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MMB After Dark: Jazz 123, Mavericks 119
Don't let the final score fool you -- the Mavericks got their asses kicked. Josh is flying solo with Kirk on the shelf with a fever and he really doesn't have much to say. Crappy defense, crappy energy and another befuddling home loss, despite the pulse the Mavericks showed during parts of the second half..
14 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 116, Hornets 100
After a fairly convincing Mavericks win in Charlotte, Josh and Kirk talk about the solid effort and energy from the Mavs, Seth Curry's nova night and some more than solid WCS minutes.
14 min
MMB After Dark: Wizards 119, Mavericks 118
Mavericks lose on a buzzer beater because they can't play defense
14 min
MMB After Dark: Grizzlies 121, Mavericks 107
Dallas loses at home again, this time to the surging Grizzlies
23 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 112, Pacers 103
Jeff hops on the show to talk with Josh about what might be a top-5 win for the Mavericks this season, beating a good Indiana team on the road. We go over Kirstaps' huge night, Jalen Brunson coming through in the clutch and a steady Tim Hardaway Jr. performance.
18 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 123, Hawks 100
Josh and Kirk talk about the absolutely delightful Mavericks win against an overwhelmed Hawks team. We go over how the team was able to play well without Luka and KP, Maxi Kleber's huge value and role players stepping up.
12 min
MMB After Dark: Rockets 128, Mavericks 121
It's a solo Josh pod as he goes over the good and the bad from the Mavericks valiant effort with Luka Doncic. Josh talks about the frustrating end to the game, a great effort before that and seeing Kristaps Porzingis look like his old All-Star self again.
16 min
MMB After Dark: Suns 133, Mavericks 104
Well, that sucked! Josh is joined by Dan Const to talk about the absolute ass-beating the Mavs suffered at the hands of the Suns. We talk the weird home record, the awful defense, the historically bad third quarter and more.
19 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 107, Thunder 97
In what felt like a fairly nondescript game, Josh and Kirk talk about how good it felt for the Mavs to rebound from the Jazz loss, Delon Wright turning a corner and some Justin Jackson ranting for good measure.
18 min
MMB After Dark: Jazz 112, Mavericks 107
The Mavericks stumble late again and Josh and Kirk hash it out
23 min
MMB Radio: State of the Mavericks Part 2
Coop talks with a number of MMB staffers about a number of topics half way through the season
26 min
MMB Radio: State of the Mavericks, Part 1
Coop talks with a number of MMB staffers about a number of topics half way through the season
26 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 133, Blazers 125
Dallas gets another important road win
22 min
MMB After Dark: Clippers 110, Mavericks 107
A rough loss on all possible levels
20 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 120, Trail Blazers 112
Josh and Kirk talk about what they saw in what feels like the hundredth time the Mavericks have played a game like this. Tim Hardaway Jr. look great, there was some off-ball Luka and the Mavs just holding on while Kristaps Porzingis is hurt.
10 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 127, Kings 123
Josh is joined by Jeffery Cooperstein after the Mavericks pick up their third win in a row on the road against the Kings. The two discuss the Mavericks iffy crunch time play, Luka's marvelous passing and the late-scratch of Kristaps Porzingis.
19 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 124, Warriors 97
Dallas beats the Warriors again
11 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 109, 76ers 91
Kirk goes solo as Dallas defeats the Sixers
11 min
MMB After Dark: Lakers 129, Mavericks 114
Josh is joined by site editor-in-chief Rebecca Lawson as we talk through a disappointing loss to the Lakers. We go over the ugliness of the game, the bad first quarter and still missing Kristaps Porzingis.
15 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Harrison Faigen of Si...
Harrison Faigen of Silver Screen and Roll joins Kirk to talk Lakers before the Friday night ESPN match up
28 min
Mavs Moneyball Podcast: Ryan Broekhoff joins Da...
Ryan Broekhoff joins the Mavs Moneyball pod!
12 min
MMB After Dark: Nuggets 107, Mavericks 106
Kirk and Josh talk about another really stupid late game loss by the Mavericks
23 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Adam Mares of DNVR Sp...
Kirk and Adam talk about where both the Mavericks and Nuggets are this season
39 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 118, Bulls 110
The Mavericks bounce back with a win over the Bulls
17 min
MMB After Dark: Hornets 123, Mavericks 120
Dallas has another late game meltdown which results in a very stupid loss
23 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 123, Nets 111
Josh and Kirk talk about the Mavs snapping their two-game losing streak against a scrappy Nets team. The two talk Luka Doncic's big night, Seth Curry coming alive and Maxi Kleber being indispensable.
17 min
MMB After Dark: Thunder 106, Mavericks 101
Dallas loses another frustrating game, this time to the Thunder
12 min
MMB Radio: Talking shoes with Chris Henderson
12 min
MMB After Dark: Lakers 108, Mavericks 95
Kirk and Rebecca discuss a frustrating loss to the Los Angeles Lakers
26 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 141, Warriors 121
Kirk and John Gennaro discuss the Mavericks destroying the Warriors
15 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Sam Esfandiari of Lig...
Sam talks to Kirk about the struggles of the Warriors to date and discuss how interesting the Mavericks are
39 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 102, Spurs 98
Kirk and Josh discuss Luka's return and a win over the Spurs that was not as close as the final score
19 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm,: Holiday Edition
Kirk dishes out Christmas gifts for the Maverick players
30 min
MMB After Dark: Raptors 110, Mavericks 107
Dallas falls in Toronto despite a 30 point lead
9 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 117, Sixers 98
Jordan joins Kirk after a huge Dallas road win against the Sixers
17 min
MMB After Dark: Celtics 109, Mavericks 103
Kirk walks through the good and the bad as Dallas falls at home again
10 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 120, Bucks 116
In improbable fashion, the Mavericks beat the best team in the NBA and earned maybe their most impressive win in four years. Josh and Jeff break down how the Mavericks did it, on the road and without their MVP.
19 min
MMB After Dark: Heat 122, Mavericks 118
Josh and Kirk discuss a maddening loss to the Heat in overtime
19 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 122, Pistons 111
Josh and MMB staff writer Kevin Stump talk about the Mavs wildly entertaining win in Mexico City. We gush over Seth's meteoric game, the Luka-KP connection and Dallas' deep roster.
20 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Kirk Henderson (Mailb...
With some lag time between games Kirk answers listener questions
30 min
MMB After Dark: Kings 110, Mavericks 106
Josh and Kirk discuss the loss to the Kings halting the five game winning streak for Dallas
17 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 130, Pelicans 84
Ben Collins joins Kirk to discuss Dallas destroying the Pelicans
14 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Matt Moore of The Act...
Kirk and Matt discuss where they were wrong about Maverick win predictions, valuing certain statistics, Luka's MVP play and odds, and more
41 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 121, Timberwolves 114
Josh and Kirk talk after the Mavericks explode past the Wolves in the fourth quarter
17 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 118, Pelicans 97
Kirk and Coop talk all things Mavericks following their victory
17 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 114, Lakers 100
Kirk calls in from vacation to talk about the Mavericks impressive win in Los Angeles with Josh. We go over the dynamite third quarter from Luka and KP, the Mavs ability to persevere and the general giddiness of watching this team go to work.
13 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 120, Suns 113
A very special episode as Josh records with all of his friends after drinking a lot of White Claws at a party he was hosting at his own house. Plenty of informative Maverick takes, along with Twitter questions and a debate on favorite White Claw flavors.
11 min
MMB After Dark: Clippers 114, Mavericks 99
Los Angeles snaps Dallas' five-game win streak and staff writer Jordan Brodess joins Josh Bowe to talk the Clippers fearsome wing duo, Kristaps playing more at the five and the Mavericks general struggles against an elite team.
19 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 137, Rockets 123
Josh and Jeff talk about the Mavericks most impressive win of the season. We give our thoughts on more Luka magic, Kristaps Porzingis' complete game and the continued super nova play of Tim Hardaway Jr.
19 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 143, Cavaliers 101
Josh and Kirk (in his backyard with no power at his house) break down another Mavericks blow out. Luka being Luka, the bench mob thriving and Kristaps Porzingis' great third quarter are all discussed.
15 min
MMB Radio: Talking analytics
21 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 142, Warriors 94
Dallas destroys the Warriors, we chat about how
15 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 117, Spurs 110
A pair of amazing Maverick performances lead the way as Dallas gets their first victory over San Antonio since 2017
17 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 110, Raptors 102
Dallas bounces back with a big home win over the defending champion Toronto Raptors
17 min
MMB After Dark: Knicks 106, Mavericks 103
The Knicks beat the Mavericks AGAIN, we talk through our feelings
33 min
MMB After Dark: Celtics 116, Mavericks 106
Jeffrey Cooperstein and Kirk talk hoops after Dallas falls in Boston
17 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Jonathan Tjarks of Th...
Tjarks joins Kirk to discuss his big Luka Doncic piece from last week and the Mavericks at large
35 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 138, Grizzlies 122
Dallas bounces back with a win over the Memphis Grizzlies
9 min
MMB After Dark: Knicks 106, Mavericks 102
Kirk talks to himself for 12 minutes after the Mavericks suffer an embarrassing loss.
12 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Jared Dubin of FiveTh...
Jared walks Kirk through the early days of Kristaps Porzingis, what went wrong, the things KP brings to the table, and more
43 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 107, Magic 106
The Mavericks escape with a close home win over the Orlando Magic. Josh and Kirk break it down
17 min
MMB Radio: The state of the Mavericks
15 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 131, Cavaliers 111
Kirk does a short breakdown of the Dallas win over Cleveland
10 min
MMB After Dark: Lakers 119, Mavericks 110
Kirk and Matt discuss the overtime loss to the Los Angeles Lakers
19 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Anthony Irwin of Lock...
Anthony and Kirk talk about the early returns of from he Lakers season as well as how Dallas and LA match up
31 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 119, Nuggets 116
The heart attack Mavericks deliver a come from behind win against the Denver Nuggets
17 min
MMB After Dark: Blazers 121, Mavericks 119
Josh and Kirk discuss the first Maverick loss of the season
18 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 123, Pelicans 116
Josh and Kirk talk too much about a thrilling Mavericks-Pelicans game
25 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm: Andrew Tobolowsky, MMB Le...
Former Mavs Moneyball Editor Andrew Tobolowsky and Kirk talk Mavs, life after Dirk, and more.
34 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 108, Wizards 100
A quick recap of the highlights of the first game of the season!
10 min
MMB Radio: Maverick Season Preview
Jeffrey, Kirk, and Josh get together and touch on the major through lines for the 2019-20 season
39 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm: James Holas aka @SnottieD...
James and Kirk discuss the Maverick off-season, their place in the West, and how they can improve long term
37 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 102, Clippers 87
A quick recap of the highlights of the late Mavericks-Clippers game
10 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 107, Thunder 70
Josh and Kirk do the good, bad, and ugly with the match up against the Oklahoma City Thunder
16 min
MMB Radio: Are Mavs handling preseason the righ...
14 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm: Ben Collins of NBC News
Ben Collins joins the show so he can get his hot takes on the record before the season begins
47 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 117, Pistons 124
Josh and Kirk do the good, bad, and ugly with the match up against the Detroit Pistons
14 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 104, Thunder 119
Josh and Kirk hop on the line to discuss the first Maverick pre-season game
15 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm: Greg Wissinger of Sactown...
Kirk and Greg discuss the Sacramento off-season, some media day highlights, and preview the Western conference
62 min
MMB Radio media day preview
14 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Bobby Karalla of Mavs...
Bobby talks to Kirk about his job with before giving his takes on a number of Maverick questions on the upcoming season.
76 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Mary Henderson, GM of...
Mary and Kirk chat a little about being married to a sports hobbyist writer, her favorite Maverick moments, and the social media presence of some Dallas players
36 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Ryan Jones of SLAM
Ryan makes the NBA case for Josh Reaves, Harrison Barnes and his Slam high school diary, and a Mark Cuban story
40 min
MMB Radio: Taking a look at key dates ahead of ...
14 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Brian Schroeder
Kirk and Brian analyze a few Dallas Mavericks as developing prospects, the 2020 draft, and NBA 2k20
41 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Jason Gallagher of Th...
Kirk and Jason talk about the Mavericks heading into the season, social media workout videos, Halleluka, and more!
41 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Seth Partnow of the A...
Kirk and Seth discuss Dallas betting on small sample size players, where the Mavericks fit in the NBA analytics evolution, and what's in store this season
55 min
MMB Radio Podcast: Talking eSports
33 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Adam Mares of Denver ...
Kirk and Adam discuss the Mavericks, Nuggets, European stars, and a challenging Western Conference
29 min
The Mavs Moneyball Podcast, Episode 26: Schedul...
It's August, so there's not much to talk about. Oh wait, the schedule came out! That's something! Kirk Henderson hops on to talk about what we find interesting about the schedule and also a column Josh wrote six years ago about Mavericks free agency that still holds up today.
40 min
MMB Radio: Mavs offseason recap and USA Basketb...
17 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Matt Moore of the Act...
Matt Moore of the Action Network joins Kirk to talk Mavericks win totals, where they stand in the West, Luka Doncic, and more
51 min
Kirk's podcast is coming
3 min
NBA Summer League: Kirk & @Cosmis break down th...
18 min
Mavs Moneyball Podcast, Episode 25: What the He...
Josh and Kirk put on their ranting pants to go off on the Mavericks embarrasing first day of free agency
48 min
Mavs Moneyball Podcast, Episode 24: 2019 Free A...
We're days away from free agency officially beginning, so Kirk Henderson joins the show to go over all the takes, all the angles and all the options for the Mavericks this summer.
56 min
SPECIAL: NBA Bloggers’ Mock Draft Recap
67 min
MMB Radio: Jeffrey and Chuck Cooperstein
Jeffrey is joined by his dad Chuck, who is the radio voice of the Mavericks.
30 min
Mavs Moneyball Podcast, Episode 23: The off-sea...
With the NBA Draft lottery behind us and some free agent rumors percolating, we bring on Ian Cobb to talk some draft and off-season planning.
33 min
Mavs Moneyball Podcast, Episode 22: Discussing ...
We're back in a post-Dirk world to talk with writer TJ Macias and her piece about the Kristaps Porzingis story and some fun talk about her beloved Kings.
45 min