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For fans of the San Francisco Giants.

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Fans First Sports Network 2023 NL West Preview ...
Join hosts from FFSN's NL West team podcasts as they preview the season and fire some GOTCHA! questions at each other.
80 min
Giants Chroncast #2: 2023 NL West Preview & Pre...
Do the Giants have a fighting chance in the NL West?
36 min
Giants Chroncast #1: A New Beginning
The first podcast to ever chronicle the adventures of the San Francisco Giants begins with hosts Bryan Murphy & Doug Bruzzone!
36 min
Chroncast #119: The Last Chroncast Ever
Bryan and Doug react to the news from the first day of Spring Training 2023 and the end of the McCovey Chroncast.
48 min
Chroncast #118: Did the Giants have a successfu...
Did the moves the Giants make improve upon their 2022 roster and set them up for a strong 2023 and beyond?
53 min
Chroncast #117: The Carlos Correa Era ENDS
The Giants pulled out of their agreement with former SS-turned Mets 3B Carlos Correa. Just in time for the holidays!
50 min
Chroncast #116: The Carlos Correa Era Begins
Big news means an emergency Chroncast! Bryan and Doug have a joyful talk about the Giants new marquee player and how he fits the Giants perfectly.
53 min
Chroncast #115: The Mitch Haniger Era Begins
The offseason has not gone according to plan -- but whose plan? And does missing out on Aaron Judge, Brandon Nimmo, and Kodai Senga preclude the Giants from having a successful offseason? Bryan and Doug discuss.
54 min
Chroncast Special: The Bullpy Awards
The first and only awards show for the 2022 San Francisco Giants Bullpen!
20 min
Chroncast #114: Brady Klopfer checks in
McCovey Chronicles' managing editor stops by to talk about the latest Giants news, the season that was, and bold predictions for this offseason.
59 min
Chroncast #113: The 81-81 Season
Bryan and Doug wrap up a Giants' season that has felt wrapped up for several months already, but there were still things to like and listener questions to dig into.
49 min
Chroncast #112: Roger Munter Returns!
One of the best reporters on the Giants' farm system drops in to deliver good news about player development.
51 min
Chroncast #111: New Owner, New GM, Same Ol' Bra...
The Giants have a new owner and the need for a new GM, but what they might not need next season is a new starting shortstop, on account of Brandon Crawford's strong finish.
34 min
Chroncast #110: Go Go Carlos Rodón
The Giants have a lot of questions to answer this offseason, but when it comes to Carlos Rodón, there's only one question: will he be Baseball's Strikeout King?
43 min
Chroncast #109: Wheel of Random!
This week, MLB unveiled some new rules, setting up the perfect opportunity for Bryan and Doug to unveil their new game: The Wheel of Random!
42 min
Chroncast #108: Bullpen Trust Power Rankings fo...
This month, Bryan and Doug place the bullpen arms into tiers right after they fight back tears talking about the (possible) end of the Brandon Belt era in SF.
38 min
Chroncast #107: A Frustrating And Disappointin...
Farhan Zaidi himself says it has been a frustrating and disappointing season. But is he an innocent bystander in all this?
41 min
Chroncast #106: The Churn
What's motivating the Giants' churn-at-all-costs roster strategy? What's motivating all these bunts?
37 min
Chroncast #105: The Giants' Rebuild Is Still In...
The Giants still have a long way to go towards being one of the better teams in the National League -- good thing that 2012 World Series team reunion happened this weekend. What a great team!
42 min
Trade Deadline Chroncast: RUF IS ON THE MOVE!
The Giants made a series of moves at the eventful 2022 MLB Trade Deadline, but enough to move the needle on their season or beyond?
24 min
Chroncast #103: Vibes-Based Bullpen Trust Power...
As the trade deadline nears, Bryan and Doug try to make sense of the Giants' strategy AND their mess of a bullpen.
38 min
Chroncast #102: Forget Juan Soto -- Sell! Sell!...
The Giants open the second half by being embarrassed by the Dodgers -- is it time to forget about this season and sell?
46 min
Chroncast #101: Giants Broadcasters: The Next G...
Who will succeed Miller, Krukow, and Kuiper and will they succeed? Also, Bryan and Doug break down the many successful things the Giants did in the first half.
42 min
Chroncast #100: Joc Pederson is an All-Star, Ca...
Are the Giants buyers or sellers? Was Carlos Rodón snubbed by Brian Snitker?
62 min
Chroncast #99: Bullpen Trust Power Rankings for...
Sure, the Giants have lost 11 of 18, but that doesn't mean we have to stop ranking the trustworthiness of the bullpen! Who will be #1: Brebbia or Doval?
40 min