Space the Floor NBA Podcast

NBA-heads Connor Flannery and Conor Geelan discuss everything new on the hardwood, from the latest trades and signings to the hottest takes and biggest stars. Space the Floor should leave both casual and hardcore NBA fans alike with a greater knowledge of the league - and two extra opinions in mind.

NBA Stats You Should Know
Ep. 87 - LeBron James Is Back from injury, Jayson Tatum dropped 60, and the Suns beat the Jazz, but Connor and Conor focus mostly on listing random NBA stats and facts that fans should be aware of.
40 min
Who Will Be the Top 15 NBA Players in 5 Years?
Ep. 86 - After briefly hitting on the Knicks' 9-game winning streak, Connor and Conor predict who the top 15 players in the NBA will be 5 years from now.
60 min
The NBA MVP Race Is Heating UP
Ep. 85 - With Joel Embiid back from injury, the chase to beat Nikola Jokic in the NBA MVP race just got a lot more interesting. Plus, Connor and Conor talk about whether the Jazz, Suns, and other top teams are legitimate contenders this season.
46 min
NBA Trade Deadline Rumors and Moves
Ep. 84 - The NBA Trade Deadline is only a few days away, so Connor and Conor analyze the moves that have already happened and rumors that are circulating.
55 min
All-Star Voting Needs to Be Fixed
Ep. 83 - The 2021 All-Stars have been announced, and Connor and Conor are upset with the inconsistent criteria for those selected. Connor and Conor also catch up on the imbalance between the two conferences and the debate about how politically active NBA players should be.
36 min
How Are These Teams the 1 Seeds?
Ep. 82 - The 76ers and Jazz surprisingly sit atop their respective conferences. Connor and Conor discuss what's making them so dominant, the debut of the Nets' new big 3, trade rumors, and more.
54 min
The James Harden Trade
Ep. 81 - James Harden has been traded to the Brooklyn Nets!! Connor and Conor break down who wins and the effects.
38 min
Overreacting to the NBA Season So Far
Ep. 80 - After the first two weeks of the 2020-2021 NBA season, Connor and Conor react to fan-submitted overreactions.
36 min
2021 NBA Award Predictions
Ep. 79 - Connor and Conor give their predictions for all of the 2020-2021 NBA Awards. Who will win Most Valuable Player, Defensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, 6th Man of the Year, Most Improved Player, Coach of the Year, and Executive of the Year?
53 min
Western Conference Power Rankings for 2020-2021
Ep. 78 - Connor and Conor predict the Eastern Conference standings for the 2020-2021 NBA season.
35 min
Russell Westbrook for John Wall Trade
Ep. 77 - The Rockets traded Russell Westbrook to the Wizards in exchange for John Wall. Connor and Conor discuss what may be the biggest trade of this offseason.
24 min
Eastern Conference Power Rankings for 2020-2021
Ep. 76 - Connor and Conor predict the Eastern Conference standings for the 2020-2021 NBA season.
39 min
Every NBA Offseason Trade So Far
Ep. 75 - With Jrue Holiday, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Chris Paul, Dennis Schroeder, and Robert Covington all on the move, Connor and Conor are ready to analyze every move of the NBA offseason so far.
38 min
NBA Offseason Preview
Ep. 74 - The NBA Draft, Free Agency, and Trade Period are all coming up soon, so Connor and Conor cover the rumors about each.
50 min
Daryl Morey to the 76ers
Ep. 73 - The 76ers hire Daryl Morey as their president of basketball operations, the Rockets hire Stephen Silas as their head coach, and the NBA has a new plan for the 2020-2021 season schedule. Connor and Conor cover it all.
34 min
Daryl Morey Left the Rockets
Ep. 72 - Darly Morey decided to leave his position as the GM of the Houston Rockets, the Lakers are poised to repeat, and the 76ers and Clippers both have new coaches. Connor and Conor catch up on all of it.
39 min
Can the Heat Really Come Back?
Ep. 71 - The Heat one Game 5 last night, but can they win the next 2 against LeBron James and the Lakers? Connor and Conor are here to recap the Finals so far and make predictions for the result.
30 min
Conference Finals, Clippers Blow a 3-1 Lead
Ep. 70 - Connor and Conor cover everything that has happened I the Playoffs since their last episode and look forward to the remaining games.
40 min
Catching Up On the NBA Playoffs
Ep. 69 - It's been almost a month since their last episode, so Connor and Conor have lots of Playoffs basketball and news to talk about .
57 min
First Round Playoffs Predictions
Ep. 68 - The Playoffs start tomorrow, so Connor and Conor are here to predict who will win each first round series, in how many games, and why.
34 min
Bubble Recap
Ep. 67 - The 8 seeding games of the Bubble are over, so Connor and Conor are here to recap the best moments and news.
56 min
2020 NBA Award Show
Ep. 66 - Connor and Conor announce their picks for all of this regular season's NBA Awards.
36 min
X-Factors for Every NBA Bubble Team
Ep. 65 - Ahead of the NBA restart, Connor and Conor list X-factors for all 22 teams that will be playing in the bubble.
68 min
NBA "Would You Rather?"
Ep. 64 - Connor and Conor answer "would you rather?" questions about the NBA that were submitted by friends and fans.
61 min
The NBA Is Coming Back Soon!
Ep. 63 - The NBA has recently announced its plan to finish the 2019-2020 season, so in this episode Connor and Conor talk about the effects of the new format
41 min