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A bite-sized daily podcast from the Culture and The Goods teams at Vox that goes wherever our (and your!) pop culture and consumerism curiosities take us. Hear the stories behind the news and trends, get personal about purchases, and find your next book or binge watch. New episodes daily, Monday to Friday. Each 15 minutes or less.

Society & Culture
$80 on TSA PreCheck | The Best Money I Ever Spent
While an absolutely incredible value, TSA PreCheck status shouldn't exist, comedian and writer Josh Gondelman argues. Still, it's the best $80 he has ever spent.
7 min
Looking for literary glamour | Ask a Book Critic
For those times you need to live vicariously through someone else's exciting and fabulous life.
5 min
What Bridgerton gets right about race | What's ...
Is the new Netflix hit series an alternate universe or a period history?
9 min
Trump is who we are | Tell Me More
President Donald Trump is not an anomaly, he’s an American consistency, one that many people — namely white people — often overlook.
11 min
The first global vaccination | Today, Explained...
Was distributed by 22 orphans.
9 min
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