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Mavs Party! Dallas finally gets a buzzer beater...
Kirk and friends talk on Spotify Live
25 min
After Dark: A Dallas buzzer beater finally goes...
Kirk and Josh recap a real fun Friday night game
22 min
Mavs Party! Dallas puts away the Spurs, finally...
Kirk and friends discuss the Mavs-Spurs game and other stuff
56 min
After Dark: Dallas eventually finds a way past ...
Kirk and Josh talk about the very ugly basketball game
16 min
Group Therapy: Dallas falls to Memphis again, n...
Kirk and friends lament a loss to Memphis
83 min
After Dark: Dallas loses to Memphis for the sec...
Without Luka, Kyrie, or Wood, Dallas falls at home
23 min
Group Therapy: Dallas lets double digit road le...
Kirk and friends talk through a loss in Memphis
28 min
MMB After Dark: Grizzlies 112, Mavericks 108
Josh Bowe goes solo to talk about another disheartening Mavericks loss, this time on the road in Memphis. Josh talks about what this does to the Mavericks in the standings, the dangers of missing the playoffs, and the crazy David Roddy game.
21 min
Group Therapy: Painful loss to the Pelicans in ...
Kirk and friends process losing to the Pelicans
52 min
After Dark: Dallas loses to New Orleans, Doncic...
Kirk and Josh discuss the loss to the Pelicans
20 min
Mavs Party! Mavericks hold off Jazz to close th...
Kirk and friends touch on the win vs Utah
22 min
After Dark: Dallas skirts past Utah late
Kirk and Josh discuss an ugly win
20 min
Moneyball Minute: Path to contender status is c...
News and notes for a Tuesday game day
8 min
Group Therapy: Dallas falls late to the Suns af...
Kirk and friends hang out after a loss to the Suns
34 min
After Dark: Dallas falls late to Phoenix at home
Kirk and Josh connect after the Sunday lead game on ABC
20 min
Mavs Party! Celebrating a historic performance ...
Kirk and friends celebrate an awesome win at home
110 min
After Dark: Luka and Kyrie combine for 82, hold...
Kirk and Josh discuss a wild and fun win over the Sixers
25 min
Group Therapy: The losing, it stinks a lot
Kirk and company talk on Spotify Live
82 min
After Dark: Dallas cannot rally, loses to Indiana
Kirk and Josh lament another bad Dallas loss
35 min
Moneyball Minute: Fatal flaws, taking responsib...
Start your Tuesday with some Dallas thoughts
8 min
Group Therapy: We're all bystanders to another ...
Kirk and friends lament a painful loss on Spotify Live
79 min
After Dark: Dallas gives up 27 point lead, fall...
Kirk and Josh talk out the first inexplicable loss in a while
20 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Anthony Irwin talking...
Kirk and Anthony talk about the state of the Lakers and preview the Mavericks-Lakers game
29 min
Group Therapy: Dallas scores 142 on San Antonio
Kirk and friends talk about a satisfying Dallas win
21 min
After Dark: Dallas thumps San Antonio at home
Kirk and Josh discuss a fun win against a bad SA team
26 min