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Mavs Party! Holding off the Thunder and celebra...
Kirk and friends discuss all things Mavs after they defeat the Thunder at home Monday evening
51 min
After Dark: Dallas holds off Oklahoma City
The Mavericks pull out a win at home
16 min
Group Therapy: Getting crushed on night two of ...
Kirk and Mavs fans discuss a disheartening whupping at the hands of the Chicago Bulls
33 min
After Dark: Stumbling back to .500
Kirk and Josh talk about the road loss to the Bulls
28 min
Group Therapy: Free throws are pain
Kirk and friends lament a painful loss
56 min
After Dark: Mavericks can't hit free throws, lo...
Dallas loses what should've been an incredible game
5 min
Mavs Party! Dallas wins third straight game, ho...
Kirk and friends hang out after the big win in Denver
34 min
After Dark: Mavericks notch huge win on the roa...
Kirk and Josh discuss the second win in two nights
17 min
Mavs Party! Celebrating a fun win over the Phoe...
Kirk and friends revel in a great home win
50 min
After Dark: Dallas eclipses the Suns in one of ...
Josh Bowe flies solo to talk about the Mavericks dominant victory against the Western Conference-leading Phoenix Suns. Josh breaks down the Mavericks hot shooting, improved defense, Tim Hardaway Jr.'s hot streak, and Josh Green's big game.
23 min
Mavs Party! Take that New York!
Kirk and friends discuss a fun Dallas Mavericks route of the Knicks
39 min
After Dark: Mavs catch fire from three, run the...
Kirk and Josh talk about a nice bounce back win
15 min
Group Therapy: Mavericks fall to Detroit in ove...
Kirk and friends talk about the horrible loss to Detroit
71 min
After Dark: Dallas suffers yet another awful lo...
Kirk and Matthew try to make sense of the loss
20 min
Mavs Party! Dallas holds on and beats the Warri...
Kirk and friends discuss the streak breaking win
54 min
After Dark: Dallas outlasts Warriors in incredi...
Kirk and Josh discuss the exhilarating win over the Warriors
34 min
Group Therapy: Dallas loses four straight for t...
Kirk and friends discuss a loss to the Bucks
70 min
Emergency Minute: Mavericks to sign Kemba Walke...
Stein says Dallas is closing in on signing Kemba Walker
6 min
After Dark: Dallas falls in Milwaukee, now unde...
Dallas loses their fourth straight game
25 min
Group Therapy: Trying to process .500 basketbal...
Kirk and friends lament another very bad loss
57 min
After Dark: Dallas is a mess, loses to shorthan...
Kirk and Matthew talk about another bad Dallas loss
32 min
MMB Special: The night Dallas drafted Luka Doncic
Kirk and Josh from the night of the 2018 draft
50 min
Group Therapy: Talking through a tough loss to ...
Kirk and friends talk about getting run over by the Celtics
87 min
After Dark: Dallas falls to Celtics
Josh and fellow editor Ben talk about what was at least an interesting loss to the Celtics. The duo breakdown the Mavericks stagnant offense, the suspect defense, the fourth quarter comeback, and more.
27 min
Moneyball Minute: Luka and Thinking Basketball,...
News and notes to start your Tuesday
7 min