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For fans of the San Francisco Giants.

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SB Nation's 2021 World Series Preview - present...
48 min
SB Nation's MLB NLDS Giants-Dodgers Preview - P...
28 min
SB Nation's MLB NL Playoff Preview - Presented ...
49 min
SB Nation's 2021 MLB Home Run Derby LIVE w/John...
155 min
SB Nation’s 2021 MLB Draft Recap – Presented by...
47 min
SB Nation's 2021 MLB All-Star Game Preview! - P...
58 min
Giants - Rockies series review
The Giants and Rockies split a crazy series at Coors Field.
9 min
Giants - DBacks Series Review
San Francisco won the series 2-1
11 min
Chroncast #89: D.B. Firstman
Come listen to D.B. Firstman, author of "Hall of Name: Baseball’s Most Magnificent Monikers from ‘The Only Nolan’ to ‘Van Lingle Mungo’ and More"!
32 min
Chroncast #88: Craig Goldstein of Baseball Pros...
What's the next market inefficiency? Where does baseball writing go from here? Bryan asks the Editor-in-Chief of Baseball Prospectus.
56 min
Chroncast #87: We were fired!
Bryan, Sami, Doug, and Reuben commiserate over the news of being sacked by SB Nation following California' AB5 law.
71 min
Chroncast #86: Grant Brisbee Returns Again
Bryan and Grant talk about the fate of the Giants and the quality of McCovey Chronicles.
61 min
Chroncast #85: Three Men and a Press Conference
Gabe Kapler's first press conference, Will Smith's departure. Madison Bumgarner's looming departure.
54 min
McC Happy Hour #10: Bryan Murphy
Not KNBR's, but McCovey Chronicles' own managing editor gets grilled by Sami.
58 min
McC Happy Hour #9: Kenny Kelly
Sami is joined by McCovey Chronicles' staff writer, Kenny Kelly, to talk about the fate of the Giants.
49 min
Chroncast #84: Blog Days of August
The Giants continue to impress with their record and roster moves; Bryan and Sami discuss the update to our community guidelines and Brandon Belt.
44 min
UPPWR: Untitled Prospects Podcast with Roger #4...
Jason Pennini of Prospects Live gives Roger and Bryan his scouting reports on the Giants’ AZL talent.
70 min
McC Happy Hour #8: Allison McCague
Allison McCague of Amazin' Avenue talks to Sami about the Mets' surprising playoff run.
60 min
UPPWR: Untitled Prospects Podcast with Roger #3
This pre-trade deadline look at the latest prospect rankings has Roger and Bryan excited by the strides the team has made in less than a year.
26 min
Chroncast #83: The Giants traded Mark Melancon
Mark Melancon's immovable contract was moved with ease! Bryan and Doug recap that miracle and all of Farhan Zaidi's moves.
59 min
McC Happy Hour #7: Sam Bradfield
Sami interviews Sam Bradfield of Purple Row to discuss Troy Tulowitzki's retirement and the NL West.
46 min
McC Happy Hour #6: Brady Klopfer
Sami and Brady figure out what the Giants should do at the deadline and Brady regales us with tales from Las Vegas.
70 min
McC Happy Hour #5: Carmen Kiew
Giants Outsider Carmen Kiew joins Sami to discuss the state of the Giants.
41 min
UPPWR: Untitled Prospects Podcast with Roger #2
Bart & Ramos at the Futures Game, Marco Luciano making noise, and international signings.
49 min
McC Happy Hour #4: Jamie Neal
Jamie Neal talks to Sami about fan bases, the Giants-A's "rivalry", and Jamie's charity campaign to raise money for LGBT+ groups through bat flips.
74 min