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H&R Preview: Big Meaty Men Big Meaty Big Ten
Purdue women nearly pull off the upset against IU, Purdue treated Nebraska like Nebraska, and we've got a big meaty nooner for Monday.
31 min
H&R Preview: Nebraskatball Comes to Mackey
Andrew and Casey talk about the Friday game and the release of the 2022 Purdue football schedule.
27 min
H&R Recap: #3 Purdue and their trip to Winn State
Andrew and Casey discuss some football coaching news, some women's basketball winning, and Purdue's first road victory of the season.
38 min
H&R Recap: Badger Badger Badger, Boooooooooo
The Badgers hit Purdue with another upset, and Purdue has to face a former coach.
39 min
H&R Preview: Tennessee Fans=Waffle House Corporate
We welcome in the new year by catching up with the last one.
48 min
H&R Preview: Nashville Music City Bowl
The Boilers and Volunteers will go at it in the land of Karaoke and country.
16 min
H&R Recap: Happy Holidays and Boiler Up to Sain...
Andrew and Casey give the good word about Incarnate before looking ahead to next weeks lone basketball game against Nicholls.
24 min
H&R Recap: #3 Purdue Vanquishes the Crossroads ...
Andrew and Casey are gearing up for the holidays with another Purdue win to talk about.
34 min
H&R Preview: NLI and the Crossroads Classic
Andrew and Casey touch on Coach Brohm's big signing day and then break down all you need to know about #3 Purdue vs Butler in the Crossroads Classic.
33 min
H&R Recap: Heavy is the Crown, Not For Long #1 ...
Andrew and Casey reminisce about the good ole days of being the best team in the country. Then they breakdown the reality of Purdue's loss against Rutgers and their come from behind win against NC State.
56 min
H&R Preview: Purdue is still #1 and Rutgers Sti...
Andrew and Casey take a look over Purdue's remaining basketball schedule after discussing Bell and Karlaftis's decision to go pro, and afterwards, they look at the Rutgers game..
37 min
H&R Recap: Hot Off the Press - Purdue Basketbal...
Another big weekend for Purdue sports: a volleyball win, a bowl game declaration, and Purdue takes the mantle of best team in college basketball.
42 min
H&R Preview: We Told You Purdue was #1 and All ...
Andrew and Casey talk about all the nifty football hardware and B10 honors handed out by media and coaches, break some Notre Dame football news, and make fun of Brian Kelly before looking forward to Purdue Basketball's game against Iowa and previewing the game.
45 min
H&R Recap: Old Oaken Bucket Comes Home
Andrew and Casey yell about buckets and IU beatdowns, AOC's incredible season, and what Brohm might have coming back next season before breaking down Purdue's upcoming basketball game against Florida St.
37 min
H&R Preview: Happy Thanksgiving and IU Sucks
Andrew and Casey talk about Thanksgiving food, Purdue basketball, and the Purdue-IU rivalry football.
34 min
H&R Recap: Tip-Off Champions and Wrigley Winners
Purdue's basketball and football had a big weekend with big wins.
52 min
H&R Predictions: Purdue vs. Northwestern - Wrig...
The boys get back together to talk about all the basketball fun ahead and Purdue's Wrigley field showdown.
39 min
H&R Recap: Ohio St. Spoils the Spoilers
The boys are back to talk about all the success around Purdue athletics right now, and then they get to talk about the Ohio. St. Purdue game.
43 min
H&R Predictions: Purdue vs. Ohio State - Spoile...
Andrew and Casey have a lot to talk about: Purdue basketball, Purdue upsets, and a looming Buckeye battle.
44 min
H&R Recap: Spoilermakers, #3 Michigan St.
Casey is left alone in his studio and he needs to get something off his chest about Purdue football which is celebrating a second top 5 upset.
6 min
H&R Prediction Pod: Purdue vs. #3 Michigan State
Andrew and Casey talk halloween candy, Purdue basketball exhibition, and Purdue vs. Michigan St. and give their predictions.
33 min
H&R Recap: Candy Corn-Husked and a Purdue Hallo...
Andrew and Casey get to talk about another Boiler win, but before they do, they get to discuss the spooky mystery of a secret scrimmage in basketball.
37 min
H&R Prediction: Cornhuskers and Boilers, Bad Fo...
Andrew and Casey want a 600th football and don't really wanna talk about this game, but they will and it's gonna be great.
29 min
H&R Recap: Badger Badger Badger
Andrew and Casey deal with the aftermath of Purdue's big disappointment against the Badgers.
44 min
H&R Prediction: Wiscy Lullabyes
Andrew and Casey are still riding high from the Iowa win and it might be getting to their head ahead of Purdue's matchup against the Badgers.
27 min
H&R Recap: #25 Purdue is the Best Football Team...
Andrew and Casey celebrate Purdue's huge win against #2 Iowa.
27 min
H&R Prediction: #2 Iowa vs Purdue Football
Andrew and Casey prepare you for #2 Iowa playing host to Purdue on ABC.
27 min
H&R Weekly: Hawkeyes Soar and Boilers Bye
Andrew and Casey recap the week in Big Ten football before looking back and forwards at Purdue's schedule and season to date.
35 min
H&R Weekly: All Big Ten Basketball Talk
Andrew and Casey take advantage of the bye week to look forward to the basketball season just a month away.
38 min
H&R Recap: Purdue vs. Minnesota - Boiler Mid
Kyle joins the boys to talk about the disappointing Boiler loss to the Golden Gophers.
25 min
H&R Predictions: Purdue vs. Minnesota - Catchin...
Andrew and Casey give their predictions ahead of Purdue's first noon test against the Row Boats.
25 min
H&R Recap: Illinois vs. Purdue and Bad Football
Andrew and Casey relive the Purdue vs Illinois football game so you don't have to.
42 min
H&R Prediction Pod: Purdue vs. Illinois Football
Andrew and Casey look forward to the game for the cannon and give their predictions.
30 min
H&R Recap: Notre Dame Gets More Than Lucky
Andrew and Casey discuss the big game in South Bend. Is Brohm a good coach? Is Plummer the starter? Is Bell okay? The boys discuss this game and Purdue's state of affairs heading into Big Ten play.
48 min
H&R Prediction Pod: Purdue vs. Notre Dame
Andrew and Casey break down the preview for Purdue's big trip to South Bend and the renewing of an old rivalry.
33 min
H&R Weekly: UCONN Shut Out
Andrew and Casey recap the Boilers big win over UCONN.
33 min
Football Predictions: Boilers vs. UCONN
Andrew and Casey give you all you need to know before Purdue plays the UCONN Huskies.
20 min
Hammer and Rails Weekly: Boilermakers Beat Oreg...
Andrew and Casey recap the Boilermaker's college football season opening win against the Oregon St. Beavers.
39 min
H&R Football Predictions: Oregon State Opener
Andrew and Casey give their predictions for Purdue footballs first game of the season.
20 min
Casey is flying solo and covers Brohm's QB decision and the upcoming start to Purdue's football season.
6 min
H&R Weekly: Furst and Waddell - Offseason Review
Andrew and Casey discuss their disgust with the Coach that won't be named, Myles Colvin's big time contract offer, and the last two players left in our off season review.
49 min
H&R Weekly: Gillis and Kaufman-Renn - Off-Seaso...
Andrew and Casey discuss the promising true freshman and the returning starter after they check in on Boilermakers in pre-season action and an Olympic Gold Medalist.
39 min
H&R Weekly: Edey and Newman - Offseason Review
Andrew and Casey are back to talk about some anonymous quotes for B10 football and then move to Zach Edey and Brandon Newman's off season.
52 min
Special Episode - Big Ten Media Days!
Travis Miller and Paul M. Banks share the weird and more stories from Big Ten Media Days
28 min
H&R Weekly: Ivey and Morton - Off-Season Review
Andrew and Casey break down early olympic thoughts and then dive into the off season with two exciting freshman - Jaden Ivey and Ethan Morton
43 min
H&R Weekly: Off Season Review - Thompson and Hu...
Andrew and Casey deep dive into what Isaiah Thompson and Eric Hunter Jr. can do to improve during the off season, and have a good laugh at the new SEC.
51 min
H&R Weekly: Off Season Review - Tre and Sasha
Andrew and Casey dive into Purdue's offseason and start going through what we can expect and hope for for next year's squad.
41 min
H&R Weekly: Supreme Court Gold
Andrew is back and joins Casey to talk about the Supreme Court ruling on student athletes, the NIL, and FIBA U19 basketball!
48 min
H&R Weekly: Brohms Away!
Casey brings in Kyle to give us a football primer: who left, who's coming, and what can we expect from 2021?
26 min
H&R Weekly: Oh Canada, The Recruits Are Coming
Casey discusses all the Olympic news and U19 final rosters before announcing Brohm's newest recruits.
10 min
H&R Weekly: Is That Hummel's Music?
Andrew and Casey get together to talk exciting Purdue basketball news, and Brohm's 3D.
33 min
H&R Weekly: Olympic Dived
Andrew and Casey talk about Indiana's High School All-stars and Purdue's youngest Olympic diver!
34 min
H&R Weekly: Gimme A Barlow
Andrew and Casey talk about Purdue's TBT team additions, the USA U19 team, and Coach K's retirement.
40 min
H&R Weekly: Olympic Spoiled
Andrew and Casey discuss the disappointing Olympic results, a Boilermaker wedding, and Tre Williams NBA chances and off season outlook.
38 min
H&R Weekly: Purdue Basketball's 2021 Recruits!
Andrew and Casey compare this year's class to Purdue players you'll know and tell you what to expect for next year.
41 min
H&R Weekly: All-Time Purdue Basketball Draft Pt. 2
Andrew and Casey rally the rest of the draft picks into four all-time teams and let Travis and Kyle make their case why their teams are the best teams in this all-time Purdue basketball draft podcast.
59 min
All-Time Purdue Basketball Draft Pt. 1
Andrew and Casey bring in Kyle and Travis to draft 4 teams out of the all-time Purdue basketball players and we'll let you decide who picked the best squad.
35 min
Football is the New F Word
Andrew and Casey welcome on staff writer Drew Schneider to go over Coach Brohm's transfers and the instant impact they'll have on the 2021 season.
48 min
H&R Weekly: NFL Draft, Boilers in the Bigs
Andrew and Casey discuss Hummel's career as an Olympian, Braden Smith's commitments, and the NFL Draft.
38 min
H&R Weekly: New Coaches and the NFL Draft
Andrew and Casey are back to talk about Purdue Basketball's new coaching hires, the Purdue women's volleyball run, and the NFL draft.
43 min
Spring Ball and European Soccer | Let's Get Wei...
62 min
H&R Weekly: Volleyball and Mr. Indiana Basketba...
Hammer and Rails is back with a weekly podcast to discuss all things Purdue Sports!
51 min
Cocaine Pirates | Let's Get Weird, Sports Podca...
41 min
World Team Tennis | Let's Get Weird, Sports Pod...
47 min
Interview with Rapheal Davis | Off The Tracks P...
29 min
The 2021 NCAA Tournament | Let's Get Weird, Spo...
43 min
Minnesota Preview with The Daily Gopher | Off T...
17 min
Interview with Bobby "Buckets" Riddell, Purdue ...
26 min
Purdue v. Northwestern Preview with Eli Karp, I...
20 min
Interview with Gregg Doyel on Sports w/ COVID-1...
30 min
Big Ten Basketball Expectations and Bad Fast Fo...
23 min
Montreal Baseball | Let's Get Weird, Sports Pod...
59 min
Let's Get Weird, Sports #21 - The Soviet Union ...
46 min
Let’s Get Weird Sports #20: The Swayzee Nine Ov...
40 min
Off The Tracks Podcast #2: Interview with Joey ...
48 min
Off The Tracks Podcast #1: Nojel to Michigan. W...
42 min
Let's Get Weird, Sports Podcast #19: One Way Fo...
43 min
Quarantined & Rails Podcast #2: NFL Draft, Haar...
32 min
Let's Get Quarantined, Sports Podcast #18: Base...
43 min
Let's Get Weird, Sports Podcast #17: Dock Ellis...
37 min
Quarantined & Rails Podcast: EVERYTHING IS CANC...
30 min
Let's Get Weird, Sports Podcast #16: Shenanigan...
45 min
H&R Basketball Podcast #4: We're Not Dead Yet!
26 min
Let's Get Weird, Sports Podcast #15: The Art Sc...
33 min
Hammerin' Ales Football Podcast #15: 2019 Postm...
39 min
Hammerin' Ales Football Podcast #14: Back from ...
37 min
Hammerin' Ales Football Podcast #13: Reno Woes
45 min
Let's Get Weird, Sports Podcast #14: A Little F...
35 min
Hammerin' Ales Football Podcast #12: Quick Fall...
35 min
Let's Get Weird, Sports Podcast #13: The 1996 A...
38 min
Let's Get Weird, Sports Podcast #12: Moses Flee...
38 min
H&R Basketball Podcast #3: Reactions to Carsen ...
Carsen is on his way to Boston!
22 min
H&R Basketball Pod #2: Early Summer Updates
It's been a busy offseason so far for Purdue Basketball.
46 min
LGWS #11: The Indy 500
During the biggest racing day in the state, there's a lot of weird stuff that happens.
47 min
LGWS #10: Albert Berg, Purdue's First Football ...
45 min
Hammerin' Ales Football Podcast #11: Spring Bal...
Our football podcast is back for some spring ball talk.
33 min
H&R Basketball Podcast #1: The Alpha and Omega ...
Presenting the first and last basketball podcast of the season!
48 min
Hammer & Rails Podcasting Update!
Changes are coming to our podcasts.
3 min
LGWS #8: 2016 Manchester United Bomb Scare
It was the last day of the season for Manchester …
48 min
LGWS #7: The Rube, The Most Interesting Man in ...
In the last LGWS episode of 2018, Travis and Paul…
38 min