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For fans of the San Francisco Giants.

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Giants Chroncast #45: The Big Pivot
Bryan and Doug end the year discussing what the Giants' pivot should be and exploring how the franchise has gotten to this point.
43 min
Giants Chroncast #44: NOHTANI
Shohei Ohtani might not have been the Giants' Plan A, but what is their Plan A and do they have a decent shot of realizing it now that their rival has only gotten better?
50 min
Giants Chroncast #43: What's the Giants' budget...
With free agency in full swing, Bryan & Doug examine the conditions for the Giants' pursuit of Shohei Ohtani, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Cody Bellinger, etc.; and, how will the new coaches help the team?
49 min
Giants Chroncast #42: The Bob Melvin-Farhan Zai...
The Giants have a new manager, but will their President of Baseball Operations stick to his old ways? Bryan & Doug also answer listener questions.
52 min
Giants Chroncast #41: Farhan Zaidi's press conf...
The Giants' end of year press conference lacked luster and frankness but also intrigue -- will the offseason be the same? Bryan & Doug also give their final trust power ranking for the pen.
60 min
Giants Chroncast #40: Gabe Kapler was fired
Bryan and Doug took the weekend to gather their thoughts about the latest desperation move by a once proud franchise.
55 min
Giants Chroncast #39: The state of the Giants i...
The Giants were eliminated from postseason contention. No one is immune to platoons.
43 min
Giants Chroncast #38: Front Office Follies
With just 10 games left in the 2023 season, Bryan & Doug tap into the fan base's discontent.
55 min
Giants Chroncast #37: Can the Giants put it all...
Bryan and Doug analyze a 5-1 week, deal with Ross Stripling's comments about opting in, and express what they find interesting and concerning about the team.
41 min
Giants Chroncast #36: Bullpen Trust Power Ranki...
Bryan and Doug rank the trustworthiness of what was once the Giants' greatest strength; they also discuss the eerie similarities between this year's team and the 2018 team.
49 min
Giants Chroncast #35: The pitching is all that ...
The San Francisco Giants failed their big August test, but great pitching and possible waiver claims give them a great shot in September.
50 min
Giants Chroncast #34: Kyle Harrison debuts and ...
The Giants end a tough road trip with a hard-fought win and around all that made a flurry of transactions, chief among them being the promotion of their #1 overall prospect
52 min
Giants Chroncast #33: The Giants aren't as bad ...
Bryan and Doug break down the Giants' breakdown over the past sixty days and dig in to how they can overcome their offensive shortcomings.
40 min
Giants Chroncast #32: Losing to and wooing Shoh...
This week, Bryan looks at the Giants' decision to stand pat at the trade deadline and what it means for the rest of the season.
29 min
Giants Chroncast #31: Swept by the A's? What now?
Just how bad is the Giants' offense and does it mean the season's basically over?
52 min
Giants Chroncast #30: Bullpen Trust Power Ranki...
While the Giants didn't have the best bullpen in baseball this past month, it was still really good -- but just how trustworthy was it?
41 min
Giants Chroncast #29: On the eve of the 2023 tr...
What moves can the San Francisco Giants make on the eve of MLB's trade deadline? It's a tough market that might require too far a price for only a modest improvement on the worst lineup in baseball.
42 min
Giants Chroncast #28: Marco Luciano debuts
The Giants' #2 overall prospect and #1 hitting prospect since Buster Posey has Bryan going gaga and Doug stroking his chin; meanwhile, what have been the most interesting or concerning things about the team's week?
38 min
Giants Chroncast #27: The trade deadline deals ...
Bryan and Doug are grumpy after watching the Giants get vaporized by the Nationals over the weekend in Washington, D.C., and try to soothe themselves with trade talk.
43 min
Giants Chroncast #26: Polar Scoretex
The Giants are 5-1 since the end of the All-Star break thanks to Wilmer Flores and the bullpen. Is Camilo Doval the best closer the Giants have ever had?
42 min
Giants Chroncast #25: Of course the Giants won'...
Bryan and Doug tackle the biggest news story of the present day, bigger than the Giants starting off a road trip with a sweep, bigger than Cobb & Doval's All-Star Game appearance, even bigger than the prospects the team drafted. How do they envision a trade happening?
35 min
Giants Chroncast #24: What's interesting and co...
Bryan and Doug give their stand out moments and players from the first half and preview the second half.
43 min
Giants Chroncast #23: Roger Munter on the state...
Bryan and Doug are joined by former colleague Roger Munter to talk about the Giants' recent luck in player development and how it's neither been as dire nor as flawless as the public believes.
44 min
Giants Chroncast #22: The Giants were the dark ...
Somehow, the San Francisco Giants got three first round talents across three rounds of picks in two-way dude Bryce Eldridge, SS Walker Martin, and LHP Joe Whitman
19 min
Giants Chroncast #21: Uh, hey Giants, it's time...
The Giants' lineup has been the worst in baseball over the last two weeks and as Doug always says, "When it's time to hit, you've gotta hit!"
35 min