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Each week Toastie and Jennasis bring you the foundations of the past, the state of Night City today, and news of the future for all things Cyberpunk. We talk about the TTRGP, 2077, and every hidden gem we can find.

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187: Cybernation Uncensored meets Cyberpunk Lor...
GM Rob Mulligan sits down with Jenn and Toastie to chat about upcoming projects and the Cyberpunk communities.
54 min
186: Too Old for This Sitch, 6th Street Gang in...
Jenn and Toastie talk about the 6th Street Gang, how they were formed and what they are up to now. Things get a little political and Jenn even cries at one point. Buckle up for a wild ride.
51 min
185: Besties and Dates in 2077 - Patreon Chat
Jenn and Toastie chat with the Patrons about who we would bring to the apartments on friend hang outs and dates.
34 min
184: Insert Voodoo Boy Pun Here
Jenn and Toastie learn the brief history of Haiti in Cyberpunk and how climate change caused the refugees to gather in Pacifica to form the Voodoo Boys.
51 min
183: Pacifica? Well Pacifica is still Pacifica ...
Jenn and Toastie continue their lore breakdown of the Night City districts. This week they learn there is more to Pacifica than an empty parking lot.
56 min
182: A Dystopian Utopia - Santo Domingo
Jenn and Toastie continue their journey through Night City and learn the lore of Santo Domingo.
57 min
181: Orion Wishes - Cyberpunk's Next Game
Jenn and Toastie are joined by the patrons to talk about what we want in the next Cyberpunk game
45 min
180: Just Around The Laguna Bend - The Badlands...
Jenn and Toastie continue their conversation about The Badlands, covering more ground and finding out what is really out there in all that desert.
45 min
179: A River in the Badlands, a deep dive into ...
Love is in the air, Toastie and Jenn spend Valentine's Day talking about one of the romance options in Cyberpunk 2077. River Ward of the Badlands has a rough past and heart of gold.
49 min
178: The Dirt on the Badlands; The Badlands of ...
Toastie and Jenn jump back into the lore of Cyberpunk. We start just outside of Night City and learn about The Badlands. Getting back to our roots, its a lore focused conversation with a few side conversations about gameplay, zombies, and Sam Elliott??
47 min
177: Phantom Liberty Endings with the Patrons
Jenn and Toastie are joined by Turbo and J to talk about how the new endings are going to affect future playthroughs.
55 min
176: More Than Honorable Mentions: Favorite Mis...
Jenn and Toastie talk about a few of their favorite side missions and gigs in Phantom Liberty.
70 min
175: But at What Cost, V? Phantom Liberty Epilogue
Jenn and Toastie wrap up their series on the main questline of Phantom Liberty. Major spoilers for another one of the endings.
62 min
174: Somewhat Damaged? You’re Kidding Right????
This week Jenn and Toastie talk about a different path to take for the ending of Phantom Liberty. We switch one of the key choices and talk about the two key missions that follow that.
93 min
173: Killing the Moon, Cyberpunk 2077
Toastie and Jenn discuss the final Songbird mission in the Phantom Liberty DLC.
75 min
172: New Years Resolutions in Cyberpunk with th...
What is something new you want to try? A combat style you need to look into? A decision you've never made? Jenn and Toastie are joined by Turbo and Ninja to talk about their New Years resolutions in Cyberpunk 2077.
34 min
171: Broken Wings, Many Faces, and Starting Fires
Toastie and Jenn continue down the main quest line of Phantom Liberty and chat a little about the new Cyberpunk 2077 booklet
63 min
170. Robots Radio - Year in Review
A group of hosts from various Robots Radio shows sit down to chat about their favorite things from 2023.
59 min
169. A Ballroom Blitz! and 2.1 reactions
Toastie and Jenn talk about their thoughts about the new features added in the 2.1 patch and wrap the show with a casino mission in Phantom Liberty.
63 min
168: Cyberpunk we are thankful, Moments in 2077...
Toastie and Jenn talk with their Patrons about the moments, quests, and characters they are most thankful for in the world of Cyberpunk.
41 min
167: Hitting the Blackwall, Phantom Liberty mis...
Continuing through the journey of the Phantom Liberty main missions. Jenn and Toastie discuss The Damned, Waiting for Dodger, No Easy Way Out, and Get It Together.
72 min
166: Johnny and Lucretia, Phantom Liberty break...
Jenn and Toastie celebrate Johnny's birthday and continue their conversation about the main mission of Phantom Liberty.
52 min
165: Doggin In, Phantom Liberty Breakdown Part ...
Jenn and Toastie hit DogTown!! Jenn tries to keep a straight face and not give any spoilers as Toastie recounts his first reactions to the Phantom Liberty starting missions.
57 min
164: Say Goodnight Night City! Part 3 of NC Lore
Jenn and Toastie wrap up their three part series on Night City with discussions about the city government, sports teams, and the many divisions of the NCPD.
74 min
163: New Villains for Cyberpunk, Patron Chat
Toastie and Jenn are joined by Turbo, Ninja, and Jay to bring spooky things from this world into the realm of Cyberpunk.
50 min