Starter Set - A Dungeons & Dragons po...

Starter Set is the podcast that takes you deeper into the pages of Dungeons & Dragons. If you’re new to the game and want to get started or have been playing and need something else all things DnD in your life, this is the podcast for you!

Tales of Tarthage: EP 23 - The Election
Nathan heads into danger, knowing everything comes to an end.
12 min
Farewell episode - EP 142
Our final episode is here!
45 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 22 - The Dulak Moss
Scribe has been busy and thinks his discovery could bring everything crashing down...
12 min
Buyer's Guide - Bolt on Books / EP 141
We've covered adventures and the big three but what else do you need?
40 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 21 - The Standoff
The election cycle is reaching its end as the remaining candidates find themselves in danger again...
15 min
Buyer's Guide - Adventure Books / EP 140
Which adventure books are the best and why?
31 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 20 - The Money
With Alwyn Hundrix arrested it's time to follow the money.
15 min
Buyer's Guide - The Big Three / EP 139
Of the three most popular D&D books, which ones should you get?
27 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 19 - The Veteran
The case takes a turn in the teams favour as the clues lead them to unexpected places
15 min
Buyer's Guide - Getting Started / EP 138
In a brand new series we start looking at the books of D&D and whether they're worth your time!
23 min
More Miscellaneous Marvels - Harengons / EP 137
Hop to it! We're breaking down Harengons in brand new Starter Set!
30 min
More Miscellaneous Marvels - Multiverse Races /...
We deep dive into the brand new Unearthed Arcana, Travellers of the Multiverse!
31 min
More Miscellaneous Marvels - Loxodon / EP135
31 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 18 - The Anger
The team takes a night off after the shooting
19 min
More Miscellaneous Marvels - Metagaming / EP 134
What is metagaming and how can it improve your game?
29 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 17 - The Wilds
Cases collide as an old enemy returns to haunt Tarthage
16 min
More Miscellaneous Marvels - Leonin / EP 133
Get ready to roar! We're talking Leonin!
28 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 16 - The Docks
In the wake of the bombing, a new case begins to yield under Blue Unit's watch...
17 min
More Miscellaneous Marvels - Yuan-ti / EP 132
We're revisiting our races and talking Yuan-ti! Let's get snakey!
27 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 15 - The Watch
The new case starts but the team feels like they're already behind
16 min
More Miscellaneous Marvels - Creating Spells / ...
We're rounding up stuff we've missed and this week we're talking creating your own spells!
27 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 14 - The Work
Blue Unit pick themselves up and get a new case...
21 min
Campaign Chronicles 18 - In Harm's Way
A run in with the locals interrupts our heroes as they battle to stay ahead of a new foe...
14 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 13 - The Fall
We return to Tarthage as the ECU are torn apart...
15 min
Adventuring 101 - Meta / EP 130
What's the fourth pillar of adventuring? We've made our own!
24 min
Adventuring 101 - Social Interaction / EP 129
What makes a great story and how do NPCs help?
26 min
Adventuring 101 - Combat / EP 128
Where does fighting sit in your campaign? Let's talk!
27 min
Adventuring 101 - Exploration / EP 127
We're breaking down the pillars of adventure in our brand new series!
26 min
Campaign Chronicles 17 - Messages in the fog
Our heroes regroup with new passions and old fears taking over...
15 min
Inspiration Points - Bards pt 2 / EP 126
Brand new mechanics to build your Bard and tour the land!
28 min
Inspiration Points - Bards pt 1 / EP 125
Prepare your best story and let's change the world!
23 min
Inspiration Points - Rogues pt 2 / EP 124
We've got brand new backstory options and mechanics for your Rogue!
27 min
Inspiration Points - Rogues pt 1 / EP 123
Let's get sneaky and deep dive on Rogues!
26 min
Inspiration Points - Wizards pt 2 / EP 122
You want Wizard mechanics? We got those! You want a teleporting bathtub? We got that too!
30 min
Inspiration Points - Wizards pt 1 / EP 121
What makes a Wizard a true wizard? The answer might surprise you!
27 min
Inspiration Points - Fighters pt 2 / EP 120
This week we've built some awesome game mechanics to bring your Fighter to life!
27 min
Inspiration Points - Fighters pt 1 / EP 119
We discuss what makes a Fighter a Fighter when it comes to storytelling and building your character?
22 min
Starter Set origin story
Before Starter Set there was Sam's podcast, Thinking Out Loud, and Ed was a guest...
57 min
Campaign Chronicles 16 - New Friends
Maelstrom is under fire but a new ally makes themselves known...
8 min
Fantastical Subclassical - Order of the Symbiot...
For our Fantastical Subclassical we're building a brand new subclass on the show!
32 min
Fantastical Subclassical - The Detonator Rogue ...
It's all gone a little bit Guy Fawkes as Ed unveils his new explosive Rogue!
28 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 12 - The Train
Season one concludes as our heroes close in on the killer...
13 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 11 - The Barrowman Pull
Answers finally reveal themselves but is it already too late?
19 min
Fantastical Subclassical - The Cohort Ranger / ...
For the good of the crew AND you! We're making Rangers cool again!
26 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 10 - The Peaceful and the...
As Morthos strikes again, those close to the election face their demons.
16 min
Fantastical Subclassical - The Bastion Fighter ...
Grab your shields and get ready to deal some damage!
25 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 9 - The Warning
The clues aren't adding up but there's bigger concerns as the election approaches...
18 min
Fantastical Subclassical - The Way of the Four ...
We're homebrewing a brand new subclass for your Monks!
26 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 8 - The Chase
So close and so far, the killer is on the run but are the ECU close to catching up?
14 min
Fantastical Subclassical - The Wild Spirit Patr...
We're homebrewing subclasses starting with Warlocks who want to be a bit more Druidic
27 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 7 - The Visitors
A trip to the Eastern Wilds puts the crew closer to the killer, but not quite close enough...
20 min
Campaign Chronicles 15 - Tails & Trouble
Our heroes split up as the Undercity begins to reveal its secrets...
17 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 6 - The Lesson
Nathan and Nia go clue hunting but find out more than they bargained for.
16 min
We Cast Sending - Role to Cast / EP 112
We're talking all things TTRPG with the awesome Role to Cast podcast
36 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 5 - The Books
As Nathan hits the drink, Balasar is hitting the books...
18 min
We Cast Sending - Nick from Verse Studios / EP 111
We're chatting to Nick from Verse studios, the home of Arclands! The ultimate homebrew experience!
37 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 4 - The Votes
As the crew set about warning the election candidates they might be in danger, Nia finds that Tarthage may be doomed already.
16 min
We Cast Sending - Bonus Action / EP 110
We discuss magical items and their creation with Bonus Action!
35 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 3 - The Game
As the team regroup, a game of Cratergrate gives everyone a chance to unwind.
14 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 2 - The Hut
Nathan makes a grim discovery in the Eastern Wilds before a chilling discovery is made closer to home
14 min
Tales of Tarthage: EP 1 - The Coat
A body, skinned and tossed into the river, begins a journey into the city of Tarthage.
14 min
We Cast Sending - Jennifer Kretchmer / EP 109
We talk to Jennifer Kretchmer, writer on Candlekeep Mysteries, inclusion champion and general D&D enthusiast!
50 min
We Cast Sending - SlyFlourish / EP 108
We chat all things D&D with SlyFlourish!
44 min
Campaign Chronicles 14 - The Filthy Lucre
Pursued by enemies unknown, our heroes find sanctuary in an unlikely place. But for how long?
16 min
Miscellaneous Marvels - Multiclassing / EP 107
We're breaking down Multiclassing and how to do it without breaking everything!
27 min
Miscellaneous Marvels - Goliaths / EP 106
Is bigger better? We're talking Goliaths and finding out!
26 min
Miscellaneous Marvels - Battle maps or the mind...
We deep dive on how to properly run combat in D&D 5e and discuss the pros and cons of two popular systems.
27 min
Miscellaneous Marvels - Genasi / EP 104
Another show another race, this week we're explaining why Genasi are super adaptable!
30 min
Miscellaneous Marvels - Blood Hunters / EP 103
We're breaking down the Blood Hunter class and building you an awesome backstory along the way!
33 min
Miscellaneous Marvels - Tortles / EP 102
We break down Tortles. Stats, lore and much more!
26 min
Campaign Chronicles 13 - The peaceful and damned
Mystery and danger unfold as our heroes journey deeper into the Undercity.
13 min
Tasha's Teachings: Exploring the Crucible with ...
We chat with podcaster and writer Stuart Watkinson about Tasha's Crucible of Everything Else
31 min
Tasha's Teachings - Sidekicks / EP 100
24 min
The Claws of St Nicholas: Part 2 - He knows if ...
Can the gang kill the monster and save the children?
16 min
The Claws of St Nicholas: Part 1 - You better w...
Four unlikely allies uniting to hunt down an ancient evil in old Londinium town...
18 min
Tasha's Teachings - Group Patrons / EP 99
Breaking down everything cool about Group Patrons
29 min
Tasha's Teachings - Character customisation / E...
We're discussing character customisation in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything!
29 min
Tasha's Teachings - What works and what doesn't...
Brand new series for a brand new book! In Tasha's Teachings we're going to break down each element in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything starting with an overview of what works and what doesn't...
26 min
Campaign Chronicles 12 - Beneath the Southern C...
The Guardians of the Glade return in another instalment of Campaign Chronicles! There's intrigue in the air as our heroes finish one mission only to find another beneath their feet. Romance, action and adventure await!
17 min
Bang! One Shots - Player vs Player / EP 96
This week on Bang! One Shots, we're talking about how you can pit your players against each other as a DM and survive as a player! There's also gambling, jokes and a couple of Michael Caine impressions...Background beats by YondoMusic!
25 min
Bang! One Shots - Playing Villains / EP 95
It's good to be bad on the last instalment of Bang! One Shots. We're breaking everything you need to create a wicked One Shot where your players are the baddies!Background beats by YondoMusic!
27 min
Bang! One Shots - Christmas / EP 94
We're getting entirely too festive for this time of year! We break down some Yuletide tropes and game hooks for your next Christmas One Shot campaign!Background beats by YondoMusic!
23 min
Bang! One Shots - Halloween / EP 93
In our brand new series we're helping you create a seasonal One Shot adventure. This week we discuss tropes, game hooks and soundtracking your Halloween One Shot!Background beats by YondoMusic!
27 min
Campaign Chronicles 11 - Under a bad moon
Our heroes are on the road once more as they travel towards the Southern Citadel. But evil stalks them at every turn and they soon find one of their own in danger!
15 min
Creature Features - Make Your Own Monster / EP 92
Creature Features draws to a close with a round or two of homebrew monster action as Sam and Ed build their own monsters on the show!Background beats by YondoMusic!
24 min
Creature Features - Cambion & Derro / EP 91
Things are getting freaky as we look at the ever crafty Cambion and damn insane Derro! We're talking stats, lore, game hooks and more!Background beats by YondoMusic!
26 min
Creature Features - Dragon Turtles & Trolls / E...
This week we're going under the sea and to a crazy land of the Trolls! We're breaking down Dragon Turtles and Trolls with stats, lore, game hooks and much more! Plus a few silly noises at the end!Background beats by YondoMusic!
26 min
Creature Features - Neogi & Merfolk / EP 89
We venture out among the stars and then deep below the oceans in a distinctly unusual instalment of Creature Features!Background beats by YondoMusic!
29 min
Creature Features - Giants & Doppelgangers / EP 88
We're back with more funny noises and D&D knowledge than ever as we breakdown Giants and Doppelgangers, stats, lore, game hooks and more!Background beats by YondoMusic!
28 min
Creature Features - Basilisks & Blights / EP 87
Our exploration of magical creatures continues this week as we unpack Basilisks and Blights looking at how they play, what they look like and how you can get them into your game!Background beats by YondoMusic!
27 min
Creature Features - Aboleth & Ankheg / EP 86
It's a brand new series and things are getting monstrous! This week we're breaking the Aboleth and the Ankheg, how to use them, what they do and why they're interesting!Background beats by YondoMusic!
28 min
Campaign Chronicles 10 - Bark and bite
Our heroes underground adventures meet a thrilling conclusion in the latest Campaign Chronicles as the dark Druid summons an unholy army beneath the surface of the earth. But is there a darker secret hidden somewhere close?
17 min
Worldbuilding Wonders - Campaign Setting / EP 85
It's the last in the Worldbuilding Wonders series and we're going out with a bang! Cohost is building a world on the fly thanks to some quick fire questions from Sam and giving to a guide of things to use in your own campaign...Background beats by...
29 min
Worldbuilding Wonders - Magic / EP 84
It's a kinda magic? This week we're exploring magic in Koraxia and everything that comes with it, including a couple of Random Encounters!Background beats by YondoMusic!
30 min
Worldbuilding Wonders - The Cabal of the Undyin...
We've created heroes and now we're looking at the biggest, baddest villains Koraxia has to offer. Meet the Cabal of the Undying!Background beats by YondoMusic!
33 min
Worldbuilding Wonders - Heroes and villains / E...
This week we're talking heroes, villains and everyone in between. Meet some of Koraxia's colourful characters and stay til the end for some more random encounters!Background beats by YondoMusic!
28 min
Worldbuilding Wonders - Guilds & Factions / EP 81
Shadowy Monks, chaotic mercenary armies and an enchanted orchestra to name but a few. This week we're talking guilds!Background beats by YondoMusic!
30 min
Worldbuilding Wonders - Towns / EP 80
We're taking another tour of Koraxia, this week taking in some of the towns and their deep dark secrets! Plus, another couple of RaNdOm EnCoUnTeRs....Background beats by YondoMusic!
33 min
Worldbuilding Wonders - Races in Koraxia / EP 79
A Half-Orc empire, Siberian Simians and Dwarves in the mountains. We're building Koraxia's population and there's a few surprises along the way!Background beats by YondoMusic!
33 min
Worldbuilding Wonders - Cities / EP 78
Take a tour through the land of Koraxia, a land almost entirely engulfed by the Empire of the Blue Sun! We visit Solarix, Dorak and the Archipelago of Ghii, not to mention the New North South... Background beats by YondoMusic!
32 min