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12/18/2015: Episode 7 - "The Force Awakens"
Star Wars! But also, Johnny Cueto! If you need more convincing, then know that inside you'll hear some really far-out ideas Bryan has about Giants fandom.
51 min
12/11/2015: Episode 6 - "Our Mrs. Reynolds"
Jeff Samardzija is a Giant! How else might the team improve this offseason? And, how would you pitch yourself to a GM to get a job in a front office?
57 min
12/4/2015: Episode 5 - "Five Votes Down"
Bryan and Doug try to figure out who's the closet Disney freak on the team while also discussing the legacies of Willie Mays, Yusmeiro Petit, and Hector Sanchez
56 min
11/27/2015: Episode 4 - "The West Coast Delay"
Bryan and Doug pitch their own plans for the Giants' offseason, hoping to do better than Grant's plan from earlier in the week. It does not go well.
31 min
11/20/2015: Episode 3 - "Encounter At Farpoint"
On episode 3 of the podcast, Doug & Bryan cover everything from Brandon Crawford's extension to the end of Todd Wellemeyer's career. And they play a new game ca
48 min
11/13/2015: Episode 2 - "A Proportional Response"
The Giants have Silver Sluggers and a Gold Glover! Due diligence on David Price? Ben Zobrist? Kick the tires of our new podcast!
37 min
11/6/2015: Episode 1 - "Pilot"
The first episode! Bryan and Doug talk about all things Giants in the new McCccaast. Also, groug's name is Doug.
34 min