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For fans of the San Francisco Giants.

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UPPWR: Untitled Prospects Podcast with Roger #1
Roger Munter of McCovey Chronicles catches you up on the latest developments in the San Francisco Giants' farm system.
41 min
Chroncast #81: Season Five Premiere with Roger ...
The McCovey Chroncast is back! Bryan Murphy hosts this look at the week that was in San Francisco Giants Baseball.
49 min
McC Happy Hour #2: Lana Berry
Sami talks to the Internet's Lana Berry about baseball and how to break into sports media.
48 min
McC Happy Hour #1: Ashley MacLennan
Sami Higgins and Brady Klopfer talk Tigers, Rays, and MLB social media with SB Nation's Ashley MacLennan.
59 min
9/20/18: Episode 80 - The *positive* season fin...
Are Joey Bart and Heliot Ramos really the future? Roger Munter talks the Giants' top prospects AND some under the radar players you might not know in our season
54 min
Chroncast Special: Roger Munter reviews the Gia...
Roger and Bryan talk about Joey Bart, Sean Hjelle, and the Giants' new draft philosophy
23 min
5/7/18: Episode 79 - Gran Torino
Bryan, Doug, and Sami try to figure out the secret behind the Giants' recent success.
56 min
4/30/18: Episode 78 - Giants Punch Back
Despite injuries and blowout losses, the Giants keep fighting back. Bryan, Doug, and Sami marvel at the week that was.
63 min
4/23/18: Episode 77 - Beltcast
Brandon Belt made history this past weekend, so it seemed only fair to dedicate as much podtime to him.
64 min
4/16/18: Episode 76 - 6-9
Doug and Sami try to talk Bryan out of believing that the Giants can change their ways.
65 min
4/9/2018: Episode 75 - Joe Panik: The Most Hate...
The first week of the 2018 introduced multiple storylines that would've been impossible to predict just two weeks ago. What did Bryan, Doug, and Sami think abou
58 min
Chroncast Special: Minor Lines Recap and Forecap
Minor league guru Roger tells Bryan all about what he saw at Spring Training and why Giants fans should get excited about the prospect crops for 2018 and beyond
39 min
3/27/18: Episode 74 - NL West Preview
Bryan, Doug, and Sami are joined by SB Nation NL West site writers to get a sense of the talent the Giants will be battling against this season.
106 min
3/19/2018: Episode 73 - Rule 5
The Giants are hitting well in Spring Training. What does that mean for the Opening Day roster?
106 min
3/12/2018: Episode 72 - The Ghost and The Grant...
Sami might be haunted by a ghost, the Giants might be haunted by their lack of depth; meanwhile, Grant Brisbee returns and reveals that he might be haunted by a
80 min
3/5/2018: Episode 71 - Season 4 Premiere Cutchcast
The 4th season begins with Bryan doing a quick recap of the state of the Giants, the state of baseball, and the state of the site itself before being joined by
55 min
11/14/2017: Episode 70 - Season *3* Finale
Bryan, Doug, Sami, and Roger convene one last time in 2017 to pick over the remains of the Giants, the postseason, and your Twitter questions.
70 min
10/3/2017: Episode 69 - Caincast
Bryan and Sami have a nice chat about Matt Cain's career and go over the pluses and minuses of the Giants' 2017 season.
77 min
9/25/2017: Episode 68: Is Tim Lincecum Dead?
Bryan returns to ruin Sami & Doug's flow and also talk about two really big newspaper articles about current and former Giants. There are swears in here.
36 min
9/18/2017: Episode 67 - Late Night Baseball and...
This week, Sami and guest-host Joanne discuss Ryan Vogelsong’s triumphant return to the Bay Area to retire as a Giant and wonder what Deadspin's problem is with
58 min
9/11/2017: Episode 66 - At least the Dodgers ar...
Will the Giants actually lose 100 games? Is that pursuit more interesting than the Dodgers getting to 100 wins? Nah. Because the Dodgers are on a 10-game losing
28 min
9/5/2017: Episode 65- So, How About Those River...
Despite all of us knowing the Giants are unspeakably awful and the Giants knowing they're unspeakably awful, there's still some ~speakably~ good things to talk
56 min
8/21/2017: Episode 64 - Baseball Is Canceled
The Giants have been eliminated from playoff contention. Sami and Doug discuss whether or not they should be eliminated from your valuable schedule.
38 min
8/7/2017: Episode 63 - Stop hitting Brandon Bel...
Sami and Doug try to figure out what makes Brandon Belt's head so attractive to thrown baseballs and what Pablo Sandoval's return and George Kontos' departure m
29 min
7/31/17: Episode 62 - Haze From A Garbage Fire
Sami Higgins fills in for Bryan and talks with Doug about the Giants' continued fecklessness and with Lana Berry about the beauty of the game.
48 min