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Society & Culture
High crimes | Today, Explained in 10
The state of cannabis legalization across the country
9 min
What it means to be a "good" rich person | Vox ...
Vox columnist Anne Helen Petersen talks with sociologist Rachel Sherman about her research into the anxieties of wealthy people and their desire to be seen as "middle class."
6 min
Who is the real George Soros? | Vox Conversatio...
7 min
Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan | Today...
The plan would pay for a lot more than just roads and bridges. It also includes funding for long-term care and manufacturing.
9 min
What is "manifesting"? | One Good Answer
The latest internet wellness craze is thinking your way to a better life. Whether it works or not isn’t really the point.
5 min
What should we expect from Biden's judicial nom...
Matt and Dara talk with Vox judicial reporter Ian Millhiser about Biden's court appointments, and look ahead to the future of the judiciary
7 min
Making tennis a misdemeanor | Today, Explained ...
The proposals are the latest in a series of anti-trans policies pushed by GOP legislators in recent years
9 min
Skeleton Lake | Unexplainable
When scientists examined the DNA of ancient bones found near a Himalayan lake, they were forced to confront a seemingly impossible conclusion.
4 min
The new wave of anti-trans legislation, explain...
Why Republicans are trying to ban trans girls from school sports.
9 min
Ship happens | Today, Explained in 10
The Evergiven, a Japanese cargo ship chartered by a Taiwanese shipping company flying the Panamanian flag and bound for the Netherlands, finally floated down the Suez Canal today after being stuck for six days.
7 min
A millennial and a Gen Zer explain the latest g...
Why is there beef and why should we care?
10 min
Why so many houseless people didn’t get their s...
Not everyone who’s eligible got their stimulus check.
7 min
Comfort shows | What to Watch
What we watch to feel happy and at peace.
10 min
Why the gun control debate is stuck | Today, Ex...
And what to do about it
10 min
Your questions about the world, answered | Worl...
From the many great listener questions sent in over the last several weeks, the gang picked four to answer in this week’s episode.
9 min
The end of minty cigarettes? | Today, Explained...
85% of Black smokers say they prefer menthol cigarettes
9 min
The border, explained by someone who knows it i...
8 min
Why the Senate won’t pass gun control reform | ...
It all comes down to the filibuster
9 min
Books for a quarterlife crisis | Ask a Book Critic
If you’re a 20-something and feeling a little lost
5 min
What problems can gun control solve? | The Weeds
Matt, Dara, and Vox's Jerusalem Demsas discuss the politics of progressive control proposals in the wake of mass shootings
4 min
WTF is an NFT? | Today, Explained in 10
From the art world to the NBA, lots of people are cashing in on a craze for unique digital assets known as NFTs
9 min
What lies beneath our feet? | Unexplainable
A preview of Unexplainable, Episode 3: Journey Toward the Center of the Earth
2 min
Student debt, part 2: The case against forgiven...
Is student loan forgiveness an effective way to stimulate the economy?
9 min
AnchoRage | Today, Explained in 10
Biden's Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had a tense meeting with China's top diplomats in Anchorage, Alaska
9 min
Why we need to talk about inherited wealth | Wh...
What to expect from “the great wealth transfer”
7 min