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RadioFreeMavericks: Approaching the August dead...
Kirk takes questions and thoughts from Mavericks fans on Greenroom
46 min
After Dark: Summer League Shenanigans
Kirk and Luke Askew talk about Jason Kidd and Summer League
21 min
After Dark: Free agency... ends?
Kirk and Josh talk about where Dallas goes from here
35 min
Radio Free Mavericks: Well... we're waiting!
Kirk hosts a long Green Room talking to Dallas fans
102 min
After Dark: Free Agency begins!
The Mavericks bring back THJ and sign two other role players to start free agency
30 min
After Dark: Pre-Agency 2021
Kirk and Josh cover the recent news then Kirk goes on Green Room to talk shop
24 min
After Dark: Josh Richardson traded and NBA draf...
Kirk and Josh check in about Dallas happenings
26 min
The Mavs Moneyball Podcast: Mavs pursuing Kyle ...
With free agency right around the corner, staff writer Ben Zajdel joins Josh Bowe to talk about the Mavericks chasing Kyle Lowry, punting on Kawi Leonard and more.
33 min
Radio Free Mavericks: Making it through to free...
Kirk takes questions from Dallas fans about anything on their minds
54 min
After Dark: Reviewing Dorian Finney-Smith, Will...
Three more role players to look back on
23 min
Radio Free Mavericks: Are the Mavericks close t...
Kirk hosted a Greenroom to get the thoughts from fans after the Bucks close out their first title in 50 years
59 min
Radio Free Mavericks: Sunday Scaries
Kirk talks to a ton of Mavericks fans about everything under the sun Dallas basketball
91 min
Radio Free Mavericks: Intro press conference an...
Talking about the introductory press conference with Kidd and Harrison as well as free agent hypotheticals
67 min
After Dark: Doyle Rader on the Jason Kidd and N...
Editor Doyle Rader briefs us on the introductory presser Thursday
26 min
After Dark: News then reviewing THJ, Jalen Brun...
Kirk and Josh discuss the news then press on with their player review series
38 min
Radio Free Mavericks: Free agency questions and...
Kirk took questions and talked shop with Mavs fans on Greenroom
67 min
After Dark: reviewing the seasons of Kristaps P...
Kirk and Josh continue their look back at the Dallas Mavericks roster
37 min
After Dark: reviewing the seasons of Luka Donci...
A last look at the '20-'21 season for these guys
34 min
The Mavs Moneyball Podcast: Retro Pod from Free...
A look back at our 2019 free agency pod, to see how it held up
50 min
Radio Free Mavericks: Off-Season Slow Boil
Kirk talks free agency with Mavs fans
61 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm: Dalton Trigg and Matt Gal...
Part two of our joint podcast on the state of the Mavericks
37 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm: Anthony Irwin of Silver S...
Kirk and Anthony talk about Jason Kidd's path to the Lakers and his time there as an assistant
26 min
Radio Free Mavericks: Jason Kidd is head coach,...
Kirk goes on Greenroom to discuss the two new hires with fans
52 min
After Dark: Mavericks hire Jason Kidd and Nico ...
Dallas has some new hires
30 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Joe Hulbert on roster...
New Mavs Moneyball contributor Joe Hulbert joins the show to talk about his first article
40 min
Radio Free Mavericks: We're through the rabbit ...
Kirk goes on Greenroom to take the temperature of the fanbase heading into the next week of off-season
78 min
Radio Free Mavericks: Rick Carlisle's out too
Kirk went live on Greenroom to hear from fans on all the turmoil
58 min
After Dark: Rick Carlisle departs the Dallas Ma...
More news as the changes for the Dallas Mavericks keep coming
29 min
After Dark: Donnie Nelson is out as General Man...
Kirk, Josh, and Doyle gather to dispense the news and their takes on what comes next
39 min
Radio Free Mavericks: Donnie Nelson is out and ...
A wild afternoon led to a live show
39 min
After Dark: Tim Cato of the Athletic
Tim Cato of the Athletic joins Josh and Kirk to talk about his most recent piece on the Dallas front office
59 min
Radio Free Mavericks: Frontoffice Fracas
Kirk goes on Locker Room and discusses Tim Cato's bombshell story on the Athletic about the Dallas front office
39 min
Radio Free Mavericks: The off-season begins
Kirk went on Locker Room to take the temperature of the fanbase
79 min
Group Therapy Live: The Mavericks lose in game ...
Kirk talks to fans following the game 7 loss to the Clippers
51 min
After Dark: Clippers 126, Dallas 111
Kirk and Josh discuss the game seven loss and touch on the future just so
27 min
Group Therapy Live: Talking out a frustrating g...
Kirk went on Locker Room to lament a maddening loss to the Clippers
98 min
After Dark: Clippers 104, Mavericks 97
Dallas loses their third straight home game and the series heads back to LA for game 7
39 min
Group Therapy Live: the Mavericks win another o...
Kirk went on Locker Room late Wednesday night to talk about the awesome win
81 min
After Dark: Mavericks 105, Clippers 100
Dallas holds on late in Los Angeles against the Clippers
36 min
After Dark: Previewing Game 5
Kirk and Matthew talk Mavericks-Clippers and return to LA for game 5
36 min
Group Therapy: Frustration after a blowout loss...
Kirk goes on Locker Room to hear from fans about the Dallas loss to the Clippers
65 min
After Dark: Clippers 106, Mavericks 81
Dallas gets clobbered at home by the Clippers and Josh and Kirk talk about it
27 min
Group Therapy Live: Making sense of the game 3 ...
Kirk goes on Locker Room to hear some of the frustration and questions of Mavs fans
53 min
After Dark: Clippers 118, Mavericks 108
Dallas loses their first game of the series to the Los Angeles Clippers
36 min
After Dark: Mavericks-Clippers Game 3 Preview
Kirk talks with MMB staffer Matthew about game two and game three
26 min
Group Therapy Live: Dallas makes it 2-0 versus ...
Kirk went on Locker Room late into the night with Mavs fans celebrating the win
70 min
After Dark: Mavericks 127, Clippers 121
Josh and Kirk discuss an absolutely crazy win which puts Dallas up 2-0 on the Clippers
24 min
After Dark: Mavericks-Clippers Game 2 preview
Kirk is joined by MMB Staffer Jordan Brodess to talk about game two
30 min
Group Therapy Live: Mavericks shock the Clipper...
Kirk goes on Locker Room and revels in the victory with Mavs fans
65 min
After Dark: Mavericks 113, Clippers 103
Dallas steals game one in Los Angeles
22 min
Live: Mavericks-Clippers playoff preview hangout
Kirk went on Locker Room to talk playoffs
78 min
After Dark: Playoff Preview!
Josh and Kirk talk about the upcoming series
46 min
Playoff preview with Sabreena Merchant of Clips...
Kirk and Sabreena discuss the upcoming Mavericks-Clippers playoff series
34 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm: early week Mavericks-Clip...
Kirk and Doyle talk shop and have early takes on what they think about the playoff match up
20 min
Group Therapy: DAL loses to MIN, bring on the C...
Kirk talks to fans on Locker Room following the loss to the Wolves
64 min
After Dark: Timberwolves 136, Mavericks 121
Josh and Kirk talk about the loss to the Timberwolves and look ahead
18 min
Group Therapy: Escaping the Toronto Raptors
Kirk goes on Locker Room and talks with fans about the close win and clinching a playoff spot
66 min
After Dark: Mavericks 114, Raptors 110
Dallas holds on against a Raptors team with nothing to lose
22 min
Live: Preferred playoff match up debates
Kirk on Locker Room to discuss potential playoff match ups
47 min
Group Therapy: Dallas beats New Orleans
Kirk on Locker Room talks to fans about the win
54 min
After Dark: Mavericks 125, Pelicans 107
The Mavericks take care of business against the Pelicans
22 min
After Dark+Group Therapy: Grizzlies 133, Maveri...
Josh and Kirk discuss a rough loss then Kirk goes live on Locker Room to hear fans frustations
86 min
Group Therapy Live: Dallas beats the Cavs, again
Kirk and fans talk a little about the win and look ahead to what's next for the Mavericks
51 min
After Dark: Mavericks 127, Cavaliers 97
Josh and Kirk discuss the Mavericks blowing out the Cavaliers
14 min
Group Therapy Live: Dallas beats the Cavs
On Locker Room, Kirk talks to fans about the win
51 min
After Dark: Mavericks 110, Cavaliers 90
Josh and Kirk discuss the Dallas beat down of the Cavaliers
25 min
After Dark+Group Therapy: Mavericks 113, Nets 109
Dallas holds on against a talented Brooklyn Nets team
62 min
Group Therapy: Celebrating Josh Green and the D...
Fans join Kirk on Locker Room to discuss the Dallas win over the Heat
62 min
After Dark: Mavericks 127, Heat 113
Josh Green gives the Mavericks a needed spark and they pull away from the Miami Heat
30 min
Live: Making sense of the third loss to the Kings
A Locker Room where we try to make sense of yet another loss to a sub .500 team
41 min
After Dark: Kings 111, Mavericks 99
The Mavericks lose to the Kings for the third time in 15 days
18 min
After Dark (Live): Mavericks 125- Wizards 124
Dallas wins a crazy game versus Washington
77 min
Live: Maverick's Magic Number, Kristaps Porzing...
Kirk answers questions from Mavs fans and friend Matt More explains the playoff seeding options for Dallas
50 min
After Dark: Mavericks 115, Pistons 105
The Mavericks escape the Pistons in Detroit. We talk about it.
24 min
Live: Reveling in the Dallas victory over the W...
Hanging out talking shop after the Mavericks dominated the Warriors
36 min
After Dark: Mavericks 133, Warriors 103
Dallas gets a bounce back win and wreck the Warriors
17 min
After Dark: Kings 113, Mavericks 106
Dallas drops another maddening game to the Kings
40 min
Live: Hanging out after beating the Lakers
Kirk went on Locker Room to get takes and joy from Mavs fans following the win over the Lakers
52 min
After Dark: Mavericks 108, Lakers 93
Dallas completes their biggest come from behind victory of the season against the LA Lakers
33 min
Live: Beating LA (hopefully again), KP's impact...
An awesome Friday afternoon hangout on Locker Room talking Mavericks
51 min
After Dark: Mavericks 115, Lakers 110
A special cross-over episode with Silver Screen and Roll
58 min
After Dark: Mavericks 127, Pistons 117
The Mavericks get a much needed win versus Detroit
81 min
MMB After Dark: Kings 121, Mavericks 107
Another home loss for the Mavericks, this time to the Kings
79 min
After Dark: Knicks 117, Mavericks 109
Dallas falls to .500 at home
31 min
Live: How to guard Luka Doncic and the Porzingi...
Kirk talks two recent Dallas articles from national media
47 min
After Dark: Mavericks 114, Grizzlies 113
Luka Doncic snatches victory from the jaws of defeat against Memphis!
51 min
Live: Play-in tournament talk from Luka Doncic ...
Doncic and Cuban had thoughts on the play-in tournament, we react
24 min
After Dark: Sixers 113, Mavericks 95
Sixers wax the Mavericks at home, we commiserate
51 min
After Dark: Spurs 119, Mavericks 117
Dallas loses on a last second shot from DeRozan and the Mavericks fall at home
41 min
Live: Talking Luka free throws, Kristaps Porzin...
Kirk goes on Locker Room to take questions during a two day Mavs break
50 min
After Dark: Mavericks 116, Bucks 101
Dallas pulls away late from Milwaukee in a huge win
42 min
After Dark: Rockets 102, Mavericks 93
Mavericks lose to the Rockers, chaos ensues
54 min
After Dark: Mavericks 111, Jazz 103
A rambling Locker Room chat where we all revel in the Dallas Mavericks beating the Utah Jazz
47 min
After Dark: Mavericks 109, Wizards 87
A short post game podcast following another thorough win over an Eastern Conference team
23 min
After Dark: Mavericks 99, Knicks 86
Dallas beats the Knicks and we chat about it on Locker Room
45 min
MMB Live: Can the Mavericks make a run in the s...
Friday afternoon Kirk went live to discuss the Mavs
56 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 113, Celtics 108
The Mavericks hold on late against the Celtics, we talk about it
54 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 127, Thunder 106
Kirk goes live to get the reactions of our great fanbase
39 min
MMB After Dark: Pelicans 112, Mavericks 103
Dallas, without Luka and KP, stumble late against the Pelicans
35 min
MMB After Dark: Pacers 109, Mavericks 94
The Mavericks get waxed at home, fans vent on Locker Room
54 min