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After Dark: Mavericks 95, Thunder 86
Luke returns and Dallas gets a win
23 min
Group Therapy: Ending the year on a high note
Kirk hosts a Green Room where we talk about the win in Sacramento
29 min
After Dark: Mavericks 112, Kings 96
Kirk goes solo after Dallas defeats the Kings
9 min
MMB After Dark: Kings 95, Mavericks 94
Josh rides solo after an extremely frustrating buzzer-beating loss to a bad Kings team. Josh talks about the awful final defensive possession for Dallas, the awful offensive possessions leading up to it and the overall bad decision making in the final two minutes that doomed the Mavericks.
24 min
Group Therapy: Getting on track in Portland
Kirk has a short Green Room with fans after the Dallas win
19 min
After Dark: Mavericks 132, Blazers 117
Kirk and Josh go over a strong Dallas win over Portland
27 min
After Dark: Jazz 120, Mavericks 116
Josh and Kirk talk about the weird loss
25 min
Group Therapy: Makeshift Mavs fall to the Bucks
Kirk talks Mavs falling to the Bucks in a Green room
19 min
After Dark: Bucks 102, Mavericks 95
Kirk and Luke Askew talk about a fun game where the Mavericks fell to the Bucks
34 min
Group Therapy: Makeshift Mavs surpass expectation
Kirk hosts a Green Room after Dallas defeats Minnesota
46 min
After Dark: Mavericks 114, Timberwolves 102
The makeshift Mavericks make it work, Kirk and Josh talk about it
17 min
Group Therapy: Dallas falls back under .500, lo...
Kirk talks to fans after Dallas falls in Minnesota
53 min
After Dark: Timberwolves 111, Mavericks 105
Dallas falls on the road to Minnesota, Kirk and Josh talk about it
27 min
Group Therapy: Losing to the Lakers sucks
Kirk goes on Green Room and talks with fans about the maddening Laker overtime loss
71 min
MMB After Dark: Lakers 107, Mavericks 104
In what had to be one of the ugliest and weirdest games of the season, Josh is once again joined by staffer Luke Askew to talk the Mavericks horrific shooting and baffling defensive decisions down the stretch.
37 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm: Preparing for Mavericks v...
Kirk talks with old friend Anthony Irwin about the Lakers season and the upcoming match up
22 min
Group Therapy: a big win over the Hornets
Mavericks get back above .500
34 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 120, Hornets 96
Josh is riding solo to talk about one of the Mavericks best wins of the season. Thoughts and observations about Kristaps Porzingis' monster game, Josh Green's sudden emergence and the Mavericks quality defensive effort.
20 min
Group Therapy: Back to .500, again
The Mavericks won in Oklahoma City, Kirk hosts a Green Room and talk about it with the fans
32 min
After Dark: Mavericks 103, Thunder 84
Dallas pulls away from the Thunder late
26 min
Group Therapy: the folly of being a fan
Dallas loses again. Mavs fans are tired. Kirk listens.
109 min
Mavs Moneyball After Dark: Pacers 106, Maverick...
Josh and staffer Luke Askew talk about another joyless Mavericks loss. The two talk the awful production from the non-Luka and Kristaps starters, continued offensive struggles and more.
34 min
Group Therapy: A win! Finally. Fans talk Mavs b...
Kirk hosts a Green Room where fans enjoy beating the Grizzlies
65 min
After Dark: Mavericks 104, Grizzlies 96
The Mavericks bounce back with a big win in Memphis
31 min
Group Therapy: Three straight losses results in...
Very mad, disappointed Mavs fans vent to Kirk on a Green Room
114 min
After Dark: Nets 102, Mavericks 99
Josh and Kirk talk about the fourth quarter collapse from the Dallas Mavericks
28 min
Group Therapy: The Bane of our existence
Dallas gets beat by the Grizzlies, we talk about it
73 min
After Dark: Grizzlies 97, Mavericks 90
Josh and Kirk talk about another really bad loss this time to Memphis
31 min
Group Therapy: Losing to the Pelicans LIKE THAT...
Kirk hosts a Green Room to talk about the loss
69 min
MMB After Dark: Pelicans 107, Mavericks 91
Josh Bowe is riding solo, talking about another miserable Mavericks loss.
20 min
Group Therapy: Regression can be good! Mavs wal...
The Mavericks bounce back with a record breaking win, we talk about it on Green Room
54 min
After Dark: Mavericks 139, Pelicans 107
Kirk and Josh recap a historic Maverick performance
25 min
Group Therapy: the loss to the Cavaliers hurts
Dallas gets walloped at home, Kirk hosts a Green Room to talk about it
67 min
After Dark: Cavaliers 114, Mavericks 96
The Mavericks lose big, Kirk and Josh hash it out
25 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Ryan Mourton of Cavs ...
Kirk previews the Mavs-Cavs match up
24 min
Group Therapy: Talking out a bad loss to the Wi...
Kirk hosts a Green Room where we discuss a maddening loss to the Wizards
57 min
After Dark: Wizards 120, Mavericks 114
Dallas loses to the Wizards, we recap the loss
34 min
Thanksgiving Special: The 2018 NBA Draft Podcast
Most of you have heard this before, but there's nothing to talk about today so we're sharing this old episode
48 min
Group Therapy: Doing work in Overtime
Kirk and Mavs fans enjoy a Dallas win in Los Angeles
42 min
After Dark: Mavericks 112, Clippers 104
Kirk and Josh recap a thrilling overtime win
25 min
After Dark: Clippers 97, Mavericks 91
Josh and Kirk discuss the latest Dallas loss
12 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Sabreena Merchant of ...
Kirk is joined again by Clippers Managing Editor Sabreena Merchant
32 min
After Dark/Group Therapy: Suns 112, Mavericks 104
Kirk and Matthew talk Mavs, then take questions from the crowd.
61 min
Bonus Group Therapy: Dirk's jersey retirement!
Sharing our favorite Dirk Nowitzki memories
57 min
Group Therapy: Letting one slip away against Ph...
Kirk hears Mavericks fans out as they vent some frustrations following the Dallas loss to the Suns
52 min
After Dark: Suns 105, Mavericks 98
The Mavericks lose on the road to the Suns, Kirk and Josh discuss
17 min
Group Therapy: Dallas is building something
Kirk hosts a Green Room where we talk about perhaps the best Dallas win of the season
59 min
After Dark: Mavericks 111, Nuggets 101
Kirk and Josh discuss the Dallas win over the Nuggets
25 min
After Dark: Adam Mares of DNVR previews the Nug...
Kirk and friend Adam Mares talk shop about the Nuggets
15 min
Group Therapy: Luka and Kristaps make it happen...
Kirk hosts a short Green Room where everyone's pumped
26 min
After Dark: Mavericks 123, Spurs 109
Kirk and Josh discuss the best Dallas win of the season
17 min
After Dark: Iztok Franko on Jalen Brunson, Matt...
Kirk brings on Iztok Frank and Matt Phillips to talk about their recent articles
50 min
After Dark & Group Therapy: Bulls 117, Maverick...
Josh and Kirk analyze a frustrating loss, then Kirk and Mavs fans talk out their feelings
76 min
After Dark: Doyle Rader on going back to games,...
Kirk has on co-editor Doyle Rader
18 min
After Dark & Group Therapy: Mavericks 108, Peli...
Dallas pummels New Orleans, Josh and Kirk talk about it, then Kirk hosts a Green Room
60 min
Group Therapy: Dallas beats Boston on a buzzer ...
Luka is good, we all talk about it in Green Room
74 min
After Dark: Mavericks 107, Celtics 104
Kirk and Josh talk about the thrilling win over the Celtics
22 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Matt Moore, again!
Matt returns, rather soon, to talk about a weird year to date
34 min
Group Therapy: Squeaking out a Dallas win in Sa...
Kirk hosts a Green Room to talk about the win in San Antonio
55 min
After Dark: Mavericks 109, Spurs 108
Kirk and Xavier discuss a stressful Dallas win over the Spurs
22 min
After Dark & Group Therapy: Heat 125, Mavericks...
Kirk and Josh recap, then Kirk hosts a Green Room
59 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 105, Kings 99
Josh Bowe is alone in the studio (his house) to break down a not-so-spooky Halloween win against the Kings.
17 min
Group Therapy: A no good, terrible, frustrating...
Kirk and Mavs fans go long talking about the loss to the Nuggets
74 min
After Dark: Nuggets 106, Mavericks 75
The Mavericks get embarrassed, we try to talk about it
29 min
After Dark & Group Therapy: Mavericks 104, Spur...
First, Josh and Kirk talk about the win, then Kirk hosts a Green Room
52 min
Group Therapy: Taking the wins where we can
Kirk hosts a Green Room and talks with Mavs fans about the win
34 min
After Dark: Mavericks 116, Rockets 106
Kirk and Josh talk about the win at home versus the Rockets
19 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Matt Moore and Tim Cato
Kirk and HPBasketball talk some Dallas Mavericks, the Tim Cato joins the show
48 min
Group Therapy: Notching the first win of the se...
Kirk hosts a Green room for Mavericks fans to chat and ask questions
50 min
After Dark: Mavericks 103, Raptors 95
Kirk and Josh talk about the win over Toronto
27 min
Group Therapy: Game one struggle bus
Kirk and other Mavericks fans chat on Green Room about the good and mostly the bad
62 min
After Dark: Hawks 113, Mavericks 87
Dallas gets waxed in Atlanta
12 min
After Dark: Trade scenarios to watch very close...
Mavs Moneyball staff writer Lauren Gunn comes on to talk about her latest piece
34 min
After Dark: Cuts, signings, our pets' heads are...
Kirk and Matthew talk about the cuts and signings that happened post-game
24 min
Radio Free Mavericks: Pre-season Pre-game hang out
Kirk hosts a Green Room with Mavs fans
41 min
Group Therapy: Mavs win huge over Charlotte
Kirk hosts a Green Room with Mavs fans
52 min
After Dark: Mavericks 127, Hornets 59
Kirk and Josh talk about the blowout win in Charlotte
22 min
After Dark: pre-season through two games and th...
Kirk and Josh catch up about the first two games and his upcoming article on KP
33 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 122, Clippers 114
The Mavericks are 2-0 in the preseason after a win against the Clippers. Staffer Matt Phillips joins Josh Bowe to talk about Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis looking ready for the regular season and how much fun the young guys have looked through two games.
32 min
Radio Free Mavericks: Pregame musings
A podcast with a short lifespan, but here we are
24 min
Group Therapy: Mavericks win their first presea...
Kirk hosts a Green Room to hear from Mavericks fans about the first game of the preseason
27 min
After Dark: Mavericks 111, Jazz 101
Kirk and Josh discuss the pre-season opener
20 min
After Dark: Kidd as coach, offensive efficiency...
We talk Kidd, offense, Reggie Bullock, Boban, and Moses Brown
38 min
RadioFreeMavericks: Training camp and overreact...
Kirk talks with a number of fans about training camp and what we're overreacting to
55 min
After Dark: Previewing Luka Doncic, Jalen Bruns...
Josh and Kirk talk camp news then preview Doncic, Brunson, and Hardaway Jr.
33 min
RadioFreeMavericks: Media day and more
Kirk talks about Media Day for the Mavericks with listeners
42 min
After Dark: Previewing Porzingis, Green, and Ca...
After talking about some recent news, Kirk and Josh preview the season for three different Mavericks
27 min
RadioFreeMavericks: Talking Porzingis, Dragic, ...
A Friday afternoon chat with MFFLs
62 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Matthew Phillips
Kirk and Matthew talk about his Dallas fandom and the upcoming Maverick season
36 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Luke Askew
Kirk talks with MMB staffer Luke Askew
26 min
After Dark: Working our way into the pre-season
Josh and Kirk talk for the first time in a month!
30 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Joe Flynn talking Fra...
Kirk talks with Posting and Toasting Editor Joe Flynn about Frankie Smokes, then goes on Green Room with fans
58 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Iztok Franko
Kirk's joined by Iztok of Mavs Moneyball and D Magazine to talk about his recent posts
35 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Dave DuFour of the At...
Dave DuFour of the Athletic joins Kirk to talk NBA and Dallas Mavericks
38 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Rob Mahoney
Kirk is joined by his first ever boss in Rob Mahoney to talk Mavs, NBA-at-large, Dallas food, and more
39 min
Radio Free Mavericks: Less than a month until t...
Kirk talks with fans about all things Mavericks
37 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Lauren Gunn
Lauren Gunn joins to talk all things Mavericks
30 min
Radio Free Mavericks: miscellaneous Mav stuff t...
Kirk talks to Mavs fans about the off-season, the Klutch lawsuit with Noel, and more
35 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Xavier Santos
Kirk and Mavs Moneyball contributor Xavier talk Mavs, gambling, and more
34 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Tim Yeager aka HouseM...
Kirk brings on MMB contributor Tim Yeager to talk shop
32 min