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Moneyball Minute: Power rankings, Quinton Crawf...
News and notes to start your week
10 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Bobby Karalla, again!
A podcast recorded earlier in the week!
38 min
Mavs Party! Dallas trades for Christian Wood
Kirk, Josh, Marc Stein, Kevin O'Connor, Tim Cato and Dozens more joined the show to talk the trade and Mavericks in general
145 min
After Dark: Playoffs in review
Kirk and Josh talk about the playoffs with a few weeks to reflect on things.
36 min
Moneyball Minute: Mavs out on Robinson, Sweeney...
News and notes for a Monday
6 min
Mavs Happy Hour: Cruising towards the weekend
Kirk and friends talk Mavs
49 min
After Dark: Dallas Maverick player reviews, part 1
Kirk and Ben discuss the seasons of part of the Dallas roster
39 min
Mavs Party: The CBA, explained
MMB contributor Scott (aka CBAMavs) explains all sorts of things related to the Mavericks and their CBA options.
70 min
Moneyball Minute: Kokoskov moving on, DeShawn s...
News and content to start your week
9 min
Mavs Happy Hour: Thirsty Thursday and a very lo...
A Spotify Live with Maverick friends
86 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm: Talking 2022 NBA Draft wi...
Getting an early read on potential draft prospects for the Dallas Mavericks in the 2022 Draft
27 min
Moneyball Minute: MMB wants to signal boost, 5 ...
News and notes for a Thursday
7 min
After Dark: A season in review
Kirk and Josh get together to look back at the season as a whole
37 min
Moneyball Minute: Top moments from 2021-22 seas...
News and notes to start your Wednesday
7 min
After Dark: Exit Interviews
Kirk and Matthew discuss the highlights from the Maverick exit interviews
33 min
Moneyball Minute: 100th episode for friends of ...
News and notes for your Monday
8 min
Moneyball Minute: Closing up on the regular sea...
Maverick news and notes for Saturday
10 min
Group Therapy: Warriors complete the Gentleman'...
Kirk and friends process a sad loss to end the year
87 min
After Dark: Dallas falls in Game 5 of the Weste...
Josh and Kirk talk about the season-ending loss
31 min
Moneyball Minute: Dallas finding ways to beat t...
News and notes for a gameday Thursday
7 min
Mavs Party! Every Shot Everywhere All At Once
Kirk and friends talk about the first win of the series in Game 4!
92 min
After Dark: Dallas lives to fight another day, ...
Josh and Kirk talk about the win to hold off elimination
19 min
Group Therapy: The Mavericks just don't have en...
Kirk and friends lament a bad Game 3 loss to the Warriors.
71 min
After Dark: The Mavericks don't have enough, fa...
Kirk and Josh analyze a tough Game 3 loss at home
36 min
Moneyball Minute: Feeling good about Game 3, al...
Kirk has a short message of optimism for your Sunday
5 min
Group Therapy: Finding a new way to lose a play...
Kirk and fans lament a very stupid loss
72 min
After Dark: Dallas stumbles in the third quarte...
Kirk and Ben talk Game 3
27 min
Moneyball Minute: Game 1 wrap up, Barkley on Lu...
News and notes to start your Friday
9 min
Group Therapy: Dallas loses the thread against ...
Kirk and friends lament an ugly loss in the first game of the Western Conference Finals
49 min
After Dark: Mavericks ran off the floor by the ...
Kirk and Josh breakdown the open game loss
26 min
Mavs Moneyball x Light Years crossover Mavs-War...
Kirk gets a chance to talk with Warriors podcasters
45 min
Moneyball Minute: Mavs-Warriors thoughts and od...
Wednesday morning Mavs news and thoughts
11 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm: Ben Collins on the Wester...
Kirk and Ben talk shop
26 min
Moneyball Minute: Game 7 round up and many Dall...
News and notes for your Tuesday
10 min
Mavs Party! Phoenix, Sonned! Dallas wins Game 7...
Kirk is joined by a ton of people to talk Mavs-Suns, the Mavs Warriors
147 min
After Dark: Dallas wins Game 7 on the road in P...
Kirk and Josh discuss an amazing and almost baffling Game 7 drubbing by the Dallas Mavericks
24 min
Moneyball Minute: Game 6 reactions and round up...
News and notes to start your Saturday
6 min
Mavs Party! Dallas bounces back big time in Game 6
Kirk and fans talk after the Game 6 victory
95 min
After Dark: Dallas forces Game 7, blowing out t...
Kirk and Josh recap an epic win over the Suns
27 min
Group Therapy: Dallas gets Sunburnt in Game 5
Kirk and fans talk after a brutal butt kicking in Game 5
50 min
After Dark: Suns blast Mavericks in Game 5
Kirk and Josh deep dive the Game 5 blowout
31 min
Moneyball Minute: Rounding out Game 4 coverage
News and notes for Tuesday
8 min
Mavs Party! Dallas wins Game 4 at home!
Kirk and friends revel in an awesome Dallas win at home.
41 min
After Dark: The series is now ties 2-2! Dallas ...
Kirk and Clint ramble through the post game podcast
18 min
Moneyball Minute: The 7 posts Mavs Moneyball st...
News and notes to start your Mothers Day
6 min
Mavs Party! The Mavericks fire back, defeat Sun...
Kirk and fans revel after a great win over the Suns
83 min
After Dark: Dallas isn't dead yet, wins Game 3 ...
Kirk and Josh hash out a wild Game 3 win
26 min
Moneyball Minute: Suns practicing "Luka Rules",...
Friday morning news and notes to start your day.
10 min
Group Therapy: Dallas gets blasted by the Suns ...
Kirk and Mavs fans discuss a tough loss in Game 2 to the Suns
109 min
After Dark: the Mavericks get ran off the floor...
Kirk and Josh hash out a tough Game 2 blowout
23 min
Moneyball Minute: The Suns are a different and ...
News and notes to start your Wednesday
6 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm: Tim Cato on Game 1
Kirk and Tim talk about Game 1 a bit and look ahead to Game 2
27 min
Group Therapy: The Suns outshine the Mavericks ...
Kirk and friends talk on Spotify Live about the Game 1 loss
52 min
After Dark: Dallas fans on the road in game one...
Kirk and Josh talk about the game one loss to the Suns
27 min
Moneyball Minute: Sunday questions with the med...
News and notes to start your Mavs week
6 min
Moneyball Minute: Getting Dinwiddie going, Mave...
Sunday morning news and notes
8 min
Moneyball Minute: Small ball saves Dallas, Spen...
Saturday morning news and notes to kick off your weekend
8 min
Mavs Party! Celebrating moving on in the playof...
Kirk and friends hang out on Spotify Live
101 min
After Dark: Dallas wins a slog fest in Utah, ad...
Kirk and Josh recap a grindy but awesome win in Utah
22 min
Moneyball Minute: Bojan's worn out, DMN's story...
Thursday morning news and notes to start your day
7 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Wosney Lambre from th...
Kirk and Wos discuss the Mavs Utah series, the Mavericks this season and more
26 min
Moneyball Minute: So much Game 5 follow up, Jal...
Wednesday morning Mavs news and thoughts
7 min
Mavs Party! The Mavericks punish the Jazz in Ga...
Kirk and friends hang out for a long time following Game 5
133 min
After Dark: Mavericks defeat Jazz in Game 5 at ...
Kirk and Josh talk about Dallas detonating on the Jazz at home
22 min
Moneyball Minute: L2M report admits Mitchell of...
News and notes to start your Mavs week
7 min
Group Therapy: Dallas stumbles late against the...
Dallas loses in Utah, Kirk talks with fans about it on Spotify Live
23 min
After Dark: Dallas loses a heartbreaker on the ...
Josh and Matthew talk about the Mavericks frustrating Game 4 loss to the Jazz. Topics include Luka Doncic's return and the anemic fourth quarter offense, Spencer Dinwiddie's struggles, and the Mavericks ability to bounce back in this 2-2 series.
28 min
Mavs Party! Dallas takes a 2-1 series lead over...
Kirk and friends hang on Spotify Live
100 min
After Dark: Dallas retakes homecourt, defeating...
Kirk and Josh giddily recap the amazing game 3 win in Utah by the Mavericks
31 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Matt Moore of the Act...
The guy who hates everyone's team returns, Matt Moore of the Action Network to talk Mavs-Jazz
35 min
Moneyball Minute: Luka Optimism, a slew of Mone...
News and notes to start your Wednesday
9 min
Mavs Party! Celebrating after Dallas defeats Ut...
Kirk and fans relive an awesome game versus Utah
105 min
After Dark: Mavericks rally past Utah, tie seri...
Kirk and Josh recap an epic Dallas Mavericks win at home over the Jazz
31 min
Moneyball Minute: No Luka Doncic for Game 2, Br...
News and notes to start your Mavs week
9 min
Group Therapy: The Mavericks fall to the Jazz i...
Kirk goes on Spotify Live to talk with Mavs fans
66 min
After Dark: Dallas falls at home to Utah in gam...
Kirk and Josh do a dayside recap of the Dallas loss to Utah
22 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Iztok Franko and Bobb...
Kirk talks with old friends Iztok and Bobby before the Dallas Mavericks face the Utah Jazz
42 min
Moneyball Minute: Doncic out for game 1, Many M...
Friday morning news and notes to start your day.
10 min
After Dark: Trying to talk about a Mavericks-Ja...
Kirk and Josh take a stab at this playoff series with Luka Doncic maybe playing and maybe not
38 min
Moneyball Minute: Maxi is better, Calfwatch upd...
Thursday morning news and notes to start your day
8 min
Moneyball Minute: We aren't going to know if Lu...
Wednesday morning Mavs news and thoughts
6 min
Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Jeff Stotts of InStre...
Kirk is joined by an actual injury expert
28 min
Moneyball Minute: Luka Doncic is the Western Co...
News and notes for a Tuesday
7 min
Mavs Party? Group Therapy? Mavs win but lose Lu...
The Mavericks won but at what cost?
58 min
After Dark: Dallas sweeps San Antonio but Luka ...
Kirk and Josh talk about the game a little and look ahead
11 min
Mavs Party! Dallas locks up homecourt with huge...
Kirk hosts a Greenroom after the big Dallas win at home
31 min
After Dark: Mavericks run the Trailblazers off ...
Kirk and Josh discuss the blowout win over the Blazers
21 min
Moneyball Minute: Stopping Luka, the 2021-22 se...
Some news and notes to start your day
7 min
Mavs Party! Celebrating 50 wins and looking ahe...
Kirk hosts a quick Greenroom after the big win over Detroit
44 min
After Dark: Dallas earns 50th win of the season...
Kirk and Josh discuss a solid win in Detroit
19 min
Moneyball Minute: Tim Cato's latest Athletic pi...
News and notes to start your Wednesday
10 min
Moneyball Minute: Kidd speaks to the Athletic, ...
Mavericks news and notes for your Tuesday morning
7 min
Mavs Party! Dallas bounces back against the Buc...
Kirk and friends celebrate an awesome win
49 min
After Dark: Dallas gets huge road win over Milw...
Kirk and Josh discuss the big win over the Bucks
20 min
Group Therapy: Dallas gets burned by the Wizards
Kirk laments with fans on Greenroom after a Washington loss.
40 min
After Dark: Dallas gets blown out in Washington
Kirk and Josh discuss a bad loss
18 min
Moneyball Minute: DMN Q&A with Nico Harrison, J...
Friday morning news and notes to start your day.
8 min
Mavs Party! Mavs hold off the Cavs on the secon...
Kirk and Mavs fans talk about the game.
64 min
After Dark: Mavericks 120, Cavaliers 112
Staffer Ben Zajdel fills in for an under-the-weather Kirk Henderson and the duo talks about one of the most entertaining Mavericks games of the season. Topics include Luka going into god mode, Dorian Finney-Smith's career night, and more.
25 min
Mavs Party! Mavericks maul the Lakers at home
Kirk and friends revel in a fun win over the Lakers
62 min