The American Campfire Revival with Ki...

The American Campfire Revival with Kirk Cameron is sparking a personal and national revival in the hearts of Americans. With a refreshing focus on Faith, History, Patriotism and the Bible, Kirk discusses everything from current cultural events, heroes of faith, and the Biblically-based, historically-proven strategy to bring life and liberty to individuals, families, and nations.

The Strategy of the Ages: Love
Where do we go from here?
7 min
Our Pledge to Renew the American Covenant in Ou...
Join me in making a pledge to renew the American Covenant!
13 min
Monumental Liberty
How do you become a liberty man or a liberty woman?
14 min
Monumental Education
We need to be recapturing our children's hearts and minds from the perverted teachings of government schools!
14 min
Heroes Needed - All Are Welcome
We need heroes of the faith more now than ever!
15 min
Be Like Rudy
Fear God and be full of faith, be like Rudy!
10 min
The Self-Governing Christian Family Must Save t...
There is only one way through this and it starts with family.
12 min
Monumental Law
The Bible set the standard for all laws in America!
10 min
Monumental Morality
A lesson from the great George Washington!
12 min
Monumental Faith
True faith is a believing, trusting faith!
12 min
America’s Monumental Matrix of Liberty
America’s Monumental Matrix of Liberty
16 min
The Importance of Ruling Our Own Spirit
Ruling our own spirit is the first step to ruling a kingdom!
7 min
Ford vs Ferrari and The Expanding Spheres of I...
Ford always beats Ferrari!
13 min
Focus On The War, Not Just The Battle
A war is not a singluar thing, it is a huge event made up of little battles.
17 min
The Father’s Secret Recipe for Revival
Revivals have been happening all throughout history!
12 min
Meet Marshall Foster, Author of American Covenant!
We're joined by special guest Marshall Foster on this episode of The American Campfire Revival!
11 min
Victory Through Persuasion & Love
We must persuade people with loving actions and words.
10 min
Door #1, #2, or #3? We Must Choose Now
There are very few ideas that can capture the hearts and minds of the world.
12 min
The Keys to a Ford Shelby GT 350
Jesus gave us the keys to something even greater!
13 min
Colonizing Great Ideas
We need to colonize these ideas!
9 min
America's Dual Form of Government
How do you have a form of government where you can have unity among the people, but not have everyone be the same?
9 min
America Has Separation of Powers
Early American founders understood that if you give one man too much power, they will abuse it.
14 min
America is a Virtuous REPUBLIC, Not a Democracy
What makes America a Christian nation?
14 min
The Genius of the American Republic
The Genius of the American Republic
10 min
Put Your Feet To Your Faith and Your Money Wher...
Love demands that we do!
11 min