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H&R Basketball: Rutgers the Sequel Much Improved
Andrew and Casey are back to tell you how much better the second Purdue vs. Rutgers game was.
41 min
H&R Basketball: Rutgers the Horror Villain Sequel
There's nothing scarier in the Big Ten right now than the horror movie villain Rutgers. Fresh off their stomping of Illinois, Purdue will play host attempting to avenge their early season loss.
43 min
H&R Basketball: Give 'em a Break, Boilermakers
Andrew and Casey are back to talk about games that should be burned and never talked about. One bad loss, one bad win, we've got all your Michigan and Maryland talk.
38 min
H&R Basketball: You Can't Spell Illinois W/out ...
Andrew and Casey aren't working as hard as Purdue will have to this week, but they are celebrating and previewing all the games.
41 min
#4 Purdue held on against the Wolverines and now stare down a potential top-10 match up against Illinois.
42 min
H&R Basketball: The Golden Gopher Saw Its Shadow
Andrew and Casey discuss the road win at Minnesota and then preview the Michigan game on Saturday.
44 min
H&R Recap: #6 Purdue and the Last Second Route
Andrew and Casey have two wins and a trip to Minnesota to talk about for Monday.
54 min
H&R Preview: Going to Iowa
Andrew and Casey set the stage for the Big Ten Standings and then preview Purdue's upcoming road trip to Iowa.
38 min
H&R Recap: Assembly Fall and Wild Cats
Andrew and Casey have two games to recap, a disappointing rivalry loss and a comforting home win against Northwestern.
42 min
H&R Rivalry Week: Big Man U and IU Sucks
Andrew and Casey recap the big Illinois win and the upcoming rivalry game with that school from down south.
56 min
H&R Preview: Big Meaty Men Big Meaty Big Ten
Purdue women nearly pull off the upset against IU, Purdue treated Nebraska like Nebraska, and we've got a big meaty nooner for Monday.
31 min
H&R Preview: Nebraskatball Comes to Mackey
Andrew and Casey talk about the Friday game and the release of the 2022 Purdue football schedule.
27 min
H&R Recap: #3 Purdue and their trip to Winn State
Andrew and Casey discuss some football coaching news, some women's basketball winning, and Purdue's first road victory of the season.
38 min
H&R Recap: Badger Badger Badger, Boooooooooo
The Badgers hit Purdue with another upset, and Purdue has to face a former coach.
39 min
H&R Preview: Tennessee Fans=Waffle House Corporate
We welcome in the new year by catching up with the last one.
48 min
H&R Preview: Nashville Music City Bowl
The Boilers and Volunteers will go at it in the land of Karaoke and country.
16 min
H&R Recap: Happy Holidays and Boiler Up to Sain...
Andrew and Casey give the good word about Incarnate before looking ahead to next weeks lone basketball game against Nicholls.
24 min
H&R Recap: #3 Purdue Vanquishes the Crossroads ...
Andrew and Casey are gearing up for the holidays with another Purdue win to talk about.
34 min
H&R Preview: NLI and the Crossroads Classic
Andrew and Casey touch on Coach Brohm's big signing day and then break down all you need to know about #3 Purdue vs Butler in the Crossroads Classic.
33 min
H&R Recap: Heavy is the Crown, Not For Long #1 ...
Andrew and Casey reminisce about the good ole days of being the best team in the country. Then they breakdown the reality of Purdue's loss against Rutgers and their come from behind win against NC State.
56 min
H&R Preview: Purdue is still #1 and Rutgers Sti...
Andrew and Casey take a look over Purdue's remaining basketball schedule after discussing Bell and Karlaftis's decision to go pro, and afterwards, they look at the Rutgers game..
37 min
H&R Recap: Hot Off the Press - Purdue Basketbal...
Another big weekend for Purdue sports: a volleyball win, a bowl game declaration, and Purdue takes the mantle of best team in college basketball.
42 min
H&R Preview: We Told You Purdue was #1 and All ...
Andrew and Casey talk about all the nifty football hardware and B10 honors handed out by media and coaches, break some Notre Dame football news, and make fun of Brian Kelly before looking forward to Purdue Basketball's game against Iowa and previewing the game.
45 min
H&R Recap: Old Oaken Bucket Comes Home
Andrew and Casey yell about buckets and IU beatdowns, AOC's incredible season, and what Brohm might have coming back next season before breaking down Purdue's upcoming basketball game against Florida St.
37 min
H&R Preview: Happy Thanksgiving and IU Sucks
Andrew and Casey talk about Thanksgiving food, Purdue basketball, and the Purdue-IU rivalry football.
34 min