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Lore and News about Cyberpunk worlds including Cyberpunk 2077 (and Red, 2020), Blade Runner, Altered Carbon plus other dystopian future games, movies, shows, books & comics.

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107: The Future of This Show (We're Back!)
The show is back! We talk about the future and welcome our new hosts.
35 min
106: Cyberpunk 2077 DLC Predictions
What do you expect to see in the first major Cyberpunk 2077 DLC release? We gather our patrons for a discussion on what's most likely and what would be really freaking cool.
70 min
105: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT & Metropolis (1927), CP 2...
Don't miss the big announcement at the end of this episode! Our patrons join us to talk about the Metropolis, the movie from 1927 that influenced Blade Runner, their experiences with the Cyberpunk 2077 1.5 patch, and their thoughts on the big announcement.
59 min
104: Cyberpunk 2077 1.5 Secrets & Easter Eggs
The Cyberpunk 2077 1.5 patch brought with it a lot of secrets to uncover. Here's everything I was able to discover so far!
30 min
103: Patch 1.5 Details & What it means for CP 2...
The Cyberpunk 2077 1.5 patch has dropped! I go over all of the big (and small) details and, more importantly, what this means for the future of this game.
39 min
102: This Insane Mod Will Save Cyberpunk 2077
Remember the marketing for Cyberpunk 2077 and all the things they promised about the game? This insane mod might just provide everything we ever wanted for the game.
35 min
101: Blade Runner 2049 Patron Chat Jan, 2022
We come to the last of the original set of movies to discuss with our patrons, Blade Runner 2049, and find out their thoughts on the film. How Cyberpunk is it? Does it hold up to the other movies we've discussed? And do they agree with Tom that it's the better of the two Blade Runner movies?
63 min
100: Kevduit & Juicehead on THE 100TH EPISODE
Very special guests Kevduit & Juicehead, two huge YouTube content creators, join me to discuss their experiences with Cyberpunk 2077 and where they see the game going forward.
63 min
99: Cyberpunk 2077 Update HUGE Leak
The internet is a buzz about a huge potential leak about what's coming for Cyberpunk 2077. So much of what we've been asking for and news about the next big expansion.
35 min
98: How Cyberpunk is The Matrix? Patron Chat De...
How Cyberpunk is "The Matrix?" We gather our patrons to discuss the original film and see how it holds up 20+ years later, taking a look at its cyberpunk elements through the lens of people who watched it when it was in the theater and others who are just seeing it for the first time.
67 min
97: News: CP 2077's 1st Birthday, Sexing Keanu,...
Cyberpunk 2077's 1st Birthday! Keanu learns about people modding him into the game to have sex and says "Nice!" The Akira bike is real. CDPR's legal battle update, and info on the Jackie & V early game missions.
20 min
96: Upgrade Cyberpunk 2077 with these Mods
We're just about 1 year from the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, so what better way to upgrade your playthrough of the game than with the best mods available right now. Here's how to to get started with modding and the best mods to start with.
35 min
95: Cyberpunk 2077 Tips for New Players + How C...
With the huge influx of new Cyberpunk 2077 players, we give our best tips to enjoy the game and then discuss our impressions of this month's Cyberpunk movie, Ghost in the Shell 1995.
74 min
94: News: Two Game Award Nominations, 2077 Sale...
Lots of news this week! Cyberpunk 2077 is nominated for TWO video game awards, black friday sales bring prices for 2077 way down, two new Cyberpunk shows premier, and Forbes' Paul Tassi has a brilliant idea about how 2077 can end the year strong.
34 min
93: The Mysteries of the Net w/ RTalsorian's J ...
J Gray from RTalsorian games, the creators of Cyberpunk, join us again! This time to discuss the deep and complex nature of the Net and the mysteries of the A.I. who call it their home.
65 min
92: Farewell, Captain Logun
Captain Logun has decided to head out to sea in search of new adventures, so we spend this episode reminiscing about our time together and the fun we've had on the show.
63 min
91: How Cyberpunk is the movie Akira? Patron Ch...
Akira is the groundbreaking 1988 anime that blew away American audiences and made room for the acceptance of other popular anime in the 1990's. Set in a rebuilt Neo-Tokyo, it deals with Cyberpunk themes. How does it hold up and exactly how "cyberpunk" is it in this post-Cyberpunk 2077 world?
77 min
90: What if... Modders Created Cyberpunk 2077?
What if CDProjekt Red hired modders to build out the game and release it the way they had pitched it originally? What would it look like? What would we end up with instead? What would the reaction to the game release be?
67 min
89: What if... 2077 launched TODAY Instead? Plu...
N7Legend from The Mass Effect Lorecast joins us to discuss what it would be like if CP 2077 launched today instead of in December of last year and if that would have been a better choice, plus we cover some hot news about what's coming next for Cyberpunk 2077.
80 min
88: What if... Cyberpunk 2077 was T for Teen?
What if Cyberpunk 2077 was rated T for Teen? What things would need to be removed? Rewritten? Completely changed? Would the game even be fun to play or would it still hold up?
64 min
87: What If... Jackie Survives?
What if Jackie Survives the events of Arasaka Tower in the beginning of Cyberpunk 2077? What if he never gives V the chip? What if Johnny never gets into V's head? What would happen? How would the story change? What would stay the same?
60 min
86: How "Cyberpunk" is Dredd 2012 - Patron Chat...
We discuss Dredd 2012 to determine exactly how "Cyberpunk" it feels and give our ratings for the film.
69 min
85: AI and Personhood in Cyberpunk
Let's discuss the nature of AI and when an AI becomes a "person" or if that's even possible.
61 min
84: The Nature of Immortality w/ JGray, New Cyb...
J Gray from RTalsorian joins Tom & Logun to discuss the nature of Immortality in Cyberpunk, and of course, this leads to some interesting reveals about behind the scenes details from Cyberpunk 2077 plus exiting details about what's to come for Cyberpunk Red for this year!
75 min
83: Blade Runner 2049 - A Better Cyberpunk Movi...
Tom & Logun dissect Blade Runner 2049 and compare it to the original. Is it a better movie? How do the themes compare? Is it MORE cyberpunk?
75 min
82: What Cyberpunk Movies are the BEST? August ...
We discuss with our Patrons what Cyberpunk movies and shows are the best, and what makes them that way.
66 min
81: Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.3 Details & Analysis
The Cyberpunk 2077 1.3 patch was announced and launched in just a couple of days. We analyze both the announcement, reveal, and the contents of the patch.
71 min
80: The Definition & Origin of "Cyberpunk"
When did "Cyberpunk" media start? What exactly defines a type of sci-fi as being "cyberpunk" and what does "cyberpunk" really mean?
67 min
79: Blade Runner: Part 2
Tom & Logun continue the Blade Runner discussion, in finer detail because they actually get to talk together this time.
71 min
78: Does Blade Runner Still Hold Up?
Tom & Logun take on the foundational movie, Blade Runner, to see if it still holds up in a post-Cyberpunk 2077 world.
41 min
77: Cyberpunk 2077's Canon Ending (Patron Chat)
Our patrons chime in about the endings of the game. Which ending did you choose first? Which is the "best" ending? Which ending should be canon?
60 min
76: Mr Blue Eyes & 2077's Next Story / DLC
The Lore behind who Mr. Blue Eyes is and what he's doing in Night City could hint at what's in store for 2077's upcoming story DLC, plus new free DLC leaks and more!
65 min
75: Playable Cyberpunk Beta Reveals Cut Content...
The Beta version of Cyberpunk that we all have on our game disks, sales records on PS4, Witchercon, and more!
73 min
74: Weapons & Tactics (Monthly Patron Chat)
Our patrons join us this month to discuss our go-to weapons and tactics in Cyberpunk 2077, and what we'd change or add to the weapons in the future.
71 min
73: When Will We See New Content? Patch 1.23 & ...
Patch 1.23 dropped, but when are we going to get new content? We discuss this and Sony's new update.
63 min
BONUS: E3 2021 Xbox Bethesda Recap: Halo Infini...
E3 2021's Xbox and Bethesda event JUST HAPPENED! We dig into all the latest details about Halo Infinite, Starfield, Sea of Thieves and the Pirates of the Caribbean dlc, and so much more!
99 min
71: The Crucifixion Questline + E3's Cyberpunk ...
SkullHeadSoldiers joins us to discuss the Crucificion quest line, plus news & E3's cyberpunk styles games announced.
77 min
70: Source Code Leaked Online, New Game Directo...
News about source code leaks online, a new game director, and we wrap up our thoughts on Kerry Eurodyne's story in Cyberpunk 2077.
81 min
69: Why We Keep Playing (Even though it's broken!)
We round up our patrons and boy do they have thoughts and feelings now that they're 100+ hours into Cyberpunk 2077. We discuss why we keep coming back.
77 min
68: Kerry Eurodyne Part 1
Kerry Eurodyne is a rockstar with an emotional story and a controversial representation in 2077. Let's discuss.
72 min
67: The Night City Police Department (Is a Frea...
Did you realize that the Night City Police Department (the NCPD) is privately owned? Yes, this an more.
79 min
66: Patch 1.22 Details, Witcher 3 Director Quit...
Tom & Logun discuss the 1.22 patch, general cyberpunk news, and the Witcher 3 game director leaving CD Projekt Red.
74 min
65: $500 Value Giveaway & Tech in Cyberpunk w/ ...
J Gray from RTalsorian Games joins us to discuss the technology advancements between 2020, 2045 (the time of the red) and 2077.
73 min
64: The Romances of Cyberpunk 2077 Monthly Patr...
Let's talk about the romances in Cyberpunk 2077. Our patrons join us to discuss their favorites, how well the felt the game's romances worked, and more.
77 min
63: Leaked DLC Info & Patch 1.21 Details
We discuss the contents of the patch 1.21 hotfix & share info about what recently data mined info could mean for future dlc and updates to Cyberpunk 2077.
60 min
62: The Aldecaldos - A History
The Aldecaldos are one of the most successful Nomad families, but how did they get that way? When did they start and what difficulties did they overcome?
64 min
61: So Maybe We Were Wrong...
With the full release notes out for Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.2 and an announcement of how CDPR is reorganizing their studio, it looks like our previous comments were a bit... early. Also, we discuss the concept that the main story quests were actually originally life path content that was cut and reorganized.
74 min
60: The Badass Women of Cyberpunk 2077 - Monthl...
The women of Cyberpunk 2077 are some of the most bad-ass, awesome characters in any game. We discuss what we love about them.
67 min
59: Patch 1.2, we want to love you, but...
Patch 1.2... we are disappoint (as the old meme says.) Here's why.
79 min
58: Character Study: Panam Palmer
The more we discussed Panam in this episode, the more we uncovered the complexities in understanding her.
74 min
57: Takemura: Cyberpunk's Ronin Samurai
Takemura, the honorable and disgraced bodyguard, is an incredible character. Let's dig into his story.
84 min
56: Dreams of DLC Monthly Patron Chat
We talk with our patrons about expectations and hopes for future patches and dlc.
70 min
55: Cyberpunk Red's Characters & News
Cyberpunk Red's characters are inspired by real-world people with awesome stories. We explore each, plus recent news.
69 min
54: The REAL Danger of Leaked Source Code + New...
Leaked source code for Cyberpunk 2077 is a bigger deal than it seems on the surface. We talk about the real danger of this and what it means to you and me, plus new mods and patch news.
84 min
53: Character Study: Jackie Wells
We discuss the life of Jackie Welles and why he's such a great character in Cyberpunk 2077.
65 min
52: Fan Perspectives - Feb Patron Chat
We catch up with our upgraded patrons, Kaither, Duffo, and So_Thanatoasted, to find out about their experiences in Cyberpunk 2077.
73 min
51: Patch 1.1, Mods, Corps in 2045
We talk about the Mod of the week, the big 1.1 patch and the state of Corporations during the time of the Red in 2045.
84 min
50: The Technology of Cyberpunk RED w/ Skkruf f...
Skkruf from Role To Cast joins us to discuss the technology of Cyberpunk RED.
84 min
49: Best New Mods & End Game Talk
We talk about our end game experiences (SPOILERS!) and the best mods out this week!
79 min
48: Rache Bartmoss, News, Tips & Gameplay
Rache Bartmoss, the best Netrunner in Night City and his involvement with the DataKrash plus more!
70 min
47: Patron Chat w/ Kaither, Different Approache...
We talk with our upgraded patron, Kaither, about his experience with the game so far and discuss our different approaches to playing the game, mods, and this week's news.
86 min
46: Differences in Johnny's Story, Patch Notes,...
There are differences in how the TTRPG books explain the events of Never Fade Away and what we experience in 2077. We dig into those differences plus recent news, patch notes, and our second week's impressions of the game.
86 min
45: Cyberpunk 2077 First Impressions & Post-Lau...
We talk about our experiences with the game, issues with the last-gen console versions, and this week's news.
91 min
44EX: Cyberpunk 2077 Predictions & Trivia
Tom & Logun celebrate launch week of Cyberpunk 2077 and make some very bold predictions about the game, plus Cyberpunk Trivia!
105 min
43: Cody Pondsmith from RTalsorian Games Answer...
Cyberpunk Creator and General Manager at RTalsorian Games, Cody Pondsmith, joins us for a very special interview about all things Cyberpunk.
92 min
42: Guest LastKnownMeal, Night City Wire 5, Gam...
LastKnownMeal joins us to discuss the latest Night City Wire and recent news.
67 min
41: The Scavs, Leaked Achievements & Cyberpunk ...
We talk scavengers, celebrate the release of Cyberpunk Red, and reveal leaked achievements discussing what they might mean for the game.
74 min
40: Biotechnica - Genetic Manipulation & Medica...
We discuss the Biotechnica corporation, their products, and recent news,
72 min
39: Cyberpunk 2077 Tech Expectations & Delayed ...
What will performance be like on each console? On PC? What's Ray-Tracing?
67 min
38: Cyberware in 2077 & News
A deep dive into all of the cyberware we know about for 2077.
72 min
37: Night City Wire 4 & News
We talk Night City Wire 4.
64 min
SNEAK PEAK - Starfield Lorecast Episode 1
<p>We're bringing you the very first episode of the Starfield Lorecast, the new show from Tom &amp; Dave on the Robots Radio network. Enjoy!<br> <br> Available on all podcatchers.</p> --- Send in a voice message:
78 min
36: Smart Weapons Company Kang Tao + News
The company behind smart weapons, Kang Tao's history, plus recent news and hype for Night City Wire 4.
78 min
35: Trauma Team & CDPR News
What is the Trauma Team and how much does it cost to "insure" your life?
77 min
34: Nomad Intro Quest, Cyber-Genitals, & More
The intro quest for the Nomad life path, more about Nomads, and news about system specs, main quest length, and cyber-genitals.
76 min
33: Night City Wire 3 Breakdown
We've combed through all the details in the new Night City Wire scenes and pulled out details you may have missed, plus we're discussing the new reveals.
86 min
32: Gangs, Locations, Microtransactions & Other...
Before we get Night City Wire 3, we're beating them to the punch with a discussion about gangs, where they're located in Night City, and more news.
77 min
31: Assault Vehicles (Maximum Metal) & LOTS of ...
We check out the details about assault vehicles from the tabletop sourcebooks to discuss what we might be up against in Cyberpunk 2077. Plus LOTS of news.
75 min
30: Soulkiller 3.0 & 29 Car Models in 2077
The Story of Alt Cunningham continues. We learn more about Soul Killer 2.0 and 3.0, Arasaka's plans, and Johnny's death. Plus news!
68 min
29: 1st LIVE Episode - SoulKiller, Alt Cunningh...
Alt Cunningham, Johnny's girlfriend, is a total badass who designed a program that rips your personality right out of your brain. Her story, plus news about Melee combat and the fear of delays for Cyberpunk 2077.
50 min
28: Adam Smasher & The Death of Johnny Silverhand
Who is Adam Smasher, and what does he have to do with Johnny Silverhand's death in Cyberpunk 2020?
29 min
27: Night City Wire 2, Life Paths, Weapons & Ro...
Captain Logun comes back to discuss Night City Wire 2. We have even more info about the life paths, the band behind Samurai, and the types of weapons we'll find in Night City.
74 min
26: Cyberpunk 2077 Beta, Killing Sprees, Conver...
This week's news includes critical info about the Cyberpunk 2077 Beta, new game details about conversations and killing sprees, and more!
31 min
25: The Man Behind Militech - Donald Lundee
Donald Lundee, the man behind Militech, and this rise to power.
31 min
24: Cyberpunk Red & More w/ Role To Cast's GM, ...
Interview with Phil, GM for Role To Play's Cyberpunk actual play podcast from Baby Beard Media.
70 min
23 :Behind the Scenes w/ J Gray, R Talsorian Ga...
An amazing interview with J Gray from RTalsorian, the makers of Cyberpunk.
57 min
22 :The Origins of Arasaka
Arasaka is a very important megacorporation in the world of Cyberpunk. How did they get started and what caused their rise to power?
33 min
21 :Hidden Info from Night City Wire w/ Captain...
Captain Logun joins me to discuss some hidden information he's uncovered about Cyberpunk 2077.
87 min
20: When History Was Erased - The DataKrash
The events of the DataKrash marked a fundamental change in the world.
30 min
19 :LORE: The Techie Class & More Cyberpunk Slang
All about Techies, the 3rd playable class in Cyberpunk 2077 plus some more Cyberpunk slang to get you ready for 2077.
35 min
18 :NEWS: New Cyberpunk 2077 Details, Cyberupyo...
New details about Cyberpunk 2077 from the devs! Cyberupyourpc finalists. Mike Pondsmith speaks out about current events, and more!
34 min
17 :LORE: Netrunners & Cyberpunk Slang
What's a Netrunner? How does hacking work in Cyberpunk?
28 min
16 :LORE: What is a Solo & 3 Examples of Solo B...
Solos are the war machines, the soldiers of Cyberpunk, but they also can be more nuanced in their builds and approaches.
26 min
15 :NEWS: PC Giveaways, Fan Film, Car Reveal, a...
It's been too long since our last news update, so let's talk about the cyberpunk fan film, some custom pcs, giveaways, a wraith car, and customizing your genitals.
24 min
14 :LORE: All Factions (We Know About) in Cyber...
So far, CD Projekt Red has released info on 9 of the factions we'll find in Cyberpunk 2077. Let's talk about each.
38 min
13 :LORE: Fixers & Every Type of Fixer in Cyber...
Let's talk about the connection makers in Cyberpunk - the Fixer. We discuss what a fixer is and each type of fixer we may come across in Cyberpunk 2077.
35 min
12 :NEWS: New Cyberpunk 2077 Gear & Pre-Order Sale
News about Cyberpunk gear announcements and info about playing Cyberpunk 2077 on your Xbox and GeForce now.
23 min
11 :LORE: Nomads - The Highway Cowboys of Cyber...
What is a Nomad? What role do they play in the Cyberpunk universe?
24 min
10 :NEWS: We're Back! Sex Worker Faction, 2077 ...
We're Back!!! Let's dive into some recent news about Cyberpunk 2077.
28 min
09 :LORE: Cyberware | Cyberpunk Lorecast
The 10 types of cyberware and more!
25 min