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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 267 - That Look In ...
Mike and Dan recap the Islanders' two big wins after their disastrous loss to San Jose, and prepare for a tough week against the Leafs, Ducks, Bruins and Habs.
100 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 38 - Ke...
Joined by Marc Sabourin, aka Sab, aka the creator of one of the best Islanders channels on YouTube, Mike and Dan remember goalie Kevin Poulin, who played less and won more internationally than most realize.
69 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 266 - Don't Have Words
The title is meant to be ironic. We have plenty of words to describe the Islanders' latest third period disasterpiece, a 5-4 OT loss to the San Jose Sharks that's left everyone angry and beyond frustrated.
46 min
Islanders Award Winners: Mathew Barzal, Calder ...
The finale to our series of audio documentaries. Throughout a season of chaos, Mathew Barzal fulfilled the promise of his sparkling junior hockey days and stunned fans and rivals with his high level of skill, absurd skating abilities and fearlessness.
80 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 265 - A Couple Diff...
Mike and Dan react to a wild week in which the Islanders won two of three on the road despite continuing their bad habits. Listen for a few important announcements as well.
87 min
Islanders Award Winners: Denis Potvin, Norris T...
Our series of audio documentaries continues. The Islanders win their first regular season championship and Potvin has, to this day, the best single season a defensemen has ever had for this franchise.
71 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 264 - A New Phase
Mike and Dan recap (and differ) on the Islanders last week, which saw them pick up five of six points, play a game with just four defensemen and acquire a player they advocated for years ago.
82 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 37 - Mi...
Joined by Gotham Sports Network founder and Giants podcaster Ethan, Mike and Dan remember Mike Comrie, who brought a lot of skill and a very famous significant other to a downtrodden Islanders club.
57 min
Islanders Award Winners: Denis Potvin, Norris T...
Our series of audio documentaries continues. By maturing emotionally and professionally, Denis Potvin was able to return to the top of the NHL defenseman pecking order.
45 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 263 - Alone in the ...
Mike and Dan try to make sense of the Islanders' bizarre road trip through Western Canada and discuss a possible change behind the bench..
87 min
Islanders Award Winners: Billy Smith, Conn Smyt...
Our series of audio documentaries continues. After a rocky regular season, the “real” Islanders showed up in the 1983 playoffs, led by the man they called “The Money Goalie.”
44 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 262 - We Saw It Coming
Mike and Dan lament a fruitless, frustrating week for the Islanders that left fans, coaches and players pissed off in equal measure.
76 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 36 - Ta...
Joined by their friend Arthur Staple of The Athletic, Mike and Dan remember a rare NHL five-for-one trade that didn't really work out for either the Islanders or Maple Leafs.
58 min
Islanders Award Winners: Billy Smith and Roland...
Our series of audio documentaries continues with “Battlin’ Billy” and “Rollie The Goalie” bailing the three-time champs out of trouble during a tumultuous season.
55 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 261 - A Confusing T...
Mike and Dan recap a week in which the Islander picked up a lot of points while blowing leads and generally not playing their best.
81 min
Islanders Award Winners: Mike Bossy, Calder Tro...
Our series of audio documentaries continues. While Bossy breaks an NHL record, the Islanders break through as a division winner and the Maple Leafs break the Islanders in the playoffs.
53 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 260 - Still on the ...
Mike and Dan discuss the Islanders' 2-1-0 week that banked them four big points and kept them in the thick of the Metro Division.
79 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 35 - Al...
Mike and Dan kick off another season celebrating short-time Isles with ESPN's Greg Wyshynski discussing Alexander Semak, a notable Devil and forgotten Islander.
65 min
Islanders Award Winners: Mike Bossy, Calder Tro...
Our series of audio documentaries continues with the first half of a look at one of the most epic rookie seasons in NHL history.
36 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 259 - Good, Bad and...
Mike and Dan recap the Islanders first full week of the season, one that saw some great performances and some bewildering ones.
89 min
Islanders Award Winners: Mark Fitzpatrick, Mast...
Our series of audio documentaries continues with a promising goalie facing something much scarier than NHL shooters.
80 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 258 - Apologies To ...
Mike and Dan recap the Islanders opening night win over Buffalo and the loss of Ross Johnston, and debut a new bit, "Master Leaf Theatre."
67 min
Islanders Award Winners: Al Arbour, Jack Adams ...
Our series of audio documentaries returns with the story of Al Arbour’s one-and-only NHL Coach of the Year season.
61 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 257 - My Favorite T...
Mike and Dan begin their eighth season of Islanders coverage by looking at the preseason and ahead to changes in the team's media coverage, and making oddly specific predictions.
99 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 256 - My Mind is Clean
Mike and Dan recap some notable events of the last week including some Islanders press junkets, rookie camp and Josh Bailey's goodbye and PTO with Ottawa.
77 min