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A bite-sized daily podcast from the Culture and The Goods teams at Vox that goes wherever our (and your!) pop culture and consumerism curiosities take us. Hear the stories behind the news and trends, get personal about purchases, and find your next book or binge watch. New episodes daily, Monday to Friday. Each 15 minutes or less.

Society & Culture
A quick goodbye (and thank you!)
We’re going to make this goodbye short and sweet: Vox Quick Hits is ending.
1 min
What you should have watched this summer | What...
Some of the best TV and movies of summer 2021 you might have missed.
13 min
Cocktails and caviar before my C-section | The ...
Why a dinner of oysters, caviar, and champagne the night before giving birth was the best $298 writer Gray Chapman has ever spent.
13 min
How to find yourself in a book | Ask a Book Critic
Seeing yourself in a disabled protagonist.
5 min
$20,000 on Starbucks | The Best Money I Ever Spent
One venti iced coffee with hazelnut, soy, and caramel drizzle, please.
9 min
Welcome to The White Lotus | What to Watch
The HBO series paints a bleak picture of humanity. Or does it?
8 min
Help me love reading again | Ask a Book Critic
Exhilarating books to help you get out of a reading rut.
9 min
Back to school | What to Watch
Three movies and a TV show perfect for back-to-school season.
11 min
$3,000 on dog training | The Best Money I Ever ...
At first, their adopted dog was an angel. Then suddenly he wasn’t.
12 min
CODA | What to Watch
CODA is a big-hearted crowd pleaser about a teen and her deaf family.
11 min
The sex, drugs, and murder reading list | Ask a...
Constance recommends books like The Secret History.
11 min
Vacation mode on | What to Watch
4 perfect summer vacation films
11 min
A ticket for a concert I never went to | The Be...
Why going to a concert alone is liberating.
8 min
The Green Knight is brilliant — and baffling | ...
An excellent adventure in Gawain’s world.
11 min
The Wonder Years, but make it books | Ask A Boo...
Constance Grady recommends books that feel like The Wonder Years.
10 min
Gold medal-worthy movies and TV | What to Watch
Our favorite sports movies, TV shows, and episodes.
15 min
Expired food is a myth | Tell Me More
Everything you think you know about "best before" labels is probably wrong.
15 min
K-pop is everywhere but on the radio | Tell Me ...
Despite K-pop’s takeoff online in the US and all over the globe, most American radio DJs still find most of it too risky to play for a Top 40 audience.
15 min
TikTok made me buy it | Tell Me More
How TikTok makes products fly off the shelves...and then and flame out faster than ever.
10 min
A Keurig that brought me closer to my mom | Th...
Katherine Oung’s mother says “I love you” with plates of cut fruit. Katherine say it with cups of coffee.
10 min
Comedies you can watch in a weekend | What to W...
3 lolz for your weekend.
11 min
The pros and cons of eating bugs | Tell Me More
In many parts of the world, insects are a regular part of people’s diets. That’s not the case in the United States, but perhaps it should be.
14 min
The myth of pandemic productivity | Tell Me More
It’s okay if you didn’t become a better person during the pandemic.
11 min
How big business exploits small business | Tell...
And how to actually help small businesses.
11 min
Our brains never log off the internet | Ask a B...
Books about our online brains.
10 min