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For fans of the New York Islanders.

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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 205 - Research and ...
Mike and Dan wrap up the Stanley Cup final, look ahead to the draft and talk some trash about ESPN's first season of hockey in two decades.
73 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 13 - Ch...
Mike and Dan are joined by friend and longtime Islanders fan Eric Needell to talk about Chris Simon, a tough guy who packed a lot into his short time on Long Island.
67 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 204 - Deep Pocketed...
Mike and Dan revel in the New York Rangers' demise after a terrifying playoff run, and look around the NHL at what could be a very active offseason.
67 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 12 - Ra...
Mike and Dan are joined by Nick Costa of the legendary Offsides Tavern to talk about Raffi Torres, an infamous NHL player that most people forgot even was an Islander.
43 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 203 - A Very Specif...
Mike and Dan ramble and rant about a range of NHL topics, from strange playoff bedfellows to prospect coverage to old guy veneration.
65 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 11 - Va...
Lighthouse Hockey’s Steven Smith joins Mike and Dan to talk about Valtteri Filppula, who went from indefensible signing to indispensable Islander in just a few months.
49 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 10 - Th...
Along with Desmond Zantua of the Through the Island podcast, Mike and Dan talk about five import players who didn't want to become Islanders. Some stayed a little while, some longer and one not at all.
77 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 202 - Once Every 20...
Mike and Dan examine the Islanders naming Lane Lambert head coach, some big stories from the first round of the playoffs and then answer listener questions.
110 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 201 - Sufficiently ...
Mike and Dan attempt to process the news of the Islanders firing Barry Trotz, the coach with the tightest connection to the Islanders fanbase.
48 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 200 - More Weird Th...
In their 200th episode, Mike and Dan reflect on the Islanders season, the exit interviews of the players and their unique brand of interaction with listeners.
72 min
Islanders Award Winners - Bryan Trottier, Calde...
Lighthouse Hockey’s second series of audio documentaries begins with a rookie season for the ages for an instant No. 1 center.
49 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 9 - Sta...
Arthur Staple of The Athletic puts together an entire starting lineup of short time Islanders from his years covering the team.
73 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 199 - Guard of Honor
Mike and Dan talk about Ilya Sorokin's extraordinary week and pay tribute to the career and impact of Islanders legend Mike Bossy.
69 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 198 - The Bad Times...
Mike and Dan look at one satisfying win and two hugely disappointing losses for the Islanders, who have a zombie three weeks ahead of them for the first time in three seasons.
63 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 8 - Cap...
Dan and former AHL reporter Bob Dittmeier reminisce about the Capital District Islanders, the New York Islanders’ upstate-based farm team from the early ‘90s and players like Graeme Townshend, Greg Parks, Jamie McLennan and more.
59 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 197 - Close to Bein...
Mike and Dan recap the Islanders four wins (!) this week and let themselves enjoy a team continuing to make games meaningful into the season’s final month.
58 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 196 - Be Your Own U...
Mike and Dan recap a spectacularly bad weekend for the Islanders and discuss GM Lou Lamoriello's words following the trade deadline.
66 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 7 - Wad...
Mike and Dan talk with Isles Fix's Joe Buono about goalie Wade Dubielewicz, a cult Islanders legend with a one-of-a-kind career arc.
56 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 195 - We're Incredi...
Mike and Dan recap the 2022 NHL Trade deadline, in which the Islanders made zero (0) trades but two (2) signings.
76 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 194 - Rooting for t...
In a super-sized trade deadline spectacular, Mike and Dan recap the Islanders three game winning streak and talk about what they think the team will (and, more importantly will not) do this week.
81 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 6 - Ser...
Dan and Nick Giglia of invaluable referendum blog "Let There Be Lighthouse" talk about how Sergei Nemchinov was a winner who played for the Islanders at the wrong time.
58 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 193 - Every Loss is...
Mike and Dan look at the good (some) and bad (also some) of the Islanders' last week and the promising signs that have, unfortunately, started to arrive a little too late.
79 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 192 - Opening A Can...
Mike and Dan recap a week of good Islanders performances (with one shameful loss) and wonder where the team's younger players go after this weird season.
63 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 5 - Tho...
Joined by Lighthouse Hockey's own Jenny Berman, Mike and Dan discuss how Thomas Vanek spent 47 games with the Islanders that were somehow both completely inconsequential and yet totally changed the direction of the franchise..
48 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 191 - Waiting for T...
Mike and Dan look again at the Islanders' maddening pattern of wins and lamentable losses, and how their trade deadline will affect their overall direction.
63 min