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For fans of the Dallas Mavericks. (Test)

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Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Parker Fleming talkin...
Kirk and Parker talk about the Grizzlies off season and expectations
23 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Anthony Irwin talking...
Kirk visits with his long time friend Anthony about the Lakers off season and the West next year
34 min
Mavs Moneyball Live: Late Night Shots
Kirk and a variety of callers talk shop
65 min
After Dark: Catching up on an off-season before...
Kirk and Josh catch up
40 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm: SJ from the 21 Going on 7...
Kirk is joined by Twitter friend and fellow Mavs podcaster SJ to talk shop
36 min
Summer Mavsness: Dallas loses to the Suns and a...
Kirk and friends ramble about the Mavericks for close to an hour
63 min
After Dark: Dallas falls versus Utah, but AJ La...
Kirk and Matthew talk about the Dallas loss and take aways
27 min
Mavs Party: Jaden Hardy Party
Kirk hosts a Summer League Spotify Live
36 min
After Dark: Dallas falls to Chicago, but Jaden ...
The Mavericks fall, but it's a game full of upside for the Mavericks
22 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Luke Askew talking Su...
Kirk and Luka talk about his top 5 most intriguing prospects on the Dallas Summer League team
30 min
Moneyball Minute: Off-season update and Dirk an...
News and notes to start Tuesday
7 min
Group Therapy: Goran Dragic signs with Chicago ...
A Sunday afternoon conversation on all things Mavericks
117 min
Group Therapy? Dallas fans get together after a...
Kirk is joined by Josh and Dozens of Mavs fans on Spotify Live to talk shop
131 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Fred Katz of the Athl...
Kirk and Fred discuss Jalen Brunson heading to the Knicks
22 min
Group Therapy: Jalen Brunson is going to the Kn...
Kirk and friends talk for .... a long time
189 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Seth Partnow of Stats...
Kirk's joined by one of the smartest people in basketball
14 min
After Dark: the Jalen Brunson of it all
Kirk and Josh discuss the rapidly changing Jalen Brunson situation
26 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Luke Askew talking 20...
Kirk and Luke recap the draft with a couple of days for things to settle
35 min
Mavs Party! Jaden Hardy, welcome to Dallas
Dallas selects Jaden Hardy with the 37th pick
65 min
Moneyball Minute: Brunson rumors are all over t...
News and notes for a Thursday
6 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Matej Petek on Sloven...
Kirk listens to Matej educate on a number of European basketball things, including the World Cup qualifiers and Eurobasket
40 min
Moneyball Minute: Summer League Schedule, What ...
News and notes for a Tuesday
6 min
Moneyball Minute: Power rankings, Quinton Crawf...
News and notes to start your week
10 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Bobby Karalla, again!
A podcast recorded earlier in the week!
38 min
Mavs Party! Dallas trades for Christian Wood
Kirk, Josh, Marc Stein, Kevin O'Connor, Tim Cato and Dozens more joined the show to talk the trade and Mavericks in general
145 min