Islanders Anxiety: A New York Islande...

For fans of the New York Islanders.

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Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 47 - Ra...
Joined by Penguins writer and fan Adam Gretz, Mike and Dan remember Randy Robitaille, who had a surprisingly productive NHL career for several teams.
73 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 286 - The Assassina...
Mike and Dan wade into the aftermath of the Islanders 4-2 win over the Rangers, including a coach tirade, bad acting, entitlement and anger. Sponsored by Hot Topic.
61 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 285 - Stressful to ...
Mike and Dan try to make sense of the Islanders' recent turnaround, that saw them win four straight and vault into third place in the Metro Division.
91 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 284 - You're the De...
Mike and Dan examine an up-and-down trip to Florida and the Islanders' refusal to recognize their precarious situation, and recap their first ever live event.
79 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 46 - An...
Dan and Kevin Schultz from take a look at some Islanders minor league affiliates of the past and the surprising players who skated for them.
72 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 283 - A Season of R...
Mike and Dan recap a week of brief hope and crushing defeats as the hard working Islanders teams of just a few years ago finally disappear for good.
81 min
Islanders Anxiety - Bonus Episode - Five Though...
Mike and Dan dissect a rare Islanders segment from Sportsnet's venerable 32 Thoughts podcast about the club's current losing streak and clouded playoff race.
47 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 282 - Toxic Relatio...
Mike and Dan move their scheduled recording up a day to rant about the Islanders' four-game losing streak and lack of response in games.
72 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 45 - Al...
Joined by returning guest Nick Giglia, we celebrate goalie Al Montoya, who took a long road to the NHL and looked for a half season like more found money for the scrappy Islanders.
71 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 281 - The Monster's...
Despite the end of their six game winning streak and some scary games ahead, Mike and Dan remain hopeful about the Islanders' playoff chances (and the Penguins' demise).
94 min
SPECIAL: Monthly Mail Bag podcast - Trade Deadl...
A special episode of just trade deadline-related questions from our Patreon-only Monthly Mail Bag podcast for March 2024.
31 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 280 - Hi. We're Dif...
Mike and Dan recap the Islanders stunning week of huge wins that put them back in the playoff picture, and look ahead at this Friday's trade deadline.
98 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 44 - Ju...
First ever Weird Islanders guest Carey Haber is back to chat with Mike and Dan about Justin Papineau, the vaunted return in the trade of Chris Osgood that turned out to not be.
56 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 279 - A Waste of Time
After two awful losses and one wobbly win in a crucial week, Mike and Dan discuss how this Islanders season has felt like a huge waste of time for everyone.
95 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 278 - Thousand Yard...
Mike and Dan react to the Islanders' gut-wrenching loss in the Stadium Series game against the Rangers at Met Life Stadium and a season full of gut-wrenching losses.
91 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 43 - Ch...
Joined again by podcaster and actor Michael Paul Smith, we remember when the Islanders were gifted two time Stanley Cup champion goalie Chris Osgood, who helped their quick transformation in the early 2000’s.
84 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 277 - A Carnival of...
Mike and Dan look back at an eventful week for the Islanders and elsewhere, with big wins, a frustrating loss, controversies and maybe some light tax evasion.
103 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 276 - An Absolute T...
Mike and Dan come out of the NHL All Star Break with no idea how the Islanders will fare in the crucial next few games and with an epic edition of Master Leaf Theatre.
102 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 42 - Mi...
Mike and Dan catch up with editor and all around Islanders luminary Brian Compton and remember Michael Dal Colle, a high first round pick who took the long road to become a fine defensive forward.
54 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 275 - Macro vs Micr...
With a bye week for the Islanders looming, Mike and Dan look at a potpourri of topics including more irritating losses, small strides and the team's big picture outlook.
107 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 274 - The New Roy O...
Mike and Dan recap the first game of the Islanders' Patrick Roy experience, and reflect on some of the bigger stories at play in this new era.
81 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 273 - ROY't the Hel...
Mike is back from Mexico, Lane Lambert is finally out and Patrick Roy is the Islanders' new coach. We try to unpack it all in a special emergency episode.
70 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 41 - Pe...
Joined by producer and podcaster Tyler Gildin, we remember forward Peter Regin, who came to Long Island to play with his countryman Frans Nielsen and left soon in a deal that quietly remade a few teams.
62 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 272 - There's a Fir...
Dan is joined by Nassaumen Hockey podcast co-host Jon Zella to recap a week of ugly losses and thrilling wins with the Islanders still missing something halfway through the season.
78 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 271 - Drag Us Throu...
Mike and Dan recap missed opportunities on a Southwestern road trip, look ahead to an annoying week and make a MONUMENTAL ANNOUNCEMENT.
90 min