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Each week Toastie and Jennasis bring you the foundations of the past, the state of Night City today, and news of the future for all things Cyberpunk. We talk about the TTRGP, 2077, and every hidden gem we can find.

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Neon Red: Instrumental Remix (Synthwave/Cyberpunk music) used with permission from Miracle of Sound or


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141: Patreon Chat: Danger Gal Gangs
The crew gets together to talk about the newest news from R. Talsorian Games about the upcoming Danger Gal Dossier. We talk about the gangs that will be included and which ones we would want to join, avoid, and one we want to see in a video game.
62 min
140: OUSA Violations, The Gang of Four in the O...
Getting closer to NUSA we take a detour to talk about the foundations of the past. How did the government structure of the current Cyberpunk world start? Find out with us while we talk about The Gang of Four.
52 min
139: That’s not how names work, Central and Sou...
Jenn and Toastie take a quick peek at the wars south of the NUSA borders as we continue our trek around the world.
35 min
138: Cyberpunk RED Character Creation w/Patrons
Toastie and Jenn start a Cyberpunk RED crew. Turbo and Ninja bring two very different characters and then Jenn and Toastie bring their old school characters to the table. All four go through a basic session zero, explaining why you are out in the world, skill sets, how combat turns work, and of course its not Cyberpunk with out trauma and quirks. If you have ever been interested in what any of the TTRPGS looks like, this is a great starting point!
60 min
137: I Wonder If Hobbiton Still Exists in Cyber...
News updates on Phantom Liberty and Danger Gal. Then Toastie and Jenn travel to the land down under and learn all about Australia and their new home of New Zealand.
47 min
136: “Clearly I Wanna Go to Singapore.” SE Asia...
Toastie and Jenn go island hopping and learn about some of the many islands in South East Asia.
53 min
135: Mainland SE Asia in Cyberpunk
NEWS DROP!! Information about Danger Gal is out and we talk factions before returning to our trek across the globe. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar all get their moments to shine or dully glow in some cases.
68 min
134: Trivia Night with the Patrons!
Cyberpunk trivia is here! We have tons of fun laughing at the questions and learning that numbers are even harder than words.
70 min
133: Japan’s Culture and Style in Cyberpunk
T and J look further into the details of Japan and really get into the style and culture behind the largest influencers in the world of Cyberpunk.
50 min
132: Japan, a Place We’ve Never Heard of Before...
How can such a small location have such a major influence on the world of Cyberpunk? Come learn all about how Japan became the major powerhouse it is, and how Arasaka is only a portion of that powerbase.
45 min
131: A Reunited Korea…? Cyberpunk Lore
Toastie and Jenn show off their new artwork and discuss the intricacies of a separated and a united Korea. The second most powerful country in the Pacific Rim is up for discussion.
62 min
130: R Talsorian's J Gray talks Black Chrome
Toastie and Jenn get to chat with J Gray the Line Manager for Cyberpunk RED at R. Talsorian Games about the brand new Black Chrome book. This item book is a great addition to any RED playthrough and we get to talk about so many pieces of the new gear and the artwork.
77 min
129: Night City Branches with Turbo
Turbo joins Toastie and Jenn to discuss what city branches/public services we would want to be a part of in Night City. We then figure out which would be our least favorite. After the midbreak Jenn asks, What player character from any other video game franchise would you want to see in Night City? Who would survive the streets?
44 min
128: Interview with Miracle of Sound
Toastie and Jenn were honored to chat with Gavin Dunne aka Miracle of Sound all about music and the love of video games. Gav gives us a behind the scenes look at creating nerd themed music and how style and tone can influence the music.
65 min
127: Alternative Intelligence; Alt Cunningham D...
Alternate routes and so many choices. A bombshell babe with a beautiful brain. Join Jennasis and Toastie as they traverse the Net to learn all there is about Alt Cunningham.
49 min
126: Part 2! Logun talks Edgerunners
The conversation continued! We had such a great time catching up with Logun after a year since his last episode. This is what happens when gamer nerds get together and just have a topic bouncing fun time discussing anything that crossed our minds.
56 min
125: Ghost in the Cyberpunk, Patreon Chat
Logun joins Toastie, Jenn, and Turbo to expand on the question, What event would you like to witness firsthand in the world of Cyberpunk? From space stations to rock concerts we have a wide range of ideas.
55 min
124: China Needs to Rethink Policy, in the worl...
Shocking missile ranges and child soldiers. Toastie and Jenn take a good long look at the culture and politics of China in the Cyberpunk setting.
64 min
123: From Soviet Something With Love, Russia in...
Jenn and Toastie learn about the MILLIONS of miles controlled by SovOil in Russia. We dive deep into the lore to see warring factions, a holy war, a squashed rebellion, and how one nation can have many name changes.
40 min
122: War, War Never Changes - The Middle East
Here's to haboobs! While Jenn and Toastie take a look at the devastation caused by nukes in the middle east. The fate of the world is forever changed by the radiation damage and changes to the landscape.
40 min
121: Phantom Liberty Theory w/Patrons
The Crew got together to chat about the small details we noticed and ideas about what the new expansion pack will be about. After the midbreak we switch gears and talk about where we would live in Night City.
71 min
120: Blessing the Space Down in Africa, New Afr...
Jenn and Toastie move south and explore Africa and the space stations above. We talk about wars and freeze-dried fruit! The Word and the benefits of bioware versus cyberware and heritage.
51 min
119: Eurotheatre, and We Don’t Mean Shakespeare
Toastie and Jenn take a hop skip and a jump across the pond to dive deep in the lore of Europe in the Cyberpunk setting. What changes have occurred, what is the current political landscape? How many representative can a hundred million eddies buy?
49 min
118: VGA Phantom Liberty Trailer #2 Breakdown
Is Idris Elba playing Morgan Blackhand undercover?? Jenn and Toastie breakdown what we saw at the Video Game Awards and hypothesize WHAT DOES IT MEAN!? We watch through it a few times and discuss what we see and what we think. Toastie notices something written on the wall and Jennasis tries to figure out the timeline.
58 min
117: The World of Cyberpunk
Jenn and Toastie are reunited and it is time for a world history lesson! We zoom out the focus all the way to talk about how the 90's changed everything in the Cyberpunk timeline. Learn about the space race and how many nukes had to go off before a fourth global war took place.
48 min