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A quick goodbye (and thank you!)
We’re going to make this goodbye short and sweet: Vox Quick Hits is ending.
1 min
What you should have watched this summer | What...
Some of the best TV and movies of summer 2021 you might have missed.
13 min
Cocktails and caviar before my C-section | The ...
Why a dinner of oysters, caviar, and champagne the night before giving birth was the best $298 writer Gray Chapman has ever spent.
13 min
How to find yourself in a book | Ask a Book Critic
Seeing yourself in a disabled protagonist.
5 min
$20,000 on Starbucks | The Best Money I Ever Spent
One venti iced coffee with hazelnut, soy, and caramel drizzle, please.
9 min
Welcome to The White Lotus | What to Watch
The HBO series paints a bleak picture of humanity. Or does it?
8 min
Help me love reading again | Ask a Book Critic
Exhilarating books to help you get out of a reading rut.
9 min
Back to school | What to Watch
Three movies and a TV show perfect for back-to-school season.
11 min
$3,000 on dog training | The Best Money I Ever ...
At first, their adopted dog was an angel. Then suddenly he wasn’t.
12 min
CODA | What to Watch
CODA is a big-hearted crowd pleaser about a teen and her deaf family.
11 min
The sex, drugs, and murder reading list | Ask a...
Constance recommends books like The Secret History.
11 min
Vacation mode on | What to Watch
4 perfect summer vacation films
11 min
A ticket for a concert I never went to | The Be...
Why going to a concert alone is liberating.
8 min
The Green Knight is brilliant — and baffling | ...
An excellent adventure in Gawain’s world.
11 min
The Wonder Years, but make it books | Ask A Boo...
Constance Grady recommends books that feel like The Wonder Years.
10 min
Gold medal-worthy movies and TV | What to Watch
Our favorite sports movies, TV shows, and episodes.
15 min
Expired food is a myth | Tell Me More
Everything you think you know about "best before" labels is probably wrong.
15 min
K-pop is everywhere but on the radio | Tell Me ...
Despite K-pop’s takeoff online in the US and all over the globe, most American radio DJs still find most of it too risky to play for a Top 40 audience.
15 min
TikTok made me buy it | Tell Me More
How TikTok makes products fly off the shelves...and then and flame out faster than ever.
10 min
A Keurig that brought me closer to my mom | Th...
Katherine Oung’s mother says “I love you” with plates of cut fruit. Katherine say it with cups of coffee.
10 min
Comedies you can watch in a weekend | What to W...
3 lolz for your weekend.
11 min
The pros and cons of eating bugs | Tell Me More
In many parts of the world, insects are a regular part of people’s diets. That’s not the case in the United States, but perhaps it should be.
14 min
The myth of pandemic productivity | Tell Me More
It’s okay if you didn’t become a better person during the pandemic.
11 min
How big business exploits small business | Tell...
And how to actually help small businesses.
11 min
Our brains never log off the internet | Ask a B...
Books about our online brains.
10 min
Let's all go to the drive-in | What to Watch
Grab some popcorn and a giant soda.
12 min
MAGA, but for coffee | Tell Me More
Right-wing coffee shops are popping up across the country, proving yet again that America can make pretty much anything political.
14 min
A kayak that made me appreciate where I come fr...
On surviving the pandemic and connecting to a familiar place.
8 min
The 51st state | Tell Me More
The House of Representatives recently voted to make Washington, DC, the 51st state in the union, something many residents have wanted for a long time.
11 min
Questlove made the music documentary of the sum...
Summer of Soul tells an important, forgotten story — and it's a total blast.
8 min
No, Biden isn’t coming for your burger | Tell M...
A rumor has taken hold among some Republicans that President Joe Biden wants to curtail America’s meat consumption — a rumor that, to be clear, isn’t true.
14 min
Apocalypse books, now! | Ask A Book Critic
The world of apocalyptic fiction.
8 min
Air travel sucks now | Tell Me More
Terry Nguyen, a reporter at The Goods by Vox, explains why air travel this summer is so chaotic.
10 min
Don’t fear the wrinkle | What's the Story?
Why wrinkles are having their day in the sun
11 min
Fast, Furious, and a helluva good time | What t...
Vroom vroom.
12 min
Did mask mandates and school closures make a di...
Vox’s Dylan Scott discusses what did and didn’t work in America’s pandemic response, and why it’s hard to even begin to figure it out.
14 min
The simple joys of the NYC ferry | The Best Mon...
Reason No. 1 to take the ferry: It’s not the subway.
7 min
Why the internet is a luxury | Tell Me More
America already had a problem with internet access. The pandemic showed us just how bad that problem was.
12 min
The death of ‘girlboss’ | What's the Story?
The real meaning behind ‘gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss’
13 min
Cops, kink, and Pride | Tell Me More
June is Pride Month, a moment to celebrate the queer community and advocate for LGBTQ rights.
12 min
The adventures of cool old ladies | Ask a Book ...
It's a tough request considering the publishing industry hasn't demonstrated much interest in these types of stories.
4 min
A housing bubble? | Tell Me More
The last time we saw such a frenzy in the housing market, about 15 years ago, it ended in a crash. Now, it’s hard not to wonder whether the US economy is headed in the same direction.
13 min
The enduring legacy of Dawsoncrying.gif | Tell ...
The definitive oral history behind the legendary internet artifact
12 min
“In the Heights” rocks! | What to Watch
Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway hit couldn’t have come at a better moment.
11 min
Where on the internet is Donald Trump? | Tell M...
The former president was kicked off social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in the wake of the Capitol riots. Where is he now?
12 min
Learning to skateboard in my 30s | The Best Mon...
It was the easiest decision Steve Rousseau ever made, despite the fact that he’s 32 years old and has no health insurance.
11 min
Corporate America is over the pandemic | Tell M...
After a pandemic year of brands telling us “we’re all in this together” and corporations calling their workers “heroes,” companies are ready to move on.
14 min
Why everyone’s favorite TikTok stars are boring...
Why the TikTok to Hollywood pipeline doesn’t always produce the most interesting stars
9 min
Let's all go to the drive-in | What to Watch
Drive-in movie theaters have made a comeback.
12 min
The problem with work is work | Tell Me More
The Covid-19 pandemic exposed America’s problem with work culture.
8 min
Books that explore cities (feat. N.K. Jemisin) ...
A caller requests a sprawling nonfiction book that tells you about a city
8 min
It’s about to be a Thigh Guy Summer | What's th...
And this particular obsession has been a long time coming.
7 min
Our go-to comfort shows | What to Watch
The shows we watch to feel happy and at peace.
11 min
A billionaire, a cryptocurrency, and a disaster...
Crypto philanthropy is a burgeoning field, and one with lots of unique complications.
11 min
Spanish lessons during the Trump presidency |...
As a Latina, the uneven Spanish Mara Theresa Hart carried since childhood no longer felt like enough.
8 min
So are the Olympics happening or what? | Tell M...
The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo are getting a second chance in 2021 after being postponed due to the pandemic.
13 min
Book publishing’s existential crisis | What's t...
Who deserves a book deal?
12 min
“Hacks” will have you laughing out loud | What ...
The HBO Max series features national treasure Jean Smart, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” alum Kaitlin Olson, and newcomer Hannah Einbinder.
9 min
Cancel culture, canceled | Tell Me More
You probably think you know what cancel culture is, but do you really?
12 min
Books with twist endings (feat. Susan Choi) | A...
Everyone loves a plot twist
8 min
MAGA, but for coffee | Tell Me More
Right-wing coffee shops are popping up across the country, proving yet again that America can make pretty much anything political.
14 min
Buy now, pay later...but read the fine print | ...
Afterpay, Klarna, Affirm: how buy now, pay later is spreading beyond retail
9 min
One of 2021’s best shows | What to Watch
The Underground Railroad debuts Friday, May 14, on Amazon Prime Video. It runs for 10 episodes that range in length from 20 minutes to 77 minutes.
9 min
The great lumber shortage of 2021 | Tell Me More
Lumber mania is sweeping North America. Prices are skyrocketing, and lumber supplies are scarce.
14 min
Aubrey Gordon’s travel talisman | The Best Mone...
Aubrey Gordon, co-host of Maintenance Phase and the writer behind ‘Your Fat Friend’ on what it’s like to board a plane as a fat person.
9 min
“Asian American” | Tell Me More
The term “Asian American” has helped build political power, it’s also left many people feeling marginalized and erased.
10 min
The enduring legacy of Dawsoncrying.gif | What'...
The definitive oral history behind the legendary internet artifact.
12 min
Live. Watch. Pose | What to Watch
A family drama that imagines the underprivileged and underloved of a whole city as its family.
8 min
The housing boom, but for renters | Tell Me More
America’s high-flying housing market might mean you’ll be renting forever — or, at least, for quite some time.
9 min
Under-the-radar library books | Ask a Book Critic
A caller requests books that likely aren’t checked out from her local library.
4 min
No, Biden isn’t coming for your burger | Tell M...
A rumor has taken hold among some Republicans that President Joe Biden wants to curtail America’s meat consumption — a rumor that, to be clear, isn’t true.
14 min
Moderna Mafia vs. Pfizer Pham vs. J&JHive | Wha...
Why the budding rivalries over vaccines are the "just for lolz" kind of fun we need.
8 min
Too old for Disney, too young for The CW | What...
Movies and shows fit for a tween.
16 min
Fashion's environmental impact isn't 100% known...
Exactly how bad is the fashion industry for the environment?
11 min
The 51st state | Tell Me More
The House of Representatives recently voted to make Washington, DC, the 51st state in the union, something many residents have wanted for a long time.
9 min
It’s about to be a Thigh Guy Summer | What's th...
And this particular obsession has been a long time coming.
7 min
Should hot spots get more vaccines? | Tell Me More
For months, the primary tools we had to combat Covid-19 outbreaks were testing, distancing, and masks. Now there’s a new and highly effective tool: vaccines.
10 min
8 Oscar Best Picture nominees. 7 films worth wa...
“[This] movie should be thrown in prison.”
15 min
A plan to protect the planet | Today, Explained...
The New York Times' Catrin Einhorn breaks down the biodiversity crisis, the ‘30 by 30’ movement to counter it, and where indigenous communities fit into the picture.
14 min
Bonus: The Super League | Worldly
We gave Alex Ward, Vox's Chief Soccer Fan, 10 minutes to rant about the Super League
9 min
How Nigeria explains the climate crisis | Worldly
In a very special Earth Month episode, Zack, Jenn, and Alex use Nigeria as a case study to uncover the deep reasons why it’s so hard for the world to quit fossil fuels.
11 min
Is nuclear energy good or bad? | Today, Explain...
One way to power the future
14 min
The complicated history of wildlife conservatio...
What can the past tell us about the future of fighting extinction?
10 min
A HEPA filter for my parents | The Best Money I...
The complicated reality of clean air
7 min
It’s electric! | Today, Explained in 10
Last year, more than half of new cars sold in Norway were fully electric.
12 min
Books for a gardening novice | Ask a Book Critic
What makes gardens attractive and emotionally fulfilling
6 min
What can we learn from South Korea's pandemic r...
Vox's Dylan Scott joins Matt and Dara to talk about South Korea's response to Covid-19
7 min
The case for climate optimism | Today, Explaine...
A conversation with writer David Wallace-Wells about where he’s hopeful about our climate future.
14 min
The blunt truth about weed farms | Tell Me More
The environmental cost of growing marijuana is quite a bit higher than you might think, especially when growing indoors.
11 min
Peanut butter and jellyfish | Today, Explained ...
And other items from the lunch menu of 2050.
11 min
Welcome to the age of Big Shroom | What's the S...
From magic mushrooms to mushroom coffee
6 min
Will the superpowers unite on climate? | Tell M...
The United States and China play leading roles in the global response to climate change: Together, they account for 43 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions.
11 min
America awaits a verdict | Today, Explained in 10
The trial of Derek Chauvin
9 min
The strangest environmental film you’ll ever se...
An epic story of the universe inside the confines of one boring, ordinary house.
12 min
America is finally leaving Afghanistan | Worldly
Zack, Jenn, and Alex talk about President Joe Biden’s announcement that all remaining US troops will withdraw from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021.
8 min
The Echo Park eviction | Today, Explained in 10
Los Angeles moved some unhoused residents into hotel rooms, but advocates say that won't be enough to address the nation's looming mass evictions.
9 min
How to replace everything in the industrialized...
A preview of climate writer and Vox contributor David Roberts' conversation with Jessika Trancik, Associate Professor at the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society at M.I.T.
10 min
The viral ghosts of long Covid | Unexplainable
Scientists don’t understand why so many people suffer from Covid-19 symptoms for months, long after they stop testing positive.
4 min
Gaetzgate | Today, Explained in 10
Rep. Gaetz is under investigation by the Department of Justice for allegedly paying women for sex and child sex trafficking
10 min
Why are Lakeith Stanfield and Daniel Kaluuya bo...
The Judas and the Black Messiah stars are both stuck with second fiddle.
10 min