Starter Set - A Dungeons & Dragons po...

Starter Set is the podcast that takes you deeper into the pages of Dungeons & Dragons. If you’re new to the game and want to get started or have been playing and need something else all things DnD in your life, this is the podcast for you!

Sub Classical - Bards & Paladins / EP 68
Get ready to cash some life cheques because we're giving Paladins an awesome new skillset while also making your Bard the Bardiest Bard that there ever was. Plus Great Mandibles... kinda.Background beats by YondoMusic!
23 min
Sub Classical - Barbarians & Monks / EP 67
Bored of playing a stereotypical Barbarian? Want to juice up your Monk? Sub Classical is here for you! Plus, there's even a guest appearance from everyone's favourite side character, Great Mandibles... Background beats by YondoMusic!
24 min
Sub Classical - Artificers, Druids & Rangers / ...
Sub Classical rumbles on in a flurry of Marvel references as we unpack some more awesome subclasses!Background beats by YondoMusic!
27 min
Sub Classical - Bards, Clerics & Sorcerers / EP 65
Sub Classical rumbles on and this week we're spicing up the spell casters, song smiths and... simple healers in your party with a little help from Unearthed Arcana!Background beats by YondoMusic!
24 min
Sub Classical - Barbarians, Monks, Paladins & W...
It's another instalment of Sub Classical and this week we're spicing up the brains and brawn of your crew with some awesome new sub classes!Background beats by YondoMusic!
31 min
Sub Classical - Fighters, Rogues & Wizards / EP 63
A brand new series begins now and we're deep diving on some brand new classes that can be played right now! There's also the return of "What's That Spell?"Background beats by YondoMusic!
36 min
Expanding Eberron - Artificers / EP 62
We deep dive on Artificers as our Expanding Eberron rumbles to a close
37 min
Expanding Eberron - Kalashtar / EP 61
There's something about the way they look... we're exploring Kalashtar and finding out how you can play one in your own campaign! There's also an interesting look in Sam's character box...Background beats by YondoMusic!
26 min
Expanding Eberron - Shifters / EP 60
We're getting shifty this week as we deep dive on Shifters! How do they play? Where are they from? All questions will be answered before another look into Sam's character box...Background beats by YondoMusic!
25 min
Expanding Eberron - Warforged / EP 59
This week we're deep diving on Warforged and taking a look at how they work
27 min
Expanding Eberron - Changelings / EP 58
For our next series we'll be expanding and deep diving on all the stuff coming out of the the DnD 5e book, Eberron: Rising from the Last War. There's also two character boxes to dive into and who could forget training talks?!?!Background beats by...
26 min
Enchanter's Corner - Wizards / EP 57
Enchanted items for the Wizard in your crew!
27 min
Enchanter's Corner - Warlocks / EP 56
Brand new enchanted items for the Warlock in your crew!
23 min
Campaign Chronicles 7 - Quid Pro Quo
Our heroes find themselves at the mercy of a new foe...
12 min
Enchanter's Corner - Sorcerers / EP 55
Abracadabra! This week we're bringing you two brand new enchanted items for the Sorcerers in your crew. There's also hilarity and intrigue as Ed and Sam recount their real life DnD training...
32 min
Enchanter's Corner - Rogues / EP 54
It's another trip to Enchanter's Corner and we're bringing you two brand new enchanted items (stats, lore and all). We also check in with Ed and Sam's training...
28 min
Enchanter's Corner - Rangers / EP 53
Limericks, Barbarians and Ye Old 007! This week's show has everything, including two brand new enchanted items (stats, lore and all) for the Ranger in your crew!
25 min
Enchanter's Corner - Paladins / EP 52
This week we're creating items of wonder and intrigue for the Paladin in your crew! We also hear about Sam's recent off the cuff one shot and Ed's... loin cloth research...
26 min
Enchanter's Corner - Monks / EP 51
We're talking Monks and creating two brand new enchanted gizmos for the class! There's also some delightful stupidity at the end of the show!
22 min
Enchanter's Corner - Fighters / EP 50
We've made it to episode 50 and, in true Starter Set fashion, we're doing nothing to celebrate other than carry on with Enchanter's Corner. This week we build two rather useful shields for the fighter round your table plus there's an update on Sam's first ever stint as DM... which lasted 13 hours...
21 min
Enchanter's Corner - Druids / EP 49
We're back! And we're talking Druids, specifically crafting two brand new magical items (stats, lore and all) for you to use in your own game! There's also a super sweet edition of 'Last Orders!'
23 min
Enchanter's Corner - Clerics / EP 48
This week we're building enchanted items for the Cleric in your party with co host Ed dropping possibly one of the best EVER! There's also a bawdy instalment of 'Last Orders!'
22 min
Enchanter's Corner - Barbarians / EP 47
This week we're crafting two brand new magical items (stats and all) for the Barbarian in your life! Plus another lively installment of 'Last Orders"...
23 min
Enchanter's Corner - Bards / EP 46
We've built a city and now we're turning our hand to creating enchanted items that you can use in your own DnD game at home! This week it's items for Bard! There's also another instalment of 'Last Orders!'
21 min
20 for 20 - A Family Affair : The Elrick Ulfhar...
As we celebrate the end of our Making A Metropolis series we bring you a documentary about one the most famous residents of The People's Republic of Aqualibrium. In this 20 for 20 mockumentary we look at Heavyweight Tauforming Champion Elrick Ulfhard and his father Dante.
16 min
Making A Metropolis - Shopping / EP 45
In this week's show we're all about spending some gold! We're visiting four awesome stores in The People's Republic of Aqualibrium before ending the show with another instalment of 'Last Orders!'Oh and there's a bonus one off 'What's That Spell' as well!
26 min
Making A Metropolis - Council of Seven / EP 44
In this week's episode we're going right to the top of the heap! We meet the Council of Seven, the government of The People's Republic of Aqualibrium. There's also a far out instalment of 'Last Orders!'
35 min
Making A Metropolis - History / EP 43
This week we dive deep into the history of The People's Republic of Aqualibrium. We're learning about sports, business and the beginnings of the city plus another instalment of Last Orders!
29 min
Making A Metropolis - Local Legends / EP 42
In this week's Making A Metropolis we take a look at some of The Republic of Aqualibrium's local celebrities... and, of course, where they drink!
23 min
Campaign Chronicles 6 - Into the Sunless Citadel
Following on from their adventures in Green Glade, our heroes trek through the forest only to find the unexpected beneath their feet...
9 min
Making A Metropolis - Magic / EP 41
oh Oh OH it's magic! You know? Yes, this week we're talking about the place of magic in the People's Republic of Aqualibrium. We're talking Bards, Druids, Warlocks and more as well as another round of 'Last Orders'!
25 min
Making A Metropolis - Crime & Punishment / EP 40
We return to the People's Republic of Aqualibrium and this week we're talking crime and punishment. So we're looking at the big crime syndicates, the police and everything in between. There's also another round 'Last Orders'!
34 min
Making A Metropolis - Banking & Trade / EP 39
This week we're looking at commerce in the People's Republic of Aqualibrium and visiting the banking and trading communities. There's also another instalment of 'Last Orders'!
26 min
Making A Metropolis - Ports / EP 38
This week we take our first close look at the People's Republic of Aqualibrium as we visit the thriving ports. There's also a brand new tavern building feature 'Last Orders'!
27 min
Campaign Chronicles 5 - A Thorn In The Side
Evil plagues the forest town of Green Glade and our new band of heroes step forward to put a stop to the madness!
12 min
Making A Metropolis - A City Born / EP 37
This week we begin a new adventure in which Ed and Sam begin work on an entirely new city and give you tips on how you can create your own!
28 min
Lizardfolk / EP 36
This week we're talking LIzardfolk and finding much more than meets the eye. There's also a character from Sam's box and another round of 'What's That Spell?'
28 min
Tritons / EP 35
The Races Revisited series sails on and this week we're talking Tritons, their culture and how they work. There's also 'What's That Spell?' and a character from Sam's box!
30 min
Kenku / EP 34
We're back to Races Revisited and we're talking Kenku. There's also a character from the box and a very special edition of 'What's That Spell?' the link for which is incoming!
21 min
Campaign Chronicles 4 - Humble Beginnings
Brand new heroes and same great adventures this week as we shake up the Campaign Chronicles.
14 min
Firbolgs / EP 33
We're talking Furbolgs this week and exploring the friendliest of all giants! There's also Sam's Character Box and 'What's That Spell?'.
19 min
Aasimar / EP 32
Get spooky but also kinda cool because we're chatting Aasimar in this week's races revisited! There's also Sam's Character Box and 'What's That Spell?'.
20 min
Tabaxi / EP 31
This week we're back to talking races in our new series of Races Revisited and that means a return to Sam's Character Box! We're talking Tabaxi this week as well as playing 'What's That Spell?'.
27 min
Campaign Chronicles 3 - The Tale Of Soul Hall R...
After facing the wilds of the jungle our intrepid adventurers come face to face with an evil unlike anything they've seen before...
10 min
The Ethereal & Astral planes / EP 30
This week things get spooky as we visit the Ethereal AND Astral planes to find out how they can rock your world (and DnD campaign)!
30 min
Mechanus & Limbo / EP 29
Our adventure through the outer planes continues this week as we visit Mechanus AND Limbo! What's there? How do they work? Why should I visit? Find out all this and more... plus another instalment of 'What's That Spell?'.
26 min
The Nine Hells / EP 28
This week we take a tour of The Nine Hells and see what they can bring to your game, why they're so darn interesting and who you can find there. There's also 'What's That Spell?' and the culmination of our Instagram minis competition!
26 min
The Abyss / EP 27
This week we enter the Abyss as we continue on our journey through the planes. Plus 'What's That Spell?' and a chance to win some awesome miniatures!
27 min
Plane of Water / EP 26
This week it's getting wet AND wild as we take a dip into the Plane of Water!
19 min
Plane Of Air / EP 25
This week we get a little light under the feet as we take a look at the Plane Of Air! There's also 'What's That Spell?'.
19 min
Plane Of Earth / EP 24
This week things get hard (we'll end these puns soon) as we take a long HARD (sorry) look at the Plane of Earth. There is of course more fun times from 'What's That Spell?'.
22 min
Plane of Fire / EP 23
This week things get hotter as we move to the Plane of Fire. How does it work? What's actually there? All revealed within plus another rather more successful game of 'What's That Spell?'.
29 min
Shadowfell / EP 22
Grab your dark glasses and umbrella because we're taking a trip into the Shadowfell before bringing the mood up with an embittered Sam taking another turn on 'What's That Spell?'.
22 min
Feywild / EP 21
This week we move onto realms and how they can add an unexpected (but awesome) layer to any Dungeons n' Dragons game. There's also 'What's That Spell?'
27 min
Campaign Chronicles 2 - A Sticky Situation
We pick up with our band of intrepid heroes as they trek through the jungle, finding out that everything wants them dead along the way...
9 min
Sorcerers / Ep 20
This week we're switching things up as, for the first time, Sam takes the lead on a bumper episode about Sorcerers! There's also 'What's That Spell?' and a character from Ed!
43 min
Druids / EP 19
This week we take a long look at Druids, how they play, and their subclasses! There's also 'What's That Spell?' and a character from the box.
27 min
Clerics / EP 18
This week we're talking Clerics and all eight of their subclasses. There's also 'What's That Spell?' and a character from co host Sam!
35 min
Paladins / EP 17
This week we're talking Paladins so strap yourselves in for some sub classes! There's also a bumper 'What's That Spell?' and a character from the box.
38 min
Rangers / EP 16
We're recording on location this week from Chance & Counters board game cafe in Bristol! This week we're talking Rangers as well as 'What's That Spell?" and another character from co hose Sam!
35 min
Warlocks / EP 15
This week we're talking Warlocks and just how creative you can get with them! There's also a one off replacement for 'What's That Spell?' and a character from Sam's Box!
39 min
Rogues / EP 14
This week we're breaking down Rogues and all their sub classes. There's also 'What's That Spell?' and another character from Sam's box.Edgware music on Soundcloud -
34 min
Monks / EP 13
This week we're talking all things Monks! We break down each sub class and create a Master and Monastery for each one (so you don't have to!). There's also another intense round of 'What's That Spell?'.
36 min
Campaign Chronicles 1 - A Snake In The Night
In these bonus episodes we'll follow the adventures of four explorers, thrown together by fate, who battle through the jungle into the unknown.
7 min
Wizards / EP 12
This week we're talking wizards! We break down all the Schools of Magic, play 'What's That Spell?' and dive into Sam's Character Box.
37 min
Fighters / EP 11
It's another classes week and we're talking fighters! There's also 'What's That Spell?' and a dive into Sam's character box!
38 min
Bards / EP 10
This week we continue to go through classes and are talking Bards! There's also 'What's That Spell?' and another character from Sam!
37 min
Barbarians / EP 9
This week Starter Set moves onto races, starting out with the games big hitters, the Barbarians! There's also Sam's character and 'What's That Spell?' now with a new jingle!
33 min
Tieflings / Ep 8
In this week's episode we discuss Tieflings and how they play. Find out where they come from, how they react in the world and how the world reacts to them. We also have 'What's That Spell?' and Sam has another character for you!
32 min
Dragonborn / Ep 7
In this week's show we look at the Dragonborns, a race who've gained famed through Skyrim but can be played however you want!
32 min
Half Elves & Half Orcs / EP6
This week we're dissecting Half Elves and Half Orcs and how they differ from their pure blood relatives.
34 min
Gnomes / EP5
In episode 5 we take a little look at Gnomes. Easily the most underrated race we've looked at so far! We discuss their game mechanics, where they sit in the world and how you can play them, among other things...
32 min
Halflings / EP4
In this episode we take a long look at Halflings exploring how they work, how you can play them and where they fit into the fantasy world.
26 min
Elves / EP3
In episode 3 we're learning all about Elves and their world. What're their mechanics? Where do they sit in the world? How can you play them? Listen and find out all that and more!
55 min
Dwarves / EP 2
In episode 2 we're learning all about Dwarves. How do they work? Where do they sit in the world? How should you play them?
45 min
Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons / EP 1
In our first episode we discuss the game of Dungeons and Dragons as a whole as well as exploring the game mechanics and what you need to get started.
32 min