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Each week Toastie and Jennasis bring you the foundations of the past, the state of Night City today, and news of the future for all things Cyberpunk. We talk about the TTRGP, 2077, and every hidden gem we can find.

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155: Danger Gal Dossier with J Gray
Toastie and Jenn have a chat about quite a few of the NPCs we see in the Danger Gal Dossier with J Gray of R. Talsorian Games. We talk about the characters from the time of red that bridge us between Cyberpunk 2020 and the future of 2077.
57 min
154: Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty — New Ways...
A bonus episode for you all! Jenn and Toastie watch the new PL trailer and discuss what we caught on the first few watches.
43 min
153: News with N7Legend; Media interaction in C...
Part 2 of our conversation with N7 about how the way citizens interact with the news and media in Cyberpunk.
51 min
152: The WNS with N7theLegend - The Media in Cy...
Jenn and Toastie are joined by N7theLegend to take a look at the way the World News Service has changed the way Cyberpunk citizens get their information and how it all fits into the real world.
61 min
151: Dream of Calicybercation
Toastie and Jenn move closer and closer to Night City. We start off with some tweets and then dive into California.
34 min
150: Universe Swap! News Drop and Patron Chat
A few new things have been updated in the world of Cyberpunk and then we change the world! Swapping characters from different game series into CP and then taking CP charters to other universes.
59 min
149: Home of The Free and Land of the Cyber, Th...
So many states to review! Toastie and Jenn give the rundown of all the information for the Free States and provide background to the history of how Night City came to be.
58 min
148: An RPG within a TTRGP - Danger Gal Updates...
Time to catch up on Danger Gal news. Toastie and Jenn go through all the details from the last three Danger Gal sneak peeks and then all the fun that is Elflines. A game within a game!
56 min
147: Born in the New S A... NUSA part 2
Toastie is going to hate Jenn when he sees this title, but that's okay. This week we continue to discuss the deep history of how the New United States of America runs its infrastructure.
57 min
146: Black Market Video Breakdown with the patrons
Toastie and Jenn watch the developer breakdown of Phantom Liberty's Black Market area with Turbo and Ninja, and then overall thoughts and questions about the upcoming expansion.
53 min
145: NUSA and the Free States, Will They Ever G...
Jenn and Toastie talk all about the forming of NUSA and the Free States. How the different regions banded together or shunned one another.
55 min
144: Ghost Freedom-PL Summer Games Deep Dive
Jenn and Toastie take the time to do a true deep dive into the third trailer. Moment by moment they search for clues and look for hidden details.
93 min
143. Phantom Liberty Trailer #3 Quick Review
An unexpected trailer drop! We were caught off guard with the Phantom Liberty Trailer number three being released on 06/11 so we quickly jumped in a chat to gather our initial reactions.
21 min
142: The Art of Solo by Morgan Blackhand
Toastie and Jenn gear up for the June 8th Summer Games Fest by talking about who we assume is the true name of Solomon Reed. But even if we are wrong, Morgan Blackhand still plays a pivotal role in the lore of Cyberpunk. Who is this enigmatic solo who changed the game? Listen now to learn more about this missing key player.
63 min
141: Patreon Chat: Danger Gal Gangs
The crew gets together to talk about the newest news from R. Talsorian Games about the upcoming Danger Gal Dossier. We talk about the gangs that will be included and which ones we would want to join, avoid, and one we want to see in a video game.
62 min
140: OUSA Violations, The Gang of Four in the O...
Getting closer to NUSA we take a detour to talk about the foundations of the past. How did the government structure of the current Cyberpunk world start? Find out with us while we talk about The Gang of Four.
52 min
139: That’s not how names work, Central and Sou...
Jenn and Toastie take a quick peek at the wars south of the NUSA borders as we continue our trek around the world.
35 min
138: Cyberpunk RED Character Creation w/Patrons
Toastie and Jenn start a Cyberpunk RED crew. Turbo and Ninja bring two very different characters and then Jenn and Toastie bring their old school characters to the table. All four go through a basic session zero, explaining why you are out in the world, skill sets, how combat turns work, and of course its not Cyberpunk with out trauma and quirks. If you have ever been interested in what any of the TTRPGS looks like, this is a great starting point!
60 min
137: I Wonder If Hobbiton Still Exists in Cyber...
News updates on Phantom Liberty and Danger Gal. Then Toastie and Jenn travel to the land down under and learn all about Australia and their new home of New Zealand.
47 min
136: “Clearly I Wanna Go to Singapore.” SE Asia...
Toastie and Jenn go island hopping and learn about some of the many islands in South East Asia.
53 min
135: Mainland SE Asia in Cyberpunk
NEWS DROP!! Information about Danger Gal is out and we talk factions before returning to our trek across the globe. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar all get their moments to shine or dully glow in some cases.
68 min
134: Trivia Night with the Patrons!
Cyberpunk trivia is here! We have tons of fun laughing at the questions and learning that numbers are even harder than words.
70 min
133: Japan’s Culture and Style in Cyberpunk
T and J look further into the details of Japan and really get into the style and culture behind the largest influencers in the world of Cyberpunk.
50 min
132: Japan, a Place We’ve Never Heard of Before...
How can such a small location have such a major influence on the world of Cyberpunk? Come learn all about how Japan became the major powerhouse it is, and how Arasaka is only a portion of that powerbase.
45 min
131: A Reunited Korea…? Cyberpunk Lore
Toastie and Jenn show off their new artwork and discuss the intricacies of a separated and a united Korea. The second most powerful country in the Pacific Rim is up for discussion.
62 min