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Each week Toastie and Jennasis bring you the foundations of the past, the state of Night City today, and news of the future for all things Cyberpunk. We talk about the TTRGP, 2077, and every hidden gem we can find.

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168: Cyberpunk we are thankful, Moments in 2077...
Toastie and Jenn talk with their Patrons about the moments, quests, and characters they are most thankful for in the world of Cyberpunk.
41 min
167: Hitting the Blackwall, Phantom Liberty mis...
Continuing through the journey of the Phantom Liberty main missions. Jenn and Toastie discuss The Damned, Waiting for Dodger, No Easy Way Out, and Get It Together.
72 min
166: Johnny and Lucretia, Phantom Liberty break...
Jenn and Toastie celebrate Johnny's birthday and continue their conversation about the main mission of Phantom Liberty.
52 min
165: Doggin In, Phantom Liberty Breakdown Part ...
Jenn and Toastie hit DogTown!! Jenn tries to keep a straight face and not give any spoilers as Toastie recounts his first reactions to the Phantom Liberty starting missions.
57 min
164: Say Goodnight Night City! Part 3 of NC Lore
Jenn and Toastie wrap up their three part series on Night City with discussions about the city government, sports teams, and the many divisions of the NCPD.
74 min
163: New Villains for Cyberpunk, Patron Chat
Toastie and Jenn are joined by Turbo, Ninja, and Jay to bring spooky things from this world into the realm of Cyberpunk.
50 min
162: The City of Dreams!! Part 2 of Night City ...
Listen to Jenn and Toastie talk about the Recovery and Rebuilding of Night City takes place and brings us to where we are 'today' in Cyberpunk's most famous city.
38 min
161: Our Main Character’s Backstory, History of...
Jenn and Toastie turn back to the foundations of the past and talk about the history of Night City itself.
63 min
160: Phantom Liberty IS HERE! Patron Chat
Jenn and Toastie chat with the patrons about the first few days with the 2.0 patch and Phantom Liberty.
60 min
159: Night City Wire: Phantom Liberty Special R...
Another trailer and stream recap from Jenn and Toastie. The music, gameplay, cinematic trailer, and interview with Idris Elba.
56 min
158: Phantom Liberty/2.0 Patch Part 2 Review
Part two of our conversation about the Phantom Liberty and 2.0 Patch live stream.
60 min
157: Phantom Liberty Gameplay Livestream Breakd...
Toastie and Jenn watch the livestream and breakdown the new skill set and so much more.
76 min
156: 2.0 Patch with the Patrons
Joined once again by Turbo and Ninja, Jenn and Toastie talk about the exciting 2.0 Cyberpunk 2077 patch.
48 min
155: Danger Gal Dossier with J Gray
Toastie and Jenn have a chat about quite a few of the NPCs we see in the Danger Gal Dossier with J Gray of R. Talsorian Games. We talk about the characters from the time of red that bridge us between Cyberpunk 2020 and the future of 2077.
57 min
154: Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty — New Ways...
A bonus episode for you all! Jenn and Toastie watch the new PL trailer and discuss what we caught on the first few watches.
43 min
153: News with N7Legend; Media interaction in C...
Part 2 of our conversation with N7 about how the way citizens interact with the news and media in Cyberpunk.
51 min
152: The WNS with N7theLegend - The Media in Cy...
Jenn and Toastie are joined by N7theLegend to take a look at the way the World News Service has changed the way Cyberpunk citizens get their information and how it all fits into the real world.
61 min
151: Dream of Calicybercation
Toastie and Jenn move closer and closer to Night City. We start off with some tweets and then dive into California.
34 min
150: Universe Swap! News Drop and Patron Chat
A few new things have been updated in the world of Cyberpunk and then we change the world! Swapping characters from different game series into CP and then taking CP charters to other universes.
59 min
149: Home of The Free and Land of the Cyber, Th...
So many states to review! Toastie and Jenn give the rundown of all the information for the Free States and provide background to the history of how Night City came to be.
58 min
148: An RPG within a TTRGP - Danger Gal Updates...
Time to catch up on Danger Gal news. Toastie and Jenn go through all the details from the last three Danger Gal sneak peeks and then all the fun that is Elflines. A game within a game!
56 min
147: Born in the New S A... NUSA part 2
Toastie is going to hate Jenn when he sees this title, but that's okay. This week we continue to discuss the deep history of how the New United States of America runs its infrastructure.
57 min
146: Black Market Video Breakdown with the patrons
Toastie and Jenn watch the developer breakdown of Phantom Liberty's Black Market area with Turbo and Ninja, and then overall thoughts and questions about the upcoming expansion.
53 min
145: NUSA and the Free States, Will They Ever G...
Jenn and Toastie talk all about the forming of NUSA and the Free States. How the different regions banded together or shunned one another.
55 min
144: Ghost Freedom-PL Summer Games Deep Dive
Jenn and Toastie take the time to do a true deep dive into the third trailer. Moment by moment they search for clues and look for hidden details.
93 min