The Race F1 Tech Show

Journalist Edd Straw and former F1 technical director and car designer Gary Anderson are here to guide listeners through the wonderful world of Formula 1 technology. With the help of special guests they’ll discuss and explain everything from how F1 cars are engineered to go faster, to the science behind cutting-edge aerodynamics and the complexities of engine development. They’ll also discuss the latest design trends shaping the grid, speak to some of the famous names behind classic F1 innovations, and answer fans’ burning F1 tech questions.

How Mercedes turned a troubled car into a race ...
58 min
Why CFD hasn't killed off windtunnels in F1
44 min
Explaining F1’s tyre blanket row + why Ferrari ...
48 min
How paint shapes performance - and how dynamic ...
All the big talking points from the world of F1 technology
56 min
How much does it cost to produce an F1 car and ...
51 min
The secrets of semi-automatic gearboxes + Discu...
45 min
From fan car to F1 2022 – the secrets of ground...
47 min
Mid-season tech review + analysing Aston’s radi...
46 min
Real-time aero data: How it's captured and how ...
56 min
Analysing the 2023 floor changes + Developing t...
Chatting about all things technical in F1
62 min
The wonders of carbon fibre with pioneering des...
F1 tech news and discussion
46 min
Zhou's Silverstone crash analysed + why F1 fuel...
Everything you need to know about what's going on in the world of F1 tech
59 min
What the FIA’s technical directive on bouncing ...
Will new measures solve the issue of porpoising F1 cars?
45 min
Unpicking Ferrari’s Baku tech woes + in-depth w...
How will the Scuderia solve their problems?
55 min
Copycat F1 cars: When is it cheating and when i...
Going deep on all things technical in the world of F1 racing
41 min
Unpicking Merc's Monaco issues + have Pirelli's...
The new podcast talking all things technical in F1
51 min
Why does Ferrari get it wrong and other questions
Former Jordan and Jaguar technical director Gary Anderson joins Edd Straw to answer listener questions on F1 2021, 18-inch wheels, driving sideways and even Colin McRae.
63 min
Gary’s verdict on all 10 F1 teams
Gary looks back at the performance of the 10 F1 teams during the 2020 F1 season, explaining who did well, and why, and which of them underachieved
57 min
Why “peaky” Red Bull needs to change
Gary Anderson answers your latest batch of questions, including why the Red Bull is difficult to drive, if the Mercedes is too easy to drive and his memories of Gilles Villeneuve’s F1 debut at Silverstone in 1977
37 min
Hamilton’s replacement & Grosjean’s fireball
Gary answers your questions on how a team approaches replacing a driver like Lewis Hamilton and the causes and implications of Grosjean’s terrifying Bahrain Grand Prix crash
34 min
Why F1's big 2022 rules change aren’t good enough
Gary answers your questions on the major F1 rule changes in 2022 and explains the reasons why he thinks they aren’t the answer to all grand prix racing’s problems
39 min
Can F1 make every race like Turkey?
Gary answers your questions on the reasons for the unpredictable Turkish Grand Prix weekend, the role of the tyres, Ferrari’s resurgent form in the race – and also answers a couple of Jordan 191 questions and explains torsion bars.
35 min
Why copying F1 cars can’t be stopped
Gary answers your questions on F1’s new anti-copycat regulations, Istanbul Park’s Turn 8, how tyres are constructed and his involvement with the short-lived Midland F1 team.
37 min
How would Mercedes replace Hamilton and Wolff?
Gary answers listener questions on the talking points from Imola – including what Mercedes would do if Lewis Hamilton doesn’t sign a new deal and a potential successor to Wolff as team principal
39 min
Why Gary isn’t very pleased with Max Verstappen
Gary answers your questions on the Portuguese Grand Prix and pulls no punches in his criticism of Verstappen’s incidents, as well as looking ahead to F1’s return to Imola and the challenges of the legendary circuit
34 min