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Giants Bullpen Trust Power Rankings for June 2023
Happy 4th of July! Bryan and Doug have put together the definitive list of the bullpen's power rankings just in time for your family BBQ and fireworks!
36 min
Giants Chroncast #19: Trade deadline needs and ...
Kyle Harrison and Carson Whisenhunt have been named to this year's Futures Game and it leaves Bryan and Doug wondering if the Giants will solve their SP needs from within or by trade.
31 min
Giants Chroncast #18: Just how good are the Gia...
The Giants looked great against division rivals, but can they withstand the piling injuries? Bryan and Doug swap concerns and also try to avoid whispering a sacred player comp...
31 min
Giants Chroncast #17: The win streak ends, the ...
Bryan and Doug pull out what's sustainable and unsustainable going forward after a 10-game winning streak; preview the Dbacks series; lament the All-Star Game voting.
35 min
Giants Chroncast #16: LA Swept
The Giants are on a 7-game winning streak after sweeping the Cardinals in St. Louis and the Dodgers in Los Angeles; they also handed the Dodgers their worst home loss since they were known as the Brooklyn Bridegrooms
42 min
Giants Chroncast #15: Sweep Three in St. Louis
The Giants head into a weekend series with the Dodgers at 36-32 after sweeping the Cardinals with some help from Luis Matos; have the Giants put it all together?
29 min
Giants Chroncast #14: Brandon Crawford pitches!...
Bryan and Doug find the exploits of Luis Matos and Marco Luciano to be the most exciting part of the Giants week and share the same concern about the Major League lineup.
37 min
Giants Bullpen Trust Power Rankings for May 2023
Bryan and Doug look at the Giants' 180-degree turn in the quality of their reliever play going from April to May.
29 min
Giants Chroncast #12: Listener Questions & Spla...
Bryan and Doug answer listener questions and discuss the Giants' 2-4 week against the Pirates and Orioles.
40 min
Giants Chroncast #11: Does Patrick Bailey vague...
A 5-2 week has Bryan and Doug explore some of the side stories following the Giants, mainly whether or not their top catching prospect, Patrick Bailey genuinely reminds one of A.J. Pierzynski; also, this one disturbing trend could lead to a rough summer.
33 min
Giants Chroncast #10: The Giants have started t...
Casey Schmitt, Patrick Bailey, Ryan Walker... to a lesser extent Logan Webb... the future is fast approaching *now* for the San Francisco Giants.
46 min
Giants Chroncast #9: The Giants are toast (?)
Yes, it looks pretty bad at 17-23, but Bryan and Doug wonder if they're setup for a run or if they're merely trying to outrun criticism from the fans. Also, Casey Schmitt got called up.
41 min
Giants Bullpen Trust Power Rankings for April 2023
Bryan and Doug dust off the official, legally binding Bullpen Trust Power Rankings segment after discussing Alex Cobb's impressive start and the things that interest and concern them about the Giants five weeks into the season.
39 min
Giants Chroncast #7: It's only one month... right?
A 3-3 week sends the Giants into May with an 11-16 record and a general air of inconsistency. Something they can address or is the season set in stone? Bryan and Doug investigate.
35 min
Giants Chroncast #6: Are the Giants better than...
Bryan and Doug sift through the interesting and concerning things from the Giants' 3-4 week against the Marlins & Mets; is Madison Bumgarner an answer?
39 min
Giants Chroncast #5: 2 Walk-off losses in Detro...
Wendy Thurm ( joins Bryan and Doug to discuss a tough week for the Giants and what the immediate and long-term future looks like for the team.
59 min
Giants Chroncast #4: 13 Longballs in Chicago
Bryan and Doug put the Giants' outburst of dingers into their proper context and look at how effective some of the new rules have been.
41 min
Giants Chroncast #3: 41 Strikeouts at Yankee St...
The Giants were one Aaron Judge short in their battle against Aaron Judge and the New York Yankees, but Bryan and Doug manage to find a few positives in a season opening series loss.
36 min
Fans First Sports Network 2023 NL West Preview ...
Join hosts from FFSN's NL West team podcasts as they preview the season and fire some GOTCHA! questions at each other.
80 min
Giants Chroncast #2: 2023 NL West Preview & Pre...
Do the Giants have a fighting chance in the NL West?
36 min
Giants Chroncast #1: A New Beginning
The first podcast to ever chronicle the adventures of the San Francisco Giants begins with hosts Bryan Murphy & Doug Bruzzone!
36 min
Chroncast #119: The Last Chroncast Ever
Bryan and Doug react to the news from the first day of Spring Training 2023 and the end of the McCovey Chroncast.
48 min
Chroncast #118: Did the Giants have a successfu...
Did the moves the Giants make improve upon their 2022 roster and set them up for a strong 2023 and beyond?
53 min
Chroncast #117: The Carlos Correa Era ENDS
The Giants pulled out of their agreement with former SS-turned Mets 3B Carlos Correa. Just in time for the holidays!
50 min
Chroncast #116: The Carlos Correa Era Begins
Big news means an emergency Chroncast! Bryan and Doug have a joyful talk about the Giants new marquee player and how he fits the Giants perfectly.
53 min