Conor and Conor discuss whether it was smart for the Knicks to fire head coach David Fizdale, and the success that has led to Carmelo Anthony's recent contract extension.
46 min
Luka-Mania, Big Season Changes, and Celtics' In...
Ep. 46 - As Luka lights the world on fire in just in his 2nd year, we discuss how far his incredible skills, vision, and knowledge will take him. Additionally, Adrian Wojnarowski's recent announcement about potential tweaks to the NBA schedule and Kemba Walker's terrifying injury are hot topics at our desk.
53 min
Carmelo Anthony Signs with the Portland Trailbl...
Ep. 45 - Carmelo Anthony is finally about to make his return to the league with the Portland Trailblazers, and load management is the center of a heated debate in the media right now.
47 min
Pleasant Surprises and Red Flags from the NBA S...
Ep. 44 - Every team has played 8-10 games so far in the 2019-2020 NBA Season, so spend this episode discussing which players, coaches, and whole rosters have been exceeding expectations, and which ones have been disappointing.8
52 min
What Will Steph Curry's Injury Show Us About th...
Ep. 43 - After a rough start to the 2019-2020 season and the announcement that Stephen Curry will miss 3 months with a hand injury, this episode is a discussion of what a season on the lottery will show us about the Warriors of the present, future, and past.
55 min
Conor Geelan's "Biological (NBA) Fathers"
Ep. 42 - Conor Geelan has a growing list of favorite NBA players that he calls his "biological fathers." In this episode, Connor Flannery makes Conor Geelan break down his criteria, definition, and full list of "biological fathers"
50 min
The NBA vs. China: Freedom of Speech
Ep. 41 - We break down the current situation between the NBA and China after Daryl Morey's tweet, Ben Simmons' first career 3-pointer, and what the new height listing changes means for NBA players.
37 min
2020 NBA Award Predictions
Ep. 40 - Predicting who will be taking home the hardware of the 5 major regular season awards is always one of the most difficult decisions NBA fans have to make in the weeks leading up to a new year of basketball. In this episode, Connor and Conor list their projected finalists for the MVP, MIP, rookie, 6th man, coach, and defensive player of the year.
97 min
Top 10 Centers in the NBA
Ep. 39 - The NBA's center position is loaded with talented, so the ranking and order of each player on Connor and Conor's top 10 lists are controversial.
72 min