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For fans of the New York Islanders.

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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 255 - I’m Not Under...
Mike and Dan get together in the middle of a quiet summer to discuss an interview with former Islanders GM Garth Snow that tries (and fails) to change people's opinions about the events of July 1, 2018.
43 min
BONUS: Country Club Atmosphere - Dan Explains "...
In a special free episode of our Patreon exclusive non-hockey podcast, Mike gets a lesson from Dan on Bravo's Vanderpump Rules and the drama known as the "Scandoval."
65 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 254 - A Pie for Eve...
In their (probable) season finale, Mike and Dan react to the Islanders' four long contract extensions from Free Agency Day and the over-the-top national grades the team received.
103 min
BONUS: 2023 NHL Draft First Round Livestream
A recording of Mike and Dan's livestream during the first round of the 2023 NHL Entry Draft.
179 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 34 - Ki...
Along with Islanders radio color commentator Greg Picker, Mike and Dan celebrate Kip Miller, who had three stints with the team including one spectacular but short playoff run.
60 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 253 - Worst Sweepst...
Mike and Dan talk about Lou Lamoriello's press conference, trades they'd like to see, the Stanley Cup final and a potpourri of topics.
71 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 33 - Sh...
With returning guest Desmond Zantua of the Through the Island podcast, Mike and Dan remember winger Shane Prince, who counted as a big trade deadline acquisition during a dark time and had one very memorable playoff game.
66 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 252 - Once Every 10...
Mike and Dan discuss the announcement of an Islanders-Rangers Stadium Series game at Met Life Stadium next season, and their tempered reactions to it.
79 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 32 - Ro...
Joined by Broad Street Hockey Radio's Master of Fun & Games Bill Matz, Mike and Dan relive the short, strange and unsatisfying Islanders run of goalie and Flyers legend Ron Hextall.
59 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 251 - The Great Unh...
Mike and Dan discuss the status of hard-to-analyze Islanders coach Lane Lambert before wading back into the continued upheaval in Toronto.
116 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 31 - Tr...
Joined by Nassaumen Hockey podcast co-host Jon Zella, Mike and Dan remember when the Islanders acquired Trevor Linden, an actual NHL star, during a tumultuous time on an off the ice.
74 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 250 - The Opposite ...
In an impromptu milestone episode, Mike and Dan discuss the possible contract extension for GM Lou Lamoriello before diving into an extensive vivisection of the now-eliminated Maple Leafs.
112 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 249 - That's Not No...
While still waiting for the GM and coach to speak, Mike & Dan analyze the Islanders players' post-season pressers, and who said what in words and body language.
94 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 30 - Ma...
Joined by comic book writer and historian Keith Dallas, Mike and Dan remember Oklahoma-born defenseman Matt Donovan, who endured many high hopes and trade proposals during his short time with the Islanders.
64 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 248 - So Unnecessar...
Mike and Dan recap the Islanders' stunning loss in overtime of Game 6 against Carolina, and the many factors that doomed them (and might continue to doom them in the future)
76 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 247 - Confused and ...
Mike and Dan recap a literally unbelievable Islanders win in Game 5 against the Hurricanes, and look ahead to Game 6 at UBA Arena.
59 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 246 - Halfway Betwe...
Mike and Dan hash out the Islanders' Game 4 loss to the Hurricanes and the bizarre, inexplicable decisions made by both the players and the officials.
77 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 245 - No Rub of the...
Mike and Dan recap Games 1 & 2 of the Islanders series against the Hurricanes and all of the insane things that went wrong for them.
68 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 29 - Ro...
Mike and Dan are joined by Lisa, a longtime Islanders fan and owner of the indispensable @Islandermania on Twitter, to remember Rob Schremp, whose slick moves and potential were highlight for fans during the early rebuild period.
49 min
SPECIAL - Fans First Sports Network NHL Playoff...
Hockey podcasters from around the Fans First Sports Network discuss the first round of the 2023 NHL playoffs in a special roundtable
119 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 244 - The Favored U...
Mike and Dan preview the playoff series between the Islanders and Carolina Hurricanes and why the Isles are a trendy pick to upset the Metro Division winners.
66 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 243 - Most Relaxing...
In their second emergency podcast of the week. Mike and Dan exhale as the Islanders finally clinch a playoff berth (and eliminate the Penguins) with a win over Montreal.
48 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 242 - Dreading the ...
Mike and Dan react to the Islanders' 5-2 loss in Washington on Monday night, a devastating blow to their playoff hopes.
40 min
Islanders Anxiety - Episode 241 - The World Sto...
Mike and Dan look back at a week in which the Islanders won two crucial games, the moment that it all could have come crashing down and Bo Horvat blasting the Canucks.
74 min
Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 28 - Tw...
Joined by wrestling podcaster and former sportswriter Phil Strum, Mike and Dan remember two short time Islanders who became general managers as well as the most obscure player we have ever featured.
66 min