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Society & Culture
How can we protect voting rights? | The Weeds
Vox's Ian Millhiser joins Matt and Dara to talk about the most effective way for Congress to safeguard the right to vote.
5 min
You’re vaccinated. Now what? | Today, Explained...
Hugs are back, but don't expect to go to a concert without a mask anytime soon
9 min
Amazon’s race problem | Recode Daily
Internal data obtained by Recode indicate that Black Amazon employees are promoted less frequently and are rated more harshly than non-Black peers
9 min
Gen Z’s transit meme dream | Tell Me More
President Joe Biden is known for his love of Amtrak — and now, many young Americans are hoping that might translate to a push for public transit.
10 min
Alabama shakes up Amazon | Today, Explained in 10
Why Amazon warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama are trying to form a union
9 min
A millennial and a Gen Zer explain the latest g...
Why is there beef and why should we care?
10 min
The best Covid-19 vaccine is the one you can ge...
People shouldn’t worry about which vaccine they get, what matters is they get one.
10 min
The Bachelor meets reality | Today, Explained i...
The Bachelor's long-time host, Chris Harrison, has stepped away for the season's latest episode after a controversial interview with former bachelorette Rachel Lindsay.
9 min
Psychological thrillers with a twist | What to ...
A caller from Washington D.C. looks for a psychological thriller with suspense and killer twists.
8 min
Sen. Chris Murphy wants a new US-Saudi relation...
Jenn interviews Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) about his proposed strategy for a new US approach to the Persian Gulf.
9 min
The surge of anti-Asian violence | Today, Expla...
In an executive order, President Biden condemned the violence.
9 min
Who owns the Western? | Vox Conversations in 10
Vox book critic Constance Grady talks with Vox gender identities reporter and novelist Anna North about Anna's new book: Outlawed
7 min
Manchin in the middle | Today, Explained in 10
So far, he's torpedoed one of Biden's cabinet picks, obstructed the minimum wage, and opposed a big stimulus.
9 min
Books for breakups | Ask a Book Critic
Stories for 20-somethings going through a messy end.
4 min
How can Dems fight exclusionary zoning? | The W...
Vox's Jerusalem Demsas joins Matt and Dara to share ideas for housing equity
3 min
The $15 dream | Today, Explained in 10
Democrats have a few ways to get a $15 minimum wage passed, but the likeliest outcome is that it won't pass at all.
9 min
How we got to QAnon | Tell Me More
Conspiracy theories have always existed, but the internet has put them in overdrive.
9 min
How acid trips led to better policing | Today, ...
2020 was a big year for police reform. One alternative to policing in Eugene, Oregon, could be a model for the rest of the country.
9 min
What happens after Gorilla Glue fame? | What's ...
The highs and lows of TikTok celebrity.
8 min
Biden goes big on the economy | Tell Me More
Joe Biden is the type of guy who can tell which way the political winds are blowing — and right now, that means taking a big, bold swing at boosting the economy.
9 min
Vaccine hesitancy and the road to herd immunity...
As many as 30% of Americans say they’re hesitant to get the vaccine
9 min
The best of the Golden Globes | What to Watch
Add these to your to-watch list: The Great on Hulu, Sound of Metal on Amazon, Perry Mason on HBO, and Another Round on digital rental platforms.
8 min
Why Biden hasn’t reentered the Iran deal — yet ...
Zack, Jenn, and Alex break down why the Biden administration hasn’t yet reentered the Iran nuclear deal.
8 min
The case for Covid-19 optimism | Today, Explain...
Cases are down and vaccinations are accelerating
9 min
A lawyer for my band | The Best Money I Ever Spent
While on tour with his band in the 90s, writer Nabil Ayers learned that there was one surefire way to get out of trouble — money.
11 min