The Race F1 Tech Show

Journalist Edd Straw and former F1 technical director and car designer Gary Anderson are here to guide listeners through the wonderful world of Formula 1 technology. With the help of special guests they’ll discuss and explain everything from how F1 cars are engineered to go faster, to the science behind cutting-edge aerodynamics and the complexities of engine development. They’ll also discuss the latest design trends shaping the 2022 grid, speak to some of the famous names behind classic F1 innovations, and answer fans’ burning F1 tech questions.

F1 2020 preview: “The time is right for Verstap...
Gary previews the 2020 Formula 1 season, tipping Max Verstappen for the title and delving into the unique challenges of this unusual campaign
40 min
Working with Zanardi and other listener questions
Gary looks back at his time working with Alex Zanardi at Jordan in 1991 and with Reynard in 2001, as well as taking other questions on a range of topics including Eddie Irvine’s abilities, what makes a fast driver and the future of the DRS
36 min
Secrets of race engineering
As well as working as a technical director in Formula 1, Gary Anderson also has significant experience of race engineering. He explains the art of race engineering, and the kind of driver you would like to work with – and not work with
35 min
How F1 teams will approach the delayed season
Gary explains how Formula 1 teams will be preparing for the delayed start to the season and what impact the condensed and uncertain calendar will have on the season.
32 min
“I don’t see anything that will change the spec...
Gary Anderson gives his verdict on Formula 1’s recently-approved package of new regulations, but he isn’t convinced they will work as well as some hope.
32 min
How to make Formula 1 safer
Earlier this month, the FIA outlined the areas it was seeking to improve safety in motorsport. Gary Anderson takes a look at the objectives where they are relevant to Formula 1, and suggests how he would improve things.
36 min
Why teams must be flexible with staff for F1's ...
The proposed F1 calendar features 18 races in 24 weeks – as well as a quadruple-header and two triple-headers. Gary Anderson explains how teams can deliver this without overworking the personnel who do all the work.
32 min
“Blame on both sides” as Ferrari and Vettel split
Gary Anderson delves into the breakdown of the Ferrari/Vettel alliance, and explains how an F1 team approaches selecting a replacement. As well as picking his ideal new Ferrari driver, he also explains why he doesn’t see Vettel cutting it in the midfield.
32 min
Secrets of F1 suspension
Gary Anderson explains how Formula 1 car suspension works and the various tradeoffs required between mechanical performance and aerodynamic impact – as well how tyres impact the equation.
33 min
Will F1’s new 2020 calendar plan work?
Gary Anderson delves into F1’s plan for starting the season in Austria at the start of July and the challenges grand prix racing faces in making it work.
33 min
Inside Jordan’s breakthrough 1997 season
The Jordan 197 wasn’t a winning Formula 1 car, but as Gary Anderson explains it might have been. What’s more, it was a car that allowed Jordan to breakthrough as a consistent force towards the front of the grid and laid the foundations for winning a...
31 min
Can F1 cars be made smaller and lighter?
Gary Anderson delves into the tricky topic of Formula 1’s size and weight problem, explaining the reasons for it and what could be done in the future to stop grand prix cars continuing to get ever-bigger.
29 min
F1’s rules debate: Cost caps, delayed regs, tokens
Gary Anderson has spent more hours than he cares to remember in F1 technical meetings debating regulations so know plenty about how the arguments going on behind closed doors will be going. He delves into the ongoing debate about F1’s emergency rule...
34 min
F1 superseason, early Jordans, Peugeot – More G...
What does Gary Anderson think of the possibility of a 2020/21 F1 season? What was Carlos Reutemann like? How good was Tommy Byrne? All these, and more, in another question and answer special
36 min
McLaren, Jordan and Verstappen – Gary answers y...
Gary takes listener questions on current Formula 1 and cars from his past – as well as giving his evaluation of who would prevail in a straight fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen
38 min
My plan to save the 2020 F1 season
Gary Anderson joins Edd Straw to explain how he thinks the F1 teams can be saved from financial hardship, and how to squeeze three-day events into two.
32 min
How Gary got his big break in F1
Ahead of our first full episode, Gary Anderson joins Edd Straw to explain how he ended up working in F1 in the first place. This quick recap will take you through his time with Brabham and McLaren, up to starting work on Jordan's first F1 car for the...
7 min