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After Dark: Dallas whups Los Angeles on nationa...
Kirk and Josh discuss a game that was over midway through the second quarter
16 min
Moneyball Minute: Mavs-Jazz postmortem, Power-R...
Tuesday morning Mavs-adjacent news round-up
7 min
Mavs Party! Dallas beats Utah and is now in fou...
Kirk hangs out with Mavs fans after the big win over Utah
73 min
After Dark: Dallas destroys Utah, now fourth in...
Kirk and Josh recap a great bounce back win
16 min
Group Therapy: Clang clang clang go the Mavericks
Dallas cant hit a shot. Kirk and friends talk about it on the Spotify Greenroom
88 min
After Dark: Dallas gets destroyed by the Timber...
Kirk and Josh talk about an ugly loss
19 min
Moneyball Minute Plus: Maxi needs to find his s...
Some news and notes plus a discussion with a longtime Wolves fan
35 min
Mavs Party! Dallas dispatches Houston at home
Kirk and fans discuss the Dallas win over Houston.
39 min
After Dark: Dallas beats Houston for their 25th...
Josh and Kirk discuss the Dallas dispatching of Houston
12 min
Moneyball Minute: Beal says Wizards need bigger...
Wednesday morning Mavs-adjacent news and standings watch
9 min
Mavs Party! Dallas holds off the Wolves at home
Kirk celebrates the nice win with a long Greenroom with Mavs fans
88 min
After Dark: Mavericks 110, Timberwolves 108
Josh is joined by staffer Matthew Phillips and the two discuss a crazy and sometimes ugly Mavericks victory. The two talk the role players stepping up, Spencer Dinwiddie's impact, and Dwight Powell saving the day.
29 min
Moneyball Minute: Kidd on the supporting cast a...
Start your week with some Mavs news and notes
7 min
Group Therapy: Charlotte hit ANOTHER three as y...
Kirk talks it out with fans after the loss
29 min
After Dark: Mavericks get stomped by the Hornets
Kirk solo pod after a blowout loss
11 min
Group Therapy: Dallas falls in Philly
Kirk hosts a Greenroom so we can work through some frustration
50 min
After Dark: 76ers 111, Mavericks 101
A special Friday night solo Josh pod, as he breaks down the Mavericks difficult loss to the Sixers.
10 min
Moneyball Minute: Nelson's lawsuit, national me...
Friday morning news and notes to start your day.
8 min
Mavs Party! Dinwiddie brings home the win with ...
Another Greenroom following the epic win
93 min
After Dark: Dallas storms back in Brooklyn for ...
Kirk and Josh discuss another come-from-behind win
23 min
Moneyball Minute: Looking towards the future wi...
Wednesday morning Mavs news and thoughts
7 min
Mavs Party! Dallas plays spoiler on a big day f...
Kirk hosts a Greenroom after an amazing win on the road.
75 min
Moneyball Minute: Doncic is Player of the Week,...
A short morning show to start your day right
6 min
After Dark: The Mavericks come back on the road...
Kirk and Josh recap a wild win on the road.
28 min
Mavs Party! Defeating the Rockets is always good
Kirk and friends enjoy a solid win over the Rockets
28 min
After Dark: Dallas pushes past Houston
Dallas got up big on the Rockets, then held off an attempt at a comeback
17 min
Moneyball Minute: Bertans, Technical fouls, Don...
Kirk starts your morning with some Mavericks thoughts
9 min
Group Therapy: Knicks whoop the Mavericks
Kirk and friends talk Mavericks
41 min
After Dark: Knicks destroy Mavericks at home
Kirk and Josh discuss an ugly, ugly loss
40 min
Mavs Moneyball Podcast Special: Interview with ...
Mark Cuban reached out to us and we have him on our show
36 min
Mavs Party! First win over the Jazz
Greenroom after the Mavericks FINALLY beat the Jazz
84 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 111, Jazz 103
Josh is flying solo to breakdown a solid Mavericks win against a Jazz team they're chasing for the fourth seed. Great games from Luka Doncic, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Dorian Finney-Smith give the Mavericks all they need to secure the win.
12 min
Moneyball Minute: Standings update, Dinwiddie o...
A Monday morning round up of the Dallas adjacent news
9 min
Mavs Party! Dallas rallies back against the Kings!
Mavericks fans hang out and talk about the awesome win at home over the Kings
39 min
After Dark: Dallas rallies back to defeat the K...
Kirk and Matthew recap a fun come-from-behind win
22 min
Mavs Party! Dallas gets a huge win over Golden ...
Kirk hosts a Greenroom after the win over the Warriors
88 min
After Dark: Dallas fights off Golden State in t...
Kirk and Josh recap a huge win at home for Dallas
20 min
Moneyball Minute: Luka dunks, Jared Dudley's im...
A quick rundown of Maverick news and notes to start Thursday morning
8 min
Mavs Party! Beat LA (past tense)!
Kirk and friends stay up way too late enjoying the Dallas win
71 min
After Dark: Dallas outlasts Los Angeles
Kirk and Josh talk about the wild win in Los Angeles
21 min
Moneyball Minute: Reveling in the Warriors win,...
Kirk covers some of the news and notes from Monday's day off as well as referencing some of the Maverick stories of the day
10 min
Mavs Party! The comeback of the year for the Ma...
A Spotify Greenroom hosted by Kirk where everyone revels in the huge win.
85 min
After Dark: An *incredible* comeback win versus...
Josh and Kirk discuss how the Mavericks stormed back against the Warriors
24 min
Group Therapy: Talking out a frustrating loss i...
Kirk hosts a Green room as we process our feelings about losing to the Jazz
52 min
After Dark: Dallas stumbles late in Utah
Dallas falls on the road in Utah
21 min
After Dark: Offense, defense, and the push towa...
Kirk and Josh discuss Josh's latest article, along with the Dallas defense and a look ahead at the rest of the season
26 min
Moneyball Minute: Cuban on Doncic's improved pl...
Wednesday morning Mavs news and thoughts about Cuban, WCS, and Dallas in the standings
7 min
Moneyball Minute: All Star final thoughts, Dori...
Quick hits for a Tuesday morning
9 min
After Dark: All Star Sunday
Kirk and Josh recap the All Star game and the bits of news around it
17 min
Moneyball Minute: Luka's one-on-one with DMN, L...
Kirk goes over the quick bits of news and Maverick fun from Friday
11 min
Mavs Party! Dallas wins in New Orleans!
Kirk and friends hang out and revel in the Dallas win on the road.
65 min
After Dark: Dallas holds on after a late Pelica...
Kirk and Doyle discuss the final game before the All Star Break
17 min
Moneyball Minute: Dragic dream dies, revisiting...
Kirk covers the news that Dragic won't be a Maverick and more
7 min
Mavs Party: Celebrating a big win in Miami
Kirk hosts a Greenroom to celebrate a big road win in Miami
83 min
After Dark: Mavericks hand Miami their 7th home...
Kirk and Josh talk about an impressive road win in Miami
22 min
Moneyball Minute: Luka is Player of the Week, M...
A new off-day dose of Mavericks
8 min
Group Therapy: Losing to the Clippers stinks
Kirk and friends talk on a Spotify Greenroom about losing to LA
69 min
After Dark: Dallas falls to Los Angeles late
Kirk and Josh talk about a frustrating Mavericks loss where Luka Doncic seemingly did everything and his teammates just could not provide proper backup.
26 min
Group Therapy: 51 reasons the Mavericks will be...
Kirk and fans talk about the Dallas win over the Clippers and the trade today
60 min
After Dark: Mavericks hold off Clippers
Luka Doncic goes nuts against the Clippers and Dallas holds off Los Angeles at home
42 min
Group Therapy: Kristaps Porzingis gets moved fo...
Kristaps Porzingis is no longer a Maverick!
74 min
Group Therapy: Enjoying the finer things in lif...
Kirk and Dallas fans talk on Spotify's Greenroom about the win over Detroit
55 min
After Dark: Dallas destroys Detroit
The Mavericks notch a big win against the Pistons
7 min
Group Therapy: Fighting off adversity (the refs...
Kirk talks with fans following the amazing Dallas win against the Hawks
60 min
After Dark: Mavericks 103, Hawks 94
Dallas holds off the Hawks and refs and get a huge win at home
23 min
Group Therapy: A spectacular win over the 76ers
Kirk hosts a Greenroom LATE after the Mavericks beat the Sixers
54 min
After Dark: Mavericks 107, 76ers 98
Kirk and John talk about an epic Maverick victory
22 min
Group Therapy: Processing an awful loss to the ...
Kirk and friends talk about the dumb loss to the Thunder in overtime
66 min
After Dark: Thunder 120, Mavericks 114
Kirk talks about the brutal Dallas overtime loss with his former podcast boss
27 min
After Dark: Trade related news and other thoughts
Kirk and Doyle discuss the various bits of news and analysis about the Dallas Mavs ahead of the trade deadline
23 min
Group Therapy: A not-so-Magical loss
Dallas falls to Orlando on the road, Kirk and friends talk about it in a Spotify Greenroom
40 min
After Dark: Magic 110, Mavericks 108
Kirk and Josh talk after the Maverick supporting cast comes up way short against the Magic
17 min
After Dark: Mavericks 132, Pacers 105
Kirk is joined by Luke Askew for a quick summary of the game
15 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Iztok Franko, again!
Kirk is joined by D Magazine and Mavs Moneyball contributor Iztok Franko
37 min
Group Therapy: Blazing to a win in Portland
Kirk hosts a Greenroom with Mavs fans about the win in Portland
43 min
After Dark: Mavericks 132, Blazers 112
Kirk and Josh recap a big bounce back win versus the Blazers
17 min
Group Therapy: Humbled by the Warriors
Kirk hosts a Spotify Greenroom after the Warriors destroy the Mavericks
45 min
After Dark: Warriors 130, Mavericks 92
Kirk and Josh discussed the many layers of a bad loss
28 min
Group Therapy: Dallas wins the season series ov...
Kirk and friends talk about the big home win over the Grizzlies
40 min
After Dark: Mavericks 104, Grizzlies 91
The Mavericks take the season series against the Grizzlies, Kirk and Josh talk about it
23 min
Group Therapy: A tired Mavs team collapses late...
Kirk hosts a Spotify Greenroom where Mavs fans talk out their frustrations after losing to the Suns
27 min
After Dark: Suns 109, Mavericks 101
Dallas collapses late against the Suns, Kirk and Josh talk about it
20 min
Group Therapy: Winning feels good
Kirk hosts a post game Spotify Greenroom where we talk Dallas basketball
48 min
After Dark: Mavericks 102, Raptors 98
Kirk and Josh talk about the fourth straight Dallas win
18 min
Group Therapy: A new win streak
Kirk and fans talk late into the night after Dallas pulls away from the Thunder
43 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 104, Thunder 102
The Mavericks defeat the Thunder in a weird and at times frustrating game. Josh is solo to break down the Mavericks defense coming through again, Luka's crazy shooting slump and the bizarre final moments of the game.
14 min
After Dark: Mavericks 108, Magic 92
Dallas wins again, Kirk and Josh talk about it
20 min
Group Therapy: Luka better
Kirk and Mavs fans talk after an epic road blowout versus the Grizzlies
59 min
After Dark: Mavericks 112, Grizzlies 85
The Mavericks get a huge road win, Kirk and Josh talk about it
22 min
Group Therapy: All streaks stop sometime
Kirk and fans talk on a Spotify Green Room following the depressing loss to the Knicks
39 min
After Dark: Knicks 108, Mavericks 85
Josh and Kirk talk about the ugly loss to the New York Knicks
21 min
Group Therapy: The winning streak continues
Kirk and Mavs fans revel in an awesome win over a very good Bulls team
52 min
After Dark: Mavericks 113, Bulls 99
Kirk and Josh cover the really solid win over Chicago
27 min
MMB After Dark: Mavericks 130, Rockets 106
Josh Bowe flies alone tonight after the Mavericks absolutely destroy a bad Houston Rockets team. Josh talks about the Mavericks taking care of business, Josh Green's career night and the Rockets awful, rec-league level defense.
9 min
Group Therapy: 41 Forever
Dirk now and always
87 min
After Dark: Maverick 99, Warriors 82
Kirk and Josh talk about Dirk's jersey retirement and the awesome win over Golden State
17 min
Dirk Nowitzki jersey retirement special with 8 ...
Kirk talks to a number of different media members and friends about Dirk Nowitzki
92 min
Group Therapy: Dallas is undefeated in 2022
We talk about the Denver win, look forward a bit to the Dirk jersey retirement
29 min
After Dark: Mavericks 103, Nuggets 89
Dallas wins at home, improving to 2-0 in 2022
19 min
Group Therapy: Resolving to start the new year ...
Kirk and fans talk about the Dallas win over the Thunder
24 min