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Chroncast #98: Bad Giants Defense and Bad Giant...
The Giants have a pretty significant flaw in their roster construction -- can Bryan and Doug conjure up one good trade to fix it?
55 min
Chroncast #97: Minor Lines with Roger Munter
McCovey Chronicles' prospects guru of days gone by, Roger Munter, returns to fill in Bryan and Doug with the latest happenings down on the farm.
42 min
Chroncast #96: Sweep LA
In a year that has been so probable, the plausible has happened, and Bryan and Doug go through a great weekend. We also answer your Twitter questions.
50 min
Chroncast #95: Why are the Giants so mid?
This week, Bryan is joined by Kenny Kelly to debate which part of the Giants' game is most responsible for the team's mediocrity.
43 min
Chroncast #94: Bullpen Trust Power Rankings #2 ...
Bryan and Doug sort out who to trust in the bullpen after a terrible month. Also, they delve into the Giants’ main character of last week: Joc Pederson.
47 min
Chroncast #93: Juan Soto & The First 40 Games o...
The Giants are off to a 22-18 start, but there's enough under the hood to suggest they'll be just fine.
45 min
Chroncast #92: Sixteen Transactions and a Patch
The Giants said goodbye to Mauricio Dubon and hello to a new partnership that will help them secure a lucrative sponsorship.
40 min
Chroncast #91: Who is the most loathsome Dodger?
Which opposing players really get under your skin? Who do you just absolutely do not want to see stepping in to face Giants pitching? Bryan and Doug sort it all out.
57 min
Chroncast #90: We're Back! Bullpen Trust Power ...
Bryan and Doug return after 28 months and immediately rank the bullpen's trustworthiness.
56 min
SB Nation's 2021 World Series Preview - present...
48 min
SB Nation's MLB NLDS Giants-Dodgers Preview - P...
28 min
SB Nation's MLB NL Playoff Preview - Presented ...
49 min
SB Nation's 2021 MLB Home Run Derby LIVE w/John...
155 min
SB Nation’s 2021 MLB Draft Recap – Presented by...
47 min
SB Nation's 2021 MLB All-Star Game Preview! - P...
58 min
Giants - Rockies series review
The Giants and Rockies split a crazy series at Coors Field.
9 min
Giants - DBacks Series Review
San Francisco won the series 2-1
11 min
Chroncast #89: D.B. Firstman
Come listen to D.B. Firstman, author of "Hall of Name: Baseball’s Most Magnificent Monikers from ‘The Only Nolan’ to ‘Van Lingle Mungo’ and More"!
32 min
Chroncast #88: Craig Goldstein of Baseball Pros...
What's the next market inefficiency? Where does baseball writing go from here? Bryan asks the Editor-in-Chief of Baseball Prospectus.
56 min
Chroncast #87: We were fired!
Bryan, Sami, Doug, and Reuben commiserate over the news of being sacked by SB Nation following California' AB5 law.
71 min
Chroncast #86: Grant Brisbee Returns Again
Bryan and Grant talk about the fate of the Giants and the quality of McCovey Chronicles.
61 min
Chroncast #85: Three Men and a Press Conference
Gabe Kapler's first press conference, Will Smith's departure. Madison Bumgarner's looming departure.
54 min
McC Happy Hour #10: Bryan Murphy
Not KNBR's, but McCovey Chronicles' own managing editor gets grilled by Sami.
58 min
McC Happy Hour #9: Kenny Kelly
Sami is joined by McCovey Chronicles' staff writer, Kenny Kelly, to talk about the fate of the Giants.
49 min
Chroncast #84: Blog Days of August
The Giants continue to impress with their record and roster moves; Bryan and Sami discuss the update to our community guidelines and Brandon Belt.
44 min
UPPWR: Untitled Prospects Podcast with Roger #4...
Jason Pennini of Prospects Live gives Roger and Bryan his scouting reports on the Giants’ AZL talent.
70 min
McC Happy Hour #8: Allison McCague
Allison McCague of Amazin' Avenue talks to Sami about the Mets' surprising playoff run.
60 min
UPPWR: Untitled Prospects Podcast with Roger #3
This pre-trade deadline look at the latest prospect rankings has Roger and Bryan excited by the strides the team has made in less than a year.
26 min
Chroncast #83: The Giants traded Mark Melancon
Mark Melancon's immovable contract was moved with ease! Bryan and Doug recap that miracle and all of Farhan Zaidi's moves.
59 min
McC Happy Hour #7: Sam Bradfield
Sami interviews Sam Bradfield of Purple Row to discuss Troy Tulowitzki's retirement and the NL West.
46 min
McC Happy Hour #6: Brady Klopfer
Sami and Brady figure out what the Giants should do at the deadline and Brady regales us with tales from Las Vegas.
70 min
McC Happy Hour #5: Carmen Kiew
Giants Outsider Carmen Kiew joins Sami to discuss the state of the Giants.
41 min
UPPWR: Untitled Prospects Podcast with Roger #2
Bart & Ramos at the Futures Game, Marco Luciano making noise, and international signings.
49 min
McC Happy Hour #4: Jamie Neal
Jamie Neal talks to Sami about fan bases, the Giants-A's "rivalry", and Jamie's charity campaign to raise money for LGBT+ groups through bat flips.
74 min
Chroncast #82: Will Smith is an All-Star
Doug Bruzzone returns to talk Will Smith, Madison Bumgarner, and how totally jaded he's become covering the Giants as a beat reporter.
51 min
McC Happy Hour #3: Bradford William Davis
Sami and Brady are joined by the New York Daily News’ Bradford William Davis to check in on the New York Yankees.
69 min
UPPWR: Untitled Prospects Podcast with Roger #1
Roger Munter of McCovey Chronicles catches you up on the latest developments in the San Francisco Giants' farm system.
41 min
Chroncast #81: Season Five Premiere with Roger ...
The McCovey Chroncast is back! Bryan Murphy hosts this look at the week that was in San Francisco Giants Baseball.
49 min
McC Happy Hour #2: Lana Berry
Sami talks to the Internet's Lana Berry about baseball and how to break into sports media.
48 min
McC Happy Hour #1: Ashley MacLennan
Sami Higgins and Brady Klopfer talk Tigers, Rays, and MLB social media with SB Nation's Ashley MacLennan.
59 min
9/20/18: Episode 80 - The *positive* season fin...
Are Joey Bart and Heliot Ramos really the future? Roger Munter talks the Giants' top prospects AND some under the radar players you might not know in our season
54 min
Chroncast Special: Roger Munter reviews the Gia...
Roger and Bryan talk about Joey Bart, Sean Hjelle, and the Giants' new draft philosophy
23 min
5/7/18: Episode 79 - Gran Torino
Bryan, Doug, and Sami try to figure out the secret behind the Giants' recent success.
56 min
4/30/18: Episode 78 - Giants Punch Back
Despite injuries and blowout losses, the Giants keep fighting back. Bryan, Doug, and Sami marvel at the week that was.
63 min
4/23/18: Episode 77 - Beltcast
Brandon Belt made history this past weekend, so it seemed only fair to dedicate as much podtime to him.
64 min
4/16/18: Episode 76 - 6-9
Doug and Sami try to talk Bryan out of believing that the Giants can change their ways.
65 min
4/9/2018: Episode 75 - Joe Panik: The Most Hate...
The first week of the 2018 introduced multiple storylines that would've been impossible to predict just two weeks ago. What did Bryan, Doug, and Sami think abou
58 min
Chroncast Special: Minor Lines Recap and Forecap
Minor league guru Roger tells Bryan all about what he saw at Spring Training and why Giants fans should get excited about the prospect crops for 2018 and beyond
39 min
3/27/18: Episode 74 - NL West Preview
Bryan, Doug, and Sami are joined by SB Nation NL West site writers to get a sense of the talent the Giants will be battling against this season.
106 min
3/19/2018: Episode 73 - Rule 5
The Giants are hitting well in Spring Training. What does that mean for the Opening Day roster?
106 min
3/12/2018: Episode 72 - The Ghost and The Grant...
Sami might be haunted by a ghost, the Giants might be haunted by their lack of depth; meanwhile, Grant Brisbee returns and reveals that he might be haunted by a
80 min
3/5/2018: Episode 71 - Season 4 Premiere Cutchcast
The 4th season begins with Bryan doing a quick recap of the state of the Giants, the state of baseball, and the state of the site itself before being joined by
55 min
11/14/2017: Episode 70 - Season *3* Finale
Bryan, Doug, Sami, and Roger convene one last time in 2017 to pick over the remains of the Giants, the postseason, and your Twitter questions.
70 min
10/3/2017: Episode 69 - Caincast
Bryan and Sami have a nice chat about Matt Cain's career and go over the pluses and minuses of the Giants' 2017 season.
77 min
9/25/2017: Episode 68: Is Tim Lincecum Dead?
Bryan returns to ruin Sami & Doug's flow and also talk about two really big newspaper articles about current and former Giants. There are swears in here.
36 min
9/18/2017: Episode 67 - Late Night Baseball and...
This week, Sami and guest-host Joanne discuss Ryan Vogelsong’s triumphant return to the Bay Area to retire as a Giant and wonder what Deadspin's problem is with
58 min
9/11/2017: Episode 66 - At least the Dodgers ar...
Will the Giants actually lose 100 games? Is that pursuit more interesting than the Dodgers getting to 100 wins? Nah. Because the Dodgers are on a 10-game losing
28 min
9/5/2017: Episode 65- So, How About Those River...
Despite all of us knowing the Giants are unspeakably awful and the Giants knowing they're unspeakably awful, there's still some ~speakably~ good things to talk
56 min
8/21/2017: Episode 64 - Baseball Is Canceled
The Giants have been eliminated from playoff contention. Sami and Doug discuss whether or not they should be eliminated from your valuable schedule.
38 min
8/7/2017: Episode 63 - Stop hitting Brandon Bel...
Sami and Doug try to figure out what makes Brandon Belt's head so attractive to thrown baseballs and what Pablo Sandoval's return and George Kontos' departure m
29 min
7/31/17: Episode 62 - Haze From A Garbage Fire
Sami Higgins fills in for Bryan and talks with Doug about the Giants' continued fecklessness and with Lana Berry about the beauty of the game.
48 min
7/4/2017: Episode 61 - Fielding Independence Da...
Happy 4th of July! The Giants are on a six-game winning streak, Brandon Belt is playing well, and Buster Posey is an All-Star.
69 min
Episode 60: 6/26/17 - Barry Bonds Stories
It's our 60th episode! Join us as we discuss things beyond the Giants' prowess for losing, such as Barry Bonds' ability to spin a yarn *and* the politics of tea
72 min
6/23/2017: Episode 59 - Draft & Farm Review wit...
How'd the Giants do in this year's draft and how are the prospects from previous drafts doing this year in the minor leagues? Our own Roger Munter gives us the
69 min
6/13/2017: Episode 58 - Winning Isn't Everythin...
We wish we could tell you this episode is all about the Warriors winning the NBA Championship but, alas, it is only about the 26-39 San Francisco Giants. Still!
59 min
6/5/2017: Episode 57 - Losing Builds Character
This week, the Giants are still tremendously bad, so Bryan goes in on Hunter Strickland and Doug comes up with a million dollar idea -- not to fix the Giants, j
69 min
5/22/2017: Episode 56 - Feud...?
Buster Posey and Brandon Belt are in a feud! Will this help the Giants win the World Series? And what could the Giants get for Mark Melancon? Also, if Giants pl
63 min
5/18/2017: Episode 55 - Buster Posey Is Still Good
We ran the numbers and, yep, it checks out: Buster Posey is still good at baseball. Also, we talk about the future of the Giants' outfield.
42 min
5/8/2017: Episode 54 - Brandon Belt Is The Worst
Per media reports, the reason for the Giants' 11-21 start is that Brandon Belt is incapable of getting all the hits and pitching all the outs.
71 min
5/1/2017: Episode 53 - It's Gonna Be May
Giants media seems to be blaming the Giants' 9-17 start all on Brandon Belt. Does it matter who's fault it is when the season is already over?
92 min
4/24/2017: Episode 52 - It's Only April!
Madison Bumgarner nearly died this week and the Giants are the worst team in baseball. Time to worry?
63 min
4/17/2017: Episode 51 - Don't Call for a Comeback
The Giants are off to their worst start since just 2015, but is it all doom and gloom?
67 min
4/10/2017: Episode 50 - So Much for the Toleran...
Our 50th episode coincides with the first week of the season and boy howdy is there a lot to talk about! Bryan and Doug sift through the rubble of another destr
67 min
3/28/2017: Episode 49 - Who's the Best Manager ...
Who's the best manager in the National League? And, how will you mourn the death of Buster Posey's peak?
61 min
3/22/2017 - Episode 48: NL West Preview, Part 2
We conclude our NL West preview by taking a look at the Rockies and Padres with help from Purple Row's Adam Peterson and writer Jason Holtham of FOX's "Pitch".
84 min
3/15/2017: Episode 47 - NL West Preview, Part 1
Don't think the Giants will be challenged much by the Dodgers or Diamondbacks this year? Maybe you'll reconsider that stance when you hear what Eric Stephen and
61 min
3/8/2017: Episode 46 - Season 2 Premiere with k...
Season 2 arrives just as Spring Training gets interesting and we're bringing in the site's own kdl to give listeners a how-to guide for tracking all the player
57 min
11/19/2016: Episode 45 - Season Finale with Gra...
Bryan and Doug wrap up 2016 by bringing back Grant Brisbee to talk about the offseason awards and the Giants' offseason plans. They also talk about all the good
75 min
11/9/2016: Chroncast Special: Odd Year Success?
Roger Munter joins us one last time to update us on the state of the Giants' farm system.
56 min
10/24/2016: Episode 44 - Wendy Thurm & The Offs...
It's all over, but is it *all* over? Wendy Thurm joins Bryan and Doug to discuss the Giants' shortcomings in 2016 and why their weaknesses won't hobble 2017 and
66 min
10/13/2016: Episode 43 - Game 5 NLDS Preview
Carmen Kiew joins Bryan & Doug to preview yet another "the most important game of the season".
98 min
10/3/2016: Episode 42 - The Gordon Beckham Era ...
The Giants traded for Gordon and immediately went 5-1. Coincidence? Impossible. Not in Baseball. Anyway, directly because of this trade, they're in the wild car
87 min
9/26/2016: Episode 41 - Tough Times
It's the final week of the season, so why does it feel like the Giants season has already ended?
75 min
9/13/2016: Episode 40 - Sweep / Stakes
Bryan and Doug try to figure out the takeaways from the Giants' sweep of Arizona while also discussing the comedy within the Diamondbacks' organization; and, is
56 min
9/8/2016: Episode 39 - To Boldly Go Down in the...
The Giants are 17-32 in the 2nd half with no signs of improvement. It's also Star Trek's 50th birthday. Guess which entity gets the more favorable part of Bryan
58 min
9/1/2016: Episode 38 - Wendy Thurm Returns
Wendy Thurm from Sporting News returns to talk with Bryan & Reuben about the state of the Giants and the state of baseball writing.
102 min
8/23/2016: Episode 37 - Still In First Place! (...
The Giants lead the Wild Card and lead all of MLB in losing during the second half of the season. But the Giants are set to face off against their rivals with a
48 min
8/15/2016: Episode 36 - Still In First Place!
The Giants have been the worst team in all of Major League Baseball in the second half of the season -- but they're still in first place! Bryan and Doug try to
39 min
8/2/2016: Episode 35 - Duffless
The trade deadline has passed. Roger Munter joins us to talk about the farm, but also who lived? Who died? Who can we look to as the Giants continue their secon
73 min
7/25/2016: Episode 34 - The Butt-A** Giants
The Butt-A** Giants have finally made their season debut. After a 1-7 week, Doug and Bryan to figure out if there's a chance The Real Giants ever return.
62 min
7/15/2016: Episode 33 - ALL-STAR CHRONCAST
All-Star Game means All-Star Chroncast. Meet members of the McCoven, McCovey Chronicles' robust community!
80 min
7/11/16: Episode 32 - Simply the Best
The Giants go 5-1 the week before the All-Star Break, Brandon Belt wins the Final Vote to get *on* the All-Star Team, Madison Bumgarner almost throws a no-hitte
82 min
7/6/2016: Episode 31 - For Whom the Belt Tolls
The Giants bullpen dashes hopes of a solid week, while All-Star voters dash the hopes of Brandon Crawford, Brandon Belt, and fans of the Brandons.
56 min
6/27/2016: Episode 30 - Madison Bumgarner Is Th...
The Giants went 5-2 last week, and it was all Madison Bumgarner's fault. Join us on our 30th episode of the Chroncast as we tear into the Giants' best pitcher!
73 min
Episode 29.5 - Dissecting the 2016 Draft
McCovey Chronicles' minor league expert Roger Munter joins us to break down the Giants new players and tell us about other gems currently in the minors. If you'
57 min
6/20/2016: Episode 29 - Let Us Speak of this 8-...
We're back! Two weeks later, and the Giants have themselves an 8-game winning streak and are 1st place in the division. Bryan and Doug break it down.
60 min
6/6/2016: Episode 28 - June Swoon
Literally, as soon as the calendar turned over to June, everything went weird for the Giants. Hunter Pence is gone, Jeff Samardzija has reverted to his 2015 for
95 min
5/31/16: Episode 27 - Everyone But Duffy
Grant Brisbee joins Bryan and Doug as we talk another 5-2 week from the Giants, the slumping Matt Duffy, and the return of Tim Lincecum.
79 min
5/23/16: Episode 26 - Aces Every Day (Except Th...
The Giants stretch their win streak to 8 games after a dominant turn through the rotation. Does this mean Matt Cain's back?
1 min
5/16/2016: Episode 25 - Winning Streak!
Is Matt Cain back? Is Hunter Strickland the Giants' best reliever? What's the best way to eat Lucky Charms? Doug and Bryan cover the Giants' 5-2 week.
69 min